Sunday, February 17, 2013

ASC Today!

Area Service Committee will meet today at the main branch of the Cabell County Public Library on 9th St in Huntington. 1PM - PR Subcommittee 2PM - Activities Subcommittee 3PM - ASC Come out and get involved!


  January, 2013 Minutes



Opened w/ Prayer


Tyler M read Twelve Traditions


 Anthony Tread the Twelve Concepts



Living in the Solution: Y
No Pain, No Gain:  Y


Another Chance to live: Y
Another Way: N  
Together We Can: Y


Not High Noon: Y
Clean Possibilities: Y
Hope Turns to Faith: Y

Hope without Dope: N
Progress not Perfection: Y


Hope Through Surrender: Y
God’s Will Candlelight: Y

High on Life: Y



The war is over: N
Serenityville: N

Trust the Process: Y


12  out of 16 active groups represented, quorum established


Last month’s minutes read and accepted by Thomas F

**Regional Committee Members Report,


January 2012 RCM Report


Greetings GTO-

Below is a summary of the most recent Regional Service Meetings. 


Area Reports

H&I Learning Day – January 12th in Metro @ 1pm.  428A Shrewsbury St.

H&I, PI, & Phone line- Feb 16th Joe Manchin Healthcare Center- Fairmont

Thursday 7pm- Milton Women’s Club- Mason St.

        Multiple fellowships represented- using NA literature.  Needs ESH!


Phone Line

Need to get GTO phone line list updated.   I have passed the list and schedule to the PR committee for updating. 



Metro is still willing to help us however they can with bus posters.  They have been adamant that we should be able to get this accomplished without great cost since most media companies are required to do not-for-profit public service announcements. 

Brought motion to committee regarding linking area websites to the MRSCNA website.  Committee has no consensus on the motion.  There are concerns about two things specifically.  With regard to linking to the GTOANA site, we currently have links to sites that contain literature which is not available on the world website.  We have a link to the Louisville area literature archive which contains some files not publicly available for free on the world website.  The other concern seems to be that if linked websites become abandoned or ignored, unsavory replacements may take those addresses over.  When a paid or unpaid website is not maintained, often sites that contain the same keywords may take over.  In the case of a Narcotics Anonymous site, the replacement site could be harmful to the NA image.  It is my belief that we should readdress this issue both in the GTOACNA PR committee and the MRSCNA  PR committee.

National Association Social Workers- May 1-3 in Charleston at Civic Center if anyone is interested in attending.


H & I

The committee has 100 basic texts given to them by the East Coast Convention.  They are currently trying to determine the best use of the books. 

NANA would like to ask again if there are any GTO men willing to help carry the meeting into the Western Regional Jail.

P & A

Consensus regarding the creation of a separate committee to handle specific business related to tax status, storage agreements, etc., seems to be that the committee take the suggestions from the original proposal by Scott H and rework them into the current policy for the duties of finance subcommittee.  Specifically, the seven duties will be added into policy for oversight by the finance subcommittee:

1)    Financial Recordkeeping: Maintenance of a standard of financial recordkeeping and reporting by the Treasurer, and conduct of a yearly treasury review
2)    Non-Profit Status: Management and maintenance of non-profit status with Internal Revenue Service (501.C.3)
3)    Tax Exempt Status: Management and maintenance of tax-exempt status with WV State Tax Department
4)    Banking: Management of all banking relationships/agreements
5)    Insurance: Management of all insurance matters
6)    Storage: Management of all storage agreements related to properties
7)    Accounting & Legal: Authority for engaging accounting and/or legal services if needed


RD Report

Full report to be included with minutes.  Verbal report, mostly discussing zonal representation. 


New Business

Convention motion for $8,800 (Breakdown available in Finance Subcommittee notes)- Pass 6-1-0

Convention motion for $1,000 (for presale of merchandise)- Pass 5-1-1

PR motion for $750 (for National Association of Social Workers Meeting)- Pass by consensus

P&A motion- To insert section covered in P&A subcommittee notes into MRSCNA Policy-Section 7 paragraph G- pass by consensus

P&A motion- To remove line “A fixed time may be set for the Convention Subcommittee” from Section III paragraph C- Pass by consensus.

Next Regional Inventory- March 9th & 10th @ noon

Next RSC Dates- April 6th & 7th, July 20th & 21st, October 5th & 6th, January 4th & 5th



Starting Balance        $12,624.56
Donations          $607.85
Sec Exp                      -$150.00
Total                 $13,082.41
PR                     -$750.00
Convention         -$8,800
        ($6,000 merchandise, $950 refreshments, $450 pics, $600 registration, $800 speaker travel)
Quarterly Exp           -$1,550
        ($750 insurance, $400 schedules, $400 phone line)
Presale                      -$1,000
RD Exp                      -$1,407.55
Total Expenses           $13507.55
Ending Balance           -$425.14


Food for Thought Regarding Funding of Regional Services

We have:

141 meetings

10 areas

$6,000 yearly regional expenses

Equals $600/area yearly or $150 per area quarterly

Equals $42/group yearly or $11 per group quarterly


Always grateful to serve,

              Nick P





**GTOASCNA Treasurer’s Report


Activity recorded 12-16-12 through 01-19-13


Regular Account
Beginning Balance                                        $ 23.13
12-16-12        No Pain, No Gain                                  $ 20.00
                Not High Noon Group                        $ 10.00
                Hope without Dope                 $ 20.00
                Progress not Perfection                  $ 20.00
                Hope thru Surrender                   $ 20.00
                Trust the Process                                $ 20.00
                Clean Possibilities        (12/20/12)         $ 20.00
                Total Income                                 $ 130.00
12-16-12        Nick P ck# 415 RCM Jan 2013         $120.00
                Total Expenses                                            $120.00
Balance                                                                        $33.13
Move to Public Relations Reserve                                      $33.13
Ending Balance                                                               $0.00


Public Relations Reserve
Beginning Balance                                                       $106.48
12-16-12 Moved from Regular Acct                              $  +33.13
12-16-12 Phillip D ck# 416 for schedules                       $  -10.00
Ending Balance                                                         $  129.61                                                                                     


Prudent Reserve              
Beginning Balance                                                  $100.00
Ending Balance                                                             $100.00




Activities Reserve             
Beginning Balance                                                      $400.00
Ending Balance                                                              $400.00    


As of 12-20-12 the total of all 4 accounts is $629.61


Terri M. – ASC Treasurer







Activities Subcommittee Report


JAN 20, 2013


I am asking the area to approve funds of $400.00 to be released so that we are able to buy supplies for ILS function.  We are looking at serving spaghetti instead of lasagna for dinner as the facility being used only has 1 oven.  The flyer has already been sent out so we ask for the change to be announced at home groups.  We will meet at approximately 2pm on Jan 9 at the Campus Christian Center to begin decorating and cooking.


Nominations for the next chair and vice chair will be taken next month at Feb ASC with voting to take place at March ASC.


Thanks to all involved


ILS ,Terri M


**Public Relations Report


We had a schedule day on Jan. 12 that went really well. The cost of the schedules was $18.52 for 100 schedules. We will now longer be moving forward with plans for signs on TTA buses, do to the fact, we don’t think responsible of NA funds. We are continuing to move forward with participation in the upcoming drug summit. At the same time we will be making related improvements to the pr display. Area website is up to date, including policy and schedule changes. Also the link the Louisville website has been removed after hearing regional feedback. The website fee was paid in the amount of $9.99. We could use any experienced members willing to help with the phone line workshop on Feb 9th at 4pm at the in loving service. Our next loved ones group will be Feb 19th for anyone who is


Grateful to serve, Phillip D, PR Chair



                     **H&I SUBCOMMITTEE REPORT


H and I is going great this month. We have started a new rotation of panel

leaders and have reports of a lot of willingness . Erica p will b taking our

womens correctional facility meeting on Jan 27th @ 7 pm. She is looking for

willigness and she has the information on the criteria to get in if anyone has

the willingness to go with her.  Jan 21st. We are starting our new meeting at River Park at 10 am. The meeting will be every Monday and Nick L. And Robbie C. will be the panel leaders for that meeting. Also a reminder, we will be having a workshop  at in loving service on Feb 9th at 5 pm. Any experienced members please feel free to come out and support us. We thank everyone for there hard work and effort to make everything happen.


                            In loving service, Tyler M





**Group Reports:



**Sunday night: No pain No gain:


Greetings from no pain no gain. All is well, meetings are going well, rent is

paid, and literature is out. We would like to welcome our newest Home group member Joey P. also we will be having a speaker next Sunday Wes R. Will be speaking on the first and second traditions . We look forward to seeing you there!!! We have a $45.00 donation to Area this month.


Grateful to serve, Tyler M



**Sunday Noon: Living in the solution:


Greetings from the Living in the Solution Group of NA. Our average attendance is 10-14, the message is being carried and literature is available. We have a $25 donation to area this month. Per our business meeting we wish to vote in favor of motion C allowing the treasurer to pay items A-F without seeking GSR approval. We vote against the motion requiring the PR subcommittee to create an agenda for every event, we feel the requirement of an ASC vote may cause an event to pass before a vote can take place. The PR subcommittee is comprised of trusted servants and we believe NA funds will be used responsibly.


ILS- Missi C, (via Nick S)


**Monday Noon: Another chance to live: No Report






**Monday Night: "Together We Can":

Greetings from the Monday Night Together We Can Group of NA. We are happy to report our meetings are being opened on time, literature on display and coffee in the pot. Our average meeting attendance is 30. We would like to welcome Tasha W as a new home group member. We will be having an addict celebrate 4 years on February 4th and Nick C will be sharing his experience, strength and hope, come out and celebrate with us. With regards to the motion for the PR subcommittee agenda our home group voted 0 in favor, 5 against and 0 abstained. The motion brought forth by the PR subcommittee to make changes to the internal account and priority of expenses our home group voted 5 in favor, 0 against and 0abstained. We have no donation for area at this time.


ILS, Will L, GSR



**Monday Night: “Another Way”:  No Report


** Tuesday Not High Noon:


Everything is well at the “Not” High Noon group.  Doors have been open, coffee is in the pot.  Literature and IP’s are on the table…Attendance is averaging at 15-20 members.  We would like to increase the number of home group members (we have 2) so if anyone has Tuesdays free and is looking for a great opportunity for service…here we are. We have a donation for Area at this time of $10.00.


Grateful to serve, Bobby S., Secretary...Eric H., GSR



**Tuesday Night: Clean Possibilities: No Report


Tuesday Night Clean Possibilities of NA is grateful to announce we have 5 home group members, our doors are open on time, the circle is set up and the message of recovery is being carried to an average of 15 per week. We are doing research into the history of our home group so we can throw a party to celebrate the birth of the oldest home group in the GTO area. So far we know that it was started in the spring of 1986, more will be revealed. We do have a $20.00 donation to area at this time.


Grateful to serve, Marshall W






**Tuesday Night: Hope Turns To Faith:


Greeting from the Hope Turns to Faith home group. Things are going well: rent is paid, literature is made available, the doors are open, and an atmosphere or recovery is being provided. In regards to the motions that were discussed during last month’s Area Service, our home group voted as follows: The Hope Turns to Faith group voted unanimously in favor to change the time in H&I policy from every second Friday of the month from 9pm to 7pm. Our home group also voted unanimously in favor of the motion that was tabled to the home groups concerning the PR subcommittee coming up with a proposed agenda for upcoming events. Lastly, our home group also voted unanimously in favor of the motion to bring the PR reserve up to $300. We would like to announce, at this time, that the Hope Turns to Faith Group will be having a home group member celebrating two years of recovery on February 12th and David H. from the NANA Area will be sharing his experience, strength, and hope, and we have a fifty dollar donation for Area.


Grateful to serve, Nick L



**Wednesday Night/Sunday Night: Hope Without Dope:


Wednesday Night/Sunday Night

All is well and our meetings are growing.  The doors are open on time, plenty of literature on the table, and the life saving message of NA is being shared.  We do not have any new home group members this month but do still have 8 active home group members doing their part to carry the message to the addict that still suffers.  Our home group has the opportunity to expand and take responsibility for another night.  The home group voted and our home group will also have the doors open Sunday’s at 7p to share the message of recovery.  Attendance has been steady at an average of 58.  We have a $20.00 donation for area at this time.


In loving service, Gordon E.



**Wednesday Night: Progress Not Perfection:



All is going well at the progress not perfection group of narcotics anonymous. Recovery being shared, literature on the tables, coffee made and doors opened. We have an average attendance of 20 to 25 addicts every week. Our format is literature study and we are on chapter 2 of the the living clean book and will continue through the entire book. This month we had a 2 year celebration and will have another 2 year celebration on January 30th. We have a $26.00 donation to area. 

  Grateful to serve,Megan C.



**Thursday Noon: Hope Through Surrender Group:


Greetings from the Hope Through Surrender Group of NA. Everything is going well, literature is on display, coffee is in the pot and the message of recovery is being shared. Our home group voted 4 for, 1 against and zero abstained concerning the PR subcommittee providing a budget concerning upcoming events. Our home group voted 3 for, zero against and 1 abstaining concerning the establishment of a PR reserve of $300.00 and activities $400.00 in the Area Policy. We have just made a substantial literature order and would like to donate $20.00 to Area at this time.


Grateful to serve, Hope Through Surrender Group.



**Thursday Night: Gods Will Candlelight Group:


The Thursday night Gods Will Candle Light meeting is doing well with the doors open on time, coffee made, literature on display and the message of recovery being shared. As to motion c from the Hope Turns To Faith Group of NA our vote was no with 5 against- none for and zero abstaining. Our thoughts were it would take longer to expedite decisions when getting things done and we trust our trusted servants. We have no donation to area at this time and our attendance has grown to 35 to 50 per week.


Grateful to serve, Tom F. GSR



** Friday Night: High on Life Group:





**Saturday Morning- Serenityville Group: No Report



**Saturday Night-The War Is Over Group:


The Saturday evening The War is Over meeting of narcotics anonymous is going well. We are averaging 15 addicts in attendance each week. The doors are open on time, coffee is made, and literature is on the table.  The message of recovery is being shared.  We have added two new home group members, Josh C and Ian H to our previous number of five. We have recently purchased four Basic Texts for our literature study and are in the process of purchasing four more Living Clean books. We have two home group members celebrating birthdays in February, a nine year celebration on February 9th and a one year on February 23rd.  We are having a speaker meeting on Sat, Feb 16th beginning at 4:00which will involve several speakers, both from this area and from other areas. Please come out and join us!

Grateful to serve, Missy D




**Saturday Night: Trust The Process:


All is well with the Saturday Night Trust the Process group of NA. Meeting’s are going great, doors open on time, literature on the table and the message of recovery being shared. We have a $40.00 donation to Area at this time.


Grateful to be a part of, Trust the Process      






1: The H&I Subcommittee requested monies for a panel leader’s Basic Text and JFT to be used for their H&I commitment. The Saturday Night Trust the Process Group of NA decided to donate requested literature to the panel leader with the stipulation it be passed on upon completion of term and kept as H&I’s literature.


2: Public Information Subcommittee requested $19.26 for schedules. Vote was as follows 10-0-2


3: The Ad-Hock motion brought forth in November which was taken back to home groups was voted on and passed, results are as follows: 12-0-1


4: H&I’s motion to change the time in policy from every second Friday of the month from 9pm to 7pm passed, vote was as follows: 13-0-0 





5: Motions from The Hope Turns to Faith Group of NA:


A:  The Hope Turns to Faith home group would like to make a motion for the creation of an ad hoc policy meeting. The purpose is to better inform the members of our area’s policies and to make any revisions if needed. In accordance with our Fifth Concept, we would like to ask Area to appoint a chairperson and a secretary.   (Passed) 10-1-1


B:  The Hope Turns to Faith home group would like to make a motion for an ad hoc agenda to be created; much like any NA meeting agenda with the Serenity Prayer and the reading of the Twelve Traditions and Concepts. The intent is to on provide structure to any future ad hoc meetings.     (Failed)


C:  The Hope Turns to Faith home group, in keeping with our Eleventh Concept, would like to make a motion for the PR sub-committee to create an agenda for any upcoming events to show how much money the sub-committee will need, what the money will be used for, and the purpose behind the event.     (Tabled to Home Groups)




6: The Monday Noon Another Chance to Live group of NA


6:   The Monday Noon Another Chance to Live group of NA brought forth a motion to change GTOANA monthly meetings to every two months, that motion did not get a second and was deemed dead on arrival.




7: Public Relations Motion 12-16-12


To make the following changes to the Internal Accounts and Priority of Expenses sections under the Finances section of GTOASCNA Policy.


    B. Internal Accounts
          1. Regular Account - The Regular Account (RA) shall be that account out of which the               ASC's regular, prioritized expenses are paid each month.
          2. Prudent Reserve - The Prudent Reserve (PR) shall be that account maintained as a                          reserve of money equal to the ASC's regular expenses for one month, amount                                determined by the ASC.

a.      The amount of the Prudent Reserve is $100.00, and is accounted separate from the Regular Account.

         3. Public Relations Reserve
             a.The amount of the Public Relations Reserve is $300.00, and is accounted separate from the Regular Account.
          4. Activities Reserve
            a.The amount of the Activities Reserve is $400.00, and is accounted separate from the Regular Account.
     C. Priority of Expenses
          1. The following expenses are to be paid in priority order out of Regular Account:
              a. Rent of ASC and subcommittee meetings
              b. ASC officer expenses (secretary, treasurer, RCM, etc.)
              c. Copying of meeting schedules
              d. Post office box rent
              e. RCM/RCM-Alternate packages to quarterly RSC meetings
             f.  Replenishment of all reserves
              g. Subcommittee requests for money
              h. Regional donation
          2. The ASC Treasurer is authorized to pay items a. through f. above without seeking GSR approval.  The ASC Treasurer will need GSR approval before making disbursements for items g. and h.


INTENT: To provide clarity to the manner in which area funds are transferred between internal accounts.









1.  Motion © from the Tuesday Night Hope Turns To Faith Home Group which was: They would like to make a motion for the PR sub-committee to create an agenda for any upcoming events to show how much money the sub-committee will need, what the money will be used for, and the purpose behind the event was voted down by a vote of 2 for, 8 against and 1 abstain.


2. Public Relations motion for agenda change was passed by a vote of: 7 for, zero against and 4 abstained.


3.  The PR subcommittee made a motion that ASC reimburse the subcommittee $28.51 which includes schedule costs($18.52) for schedule day and ($9.99) for the area website fee. That was passed by a vote of 11-0-0.


4.  Terri M the activities subcommittee chair requested that ASC release $400.00 for the upcoming In Loving Service event. Motion passed by a vote of 11-0-0.



5.  Nick A’s motion with regards to an Ad-Hock that would have taken place early February did not get a second and was deemed DOA. He was thanked for his service.


6.  Tabled to GTO area home groups is a motion to send Nick P to Ripley for a Regional Inventory at a cost of $60.00 to ASC. This will be voted on in the next Area Service on February, 17th 2013.






                                                      Open Forum:


Tom F ASC Secretary requested that home groups e-mail or text reports ASAP after area service.




**Minutes read and approved by Robbie C, GTOANA Chair.


Please have all group reports submitted via text, e-mail or hand written. The following is my contact information:


Always grateful to serve, GTOANA secretary,  Thomas F.