Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Don't forget: two one-year celebrations tonight at Hope Turns to Faith Group

There will be a dual one-year celebration tonight at 7PM at the Hope Turns to Faith Group at the 26th St. Baptist Church Gymnasium. Click here for directions.

Monday, January 30, 2012

NA World Service Conference Agenda Report now online

NAWS has published the 2012 Conference Agenda Report (CAR) on their website. It is important that members, groups, areas, and regions read & discuss this document so that their various group consciences can be expressed in guiding the fellowship of NA over the next few years.

Click here for access to the CAR.

Can't find a meeting location?

GTOANA.org's schedule page has links to Google Maps for all of the places where our groups meet!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Jan 2012 GTO Treasurers Report

GTOASCNA Treasurer’s Report
Activity recorded 12-18-11 through 1-15-12

Regular Account

Beginning Balance                                                                                                          +138.65

12-18-11         Progress Not Perfection Group donation       20.00
12-18-11          Hope Thru Surrender Group donation          25.00
12-18-11          God’s Will Candlelight Group donation       25.00
12-18-11          High on Life Group donation                        10.00
12-18-11          Serenityville Group donation                        20.00
12-18-11          Living in the Solution Group donation         20.00

                        Total Income                                                                                       +   120.00

12-18-11           **** – RCM Expenses                          -  120.00 (ch.# 370)        
01-15-12           CC Library Rent ASC for Jan.                 -   15.00 (ch. # 372)
01-15-12           H&I Rent Barnett for Jan.                        -   10.00 (ch. # 373)
12-18-11           Moved to PR Reserve                              -    18.65
                        Total Expenses                                                                                   -   163.65

Ending Balance                                                                                                            $  95.00

Public Relations Reserve                   Beginning Balance                                         $ 143.68
                                                            Transferred from Reg Acct                                +18.65
                                                             Ending Balance                                             $ 162.33

Prudent Reserve                 Remains unchanged at                                                    $ 100.00

Activities Reserve                         Beginning Balance                                      $ 400.00
                                                 Ck # 371 to **** for Feb Activities                     -  400.00
                                                         Ending Balance                                                         0  

                                                                                    Ending Balance            $357.33

 As of  01-15-12 the total of all accounts is $ 357.33, obtained by totaling the four accounts above.      **** – ASC Treasurer

Don't forget: speaker meeting tonight at No Pain, No Gain

There will be a speaker meeting tonight at 7PM at the No Pain, No Gain Group at the Marshall University Campus Christian Center. Click here for directions.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Speaker meeting this Sunday at the No Pain, No Gain Group

There will be a speaker meeting on Sunday, January 29 at the No Pain, No Gain Group at 7PM at the Campus Christian Center on the Marshall University campus. Click here for directions.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Upcoming celebrations

  • Friday, Jan 20 - One-year celebration with a speaker at the High on Life Group, 8 PM, Barnett Center (click for directions).
  • Monday, Jan 23 - One-year celebration with a speaker at the Together We Can Group, 7 PM, Barnett Center (click for directions).
  • Tuesday, Jan 31 - Two one-year celebrations at the Hope Turns to Faith Group, 7 PM, 26th St Baptist Church Gymnasium (click for direction).

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Area Service Committee Tomorrow (Sunday, January 15)...

...at the Cabell County Public Library (5th Ave & 9th St, Huntington).

1PM - PR Subcommittee
2PM - Activities Subcommittee
3PM - Area Service Committee

Friday, January 13, 2012

H&I Subcommittee meets tonight

At 7PM before the High on Life Group at the Barnett Center.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Speaker meeting on Tuesday at the Hope Turns to Faith Group

There will be a speaker meeting on Tuesday, January 10 at 7PM at the Hope Turns to Faith Group. Click here for directions.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Celebration on Sunday at the No Pain, No Gain Group.

There will be a three-year celebration at 7PM Sunday, January 8th at the No Pain, No Gain Group (click here for directions).

GTOASCNA Minutes for Dec 2011 meeting

December 2011 Minutes

Opened with Serenity Prayer.   **** read the 12 Traditions and **** read the 12 Concepts.

Living in the Solution: Y
No Pain, No Gain: Y
Another Way: N
Together We Can: N
Clean Possibilities: N
Hope Turns to Faith: Y
Hope without Dope: Y
Progress not Perfection: Y
Hope Through Surrender: Y
God’s Will Candlelight:  Y
Grateful to Serve: Y
High on Life: Y
Serenityville: Y
Trust the Process: Y
11 out of 14 active groups represented, quorum established

Last month’s minutes read and accepted.

Treasurer’s Report
**** gave report.

GTOASCNA Treasurer’s Report
Activity recorded 11-21-11 through 12-18-11

Regular Account

Beginning Balance                                                                                                         +127.65

11-20-11          No Pain No Gain Group donation                 10.00
11-20-11          Trust the Process Group donation                  20.00
11-20-11          Living in the Solution Group donation          13.65

                        Total Income                                                                                          + 43.65

12-12-11           NAWS Inc Donation                                 -    7.65 (ch.# 367)
12-18-11           CC Library Rent ASC for Dec.                -   15.00 (ch. # 369)
12-12-11           H&I Rent Barnett for Dec.                       -   10.00 (ch. # 368)

                        Total Expenses                                                                                   -   32.65

Ending Balance                                                                                                   **      $ 138.65
                             **   Includes  $120.00 set aside for RCM in Jan. 2012

Public Relations Reserve                   Remains unchanged at                                   $ 143.68

Prudent Reserve                 Remains unchanged at                                                    $ 100.00

Activities Reserve                  Remains unchanged at                                                 $ 400.00

                                                                                    Ending Balance            $782.33

 As of  12-18-11 the total of all accounts is $ 782.33, obtained by totaling the four accounts above.     ****. – ASC Treasurer

RCM Report
Next Region is January 7th and 8th.  Report to follow in February.  ILS, ****.

H&I Subcommittee Report
December 9, 2011
•              Opened with prayer.
•              **** read 12 Traditions and **** read 12 Concepts.
•              12 Members present.

Group Reports
Pinecrest Monday-  Meetings are going well.  I have had a lot of members show willingness to go in.  We have seen addicts in our outside meetings from our H&I efforts at Pinecrest.  We need schedules.  No problems at this time.  In loving service, ****
Pinecrest Thursday-  Meeting is going well.  Very grateful to everyone who has been going in.  Grateful to serve, ****
RiverPark Long Term-  Meeting going well even though I had to cancel on 11/23 due lack of planning  I apologize to the subcommittee we did take meeting in on 12/7 meeting was awesome and great message was shared.  Grateful to serve, ****
RiverPark Short Term-  All is well at RIVER PARK short term with the NA message of recovery being shared. I am grateful to have been receiving willingness from those who have had the workshop go in and do H& I. The residents are receptive and seem to be glad WE are coming in. Grateful to serve ****
Women’s Regional Jail-  Meeting didn't take place on Thanksgiving Day due to lack of willingness. We will have the meeting as scheduled on Dec 22, 2011. ILS, ****
Shell Center- No report.
Old Business
We discussed the motion to have a second Thursday Pinecrest meeting.  Motion failed.
New Business
Nominations for Panel Leaders:
Pinecrest Monday                           **** and ****
Pinecrest Thursday                         ****
RiverPark Long Term                      **** (to shadow **** until meets clean time requirement.)
RiverPark Short Term                     ****
Women’s Regional Jail                  ****
Shell Center                                       No Nomination due to no members being oriented.
Open Discussion
Please send panel leader report to the H&I Secretary via text or email.
In Loving Service,
H&I Secretary

PR Subcommittee Report
In the PR meeting this month we further discussed sending out letters to professionals in the area.  We have tentatively decided to send out 200 letters, along with two informational pamphlets to each professional.  We firmly believe that there are many more than 200 professionals and will immediately begin planning another round of mailings after the first is completed.  The estimated cost of the first wave of mailings is broken down below:

Letter Printing
NA: A resource in your community IP:   
Information about NA/ Membership Survey:
Address Labels
Cost Per Letter

We have decided to have a letter stuffing party during our upcoming In Loving Service function.
As mentioned, we will be immediately planning another wave of mailings following the first.  In addition, we are also planning to record a public service announcement for area radio stations.  Estimated timeframe for completion of this project is March 2012. 
In regard to the website, we are currently focusing on search engine optimization.
The next Loved One’s Group presentation will be on December 27th at 6pm. 

Activities Sub Committee
Nothing new to report, everything is set for the “In Loving Service” function. 
**** talked to the preacher at 26th street Baptist and we are going to be able to have the function there.  It is still up in the air regarding the matter of the room. (Either the gymnasium or fellowship hall)  I’m going to call him tomorrow and beg for the fellowship hall.  It is plenty big enough and the acoustics will be much better for the speaker.  Next month in Activities sub Committee we will set a date to get together and make the spaghetti sauce, etc.
Please remember that we still need auction items.  You can even call me and I’ll gladly pick them up..
Also, we are going to have an envelope stuffing party added to the function.  YAY, come stuff some envelopes!!

Grateful to Serve,

Group Reports
Living in the Solution – Things are going well at the Living in the Solution group.  Doors are always open, literature is readily available, coffee is being made, and the message of recovery is being carried.  We have an average attendance of 12 addicts, but no new home group members.  We are currently looking for a new location where we can have our meeting.  Our group conscience decided our current location is in violation of the 4th and 6th traditions.  At this time we have a $20 donation to give to Area.  Nothing further to report.  Very grateful to serve,  ****. (Given in person by ****.)
No Pain No Gain -The Sunday Night "No Pain, No Gain" group of Narcotics Anonymous is going well. The doors are open, literature is on the table, rent has been paid, and the message of recovery is being shared. We are average 50 addicts per week in attendance. Due to the fact we have placed a literature order, we have no donation for area at this time. The speaker meeting for the month has been changed to the tag meeting since it will be on Christmas Day, but rest assured we will be having a meeting. Also, we will be having an addict celebrate 3 years on  January 8th.  Grateful to serve, **** (Given in person by ****)

Another Way –  No report

Together We Can – Average attendance is 30, coffee is in the pot, literature is on the table, and a message of recovery is being shared.  We have no donation to area at this time.  We would like to thank **** for his service as GSR.  He will be stepping down and moving to another home group.  We would like to congratulate **** as ALT GSR and **** as new GSR.  Grateful to Serve, **** (Given in person by ****.)

Clean Possibilities -  No report

Hope Turns to Faith –  All is well at HOPE TURNS TO FAITH homegroup of Narcotics Anonymous. Literature is on the table, coffee is made, and the message of recovery is being shared. There are an average of 40 addicts in attendance each week. We do not have any new homegroup members to report this month. We also do not have an area donation because of paying rent for our facility. **** will be sharing her experience, strength, and hope on Tuesday, Dec. 20, 2011 and Tom F. will also share his experience, strength, and hope on Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2012. In loving service, ****  (Given in person by ****)

Hope Without Dope- Everything is going well at the Hope Without Dope meeting open on time and the message of recovery being shared.  Average 40 addicts.  We would like to welcome new home group member Eric B.  We have nothing to donate to Area at this time.  We are in need of major help and support from NA.  Thank you for allowing me to be of service.  ****.  (Given in person by ****)

Progress Not Perfection – Meetings are going well.  We have been averaging about 40-50 addicts per week.  The message of recovery is being shared.  **** celebrating 1 year on January 4.  We have a $20 donation to Area.  In loving Service, ****.  (Given in person by ****.)

Hope Through Surrender –  All is going well with the message of recovery being shared.  We made a $25 donation to the facility and a $25 donation to the area.  Currently have 9 home group members.  Our business meetings are scheduled for the third Thursday of each month.  Our average meeting attendance is 17.  Our group recently welcomed two new members, **** and ****.  Grateful to Serve (Given in person by ****.)
God’s Will Candlelight – Meeting going well.  Literature on the table and coffee in the pot.  Rent paid.  Meeting attendance bout 20-25 weekly.  We have a few concerns to take up in this subcommittee bout area mins and policies not being followed.  $25 donation.   ****.  (Given in person by ****.)

Grateful to Serve - Attendance has been down the last two months, with 10-15 addicts in attendance.
Doors are open on time, literature on the table and recovery being shared. 
Our children’s room is permanently CLOSED.  If you bring children it is your responsibility to keep them in a chair beside you AND QUIET!!  We want to maintain an atmosphere of recovery and this isn’t possible with children running around and playing.  We have no donation to Area at this time.  Grateful to Serve, ****. (Given in person by ****.)

High on Life  Nothing new to report at the High on Life Group, the doors are open on time and recovery is being shared.  Rent is paid, literature is on the table, our attendance is up this month to about 55 addicts.  We have a $10 donation to area at this time.  And **** will be celebrating 1 year on Jan 20.  Grateful to serve, ****. (Given in person by ****.)

Serenityville -The meeting is going well, and the doors are open on time. We have active homegroup members striving to create an atmosphere of recovery. Generally our meetings are intimate, giving plenty of opportunity to freely share. The average meeting attendance is 11-12 addicts. We are stocked with literature. Our monthly business meeting is held the Saturday immediately prior to Area service. Our group conscious this month found no availability to help with phone line, and decides it best to decline hosting the “In Loving Service” function this year. This gives our group more time to establish a relationship with our facility. Serenityville will have normal meeting days and times throughout the holiday season. We have a $20.00 donation to area this month.  Grateful to serve, ****.  (Given in person by ****.)
Trust the Process –The Saturday night Trust the Process group of Narcotics Anonymous is going well.  Attendance is averaging about 35 addicts.  The doors are open, coffee in the pot, rent is paid, literature is on the table, and the message is being carried.  We had our monthly business meeting on 12/17/11.  January 7, 2012 **** from Louisville will be speaking at home group member ****'s 1 year celebration.  We have no donation for area at this time.  Grateful to serve, ****. (Given in person by ****.)

Old Business

New Business
We discussed home groups not receiving the minutes via hard copy.  All groups had members willing to print their own copy of the monthly minutes.
We discussed yearly budget planning for the subcommittees.

Motion to send $18.65 to World, failed.
Motion to send $18.65 to PR standing account, Passed.

Open Forum
**** requested experience, strength and hope from other home groups to support the Wednesday Night Hope Without Dope meeting of NA at Pinecrest.

January 7, 2012 at 8pm – 1 year celebration at Trust the Process.
January 8, 2012 at 7pm – 3 year celebration at No Pain No Gain.
January 10, 2012 at 7pm – Speaker Meeting at Hope Turns To Faith.
January 13, 2012 at 7pm – H&I Subcommittee Meeting at Barnett Center.
January 20, 2012 at 8pm – 1 year celebration at High on Life.

Thanks to all GSRs and Subcommittee Chairs who sent group reports via email.  Very greatly appreciated.  Reports can be sent to Area Secretary.

In Loving Service,
GTO Area Secretary,