Friday, February 17, 2012

Public Relations Subcommittee topics

The Public Relations Subcommittee will meet at 1PM on Sunday, February 19 at the main branch of the Cabell County Public Library (5th Ave & 9th St in Huntington). Topics that may be considered are:
  • Letter to professionals: The first wave of letters about NA services to mental health, legal, political, and religious professionals/leaders is about ready to be mailed. The PR Subcommittee will be organizing the final steps in this effort.
  • Public Service Announcement: Further planning of the upcoming radio PSA.
  • Website: The PR Subcommittee will discuss the current status of GTO's efforts at digital outreach to the community. The current focus on search engine optimization and blogging will be discussed. Input from members will be solicited.
  • Flyer day: Pre-planning for a future flyer day may be brought up.
  • Other topics may include: loved ones group, community requests, acquisition of a rubber stamp for literature, etc.