Saturday, June 9, 2012

Don't forget: ASC has been moved to tomorrow

Due to the campout next weekend, ASC has been rescheduled for tomorrow.


It will be held at the Cabell County Public Library on 9th St & 5th Ave, as usual.

5 year celebration tonight at Trust the Process

8PM, Highlawn Presbyterian Church.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

GTOASCNA minutes for May 2012

May 2012 Minutes
May 20, 2012

Opened with Serenity Prayer.   **** read the 12 Traditions and **** read the 12 Concepts.

Living in the Solution: Y
No Pain, No Gain: Y
Another Way: N
Together We Can: Y
Clean Possibilities: N
Hope Turns to Faith: Y
Hope without Dope: N
Progress not Perfection: Y
Hope Through Surrender: Y
God’s Will Candlelight:  Y
Grateful to Serve: Y
High on Life: N
Serenityville: N
Trust the Process: Y
9 out of 14 active groups represented, quorum established

Last month’s minutes read and accepted.

Treasurer’s Report
GTOASCNA Treasurer’s Report
Activity recorded 4-14-12 through 5-19-12

Regular Account

Beginning Balance                                                                                                   +    51.44

04-15-12          Hope Turns To Faith Group donation          +  25.00
04-15-12          Progress Not Perfection Group donation      +  50.00

                        Total Income                                                                                          +  75.00
04-17-12          Donation to Region                                   -    51.44 Ck #386   
                         (Haven’t paid Library/H&I yet $30.00)
                        Total Expenses                                                                                    -   51.44

Ending Balance                                                                                                         $   75.00

Public Relations Reserve           No Change                                                  
                                                                             Ending Balance                                 $  200.33

Prudent Reserve                 Remains unchanged at                                                    $ 100.00

Activities Reserve             Beginning Balance                                                          + $180.00 
                                              Reserve Campsites at East Lynn (credit card)               -      44.00
                                                                            Ending Balance                                  $136.00

                                                                                    Ending Balance            $511.33

 As of  05-20-12 the total of all accounts is $ 511.33, obtained by totaling the four accounts above. Decrease of $20.44
****. – ASC Treasurer

H&I Subcommittee Report
H&I Subcommittee
May 18, 2012

Opened with prayer.

* ^^^^ read 12 Concepts and Tom M read the 12 Traditions.

* In attendance:  members

Group Reports
* Monday Pinecrest
**** sent:   Hello. Monday night meetings are going well. Good willingness this month and grateful to see many addicts from treatment at NA functions. No further problems and a good clear message has been shared. Grateful to serve ****.
**** gave a handwritten report that says:
All is going well with the Monday night H&I meeting at Pinecrest. A
clear message of recovery is being shared and our primary purpose is
being fulfilled. I would like to express my appreciation for every ones
willingness to go in with me and keeping me stocked with meeting
scheduled. We haven't had any problems; every meeting has been well
received and has gone off without a hitch. I can only speak for myself
but I would like to see another H&I workshop soon so we can get some
new faces thrown into the mix.
Very grateful to serve ****

* Wednesdays: River Park Short Term:  no report.

* Wednesdays: River Park Long Term: All is going well at River Park
Long Term with the NA message of recovery being shared. I have no
problem getting willingness from NA members to help carry the message
and the residents are always glad to see us. I am grateful to be able
to continue in the capacity of panel leader as well as to serve in
Narcotics Anonymous. Sincerely ****

* Thursday night Pinecrest:   Everything is going good. I have had a really great amount of willingness of other addicts to go in with me. Nothing new to report.
Grateful to serve,

*Women's Regional Jail:  The meeting held on 04/26/12 went well. Shared experience, strength and hope with approx.15 women. Special thanks to those who continue to support this meeting. I am attaching a copy of the Regional Jail Volunteer Application for anyone with a year or more clean who has willingness. Please fill out and return to me or the jail. I have been in contact with the jail and they will set up an orientation after the applications are processed and approval is given to attend. The men have asked again for support guys so please get involved with this meeting…it is only once a month!
Grateful to be clean and of service!
Old business
NANA still needs willingness to carry the message into the men's jail
and **** will provide applications to any who express interest.**** inquired.

* **** advised that literature is available for the residents of
Pinecrest via himself or any of the facilities therapists.

* It was discussed that the Recov-a-thon at Pinecrest was not an H&I

New Business
H&I work shop to be given at the GTO Camp Out on June, 16th .


* Monday Pinecrest: 4 members

* Wednesday River Park short term: ****

* Wednesday River Park long term: 2 members

* Thursday Pinecrest: 2 members

* H&I Chair: ****. **** announced he will be stepping down as a
result of a change in employment that would impede him from being able
to attend Area Service and/or H&I subcommittee meetings.

* H&I Secretary: ****

* Women's Jail: ****.

PR Subcommittee Report
All that remains for the first round of letters is to put stamps and mailing labels on them and they will be in the mail soon. We are currently making progress in comprising a list for the second round of letters.
We will be having a PR workshop/learning day at the area campout. Could use experience member to help with workshop.
 We will be rescheduling a flyer day for sometime after the campout. The last flyer day scheduled on May 19th was unsuccessful due to no one showing up.
 The subcommittee has looked into doing a billboard in our area. The price is ranging around $700 for a 4 week spot, because of the price, this subcommittee would like feedback from area homegroup if this something this area would like this subcommittee to pursue.
  The next loved ones group will be on the May 22nd.
Vice- ****
Webservant-****., ****
Webservant 2-****

Grateful 2 serve,

Activities Sub Committee
7 members
We will be having a couple of workshops Saturday afternoon:
PR Learning Day will be done by **** on Sat June 15
H&I workshop will be done by **** on Sat June 15
We will be buying hamburger and hotdogs to be served on Sat after the workshops.
Anyone with any extra coolers that we can use to store food in please bring them with you or contact us so that we can work something out to get them before the campout.
Anyone with games (volleyball, lawn darts, etc.) that they would like to play please bring those as well.
Anyone able to pay their $15.00 upfront can give that money to ****.  This will allow for the funds spent reserving the sites to be replenished and the food/supplies to be purchased prior to the day of the campout.
Thanks to everyone who is working toward this campout being a success!!!
RCM Report

Phone line
Discussion of adding treatment facilities or emergency numbers to a contact list. Decided to refer people to phone book and internet
Registered with WV social service conference April 25 26 and 27. 730 am-4pm at Civic center.
Drug awareness day was successful we reached a lot of professionals to get our name out.
An event will take place April 26th 11-2 Multi cultural festival set up a table for awareness- given to Metro.
Idea for public relations activated-day report centers, hospitals, probation offices, methadone clinics, library, etc. Take schedules to these places.
200 schedules ordered for GTO. If any home groups or subcommittee would like additional schedules they are .13 cents each.
Need nominations for a PR chair to take election in July.
Speaker CD nominations-Point of Accountability to develop a working group to bring nominations to committee, distribute CD’s to all members, or leave as is. Voted to make a working group **** will be point of accountability.
Pepsi owes us 397.00. Discussion about increasing Pepsi amount for spring convention. Will increase by two canisters and come back to committee with info on pricing and quantity.
Discussion about MRSCNA on the merchandise. Voted to make sure Mountaineer RSCNA is added to all merchandise.
Discussion about limiting merch sales before the doors open. Conclusion was to leave the situation as is. People who are in merch folding tshirts and setting up will be able to make purchases.
Discussion about CD sales being separate from merchandise. Decided Audio chair does not need to take money he will only record CD’s and the merch Chair/Vice Chair will sell the CD’s and tally the results on CD sales.
Speakers will be notified of selection via the committee not social media.
Nominations for Convention officers
Chair- ****
Vice Chair- ****
Registration Chair- ****
Registration vice Chair- ****
Merchandise Chair- ****
Merchandise Vice Chair- ****
Refreshments Chair-****
Refreshments Vice Chair- ****
Audio-  ****
Audio Vice Chair- ****
Artwork committee is working on the artwork for Fall.
Basic Texts- 2 left
25.00 check for new convention box will be given to ****
**** suggested Chair/Vice Chair research if other conventions are separate entity from their region. Decided that he will bring information to next committee.
Reservation Process Name, Phone number, specifies Holt/Mountaineer/Main/Any. Region provides paper. Let Cedar Lakes decide how they want to conduct the notification process
Merch/Vice Merch Chair investigate pre-selling T-shirts and bring info back to next committee.
Prices of Merch stay the same for the Spring 2012 convention
Pictures we purchase 30 currently we may be able to get them cheaper if we purchase more.  Just discussion on committee views on pictures. Merch will look into see how many pictures we sell next committee.
H & I
**** needs a list from each area of all their H & I meetings each week.
P & A
Discussion about a motion which addressed placing names and personal information into the minutes. Will address at next region.
Old Motion to change the secretary duties. Will include in policy.
Change wording of a motion that was passed. Will now reflect that the meeting we conduct in march will be CAR one year and inventory/planning session the alternating year.
Long discussion generated from the RD about NAWS paying their way to the world conference. World pays their lodging, airline ticket, and provides over $500 cash for spending money. We discussed being fully self-supporting and not accepting this money. Estimated expense per delegate is 1800.00.
Discussion about tax status. We feel strongly about obtaining a professional to assist us. We are contacting the lawyer who helped us in the past.
Motion-reserve 1000.00 for payment for possible tax exempt status.
World Donation-treasurer suggested we wait until next region to make a donation. Due to expenses related to tax status, insurance policy and convention.
8467.73 Starting Balance
RD- 1945.00 & 207.72 (copies)
Convention- 600 reg, 600 refresh, 450 photos, 650 mugs, 3985.85 glenns, 25 box

World Board Motions
1.         Yes 8-0
2.         Yes 6-2
3.         Yes 6-2
4.         Yes 6-1-1
5.         Yes 8-0
Regional Proposals
a.         Yes 5-2-1
b.         Yes 3-2-3
c.         Yes 3-1-4
d.         No 0-6-2
e.         Yes 5-1-2

World Resolutions
1.         Yes 6-1-1
2.         Yes 5-1-2
3.         Yes6-1-1
4.         Yes 6-1-1
5.         Yes 6-1-1
6.         Yes 6-1-1
7.         No 1-6-1
8.         No 2-5-1
World Straw Polls
a.         Yes 5-1-2
b.         Yes 4-1-3
c.         No 3-4-1
d.         No 2-5-1
e.         No 1-5-2
f.          No 2-3-3
g.         3-3-2
h.         No 2-4-2
i.          Yes 4-3-1
New Business
Vice Chair-****
Treasurer- ****
Treasurer 2-
RD- ****
RD Alt-****
Next Region July 14-15
Next Conventions Fall 2012 11/2-11/4
Spring 2013 5/17-5/19
Group Reports
Living in the Solution- Everything is well at the Living In the Solution home group of NA.  Coffee is made, literature is on the table, and a message of recovery is being shared.  We have an average of ten addicts in attendance.  We have no donations to area at this time.  ****
No Pain No Gain - The meeting is going well. Literature is on the table and the doors are open on time. Rent has been paid. We are averaging 40 people in attendance each week. Due to getting literature at convention, we do not have a donation this month. ****. will be sharing his experience, strength, and hope on the 27th of May. ****. will be our next traditions speaker on June 24th. He will be speaking on traditions 9 and 10. Also we will be having a homegroup member celebrate 4 years on June 10th.
Grateful to serve, ****.
Another Way –  No report
Together We Can- The Monday night Together We Can group of NA is opening on time at 7pm every week with coffee made and literature displayed.  The message of recovery being shared.  Rent is paid.  We are proud to welcome **** as a home group member.  We have approximately 30 members attending weekly and have no donations for area at this time.  Grateful to Serve, ****
Clean Possibilities- No report
Hope Turns to Faith  Things are going well at the Hope Turns to Faith home group.  The doors are open, coffee is made and the literature is set out.  Our members returned from convention with several Basic Texts and restocked our IPs.  We would like to thank **** for taking care of our literature order.  We have no new home group members at this time or any upcoming celebrations.  At this time, we would like to announce that **** has taken the position of GSR and **** is GSR Alt.  We have no donations for area at this time as most of our funds were used to purchase literature for our home group.  Very Grateful to Serve, ****.

Hope Without Dope-  Everything is going well at the Hope Without Dope group of NA. We have 2 home group members and in need of more support. We would like to than to speaks that shared their experience, strength and hope this month. The literature is on the table and the message of recovery is being sent. We average about 50 weekly. There is nothing more to report. Thank you for allowing me to be of service.
Progress Not Perfection --  Pnp meetings are going well. Attendance is down but recovery is still being shared. We welcome any new home group members. In loving service. ****.

Hope Through Surrender- The Hope Through Surrender group of NA is doing very well.  We have 5 home group members and regularly have 15 to 16 people in attendance.  The message of recovery is being carried well.  We have paid our rent to Salvation Army this month.  All is well.  At this time we do not have a donation to area service.  Thank you.  Grateful to Serve, ****.
God’s Will Candlelight – Thursday gods will candlelight all is well literature is on the table coffee is ready and the message is being carried to the still sick and suffering addict we have 4 home group members and attendance is 15-20 addicts a week rent is paid we have no donations for area at this time in loving service   ****
Grateful to Serve – **** gave verbal report.

High on Life – No report.
Serenityville –The meeting is going good. We had a tx center bring 10 addicts to the meeting yesterday. They r from Ironton. Have they been to any other meetings. In loving service ****
Trust the Process-  Doors are opened on time.  Literature is available and rent is paid.  No donation to the area at this time due.  We are pleased to welcome a new home group member named ****.  We will have a 5 year celebration on June 9, 2012,  Grateful to serve, Sat night HG, ****.

Old Business
Chair:                         ****
Vice Chair:                ****, ****, ****
Secretary:                  ****, ****
Treasurer:                  ****
Treasurer Alt:            ****, ****  
RCM:                          ****
RCM Alt:                    ****

***Nominees please submit Resume (see below) per policy.***

New Business
  • H&I chair requested $30 for H&I handouts.
  • Activities chair requested $136 for campout.
  • Motion to move ASC to June 10, 2012 due to campout.  Motion passed.
  • **** suggested that ASC do an Area Inventory per policy.   We decided to do it during ASC. 
  • **** motioned for new meeting called The War Is Over to be placed on GTO schedule.  Literature study, open meeting, Saturday, 6pm, 60 minutes, Church of Christ on 20th St.  Tabled.

Open Forum
Chris G. expressed concern that no one welcomed to new members to ASC.

Service Resume

Nominated Position:

Your Name:

Clean Date:
Please give your history of service below.
Group Service:

Area Service:

Regional or World Service:

Have you ever been removed from a service position?  If yes, please explain.

Do you have the time, resources and skills necessary to fulfill the service position?  Please explain.

Please describe your commitment to personal recovery


In Loving Service,
GTO Area Secretary,