Saturday, February 11, 2012

GTOASCNA Jan 2012 Minutes

January 2012 Minutes

Opened with Serenity Prayer.   **** read the 12 Traditions and **** read the 12 Concepts.

Living in the Solution: N
No Pain, No Gain: Y
Another Way: N
Together We Can: Y
Clean Possibilities: N
Hope Turns to Faith: Y
Hope without Dope: N
Progress not Perfection: Y
Hope Through Surrender: N
God’s Will Candlelight:  N
Grateful to Serve: N
High on Life: Y
Serenityville: Y
Trust the Process: Y
7 out of 14 active groups represented, quorum established

Last month’s minutes read and accepted.

Treasurer’s Report
GTOASCNA Treasurer’s Report
Activity recorded 12-18-11 through 1-15-12

Regular Account

Beginning Balance                                                                                                                                                +138.65

12-18-11               Progress Not Perfection Group donation       20.00
12-18-11          Hope Thru Surrender Group donation          25.00
12-18-11          God’s Will Candlelight Group donation       25.00
12-18-11          High on Life Group donation                        10.00
12-18-11          Serenityville Group donation                        20.00
12-18-11          Living in the Solution Group donation         20.00

                                Total Income                                                                                                                       +   120.00

12-18-11           **** – RCM Expenses                          -  120.00 (ch.# 370) 
01-15-12           CC Library Rent ASC for Jan.                 -   15.00 (ch. # 372)
01-15-12           H&I Rent Barnett for Jan.                        -   10.00 (ch. # 373)
12-18-11           Moved to PR Reserve                              -    18.65
                                Total Expenses                                                                                                   -   163.65

Ending Balance                                                                                                               $  95.00

Public Relations Reserve                   Beginning Balance                                         $ 143.68
                                                            Transferred from Reg Acct                                +18.65
                                                             Ending Balance                                             $ 162.33

Prudent Reserve                 Remains unchanged at                                                    $ 100.00

Activities Reserve                               Beginning Balance                                                   $ 400.00
                                                 Ck # 371 to **** for Feb Activities                     -  400.00
                                                         Ending Balance                                                         0 

                                                                                    Ending Balance            $357.33

 As of  01-15-12 the total of all accounts is $ 357.33, obtained by totaling the four accounts above.      **** – ASC Treasurer

RCM Report
Next Region is January 7th and 8th.  Report to follow in February.  ILS, ****

H&I Subcommittee Report
H&I Minutes
January 13, 2012

             Opened with prayer.
             **** read 12 Traditions and **** read 12 Concepts.

Group Reports
Pinecrest Monday- Meetings have been going in as scheduled.  However I struggled to find the willingness of other addicts to go in.  Last week only myself and one other member attended.  Just wanted to thank this subcommittee for allowing me to be of service and wish the new panel leaders lots of love.  In loving service, ****
Pinecrest Thursday- Meeting is going well.  Very grateful to everyone who has been going in.  Grateful to serve, ****
RiverPark Long TermRiverPark Short Term- All is well. With the message of recovery being shared. The residents are receptive and seem to be grateful that we are coming in.I am grateful for those who have had the willingness to help share the message.  GRATEFUL TO SERVE.  ****
River Park Long-term - Meetings going great and good message is being carried I had a lot of support even through the holiday season! Grateful to serve! ****
Women’s Regional Jail-  I apologize for being unable to attend H&I subcommittee this month.  We did have a meeting at the jail on 12/22/11. We were able to share the message of recovery with approx 12 women. We need updated meeting schedules also please. Thanks to those who were able to support the meeting this past month. We will meet on 01/26/12 @7pm if anyone has willingness please let me know! Grateful to serve  ****
Shell Center- No report.

Old Business
Nominations:  All passed.

New Business
             **** is stepping down as chair for the H&I Subcommittee.  **** will step up as the new chair and **** was voted in as new Vice Chair. 
             Next H&I Workshop is at In Loving Service on Feb. 11.
             We discussed updating H&I policy, we will set a date next month.

Open Discussion
Please send panel leader report to the H&I Secretary via text or email.

In Loving Service,
H&I Secretary

PR Subcommittee Report
The PR committee reviewed plans for the upcoming letters to professionals.  We are still planning on having an envelope stuffing party during the upcoming In Loving Service function on February 11, 2012.  In addition we reviewed the concern that the committee is spending too much money in carrying out our service.  While we STRONGLY disagree with this position, it did not fall on deaf ears.  As a result we have decided to cut the materials included in the upcoming mailing.  Below is a breakdown of the cost, as you can see we have reduced the cost significantly from the last proposal.
Letter Printing
NA: A Resource in our Community
Shipping for literature order
Address Labels
Cost Per Mailing

As noted we have reduced the cost, the old cost per mailing was $1.272, the new is $0.973.  We have reduced the cost per mailing by $0.299, an overall saving of $59.80 on this mailing alone.  We feel that the mailing will be just as effective with the new plan, while saving area funds at the same time. 
The next Loved One’s Group is currently scheduled for February 14th, but is likely going to be changed.  Anyone interested in helping us carry the message to this group can contact **** or me. 
We are requesting the funds from the PR reserve to fulfill the mailing, and will need additional funds (probably next month) to purchase the postage.  Total need at this time is $106.60; the remaining $88.00 will be needed for postage in the near future. 
Any announcements for the website or blog should be sent to

Activities Sub Committee
We are scheduled for In Loving Service at 26th street Baptist Church on Saturday, Feb 11th, 2011
We will be meeting at my house to make spaghetti sauce early Weds evening (Feb 8th) BEFORE the 8pm home group meeting.  
We need volunteers to help cook.  And as always, we will need help decorating and cleaning up the day of the event. 
Grateful to Serve

Group Reports
Living in the Solution –No Report
No Pain No Gain - The meeting is going good. The doors are open and the message of recovery is being shared. Rent has been paid and literature is on the table. We have had an average attendance of about 40 addicts per week. **** will be speaking on January 29th, sharing her experience, strength, and hope. We will be having a home group member (****) celebrate 3 years on February 12th, this will also be a speaker meeting. The speaker is still to be determined. We have no donation to area at this time, in large part because of the amount of recent celebrations with still more to come soon.  Grateful to Serve, ****

Another Way –  No report
Together We Can –The Together We Can group of NA is meeting on time at 7pm at the Barnett Center every Monday night with coffee ready and literature displayed.  We have had recent changes in our service structure as follows:  **** is now both Treasurer and GSR.  **** just rejoined our group.  Meeting attendance is at around 30 per meeting and the message of recovery is being relayed regularly.  We are in need of more homegroup members although our current members are doing a good job.  We will be having a home group member celebrate 1 year on the 23rd of January and **** will be sharing his ES&H.  We have no donation for Area Service at this time.  In Loving Service, ****

Clean Possibilities -  Hello everybody! Things are going well at Clean Possibilities. Our rent is paid, doors are open, coffee is made, literature on the table, and recovery is being shared. Avg. attendance is 20. We want to welcome ****., and **** to our HG!  Thanks,  Clean Possibilities (**** sent via email)
Hope Turns to Faith – Everything is well at Hope Turns To Faith home group of Narcotics Anonymous. Doors are open, coffee made, and literature on the table. We have an average of 40 addicts in attendance. There was 1 new home group member, **** We have made a few changes to the format. We have speaker 2nd Tuesday of each month, literature study meeting last Tuesday of each month, and taking introducing ourselves out of format at beginning of meeting. We are having 2 home group members celebrate 1yr clean, **** and ****, on January 31 with the 1st literature study meeting. Home group is going to pay $25 to area and $25 rent for the month of January. In Loving Service,  ***
Hope Without Dope-  no report.
Progress Not Perfection – Everything is going well. Meetings are open on time w/ a message of recovery being shared.  Attendance has been about 40-45 addicts.  We have a home group member celebrating 5 years on Feb 8, ****.  Our home group has voted to add the NA identity statement to our format to help carry a clear message of Narcotics Anonymous.  We voted to change our home group business meeting to 7pm on the Wednesday before Area Service every month in hopes to get more involvement from home group members.  We have a $20 donation to Area.  In Loving Service, ****

Hope Through Surrender – All is well at the Hope Through Surrender Group with the Message of recovery being shared.  We Have no donation to area this month and our average attendance is 15-20.  And we made a $25 donation to the facility.  I apologize for my absence this month However I believe **** will attend in my absence.  Grateful to serve, ****
God’s Will Candlelight No Report
Grateful to Serve - Nothing new to report.  Doors are open and literature on table. Recovery is being shared.  No donation at this time.  Grateful to Serve, ****

High on Life – Nothing new to report at the High on Life Group.  The doors continue to be open on time and recovery is being shared.  Rent is paid, literature and coffee is being made.  Our attendance is staying strong at about 50 addicts.  We don’t have a donation to area at this time.  As a reminder, **** will be celebrating this Friday, January 20th, and Shane R will be sharing his ES&H.  Grateful to Serve, ****

Serenityville –Meeting is going well.  Rent is paid.  Literature is on the table.  Average meeting attendance is between 8 and 12 addicts.  We currently have 3 active home group members and hold monthly business meetings the Saturday preceding area.  Serenityville has a $30 donation to area this month.  Grateful to Serve, ****
Trust the Process – The Saturday night Trust the Process group is going well. Doors are open, coffee in the pot, and literature is on the table. We are averaging 30 addicts. We held our monthly business meeting on 1/14/12. We have a $50 donation for area.  Grateful to serve.   ****

Old Business

New Business
The CAR report is now available.  Home group members please discuss whether or not to have a CAR Workshop. 
RCM and RCM Alt are given $120 to pay for expenses when traveling to Region.  Home groups please discuss how we disburse those funds, and if that is a proper amount.
Motion to move remaining $35 in account to PR Reserve.  Passed.

Open Forum
GTO Secretary would like to thank all the GSR and Chairs who sent their reports in via email or text.

In Loving Service,
GTO Area Secretary