Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Speaker meeting tonight in Fairfield East

The Hope Turns to Faith Group will be having a speaker meeting tonight at 7PM at the 26th St Baptist Church Gymnasium (26th St & Lincoln Ave).

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Area Service Committee today

ASC will be today at the main branch of the Cabell County Library (5th Ave & 9th St, Huntington).

1PM - Public Relations subcommittee
2PM - Activities subcommittee
3PM - Area Service Committee

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

GTOASCNA November 2011 Minutes


Opened with Serenity Prayer.  Vice-Chair read the 12 Traditions and Serenityville GSR read the 12 Concepts.

Living in the Solution: Y
No Pain, No Gain: Y
Another Way: Y
Together We Can: Y
Clean Possibilities: N
Hope Turns to Faith: Y
Hope without Dope: Y
Progress not Perfection: Y
Hope Through Surrender: Y
God’s Will Candlelight:  N
Grateful to Serve: Y
High on Life: Y
Serenityville: Y
Trust the Process: Y
12 out of 14 active groups represented, quorum established

Last month’s minutes read and accepted.

Treasurer’s Report  GTOASCNA Treasurer’s Report

Activity recorded 10-17-11 through 11-20-11

Regular Account

Beginning Balance                                                                                                                                                +292.65

10-16-11               Grateful To Serve Group donation                           25.00
10-16-11          Trust the Process Group donation                  20.00
10-16-11          Living in the Solution Group donation          20.00

                                Total Income                                                                                                                          + 65.00

10-27-11           Region Donation                                           -  140.00 (ch.# 363)
10-27-11           ****. Literature                                      -    40.00 (ch. #364)
11-20-11           CC Library Rent ASC for Oct. & Nov.     -    30.00 (ch. # 365)
11-20-11           H&I Rent Barnett for Oct. & Nov.             -    20.00 (ch. # 366)

                                Total Expenses                                                                                                 -   230.00

Ending Balance                                                                                                                $ 127.65

Public Relations Reserve                                          Beginning Balance                      $ 80.67
                                                                                                 Web Site                         -    6.99
                                                                              Cancelled Unused Check # 341         + 70.00 
                                                                                           Ending Balance                     $143.68

Prudent Reserve remains unchanged at                                                                     $ 100.00

Activities Reserve                       Remains unchanged at                                                   $ 400.00

                                                                                    Ending Balance            $771.33
As of  11-20-11 the total of all accounts is $ 771.33, obtained by totaling the four accounts above. – ASC Treasurer

RCM Report – Old Business:
Phase out local number tabled and referred to phoneline subcommittee.
Send RD/RD Alt to USFA – Failed.
**** voted into Secretary, **** voted into Treasurer
Convention Subcommittee:
Motion $5,212.12 for fall convention .  Place workshops in larger rooms and more merchandise to accommodate. 
No flags, banners, or placards will be allowed at any meeting and/or function at the MRSCNA convention that endorse an outside issue.  This is in line with our 6th tradition of non-affiliation.  Motion Passed.
Reservation process being changed with Cedar Lakes.
Beginning in Spring 2013 the convention will be the weekend after Mother’s Day.
New Business:
Motion to purchase new billboard, price not to exceed $300.  Passed.
Motion for $300 to restock PR literature stockpile.  Passed.
Motion to change description of secretary’s responsibilities by P&A.  Passed.
Motion to change Section III B meeting format to include open sharing session after reading concepts by P/A.  Passed.
Next Region Jan 7th and 8th.
**** appointed into Treasurer II.

H&I Report  11-11-11
Opened with Serenity Prayer.
Read 12 Traditions and 12 Concepts.
10 Members present.
Group reports:
Pinecrest Monday:  Meetings are going well.  I would like to thank everyone that has gone in with me to carry the  message.  No problems at this time.  In loving service, ****.
Pinecrest Thursday:  Our Thursday night meeting at Pinecrest is going very well.  Grateful to serve, ****.
Riverpark Long Term:  Meeting is going well no problems to report at this time! Thanks for everyones support and willingness!  Grateful to serve, ****.
Riverpark Short Term:  **** sent report via text message.
Women’s Regional Jail:  The meeting went well with about 15 women in attendance.  Thanks to **** for being of service on such short notice.  I need schedules to hand out.  I will be meeting with **** this week to get the literature that she has.  If we still receive the “Behind the Walls” or “Reaching Out” literature that would be useful to have as well.  If you need a new ID card please see me.  I will be contacting **** within the week to see about having those made.  Anyone who needs an application to go into the jail please see me.  Our next meeting will be held at 7pm on 11/24/11.  It is very difficult to find willingness around the holidays for this meeting.  I ask anyone who can commit to this one to let me know by the week before.  ILS, ****.
Shell Center:  Members with willingness are trying to all get on the same page to get orientated.  No meeting has been taken in.  ****.
Old business: 
Next H&I Workshop scheduled for 11-15-11 at 26th Street Baptist Church at 8pm.
New Business:
**** made motion to have a second Pinecrest Thursday meeting with a female panel leader to accommodate the all-female group every other week.  Motion was tabled to next month.
Open Discussion:
Sub-committee thanks **** for taking panel leader position at WRJ.
PR Report 
Flyer day was on October 23 and was a success.  Thanks to all who pitched in to help.  We attended The Loved One’s Group again and thanks to those who attended.  The website is up and running.  Special thanks to our web servant for all his hard work.  We are now appearing on the first page of most google searches!!!
Items discussed this month:
-          We will be developing a letter to professionals
-          We will not be placing links to other service bodies on our site at this time
-          Development of a recorded Public Service Announcement is under way for use on local radio
The next Loved One’s group will be at 6pm on December 27th at the Barnett Center.  Any input or help on the letter to professionals is definitely welcomed.
Grateful to Serve,
Activities Report
It has been voted on to have a spaghetti dinner this year for In Loving Service. **** has been voted in as our speaker.
The Firemans Academy has raised the rental fee this year and it is now out of our budget. **** has offered the 26th street ocation, and **** said that Saturday morning home group will discuss us having the function there.  We will know more by next sub-committee meeting.
Nothing else to report this month.
Grateful to Serve,
Group Reports
Living in the Solution – Everything is going well at the Living in the Solution group.  The doors are always open for any newcomer, literature is on the table, coffee is being made, and most importantly the message of recovery is being carried.  Our average attendance is 13 addicts.  We would like to welcome two new home group members.  **** was elected treasurer and **** was elected secretary.  At this time we have a donation to area of $13.65.  Very grateful to serve,  ****. (Given in person by ****.)
No Pain No Gain – The Sunday Night No Pain No Gain Group of Narcotics Anonymous is going well.  The doors are open, recovery is being shared, and rent is paid.  We have a $10 donation to area at this time.  We have four new home group members.  We will be having our next speaker meeting on November 27, it will be **** on Traditions 5 and 6.  Also, we will be having an addict celebrate 1 year on December 4.  Grateful to serve, **** (Given in person by ****.)
Another Way –Recovery meetings have been going well.  We had an active business meeting this week with four home group members.  One item of business was whether to start a second meeting on Friday night at same Ceredo location.  There was no support for it.  We were pleased with the new web page, have no input at this time.  Also, we put a ceiling on the amount of money we will spend on member celebrations.  We had some challenges in this issue in the past month.  We are still trying to get new GSR oriented to that position.  We have no donation this month because we expended all monies.  In loving service, ****, GSR (Given in person by ****)
Together We Can – The meeting is going very well.  It has progressed over the past few months into a meeting that has coffee and literature.  The doors are being open and recovery is being shared.  Newcomers are being recognized as the most important persons.  No willingness for phoneline.  Grateful to serve, ****. (Given in person by ****.)
Clean Possibilities -  No report.
Hope Turns to Faith – Everything is going well at Hope Turns to Faith home group of Narcotics Anonymous.  Doors open, coffee made, literature on table, and message of recovery being shared.  Average addicts in attendance is 40.  Homegroup members have implemented a speaker at the middle of each month and each homegroup member is on a rotating format to get a speaker each month.  We also want to welcome ****. as newest home group member.  We do not have donation to area at this time because of buying literature at convention.  **** will be next speaker on December 20.  In loving service, ****.  (Given in person by ****.)
Hope Without Dope-  Meetings on time with message of recovery being shared.  This group is really struggling to keep doors open.  Reaching out for help and support from other NA groups.  We only have two home group members and would like to welcome **** as a new home group member.  Contacted director of facility about looking into the “No Children” policy.  She will be back in contact with us this week.  No donation to area at this time.  Thank you for allowing me to be of service.  ****.
Progress Not Perfection – Meetings are going well with a good message of recovery being shared.  Our homegroup discussed the phoneline situation and **** has had the workshop and has willingness to serve on the phoneline.  In loving Service, ****.  (Given in person by ****.)
Hope Through Surrender – All is going well with the message of recovery being shared.  We  made a $25 donation to the facility and have nothing to donate to area at this time.  Currently have 6 home group members.  Our business meetings are scheduled for the 3rd Thursday of each month.  Our average meeting attendance is 20.  We will still be having a meeting on thanksgiving day.  Grateful to Serve (Given in person by ****.)
God’s Will Candlelight –  Doors open on time every week on time and literature on the table.  Nothing to report.  Meeting attendance around 20-25 weekly.  Good recovery being shared, no problems.  ****.  (Sent in writing)
Grateful to Serve - Attendance is down a little this month, other than that nothing new to report.  We stocked up on literature at the convention and have no donation to A.S.C. this month
Grateful to Serve, ****. (Given in person by ****.)
High on Life  Nothing new to report at the High on Life Group.  The doors are open on time and recovery is being shared.  Rent is paid, literature is on the table and coffee is being made.  Our attendance is staying at an average of 50 addicts.  We don’t have a donation to area at this time due to literature order.  Grateful to serve, ****. (Given in person by ****.)
Serenityville -  Meeting is going well, recovery being shared, rent paid, literature on the table.  During the holidays it is occasionally necessary to meet upstairs in the library.  So if you visit our group through the end of the year look for a sign.  Our group has money to donate but in light of positive balance and no requests both on an area and regional level we have elected to donate to world services this month.  We would like to welcome new home group member ****.  Grateful to serve, ****.  (Given in person by ****.)
Trust the Process –The Saturday Night Trust the Process group of Narcotics Anonymous is going well.  Doors are open rent paid, literature is on the table, coffee is in the pot, the message is being carried.  We are averaging about 30-35 addicts per meeting.  We held our monthly business meeting on 11/12/11.  We have a $20 donation to area at this time.  No one has had the phone line workshop.  Grateful to serve, ****. (Given in person by ****.)

Old Business
We discussed willingness in our area to serve on the phoneline.  We would like a copy of the schedule of who has which time slot on the phoneline from region.

New Business
Motion made by **** to reserve $120 for RCM next trip to region.  Passed.
Motion made by **** to donate $7.65 to region.  Failed.
Motion made by **** to send $7.65 to WSO.  Passed.

Please send Homegroup Reports and Subcommittee Reports via email to GTO Sec. if possible to expedite the disbursement of the Monthly Area Minutes.  Thank you to those GSR and Subcommittee Chairs that are already doing so.

In Loving Service,
GTO Area Secretary.

Friday, December 9, 2011

H&I Subcommittee meeting tonight at 7PM

The Hospitals & Institutions Subcommittee will meet tonight at 7PM at the Barnett Center in Huntington before the High on Life group 8PM meetings. They will be taking nominations for new panel leaders.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

1 year celebration tonight

7PM Campus Christian Center.