Saturday, March 10, 2012

Feb 2012 GTOASCNA minutes

February 2012 Minutes

Opened with Serenity Prayer.   **** read the 12 Traditions and **** read the 12 Concepts.

Living in the Solution: Y
No Pain, No Gain: Y
Another Way: N
Together We Can: Y
Clean Possibilities: N
Hope Turns to Faith: Y
Hope without Dope: N
Progress not Perfection: Y
Hope Through Surrender: Y
God’s Will Candlelight:  Y
Grateful to Serve: Y
High on Life: Y
Serenityville: N
Trust the Process: Y
10 out of 14 active groups represented, quorum established

Last month’s minutes read and accepted.

Treasurer’s Report
GTOASCNA Treasurer’s Report
Activity recorded 1-19-12 through 2-18-12

Regular Account

Beginning Balance                                                                                                                                                 +95.00

01-15-12               Progress Not Perfection Group donation       20.00
01-15-12          Hope Turns To Faith Group donation           25.00
01-15-12          Serenityville Group donation                        30.00
01-15-12          Trust the Process Group donation                 50.00
02-19-12          ****. returned H&I Lit. money                 40.00
02-18-12          Transferred from Activities                         103.00

                                Total Income                                                                                                                       +   268.00

01-15-12           Moved to PR Reserve                              -    35.00
                                Total Expenses                                                                                   -    35.00

Ending Balance                                                                                                               $ 328.00

Public Relations Reserve                   Beginning Balance                                         $ 162.33
                                                            Transferred from Reg Acct                                +35.00
                                                      (ck#374) **** Mailing Costs                              -110.00
                                                             Ending Balance                                             $   87.33

Prudent Reserve                 Remains unchanged at                                                    $ 100.00

Activities Reserve                               Beginning Balance                                                   $    0.00
            2-18-12             Received from **** for Feb Activities                           +  503.00
            2-18-12             Transfer to Regular Account                                                 -   103.00  
                                                         Ending Balance                                                 $  400.00 

                                                                                    Ending Balance            $915.33

 As of  02-19-12 the total of all accounts is $ 915.33, obtained by totaling the four accounts above.      ****. – ASC Treasurer

RCM Report
We're waiting for the minutes from region. We would like gsr's to decided if we would like to have our own CAR workshop or if we would like to join with another area. If you choose with another area we will obtain the date and time and start announcing it! We will need an area conscience by the April region. ****

H&I Subcommittee Report
Opened with Prayer.
**** read 12 Traditions.  **** read 12 Concepts.
In attendance:  6 people
Group Reports:
Pinecrest Mon- Ya apologies for my absence at sub committee. mtgs have been going good. No problems whatsoever finding willingness from other members. Don't have any literature and only have a couple of copies of mtg schedules. Grateful to serve . *****
Pinecrest Mon- Everything is going well at the Monday H&I meeting at Pinecrest. Our primary purpose is being fulfilled and we are encouraging those getting out of treatment to attend meetings the day they leave. I had to cancel the meeting this past Monday on February 6 because I had flu-like symptoms. I will make sure I'm prepared to go in next time. Grateful to serve, ****
Pinecrest Thursday- The meeting is going very well. I have had a considerable amount of willingness to get involved carrying the message.  Thanks to everyone who has went in with me, especially those gentlemen coming from out of town.  I am in desperate need of schedules.  All in all, the meeting is good, with no problems to report at this time.
River Park Short Term- **** gave report.
River Park Long Term- Ok....All is well at River Park long term with the Narcotics Anonymous message of recovery being shared.The residents are grateful WE continue to bring in the meeting however they do miss ****..So tell him they said HI..:-)  IT IS ALWAYS AN AWESOME MEETING..    Grateful to serve .........****
Women's Regional Jail- Meeting went well on Jan. 26, 12. Thank you to those who continue to support this meeting. We will be meeting again Feb.23,12 @ 7pm! We do need more women to share their experience, strength, & hope so if you know of anyone send them my way please!  Thanks! ILS, ****
Shell Center- **** gave verbal report.
Old Business:
Policy Meeting scheduled for March 9 at 6pm.
New Business:
We discussed getting back the $40 we received from Area from the previous H&I Chair, ****.  We also need to get back the key to the Barnett Center.  **** will talk to **** at In Loving Service.
We need to let all panel leaders know that if they are not able to take a meeting in they need to let the H&I Chair know so someone else can take the meeting in.  Meetings should not be cancelled if there is willingness from other members to take the meeting in.  It's a WE thing.
Every panel leader needs schedules.  Motion to Area for $20 for schedules.
In Loving Service,
H&I Secretary

PR Subcommittee Report
The letter stuffing party at In Loving Service went well and thanks to all that helped.  We have 200 letters nearly ready to go out.  We just need to print the address labels, get postage on them, and drop them in the mail.  The total for the other necessities up to this point is $125.38 ($73.60 for literature, $20.00 for copies and $31.78 for supplies). We will need the money for the postage which totals $90.00 (postage has risen $.01 since the estimate).   I already received a check for $110.00 dollars so far so I’ll need 105.00 today for postage and my out of pocket expenses for supplies.  I have a receipt for the supplies and the invoice for the literature order will be provided with this report.  There is no receipt for the copies as I made them at Marshall on the self-serve copiers (copies were $.10/page, for a total of $20.00).  In addition, we are already gearing up for another round of 200 more letters as we’ve only barely scratched the surface of the potential list of recipients. 
We are also continuing to discuss the possibility of producing a public service announcement on local radio.  There is concern about overlap of the messages into other areas, so that will be explored fully before moving forward.
The GTOANA blog is being continually updated thanks to our hard-working web servant.  Please send any announcements which you would like to appear on the blog to:  Search engine optimization continues to improve and we generally show up on the first results page.  Most of the hits are coming from local areas as well, so our message appears to be reaching those who need it.  The blog is a great resource for all things GTOANA, so please check it out often.  This also helps our ability to appear higher in the search results.  We also created a new email address for the PR committee so that it could be included in the letter to professionals.  This will be used primarily for communication with the public, but if you need it for some reason just ask.    
Grateful to serve,

CHATSWORTH, CA 91311-6601
Federal ID No. 95-3090596

(818) 773-9999

Confirm To:


INVOICE DATE: 1/30/2012





Shipped via: PRIORITY MAILParcel: 00062 Box: 0001 of 0001 Weight: 1 Tracking

Net Invoice: 64.00
Sales Tax:
Less Discount: 0.00
Invoice Total:
Less Deposit:
Invoice Balance: 0.00

Activities Sub Committee
ILS went off without a hitch.  Thanks to the Hope turns to Faith home group for allowing us to use their  location.
Another thanks to ****, for sharing her experience, strength, and hope.
We had a decent turn out, with many out of town addicts in attendance. 
Total spent in function was $315
Penny Social Auction $167
Regular Auction $262
Remaining $74 (left over from budget)
For a total of $503 return to area treasurer **** on 2/18/2012
Penny social auction money was counted with **** and Myself.
Regular auction money was counted with *****, ****, and Myself.
At the Activities Sub Committee meeting today 2/19/2012,  **** was elected as the new Activities Chair Person, and **** was elected as Activities Vice Chair, both of which meet the clean time requirements.  **** and **** will be taking over Activities starting next month, in order to plan the upcoming 2012 Campout/Picnic. 
Grateful to Serve

Group Reports
Living in the Solution – Things are stable at the Living In The Solution home group.  Literature is available, doors are being opened, and our primary purpose is being fulfilled.  We have an average attendance of six addicts and at this time we would like to welcome **** as a new home group member.  As stated before, every time our home group meets, we are in violation of the traditions of Narcotics Anonymous.  We have a couple meetings lined up with other facilities to see if they will allow us to meet.  All home group members send their apologies for violating the traditions.  At this time we have a $20 donation for Area.  We will keep you informed as we continue to look for a new meeting facility.  Very Grateful to Serve, ****.
No Pain, No Gain - The meeting is going good. The doors are open and the message of recovery is being shared. Rent has been paid and literature is on the table. We have had an average attendance of about 40 addicts per week. ****. will be speaking on February 26th, sharing her experience, strength, and hope on Traditions 7 and 8. We will be having a home group member (****.) celebrate 1 year on March 11th.  Then on March 18th we will have a 2 year celebration (****.) this will be a speaker meeting. The speaker is going to be ****. Also on March 25th. ****. will be sharing her experience, strength, and hope. We have a $20 donation to area at this time.  Our home group would like to see us do a CAR workshop, with the involvement of the NANA area if possible.  We are also bringing forth a motion for the activities sub-committee.
Grateful to Serve,

Another Way –  No report
Together We Can –The Together We Can group of NA is meeting on time at 7pm at the Barnett Center every Monday night.  Our meeting attendance has decreased to approximately 20 per meeting with 6 home group members.  Rent is paid and we have recently received a literature order to replenish our stock.  We have a home group member celebrating two years on March 5 and will have a guest speaker that night, ****.  We have a donation of $50 to area service  and are grateful to be of service.  We have discussed the CAR event and it is our wish that our area send a representative to represent our home group.  In Loving Service, ****.

Clean Possibilities -  No report.
Hope Turns to Faith  Everything is going well at Hope Turns To Faith homegroup of Narcotics Anonymous. Coffee is made, literature on the table, and message of recovery is being shared. There is an average of 40 addicts in attendance. We have 1 new homegroup member and we want to welcome ****. There will be a homegroup member, ****., celebrating 12 years on Tuesday, March 20, 2012. We are also donating $25 to area.  In Loving Service, ****.
Hope Without Dope-  No report.
Progress Not Perfection – Meetings are going well. Average attendance of 36. We have a $50 donation to area.   In Loving Service, ****.

Hope Through Surrender –  All is going well at the Hope Through Surrender Group of NA with the message of recovery being shared.  Our business meetings are the third Thursday of every month and average attendance is 15-20.  We made a $25 donation to the Salvation Army and currently have 6 home group members.  Sorry, no donation to Area at this time.  Grateful to Serve, ****.
God’s Will Candlelight All is well.  Doors are open on time.  Literature is on the table.  Coffee is ready and the message is being carried to the sick and suffering addict.  We have 5 home group members.  Rent is paid.  Attendance is 15-20 addicts a week.  We have a $20 donation to area.  Grateful to serve, ****.
Grateful to Serve - Meeting is open, literature on the table.  Attendance has been down the last month. Average of 7-10.  We have a $20 donation to ASC at this time.  Grateful to serve, ****

High on Life –Nothing new to report at the High on Life Group. The doors continue to be open on time and recovery is being shared. Rent  is paid, coffee is being made, and literature is on the table.. Our attendance is up this month to about 60 addicts this month. We don't have a donation for area at this time. Grateful to serve, ****.

Serenityville –No report.
Trust the Process – The Saturday night 8 pm Trust the Process group of Narcotics Anonymous is going well. Doors are open literature is on the table and the message is being shared. We are averaging 25 addicts each week. This month we added the NA identity statement to our format. We held our monthly business meeting on 2/18. Rent is paid. We have a $20 donation for area at this time.  Grateful to serve, ****.

Old Business
We discussed CAR Workshop.  Area Chair was appointed to set a date and time after talking to members of NANA.  Date was set for March 10 from 12-5 at the Cabell County Library.  Everyone welcome.

New Business

Motion from PR Subcommittee
Motion:  Move $158 from the regular account to the PR reserve.
Intent:  To cover PR expenses related to the letters to professionals project.  
Motion Passed

Motion from No Pain No Gain
Background: The Activities Subcommittee officers are scheduled to be elected and rotated into office in June, and the first event of said term is the annual campout in early summer. This leaves a limited amount of time for a new Chair and other officers to plan the campout and this arrangement leaves a lame-duck Chair in office for three months after their last event.
Motion: Therefore the Area Policy Article V, Section A, Paragraph 1 is to be amended to read as follows: “Elections of ASC officers and subcommittee chairpersons are held at the June ASC each year. Nominations are taken at the May ASC. Elections for the Activities Subcommittee Chair will be held in March with nominations taking place in February.”
Note: section to be added is in bold.
Motion Tabled to Home Groups

Open Forum
GTO Secretary would like to thank all the GSR and Chairs who sent their reports in via email or text.

Friday, March 9: H&I Subcommittee (policy revision & regular meeting), 6PM, Barnett Center
Saturday, March 10: Area CAR workshop, 12 PM, Cabell County Public Library
Sunday, March 11: One-year celebration, 7PM, No Pain, No Gain Group
Monday, March 12: One-year celebration, 7PM, Another Way Group
Tuesday, March 13: Speaker meeting, 7PM, Hope Turns to Faith Group
Wednesday, March 14: Speaker meeting, 6:30PM, Hope without Dope Group
Sunday, March 18: ASC, Cabell County Public Library
1PM-PR Subcommittee
2PM-Activities Subcommittee
3PM-Area Service Committee
Sunday, March 18: Two-year celebration with speaker, 7PM, No Pain, No Gain Group
Tuesday, March 20: Twelve-year celebration with speaker, 7PM, Hope Turns to Faith Group


In Loving Service,
GTO Area Secretary,