Wednesday, January 30, 2013

2 year celebration at the "Progress not Perfection" group

The "Progress not Perfection" Homegroup will be having a home group member celebrating two years of recovery on January 30th, 2013 at 8pm. It will be a speaker meeting. Please come and help them celebrate this miracle!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Traditions Speaker at the "No Pain, No Gain" group

The "No Pain, No Gain" group will be having a speaker meeting on Sunday January 27th, 2013. The speaker will be sharing on Traditions 1 and 2. It should be a really good message, come and check it out!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

ASC Today!

Area Service Committee will meet today at the main branch of the Cabell County Public Library on 9th St in Huntington. 1PM - PR Subcommittee 2PM - Activities Subcommittee 3PM - ASC Come out and get involved!

Friday, January 18, 2013

2 year Celebration at the "High on Life" group

The High on Life Homegroup that meets at the Barnett Center, will be having a home group member celebrating two years of recovery on January 18th, 2013 at 8pm. It will be a speaker meeting. Please come and help them celebrate this miracle!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Speaker Meeting at "Hope Turns To Faith"

There will be a speaker meeting tonight at the "Hope Turns to Faith" group located at the 26th St. Baptist Church gymnasium. Come out and see who it is.

Friday, January 11, 2013

ASC Minutes for December 2012

  December, 2012 Minutes

Opened w/ Prayer

Tyler M read Twelve Traditions       

Chris S read the Twelve Concepts

Living in the Solution: Y
No Pain, No Gain: Y

Another Chance to live: Y
Another Way: Y
Together We Can: Y

Not High Noon: Y
Clean Possibilities: N
Hope Turns to Faith: Y

Hope without Dope: Y
Progress not Perfection: Y

Hope Through Surrender: Y
God’s Will Candlelight: Y

High on Life: Y

The war is over: N
Serenityville: N
Trust the Process: Y

 13 out of 16 active groups represented, quorum established

Last month’s minutes read and accepted by Thomas F
**Regional Committee Members Report, 12-16-12

For all intents of purposes there is no RCM report to give this month.  Official and complete minutes have not been received as of yet.  This is something I intend to address at the next Regional Service meeting. Dalmas and I are planning on attending the upcoming meetings on January 5th and 6th in Ripley. 
The Another Way Group has expressed concern that their motion to the Regional PR committee was not reflected in our area minutes appropriately.  Dalmas and I will ensure that their motion reaches the proper parties at the Regional Service Meetings in January. 

Grateful to Serve, Nick P

**GTOASCNA Treasurer’s Report
Activity recorded 11-18-12 through 12-15-12

Regular Account
Beginning Balance                                            $ 56.39
11-18-12      Living In the Solution                             $ 20.00
                    High on Life                                           $ 25.00
                    The War Is Over                                     $ 11.00

                    Total Income                              $ 56.00
11-18-12      Erica P ck# 410 reimburse for donation made to Region
                                                                                  $ 20.00
11-18-12      H&I Subcommittee ck # 411                     $ 19.26
11-18-12      Cabell Co Public Lib-Nov ASCck#412  $15.00
12-11-12      City of Hgtn Foundation ck #413
                    Barnett H&I Nov & Dec 2012                      $20.00
12-15-12      Cabell Co Public Lib-Dec ASC ck#414 $15.00

                    Total Expenses                                         $89.26

Ending Balance                                                            $23.13

Public Relations Reserve
Beginning Balance                                                       $106.48
Ending Balance                                                                       $106.48

Prudent Reserve              
Beginning Balance                                                                    $100.00
Ending Balance                                                             $100.00

Activities Reserve             
Beginning Balance                                                       $400.00
Ending Balance                                                             $400.00    
             As of 12-15-12 the total of all 4 accounts is $629.61

Terri M. – ASC Treasurer

Activities Subcommittee Report 12/16/12

We have set the date for ‘In Loving Service” for February 9, 2013.  Group conscious would still like to see the function take place at Highlawn Presbyterian. I have left a message with them to see if this is a possibility.  We have new info from the 26th St location that shows the rates for using the gym and kitchen to be out of our budget, however, Wes R will double check this information and get back to me.  We also have the room at Campus Christian lined up for use on that day if we would like to go there and just work out parking as best as we can. 

Philip D will be contacting the phone line chair/PR chair to see if they have willingness to do a phone line workshop.  Tyler will be letting us know about H&I workshop as well.  Monday night home group, Another Way, mentioned having a Area Service/Group Service Learning Day as well.

We are planning to have a cake walk this year and would love for anyone who wants to participate by bring a cake to do so!

Dinner will be lasagna, bread, salad.  Drinks will be provided. Please bring desserts and any other items.
NA auction items are always appreciated as well! 
As soon as we get the location settled we will be sending out the flyer and info to the region for the website!
Thank all of you for your help so far!!!

Grateful to be of service
Terri M

**Public Relations Report

We went in and done loved 1s group this past Tuesday Dec. 11, 2012, it went well. We have scheduled a day to pass out schedules to area facilities. We will be meeting on Monday, January 7th at 1:30 pm at the 10thstreet entrance of Harris Riverfront Park. We are continuing to move forward with signs on the buses and participating in the upcoming drug summit. The website is updated. We have several motions for area.
Grateful 2 serve, PR chair, Phillip D

**H & I Subcommittee Report

All is well with H & I. Meetings are taking place with no issues. We will be starting a new as soon as Tom F talks with the facility on specifics of the meeting time and days. That meeting will b held at river park long term adults unit. Also we have votes on new panel leaders for all facilities and those names will be attached to the area minutes. We also want to add that we are waiting to hear back from the women's correctional facility weather or not they want us to return and we went ahead an nominated and elected a panel leader for that meeting.

Grateful to serve, Tyler M.

**Group Reports:

**Sunday night: No pain No gain:

Greetings from no pain no gain group of NA. Everything is well meetings are starting and ending on time, literature is on the table, coffee is served and rent is paid. We have had good attendance and great recovery being shared. At this time we would like to make a $20.00 donation to area.
Grateful to serve , Tyler M

**Sunday Noon: Living in the solution:

Everything is going well at the Sunday Noon Living In The Solution Group of Narcotics Anonymous with the doors open on time, coffee made, literature on display, rent paid and the message of recovery being shared. We have an average of 10-12 addicts attending per week and would like to welcome Missi C to our home group. We have no donation to give to area at this time.

Grateful to serve, Nick S

**Monday Noon: Another chance to live:

Greetings from Another Chance to Live noon Monday meeting. The doors are open with literature on the table, coffee in the pot, rent paid, we have three home group members, recovery being shared, there are 15-20 people attending weekly, and the facility is very welcoming. We would like to remind everyone this is a literature study meeting so if you attend please bring your basic text.

Grateful to serve, Nick A.

**Monday Night: "Together We Can":

The “Together We Can” group of NA is happy to report that our meetings are being opened on time, literature on the table and coffee in the pot. Our business meetings are held the second Monday of every month and we are averaging 25 in attendance. Together We Can home group votes to approve the AD-Hock policy change and we have no opinion regarding policy language changes for PR activities reserve. We need proposed language changes to decide on the issue and we have no donation to area at this time. I am grateful to be serving as new GSR for our home group.  In loving service, Will L

**Monday Night: “Another Way”:

The Monday night "Another Way" group of Narcotics Anonymous is successfully carrying the message of recovery.  The doors are open on time, coffee is hot, rent is paid, and literature is on the table.  We have an average of 10 members per meeting and have no donation to area at this time.
Grateful to serve, Sara K

** Tuesday Not High Noon:

Everything is well at the “Not” High Noon group.  Doors have been open, coffee is in the pot.  Literature and IP’s are on the table…a “thanks goes out to “Another Way Group” for a generous donation. The message of recovery is being shared. We now have a prudent reserve established of one month of operating costs. Attendance is averaging at 20 members with as many as 27. We have two new Home group members, Destiny ? and Eric H. Bringing us back up to four. We have a donation for Area at this time of $10.00.

Grateful to serve, Bobby S., Secretary...Eric H., GSR

**Tuesday Night: Clean Possibilities: No Report

**Tuesday Night: Hope Turns To Faith:

Things are well at the Hope Turns to Faith group of Narcotics Anonymous. Literature is available, coffee is made, the doors are open, and an atmosphere of recovery is being provided. Concerning the motions that were tabled to vote on: In regards to the motion brought forth by the PR subcommittee to replenish its balance to $300, our home group voted 0 for, 5 against and 0 abstained. The motion brought forth by the H&I subcommittee to change the time in the H&I policy from 9:00 pm to 7:00 pm, our home group voted 5 in favor, 0 opposed, and 0 abstained. In response to the motion brought up by the Trust the Process group about the addition to the policy concerning ad hoc committees, our home group voted unanimously 5 in favor, 0 against, and 0 abstained. Our home group has several motions we would like to bring up when we get to new business. We have no new home group members and no donation for Area at this time. We would like to remind everyone that this upcoming Tuesday on December 18th, our home group will be having its next speaker meeting. The speaker will be Rob O. from the Fairmont/Morgantown area. 

Very grateful to be of service, Nick L

**Wednesday Night: Hope Without Dope:

All is well and our meetings are growing.  The doors are open on time, plenty of literature on the table, and the life saving message of NA is being shared.  We do not have any new home group members this month but do still have 8 active home group members doing their part to carry the message to the addict that still suffers.  Our home group has the opportunity to expand and take responsibility for another night.  The home group voted and our home group will also have the doors open Sunday’s at 7p to share the message of recovery.  Attendance has been steady at an average of 58.  We have a $20.00 donation for area at this time.
In loving service, Gordon E
**Wednesday Night: Progress Not Perfection:

All is well at the progress not perfection group of Narcotics Anonymous.
Meeting is open on time with the message of recovery being shared. We have an average of 20 to 25 addicts in attendance each week. We do have a donation to area this month. The groups decision to use regular coffee mugs at out meetings has been a hit with those in attendance.  Our group decided to vote yes to adding the verbiage into policy for ad hoc committees being more structured and accountable. Nothing new to report at this time. Thank you for allowing me to be of service.

In loving service, Chris S

**Thursday Noon: Hope Through Surrender Group:

Greetings from the Hope Through Surrender Group. Things are going well. The doors are open, literature is made available, rent is paid, and a hug for the newcomer is provided. We have elected new home group officers. Brian C. was elected as GSR, Robin W. has been elected as secretary, and Nick L. has been elected as treasurer. We have a regular attendance of about nine to eleven addicts on a weekly basis, but no new home group members, and lastly we have a twenty dollar donation for Area.

Grateful to be of service. Hope Through Surrender Group

**Thursday Night: Gods Will Candlelight Group:

Godswill candle light meeting is doing well with doors open on time and the message of NA being shared to the still sick and suffering addict. Literature is on the table, coffee is hot and rent is paid. We have 7 home group members as we would like to welcome Hannah B, Jeremiah C and Shannon ?. Our meeting is growing to an average attendance of 35-40 addicts per week. We have no opinion on the motions brought forth with regards to the Ad-Hock or verbiage that’s used in policy. We have no donation to area at this time.

Grateful to serve, Tom F

** Friday Night: High on Life Group:

Everything is well at the High on Life group of Narcotics Anonymous. Literature is on the table, coffee is made and the lifesaving message of Narcotics Anonymous is being shared. We have an average of 60 addicts in attendance each week. With regards to the vote on the ad-hoc committee having a clearly defined point of accountability it was a unanimous vote yes with 5 for 0 against and 0 abstained. We have no donation to area at this time.

Grateful to serve, Nate H

**Saturday Morning- Serenityville Group: No Report

**Saturday Night-The War Is Over Group:

The Saturday evening The War is Over meeting of narcotics anonymous is going well. We are averaging 14 addicts in attendance each week. The doors are open on time, coffee is made, and literature is on the table.  The message of recovery is being shared.  We have five regular home group members and no new ones at this time. We are purchasing four Basic Texts for our literature study and we have no donation to area at this time.

Grateful to serve, Missy D

**Saturday Night: Trust The Process:
Meetings going great, the doors are always open, literature on the table, and recovery is getting shared. We are having on average around 40 addicts per meeting and have a $20.00 donation to area. We have nothing to report to ASC at this time.

Grateful to Serve
Dalmas C

**Motion from Trust the Process Group of Narcotics Anonymous.
To add this into Policy under Ad Hoc.

"In creating an ad hoc committee, the ASC should clearly specify what the committee’s purpose will be, what authority and resources it will be given, and how long it should take to complete the job. Then the area chair may appoint either the entire ad hoc committee or just a chairperson who will put the ad hoc committee together later. The point of accountability should be clearly defined when selecting trusted servants to fulfill the ad hoc."

 Intent: to promote growth and give structure to the process involving ad hoc committees being formed and carried out.

** Erica P expressed willingness to go into the women’s jail but stated that she would need help from another female in the GTO area that meets the requirements.

**Brian C brought forth a motion and it was passed 12-0-0 for monies in the amount of $19.26 for schedules to be distributed to the H&I panel leaders.

**Phillip D brought forth a motion and it was passed 15-0-0 to take back to GTOANA Home Groups a need for policy change with regards to bringing the PI committees reserve to $300.00

**Motion passed to reimburse Erica P for $20.00 she had given to MRSCNA passed 15-0-0.



1: The H&I Subcommittee requested monies for a panel leader’s Basic Text and JFT to be used for their H&I commitment. The Saturday Night Trust the Process Group of NA decided to donate requested literature to the panel leader with the stipulation it be passed on upon completion of term and kept as H&I’s literature.

2: Public Information Subcommittee requested $19.26 for schedules. Vote was as follows 10-0-2

3: The Ad-Hock motion brought forth in November which was taken back to home groups was voted on and passed, results are as follows: 12-0-1

4: H&I’s motion to change the time in policy from every second Friday of the month from 9pm to 7pm passed, vote was as follows: 13-0-0  

5: Motions from The Hope Turns to Faith Group of NA:

A:  The Hope Turns to Faith home group would like to make a motion for the creation of an ad hoc policy meeting. The purpose is to better inform the members of our area’s policies and to make any revisions if needed. In accordance with our Fifth Concept, we would like to ask Area to appoint a chairperson and a secretary.   (Passed) 10-1-1

B:  The Hope Turns to Faith home group would like to make a motion for an ad hoc agenda to be created; much like any NA meeting agenda with the Serenity Prayer and the reading of the Twelve Traditions and Concepts. The intent is to on provide structure to any future ad hoc meetings.     (Failed)

C:  The Hope Turns to Faith home group, in keeping with our Eleventh Concept, would like to make a motion for the PR sub-committee to create an agenda for any upcoming events to show how much money the sub-committee will need, what the money will be used for, and the purpose behind the event.     (Tabled to Home Groups)

6: The Monday Noon Another Chance to Live group of NA

6:   The Monday Noon Another Chance to Live group of NA brought forth a motion to change GTOANA monthly meetings to every two months, that motion did not get a second and was deemed dead on arrival.

7: Public Relations Motion 12-16-12

To make the following changes to the Internal Accounts and Priority of Expenses sections under the Finances section of GTOASCNA Policy.

    B. Internal Accounts
          1. Regular Account - The Regular Account (RA) shall be that account out of which the                       ASC's regular, prioritized expenses are paid each month.
          2. Prudent Reserve - The Prudent Reserve (PR) shall be that account maintained as a                              reserve of money equal to the ASC's regular expenses for one month, amount                                        determined by the ASC.
a.     The amount of the Prudent Reserve is $100.00, and is accounted separate from the Regular Account.
         3. Public Relations Reserve
             a.The amount of the Public Relations Reserve is $300.00, and is accounted separate from the Regular Account.
          4. Activities Reserve
            a.The amount of the Activities Reserve is $400.00, and is accounted separate from the Regular Account.

     C. Priority of Expenses
          1. The following expenses are to be paid in priority order out of Regular Account:
              a. Rent of ASC and subcommittee meetings
              b. ASC officer expenses (secretary, treasurer, RCM, etc.)
              c. Copying of meeting schedules
              d. Post office box rent
              e. RCM/RCM-Alternate packages to quarterly RSC meetings
             f.  Replenishment of all reserves
              g. Subcommittee requests for money
              h. Regional donation
          2. The ASC Treasurer is authorized to pay items a. through f. above without seeking GSR approval.  The ASC Treasurer will need GSR approval before making disbursements for items g. and h.

INTENT: To provide clarity to the manner in which area funds are transferred between internal accounts.

                                                       Open Forum:

**Minutes read and approved by Robbie C, GTOANA Chair.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

H&I Subcommittee Meeting

The H&I subcommittee will be meeting this Friday, January 11th at 7pm at the Barnett Center located on the corner of Hal Greer Blvd. and 10th Ave. Come out, get involved and let your voice be heard.