Sunday, April 29, 2012

Don't forget: speaker meeting tonight at No Pain, No Gain

The No Pain, No Gain Group will be hosting a speaker meeting this evening at 7PM. The speaker will be an experienced member from the NANA Area and will be discussing the 9th & 10th Traditions. Click here for directions.

Three-year celebration on Thursday, May 3

The Grateful to Serve Group will be having a three-year celebration on May 3. Click here for directions.

Friday, April 27, 2012

One-year celebration tonight at High on Life Group

The High on Life Group will be having a celebration at 8 PM tonight. Click here for directions.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Don't forget: group anniversary tonight at Progress not Perfection

The Progress not Perfection Group will be celebrating four years as an active group of NA tonight. They will be having snacks & fellowship at 730PM and a meeting at 8PM using the topic & format of their first ever meeting. Click here for directions.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Area policy updated

Now that the process for updating area policy changes has been streamlined, the page has been updated to reflect recent changes made by the GTOASCNA.

The policy page can be found here.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Progress not Perfection Group celebrates its four-year anniversary on Wednesday

On Wednesday, April 18, the Progress not Perfection Group will be celebrating four years as an active group of NA. They will be having snacks & fellowship at 730PM and a meeting at 8PM using the topic & format of their first ever meeting. Click here for directions.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

ASC Sunday!

Area Service Committee meets tomorrow at the Cabell County Public Library's main branch (9th St & 5th Ave in Huntington). PR Subcommittee meets at 1PM, Activities Subcommittee at 2PM, and ASC at 3PM.

Friday, April 13, 2012

H&I Subcommittee meets tonight

The H&I Subcommittee will meet thonight at the Barnett Center (corner of 10th Ave & Hal Greer Blvd in Huntington). At 6PM there will be an H&I workshop and the regular meeting will be at 7PM.

If you would like to carry the message of NA into a mental health, drug rehab, or correctional facility, you are required to take one of these workshops.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Speaker meeting tonight at Hope without Dope

The Hope without Dope Group will be having a speaker meeting this evening at 6:30PM. Click here for directions.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

H&I Subcommittee meets this Friday

The H&I Subcommittee will meet this Friday at the Barnett Center (corner of 10th Ave & Hal Greer Blvd in Huntington). At 6PM there will be an H&I workshop and the regular meeting will be at 7PM.

If you would like to carry the message of NA into a mental health, drug rehab, or correctional facility, you are required to take one of these workshops.

Monday, April 9, 2012

29-year celebration tonight at Another Way Goup

There will be a 29-year celebration tonight at Another Way at 7PM. Click here for directions.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

GTOASCNA minutes for March 2012

March 2012

Traditions: ****, Concepts:****

No Pain, No Gain
Together We Can
Hope Turns to Faith
Progress Not Perfection
Hope Through Surrender
God's Will
High on Life
Trust the Process

9 groups present, quorum established.

Last month’s minutes read and accepted.

Treasurers report

Treasurer’s Report
GTOASCNA Treasurer’s Report
Activity recorded 02-18-12 through 3-18-12

Regular Account

Beginning Balance​          ​    +328.00

03-18-12​God’s Will Candlelight Group donation       20.00
03-18-12​Hope Turns To Faith Group donation           25.00
03-18-12​High on Life Group donation                          15.00
03-18-12​No Pain, No Gain Group donation                 10.00
03-18-12​Hope Through Surrender Group donation   20.00

   ​Total Income​ +   90.00

03-18-12​Moved to PR Reserve                                    -     60.00
03-18-12​Donation to Region​  -   125.00
03-18-12​(ck 378) **** –lib. 03-10-12 CAR​  -     10.00
03-18-12​(ck 379) ****--H&I schedules (printed) -     19.26
03-18-12​(ck 380) ****—for H&I schedules          -     19.26
----------------  need to write ck for Library $5.00 toward CAR on 03-10-12
Total Expenses​              ​  -    238.52

Ending Balance​                        ​             $ 179.48

Public Relations Reserve                   Beginning Balance                                         $ 140.33
                                                           Transferred from Reg Acct                                +60.00
                                                              Ending Balance                                             $   200.33

Prudent Reserve                 Remains unchanged at                                                    $ 100.00

Activities Reserve ​   Remains unchanged at  ​        $  400.00  

RCM  report
                                                                        RCM REPORT 

Hello fellow service voyagers…..
We had a great RSC meeting in January. And the following report provided detailed information about the weekend’s events and discussions. One exciting announcement is that the GTO won a raffle and we now have possession of our very own PR display! J

Treasurer Report

Beginning 13,904.18

50.00 Metro
150.00 FANA
183.00 North Central
32.00 Meeting Schedules
11.50 meeting schedules

Total 14,330.68
-1000.00 Prudent reserve
-5000.00 Convention
-1200 Operation Expenses
(onebox, PayPal, phone bill, secretary,)
Ending Balance 7,108.78

Current system has been changed from automated to actual voice of an addict. Pleased to announce more calls are being sent out to addicts then ever before.
We must keep both the toll-free and the local number which is a requirement from Frontier because the two are connected.
We need a complied list of all willing phoneline volunteers.
Discussion about a billboard with our name and number at the bottom on I-79 around Flatwoods.
Voted to change our billboard to the basic text blue and it has been sent to the vendor.
Motions from PR-$450.00 for the booth space at the WV Social Service Conference held in the Charleston Civic Center this year.  We also will be asking for $200.00 for literature to have at the presentation. We also discussed having our lit. stamped with our name, address, phone number and web address. We will be asking for $15.00 to purchase one. That is a total of $820.00 in money motions.
It was bought up that the Region in Michigan has produced new PSA for TV and will add our local info to them free of charge. The number to the service office is (248) 544-2010.
We were given some info on a website that would like to have us add our info to their info about helping people find us. It is It has to do with volunteer firemen and other services that might need info for referrals to help with addiction. PR chair will call the number we were given and see what they need and if we can provide anything.
Because of a request from the GTO area the copyrighted WVU mountaineer symbol has been voted to be removed from the regional website! We tried to convince them to switch it to the MU Marco logo, but the motion failed! LOL! Just kidding J
We may be doing another PR presentation possibility on March 6th at the Capitol, Drug Awareness Day. We will check into it and see what we have to do to get in.

H & I
**** voted as the new H & I chair.
We discussed 28 donated basic texts and how to distribute.
H & I chair will be finding out what literature is currently in the Western Regional Jail so we know what needs to be added. Possible some basic texts to go there.

Next convention is The Masks Have to Go May 11th-13th 2012!!! Please check out the schedule on the website and the day of the convention as some changes have been made. You will notice the price for the lodging/meal packages has decreased. The schedule of events for Sunday has changed with a new brunch as opposed to breakfast and lunch. Also merchandise will be in Jackson Hall again with workshops in both the class rooms and vocational building rooms. Speakers Friday-****, Sat-****, Sun-****.
Money Motions for convention
600.00 registration
550.00 refreshments
100.00 Audio
450.00 Photos
650.00 Coffee Mugs
4000.00 Merchandise

New process for reserving rooms for hotel packages and Holt lodge
Names will be placed into a hat starting with the opening of Friday registration and names will be listed on the door at office/registration building.
We voted to add to the flyer “ No addict turned away for registration. This does not include food or lodging.”
Removed from the flyer that name tags are needed to get into meetings/events. Also will be moving the sticker and book tables in the registration to make process more manageable. 
Next Convention October 26th-28th Country Roads to Recovery. Please help us by submitted artwork for the name.

RD/RD Alt Report
New CAR has been distributed. Need area conscience at the April region. The complete CAR is available on line at:
Use the passwords below the link.

Mountaineer Service Form - The topic for the October convention was to review, discuss and input the (proposed) “Social Media and our Guiding Principles” pamphlet.  The input was recorded and submitted to NAWS.
RD & RD ALT Upcoming Events

·         Autonomy Zonal Forum January 28. RD & RD ALT projected expenses $280.00.
·         MARLCNA February 10, 11 & 12. RD & RD ALT projected expenses $690.00.
·         MRSCNA CAR Workshop March 3.  Cedar Lakes, noon till? RCMs, ASRs and all interested members should attend.
·         MRSCNA CAR Voting April 15.  Cedar Lakes, 11am till? RCMs & ASRs. 
·         World Service Conference April 28th – May 5th

New Business
01-01-12 by MVASCNA that the convention registration fee be waived for any addict with 30 days or less clean and it should be clearly noted on convention flyer.  INTENT: Fifth Tradition. RATIONALE: To to better carry the NA message to the still sick and suffering addict at our convention; to make it easier for that addict to attend. Although many addicts already show up without paying registration fee if it was waived then the newcomer could obtain a name tag allowing them to attend all workshops and other convention events. Motion to table/refer to Areas failed 3 in favor/5 opposed; motion failed 3 in favor/5 opposed.

02-01-12 by CONVENTION for Spring 2012: $600.00 for registration; $550.00 for refreshments; $100.00 audio; $450.00 photos; $650.00 (Chapman’s) merchandise and $4,000.00 (Glenn’s) merchandise ($6,350.00 total). INTENT: To carry the message. Motion carried 7 in favor 1 opposed.

03-01-12 by PUBLIC RELATIONS to purchase a table cover for our PR display at the cost of $155.00 from Fast Signs.  INTENT: To dress up our PR table. Motion carried 8 in favor 0 opposed.

04-01-12 by PUBLIC RELATIONS to attend the West Virginia Social Workers Conference in Charleston April 25, 26 and 27, 2012, allocating $450 for booth space and $200.00 for literature for a total of $650.00.  INTENT: To carry the message to 1,000 or more social service workers who come in contact with addicts.  Motion carried by concensus.

05-01-12 by PUBLIC RELATIONS to purchase a stamp from Staples to use on all literature we distribute at a cost of approximately $15.00. INTENT: To provide our phone number and website to the addicts whom we serve.   Motion carried by concensus.

06-10-12 by REGIONAL DELEGATE to pay RD and RD ALT expenses to the Autonomy Zonal Forum January 28 and MARCLNA February 10, 11 and 12, 2012; also funds to cover RD handout printing costs as follows: $280.00 Zonal; $690.00 MARCLNA; $105.00 copies for $1,075.00 total. INTENT: Seventh Tradition, Third and Eleventh Concepts.  Motion carried by concensus.

07-01-12 by HOSPITALS & INSTITUTIONS to allocate $200.00 for and H&I literature stockpile.

Finance committee request $800 to be sent to World 

Next Region April 14th & 15th
Regional Minutes can be found at!!!
                                                                                                Grateful to Serve,
                                                                                                            **** & ****

Distribution of regional literature, noted that some went to Western Regional.
Discussed Cedar Lake request that there be a lottery for lodge hotel rooms at convention, starting with Fall.
CAR will come up in new business.

H&I Subcommittee
H&I  Subcommittee
March 9, 2012

Opened with Prayer.

**** read 12 Traditions.  **** read 12 Concepts.

In attendance:  11

Group Reports:
Pinecrest Mon-  Things are going well at the H&I meeting at Pinecrest on Mondays. I'm having a lot of people answering the call when asked to go in and I express my gratitude to those who have gone in with me to carry the message. We are fulfilling our purpose in encouraging those in the facility to attend meetings when they get out of treatment not only through our words, but through our actions as well. Very grateful to serve, ****.
Pinecrest Mon-  **** gave report.
Pinecrest Thursday- The meeting is going very well. Thanks to everyone with the willingness to go in. There is nothing new to report.
Grateful to serve,
River Park Short Term- Everything is going great, there has been a lot of willingness. **** has stepped up and has been going with me, til i reach the clean time requirement.
Grateful to serve,
River Park Long Term- All is well at RIVER PARK long term with the NA message being shared. It is truly an awesome meeting and the residents are always grateful when WE arrive. Willingness is not a problem when it comes to attaining volunteers to help facilitate this meeting..  Truly GRATEFUL to serve..*****.
Women's Regional Jail- Meeting went well on 02/23/12.  Literature was given for the library.  I had 4 BT, 1 large print BT, and a step working guide.  I now have one BT for the panel position.  We handed out "Reaching Out" and schedules to the ladies.  We will meet again on 03/22/12 @ 7pm.  If any females are interested in carrying the message please get in touch with me.  We would love to have your help!!  ILS, ****
Shell Center- **** gave verbal report.

Old Business: 

New Business:
·         We reviewed and revised the H&I policy.
·         **** brought up that women are now attending the Thursday meeting at Pinecrest, therefore female panel members may attend.
·         H&I meets second Friday of the month at the Barnett Center at 7pm.

Greater Than Ourselves Area of Narcotics Anonymous
Hospitals & Institutions Subcommittee Guidelines
Updated 3-15-09

Definition and Purpose

            The H&I Subcommittee of the Greater Than Ourselves Area Service Committee is a group of recovering addicts of Narcotics Anonymous who believe in the concept:  "To assure that no addict in a Hospital or Institution seeking recovery need die without having had a chance to find a better way of life.  From this day forward, may we provide the necessary services."  This concept should always be our primary concern.  This will insure that when an addict who is housed in a correctional facility, hospital, or recovery house reaches out for recovery, Narcotics Anonymous will be there.
            This committee is a subcommittee of the Greater Than Ourselves Area Service Committee and is directly responsible to that committee. 

Functions of the H&I Subcommittee

  1. ­To carry the message of recovery, and to disburse literature to facilities through our H&I panels.
  2. ­To conduct monthly business meetings.
  3. ­To provide H&I learning days/workshops.
  4. To carry out the directives of the GTO Area Service Committee


The service committee shall consist of a chairperson, a vice-chairperson, and secretary.  Any subcommittee member who relapses will automatically be removed from their trusted
servant position.
In the case of resignation, the vice-chairperson shall automatically assume the position of chairperson until H&I Subcommittee elects a chairperson.
If the vice-chairperson cannot or will not assume the position, the secretary or a panel leader (in that order) will act as H&I chairperson until the H&I Subcommittee fills the position.
In the event of resignation by the secretary, the position shall be held open for a period of one month or until a willing member from the fellowship is found to serve in the position.
All positions will be one year, except panel leaders which will be six months.  Election of new servants shall be conducted at the regular June and December subcommittee meetings each year.

Qualifications and Duties of Servants

  1. It is suggested that the Chairperson have one (1) year clean time, plus a minimum of six months activity in H&I work, and a working knowledge of Narcotics Anonymous Steps and Traditions.­  The chairperson will be elected by the ASC in June for a term of six (6) months in accordance with H&I guidelines.­  Responsibilities include:

    1. ­Bringing before the general meeting of the subcommittee matters that should be acted upon by the subcommittee.
    2. ­Carrying out policies and directives for the subcommittee.
    3. ­Attending area service committee meetings.
    4. ­Being responsible for all H&I subcommittee correspondence.
    5. ­Keeping copies of hospital, institutional and recovery house guidelines, rules and regulations.
    6. Providing to all panel members the following:
a.       ­H&I Subcommittee Guidelines
b.      ­Rules of the facility
c.       Communication between facility and H&I committee

  1. Vice-chairperson should have at least one (1) year clean time and six (6) months experience in H&I work, and a working knowledge of Narcotics Anonymous Steps and Traditions.  Responsibilities include:
    1. ­Assuming the responsibilities of the chairperson in the event of the chairperson's absence.
    2. ­Helping coordinate H&I meetings/presentations by acting as panel coordinator.
    3. ­Maintaining literature stockpile and literature disbursements.

  1. Secretary should have at least one (1) year clean time, and a working knowledge of Narcotics Anonymous Steps and Traditions.­ Responsibilities include:
    1. ­Recording minutes of all subcommittee meetings.
    2. Copying and distributing those minutes.
    3. Coordinate with panel leaders.
    4. Keeping records of all subcommittee members, including addresses and telephone numbers.

  1. ­H&I Panel Leader should have at least one (1) year clean time and six (6) months activity in H&I work, and a working knowledge of Narcotics Anonymous Steps and Traditions.­  Responsibilities include:
    1. ­Inviting panel members to the H&I meeting/presentation and in general doing all the things necessary to conduct the meeting.
    2. ­Communicating regularly with the panel coordinator (vice-chairperson), informing him/her of any problems with the meeting/presentation.
    3. ­Making a report on the H&I meeting to the H&I subcommittee at each subcommittee meeting.
    4. ­Maintaining supplies for the meeting/presentation (i.e., literature, copies of Reaching Out, etc.).
    5. All panel leaders must report to the H&I Subcommittee in person each month.  Failure to do so 2 months in a row, the panel leader will be subject to be removed.

  1. ­H&I Panel Members should have at least 60 days clean to attend an H&I meeting.  They should have at least 90 days clean time before they are asked to participate (share).    Members shall be invited by the H&I subcommittee, and be cleared by the facilities whenever necessary.  H&I Panel Members requirements and responsibilities include:
    1. ­Being familiar with the H&I meeting/presentation format.
    2. ­Being familiar with the rules of the subcommittee and facilities.
    3. ­Being able to share a message of recovery in Narcotics Anonymous.
    4. Attending at least one H&I workshop or orientation.
    5. Observe 2 H&I presentations before sharing, regardless of clean time.
In order to qualify for any of the above positions, H&I members shall come to the H&I meeting and inform the subcommittee of their desire to serve.
Should a member relapse, they will need to start the process over, including attending another H&I workshop and clean time requirements. 
Every person holding a position in H&I subcommittee needs to attend at least one workshop per year.
In Loving Service,
H&I Secretary

**** does not yet have minutes. Discussed schedules, Shell Center meeting still under discussion, need for help for NANA for jail meetings, policy has been revised and chair will distribute upon receipt.
Discussion: Need money from for previous and new schedules.

PR Subcommittee
We are gearing up for a second round of mailings. Other outlets like probation offices and drug courts have been discussed for the second round.  Website is doing well and we are continuing to appear higher in the web searches.  The loved one's group continued to help us reach addicts that we may not see otherwise.  ILS, ****.

Discussion: Discussed process for taking part in Loved Ones group, Website doing well on recent Google searches.

Activities Subcommittee


In Attendance:  9
Opened with Serenity Prayer

12 Traditions read by ****
12 Concepts read by ****

We discussed the GTO campout for 2012.  **** and **** will be checking at East Lynn Lake for campsites and will let us know which sites are best suited for our use.  Right now we are looking at June 15, 16, 17. 

I will check with **** to see if he will speak on Sat night and **** has willingness to speak on Friday.

Closed with Serenity Prayer

Thanks to all who showed up and I hope everyone is looking forward to the experience.
We plan meet again next month!


Group Reports:
No Pain, No Gain-- The meeting is going well. The doors are open and recovery is being shared. We have an average attendance of 40 addicts per week. We have a $10 donation for area at this time. We will be having a home group member celebrate 7 yrs on April 1st (****) with **** sharing his experience, strength, and hope.  Grateful to serve, Phillip D.

Together We Can--  The Together We Can group of NA is opening on time at 7pm every Monday at the Barnett Center.  Coffee is ready, literature is displayed and the message of recovery is being shared.  We have an average attendance of 25 addicts showing up each week.  Although our donations average about $7.00 per meeting, we are keeping supplies up and are sponsoring a member for convention, whom has an NA sponsor and home group.  We have no donation to area at this time.  Grateful to Serve, ****

Hope Turns to Faith--   Everything is well at Hope Turns To Faith Homegroup of Narcotics Anonymous. Coffee is made, literature on the table, and message of recovery is being shared. There is an average of 40 addicts in attendance. We have a homegroup member, ****, celebrating 12 years of recovery on March 20, 2012. **** will be celebrating 1 year of recovery on April 3, 2012 and **** will be celebrating 4 years of recovery on April 24, 2012. We are donating $25 to area.  In Loving Service,  ****

Progress not Perfection—Erika T gave verbal report.

Hope through Surrender--  All is well at the Hope Through Surrender Group of NA with the message of recovery being shared.  Our business meetings are the third Thursday of the month and our average attendance is 10 to 12 people.  We made a $20 donation to the Salvation Army this month and would like to make a $20 donation to Area Service.  We currently have 6 home group members.  Grateful to Serve, ****

God's Will Candlelight--  All is well.  Literature is on the table.  Coffee is ready and the message of NA is being carried to the still sick and suffering addict.  We have 5 home group members and attendance is 15-20 addicts a week.  We had our business meeting on the third Thursday of the month.  We raised our rent from $25 to $50 a month to help with funding for the Barnett Center.  We also have concerns about the Barnett Center shutting down due to lack of federal funding.  Our concern is losing four meetings a week affecting our area and NA as a whole.  We have a $20 donation to area.  In Loving Service, ****
            Led to discussion of potential of Barnett Center closing down. Anyone that knows of a
            location that might host a meeting should let the area know. Without encroaching on
            group autonomy, groups should be aware of scheduling too many at a facility.

High on Life--  Nothing new to report at the high on life group. The doors continue to open on time and recovery is being shared. Rent is paid, coffee is being made and literature is on the table. Our attendance is staying strong at about 50 addicts. We have a donation of 15 dollars for area at this time. We will be having **** a 1 year celebration on April  27th. Grateful to serve, ****

Serenityville--  The group is doing well. We have been having new people show up. We have been giving them  meeting lists, & IP"s. Everyone welcome we would love to see you.  In Loving Service,  ****

Trust the Process--  The Saturday night Trust the Process group of NA is going well. Attendance is down to 20 addicts on average. Doors are open rent is paid and literature is on the table. We held our monthly business meeting on 3/17/12. We have no donation for area at this time.  Grateful to serve,  ****

Old business
CAR Workshop, organized by Chair, 7 members attended, lasted all day, made it through most topics, RSC has our group conscious on CAR & it will be added to minutes.
Motion made & passed 9-0 to reimburse Chair personal cost of CAR workshop.
$10 to ****, $5 to library.

New business
Motion to move Activities elections to be moved to March w/ nominations in February. Motion passes 9-0. Discussed how this would be reflected in new policy as revised.

Motion made by Sat night & seconded by Sat morning to allow webservant, in consultation with area Chair, to update policy as passed. “To make the following GTOANA Policy and Procedures changes:  To delete the entire section titled “note” at end of policy.  And to add to the same place:  Note regarding policy change:  All policy changes will be added to the online website policy (immediately following approval by GTOASCNA) by the area webservant in consultation with the area chair.”  Tabled.

Marcum Terrace would like to have a meeting in their gym.  See email sent by secretary to GSRs for contact info.

H&I Subcommittee submitted receipt for $19.26 from **** to reimburse for printed schedules.
H&I also requested $19.26 for 150 schedules as a standing expense.

PR Subcommittee makes a motion for $60 to be moved to PR reserve. Passed 8-0

Motion made by Sat night to give $125 to region. Passed 8-0

Open forum
Concerns about status of RCM Alt. Consensus is that Chair will reach out to him for more information.