Sunday, May 13, 2012

Minutes from April 2012 GTOASCNA meetines

April 2012 Minutes
April 15, 2012

Opened with Serenity Prayer.   **** read the 12 Traditions and **** read the 12 Concepts.

Living in the Solution: Y
No Pain, No Gain: Y
Another Way: N
Together We Can: N
Clean Possibilities: N
Hope Turns to Faith: Y
Hope without Dope: N
Progress not Perfection: Y
Hope Through Surrender: Y
God’s Will Candlelight:  Y
Grateful to Serve: Y
High on Life: Y
Serenityville: N
Trust the Process: Y
9 out of 14 active groups represented, quorum established

Last month’s minutes read and accepted.

Treasurer’s Report
GTOASCNA Treasurer’s Report
Activity recorded 3-18-12 through 4-14-12

Regular Account

Beginning Balance                                                                                                              +    325.00

03-18-12          Hope Turns To Faith Group donation          +  25.00
03-18-12          High On Life Group donation                      +  15.00
03-18-12          God’s Will Candlelight donation                  + 20.00
03-18-12          No Pain No Gain Group donation                 + 10.00
03-18-12          Hope Thru Surrender  donation                    +  20.00
04-14-12          Mistake on 3-18-12 Report Per $50 for        +  20.00
                         Feb & Mar Library Rent ($30. Actual)

                        Total Income                                                                                                    +  110.00
03-18-12          Moved to PR Reserve                                -   60.00
04-14-12          Library Rent Apr (Plus $5 CAR)               -   20.00 Ck #384                                      04-14-12          Barnett H&I Rent April                             -   10.00 Ck #385
03-18-12         **** Reimburse Schedules                  -   38.56 Cks #379 & 380
03-18-12          **** Reimburse CAR Lib. Rent      -    10.00 Ck #378
04-09-12          **** RCM Expenses                            -  120.00 Ck #381
04-14-12          Donation to Region                                   -   125.00 Ck #383   

                        Total Expenses                                                                                -   383.56

Ending Balance                                                                                                        $   51.44

Public Relations Reserve                   Beginning Balance                                         $   140.33
                                                            Transferred from Reg Acct                               +   60.00
                                                             Ending Balance                                             $  200.33

Prudent Reserve                 Remains unchanged at                                                    $ 100.00

Activities Reserve          Beginning Balance                                                          + $400.00 
                                              Reserve Campsites at East Lynn (credit card)               -    220.00
                                                                            Ending Balance                                  $180.00

                                                                                    Ending Balance            $531.77

 As of  04-14-12 the total of all accounts is $ 531.77, obtained by totaling the four accounts above. Decrease of $433.56.
**** – ASC Treasurer
RCM Report
**** is at Region this weekend. 

H&I Subcommittee Report
H&I  Subcommittee
April 13, 2012

Opened with Prayer.

**** read 12 Traditions.  **** read 12 Concepts.

Held Workshop, then Subcommittee.

In attendance:  10 members

Group Reports:
Pinecrest Mon-  Meetings have been Taking place and going great. Message has been clear but a little more trouble this month finding willingness to go in. Saying thanks and gratitude for the ones who have gone in and shared. Only thing I'm lacking is literature. Grateful to serve ****
Pinecrest Mon-  Everything is going well with the Monday night H&I meeting at pinecrest. I've had a lot of success with finding willingness to go in and carry the message. I want to express my gratitude for everyone’s help. Very grateful to serve ****.
Pinecrest Thursday- Meeting is going very well. I’m very grateful for everyone who has had willingness to go in with me, especially the women of the fellowship, now that it’s not an all guys meeting. Nothing else new to report.  Grateful to serve, ****.
River Park Short Term- River Park Short Term HNI is going really good. Still having willingness 2 go in with me. Myra chaired the last mtg bc was unable 2 get off work along with **** and ****. Grateful 2 serve ****.
River Park Long Term-  All is well with the NA message of recovery being shared.  It is always a good meeting.  The adolescents are grateful that we are coming in and I am not having a problem getting NA members with willingness to help carry the message.  Grateful to Serve, ****.
Shell Center- Alan B gave verbal report.  We have contacted the Shell Center and let them know that we do not have the capacity to bring meetings in.  If willingness arises in the future we can revisit this facility.

Old Business: 

New Business:
·         Discussed lack of literature for addicts in Pinecrest.  Alan will talk to **** about Basic Texts at Pinecrest.
·         NANA needs support with Men’s Regional Jail Meeting.  **** will talk to a jail rep about orientation.
·         **** wants NA H&I to participate in Pinecrest Recovery-a-thon.  We decided it’s not an H&I issue.

In Loving Service,
H&I Secretary

PR Subcommittee Report
April 2012 PR Report
We are experiencing technical difficulties with the address labels from the letters but the issue will be resolved before the next meeting. 
We discussed the second round of letters again and have decided they will go to the following:
-Family doctors
-Parole Officers
-Drug Courts
-Child Protective Services
-Other government outreach programs

A flier day has been scheduled for Saturday May 19th, 2012.  We will meet at Harris Riverfront Park just inside the 10th street entrance.  Everyone will meet up at 1:00pm and split up to cover the entire GTO Area. 
The Loved One’s Group went well this month and the next one is scheduled for May 22, 2012 at 6:00pm.  Anyone interested in participating next time can contact the PR chair or vice-chair. 
Grateful to Serve,
Activities Sub Committee

10 members

After meeting on 03/31/12 @ Highlawn the committee agreed to reserve sites at East Lynn Lake. In attendance were: 5 members.

We have reserved 4 sites at this time for the campout @ East Lynn Lake.  We have 2 sites that are available for check in @ 6 pm on Thurs. June 14 and will be able to check in earlier if no one is on that site the night before.  The other 2 Sites are open for Fri-Sun. 
The check in time is 6pm unless no one is on the site prior to the check in time.  Check out is 5pm.

At this time only one more site in the area is open for that weekend and to keep from possible overcrowding of tents on the sites we have agreed to reserve one more while it is open. 

The cost will be $15.00 per person for the weekend and a meal on Saturday will be provided.  We would appreciate payments ahead of time for your spot as it will allow for funds to purchase food and other supplies. 

At this time **** and **** are gathering cost info on food.  **** will also make a basic date/time/cost flyer for the regional site so that the basic info is out there for others to see.  We will have more details on speaker/workshop/meal info as it is available and will work to form a more detailed flyer closer to time for the campout.

Thank you all for your help in pulling this together!

Grateful to be of service

Group Reports
Living in the Solution – Everything is well at the Living in the Solution Home group of NA.  Coffee is made, literature is on the table, and message of recovery is being shared.  No donations at this time.  Could use some support from experienced members.  ****.
No Pain No Gain - The meeting is going well. The doors are opened on time and recovery is being shared. Rent has been and literature is on the table. We are averaging 40 to 45 addicts in attendance. We will be having our traditions speaker on April 29th. We have decided to sponsor and addict for convention. We do not have a donation for area at this time.  Grateful to serve, ****.

Another Way –  No report
Together We Can –Opening at 7pm with literature on table and coffee made.  Average attendance is 25, no donation to area at this time.  In loving service, ****.
Clean Possibilities -  No report.
Hope Turns to Faith  Everything is well at Hope Turns To Faith home group of Narcotics Anonymous. Coffee is made literature on the table, and the message of recovery is being shared. There is an average of 40 addicts in attendance. We want to welcome new home group member, ****, and his participation. We also want to donate $25 to area.  ****.
Hope Without Dope-  No report.
Progress Not Perfection -- Meetings are going well. We are averaging 20addicts per week. We are having a 4 year home group anniversary celebration on April 18, with food and fellowship beginning at 730. We will use the same topics as the first ever progress non perfection meeting. We are sponsoring a newcomer for Convention. Must have NA home group and NA sponsor. We have a $50 donation to area.  In loving service, ****.

Hope Through Surrender- All is well at the Hope Through Surrender group of NA. We still have 6 Home group members. Average meeting attendance is 9 or 10 people. The message is being carried very well! We do not have a donation at this time for area service. Thank You. Grateful to serve. ****
God’s Will Candlelight all is well liteture is on the table coffee is ready and the message is being carried to the still sick and suffering addict we have 5 home group members and attendance is 15-20 addicts a week we had our business meeting on the 3rd Thursday of the month we have no donations for area at this time ils ****
Grateful to Serve - Thursday “Grateful to Serve”  Meetings open each week,  recovery being shared, rent paid and literature on the table.  Attendance is still down with 7 to 10 addicts. Could also use a few more Home Group members. Need to place literature order.         Grateful to Serve,  ****.

High on Life – Nothing new going on at the high on life group. The doors continue to be open on time the message of recovery is being shared. Our attendance is at about 50 addicts. Amber B will celebrating 1 year on April 27th, and it will be ****. speaking. We don't have a donation for area at this time. Grateful to serve, ****.
Serenityville – Group report. Meeting doing good. Rent is paid. We have a convention pk. to give away. Everyone welcome. In loving service ****.
Trust the Process – The Saturday night Trust the Process group is going well. Average attendance is 25 people. Doors are open on time, rent is paid, and literature is on the table. We held our monthly business meeting on 4/14/12. We have no donation for area at this time.

Old Business
Policy update motion passed 9-0.

New Business
  • Motion to donate $51.44 to Region passed  8-0-1.
  • Home groups please send nominations for Area Positions to ASC in May.

Open Forum
GTO Secretary would like to thank all the GSR and Chairs who sent their reports in via email or text.


In Loving Service,
GTO Area Secretary,