Sunday, March 17, 2013

H&I Workshop

There will be an H&I workshop held next Friday March 22nd @ 6:30pm at the Barnett Center 1524 10th Ave, Huntington, WV. 

ASC Today

Area Service Committee will meet today at the main branch of the Cabell County Public Library on 9th St in Huntington. 1PM - PR Subcommittee 2PM - Activities Subcommittee 3PM - ASC Come out and get involved.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

2 Year Celebration

On Monday Feb. 11th @ 7 pm there will be a 2 year celebration at the Another Way homegroup in CK.

February, 2013 Minutes


February, 2013 Minutes

Opened w/ Prayer

Tyler M read Twelve Traditions

Anthony T read the Twelve Concepts


Living in the Solution: Y
No Pain, No Gain: Y


Another Chance to live: Y
Another Way: N
Together We Can: Y


Not High Noon: Y
Clean Possibilities: N
Hope Turns to Faith: Y

Hope without Dope: N
Progress not Perfection: Y

Hope Through Surrender: Y
God’s Will Candlelight: Y

FridayHigh on Life: Y


The war is over: Y
Serenityville: N

Trust the Process: Y

12 out of 16 active groups represented, quorum established

Last month’s minutes read and accepted by Thomas F

**Regional Committee Members Report,

February 2013 RCM Report-

Greetings- There is really no report for this month.  Region has not met since the last area. I have not received minutes as of yet. The next regional service meeting will be taking place April 6-7 in Ripley.  I intend to request funds at next months area service committee. 
In loving service, Nick P 

The FULL JANUARY RCM REPORT will be sent separately as an attachment because it is 21 pages long.

GTOASCNA Treasurer’s Report


Activity recorded 01-20-13 through 02-16-13

Regular Account
Beginning Balance $ 0.00
01-20-13 Living In the Solution $ 25.00
No Pain, No Gain $ 45.00
Not High Noon Group $ 10.00
Clean Possibilities Group $ 20.00
Hope Turns to Faith $ 50.00
Hope without Dope $ 20.00
Progress not Perfection $ 26.00
Hope thru Surrender $ 20.00
High on Life $ 25.00
Trust the Process $ 40.00
Other Income
02-11-13 Deposit from ILS $630.63
Total Income $911.63
01-22-13 Cabell Co Library-ASC Jan $ 15.00
02-11-13 City of Hgtn Found. Jan/Feb H&I $ 20.00
02-16-13 Cabell Co Library-ASC Feb $ 15.00
Total Expenses $ 50.00
Balance $861.63
Move to Activities $400.00
Move to Public Relations Reserve $188.90
Ending Balance $272.73

Public Relations Reserve
Beginning Balance $129.61
01-20-12 Ck 416 for schedules void/not used $ 10.00
02-11-13 moved from reg acct $188.90
01-20-12 Ck 417 Phillip D for scheds. & website $ 28.51
Ending Balance $300.00

Prudent Reserve
Beginning Balance $100.00
Ending Balance $100.00

Activities Reserve
Beginning Balance $400.00
01-20-13 ck 418 Terri M ILS $400.00
02-11-13 moved from Reg acct. $400.00
Ending Balance $400.00

As of 02-16-13 the total of all 4 accounts is $1072.73

Terri M. – ASC Treasurer



“In Loving Service” on Feb 9, 2013 was well attended and went well with all things considered. I want to say a special “THANK YOU!” to the people who got involved and lent a helping hand, it couldn’t have happened without you! Those who took responsibility for making the workshops a success are much appreciated! Thank you to Sunday night for allowing us to use the facility. With that being said, nominations were today in the subcommittee. Nick P expressed willingness in person for the Chair position and DeeDee G showed up with willingness for the Vice Chair position. Tony T was nominated during area for the chair position as well. Groups will come back with their votes in March for the Chair. Other positions are filled afterwards by the subcommittee.

Thankful for growth in service

Terri M

Activities chair

Dollar Tree Decorations--02/03/13
Basic Text--02/07/13
Campus Christian--02/09/13
Chinese Auction

**Public Relations Report

2-17 2013

The phoneline workshop went very well at in loving service. We will be doing the loved ones group on Feb. 19th at 6pm. We have decided to build a new display and will have an itemized estimate for it next month. We will be reaching out to experienced members of metro about the bus signs. Home groups could really help us with sending announcements.

Grateful to serve, Phillip D


H and I is doing well, meetings are taking place with not many issues.

Willingness of panel members seems to be great. The only concern that still remains is willingness for the women's correctional facility. The area is still seeking members to apply and go in. If anyone is interested please contact Erica p. with all that being said there’s nothing more to report at this time.

Grateful to serve, Tyler M.

**Sunday night: No pain No gain:

Greetings from no pain no gain group of NA. Meetings are. Going well starting and ending on time and rent is paid. We always have literature and coffee on the table. This month we will be having a speaker on the 24 th which is next Sunday at 7. Sean B will be speaking. Next month on the 10 th we are having an addict celebrating 2 years. We are looking forward to seeing you there. We do not have a donation this month .  In loving service, Tyler M.

**Sunday Noon: Living in the solution:

Greetings from the Living in the Solution Home group of Narcotics Anonymous. The meeting is happening with an average attendance of 13. We have a $25.00 donation to area this month. Nick S's celebration date has been set for March 24th. It will be a one year celebration with Austin B sharing his experience, strength, and hope. We have no motions or nominations to present to area at this time. We will be placing a literature order in the near future. ILS, Nick S.

**Monday Noon: Another chance to live:

Greetings from the Another Chance to Live noon Monday meeting of Narcotics Anonymous. The doors are open with literature on the table, coffee in the pot, rent paid, we have FOUR home group members, recovery being shared, there are 15-20 people attending weekly, and the facility is very welcoming We have one new home group member Park F. We also have a $25.00 donation to be made to area. We voted 4 in favor and 0 against for Nick to attend the region function and for area to cut him a check for $60.00. We would like to remind everyone this is a literature study meeting so if you attend please bring your basic text. Grateful to serve, Nick A.

** Monday Night: "Together We Can"

Greetings from the "Together WE Can" home group of Narcotics Anonymous. We are pleased to announce our meeting attendance is increasing. We are averaging 40 in attendance every week. Doors are opened, coffee is in the pot, literature is on the table and the message of recovery is being shared. We would like to thank Nick C. for sharing his experience, strength, and hope with us at Nick P's celebration. Our home group would also like to announce, we will be having a home group member celebrate 3 years March 4th. Nick P will be sharing his experience, strength and hope, Everyone, as usual, is welcome to come celebrate with us.

Our home group vote is to NOT send Nick P to regional inventory. We feel a regional report will be sufficient and the money could be better spent elsewhere. In Loving Service, Will L. GSR

**Monday Night: “Another Way”: No Report

** Tuesday Not High Noon:

Greetings from the Tuesday Not High Noon meeting of Narcotics Anonymous. Our average attendance is 20 and we now have 3 new home group members Brittany O, Elijah C and Matt. We have no donation for area at this time as our group needs supplies. The mgt is happy and the message is being carried. We have no concerns or motions at this time. Grateful to serve, Elijah C

**Tuesday Night: Clean Possibilities: No Report

**Tuesday Night: Hope Turns To Faith:

Greetings from the Hope to Faith Group,

Things are going well. The message of recovery is being carried, the doors are open, and literature is available. As a home group, we voted un-opposed to send Nick P. to the Region Inventory deciding it would be a good idea to have a representative from our area in attendance. Nick L. has placed a literature order and we are waiting to receive that because we are almost out of certain keytags. We would like to announce that there will be a home group member celebrating 13 years, possibly the fourth week of March. We will start making announcements once we know more. Unfortunately, we do not have a donation to area at this time. In loving service, Nick L

**Wednesday Night/Sunday Night: Hope Without Dope:

Hope Without Dope Recovery Group Narcotics Anonymous:

The Hope Without Dope Group of Narcotics Anonymous is alive and well with the doors wide open, the literature on the table, and the life changing message of Narcotics Anonymous being shared twice per week. This month we have welcomed two new Home Group Members: Laura C., and Nicole H. This brings our Home Group Membership up to eleven. This month we also have a donation of $20 to support the work of Area Service. Meetings are thriving each and every Wednesday and Sunday with an average attendance of sixty addicts sharing of the message of hope and the promise of freedom from active addiction. We have also re-elected trusted servants and have appointed Elizabeth H. as GSR with Jason L. as the GSR-Alternate. Both has made the commitment to participate in ASC every month.

Gratefully serving, Gordon E., Treasure

**Wednesday Night: Progress Not Perfection:

All is well at the progress not perfection group of NA. Meeting is open on time literature on the table and the message of hope is being carried. We have nothing new to report at this time and no donation to area this month. Thank you for allowing me to be of service. 
In Loving Service, Chris S

**Thursday Noon: Hope Through Surrender Group:

Greetings from the Hope through Surrender home group.  Everything is going well and the message, of recovery, is being shared. Our rent is paid and we are currently tracking a literature order.  We have an 
average attendance of sixteen members.  We do not have a donation for the area committee at this time.
Grateful to serve, Brian C

**Thursday Night: Gods Will Candlelight Group:

All is well at the Gods Will Candle Light Meeting of Narcotics Anonymous. The doors are open on time, coffee made, literature on display and the life saving message of Narcotics Anonymous is being shared. Our average weekly attendance is still between 35 and 50 per week. Our nomination for activities chair is Tony T with Robbie C assisting until he has the one year clean time requirement. We also voted unanimously to send Nick P to Ripley for the regional inventory at a cost of $60.00 to the GTO area. We have no donation to area at this time. Grateful to serve, Tom F GSR

** Friday Night: High on Life Group:

Greetings from High on Life group of Narcotics Anonymous. Literature is on the table, coffee is made and the lifesaving message of Narcotics Anonymous is being shared. We have an average of 60 addicts in attendance each week. We have had a problem with members cross sharing at new comers and as a home group we are prepared to take

control and stop this behavior. We have a $25.00 donation for area.

ILS, Tony T.

**Saturday Morning- Serenityville Group: No Report

**Saturday Night-The War Is Over Group:

The Saturday evening The War is Over meeting of narcotics anonymous continues to go well. We are averaging 12 addicts in attendance each week. The doors are open on time, coffee is made, and literature is on the table. The message of recovery is being shared. We have no new home group members at this time. Four additional Living Clean books and four additional Basic Texts have been purchased for our literature study. We'd like to thank everyone who came out, spoke, ate, and celebrated with us last night. The strong message of recovery in Narcotics Anonymous was shared. We have no donation for area at this time. Grateful to serve, Missy D

**Saturday Night: Trust The Process:

Hello to everyone From Sat Night Trust the Process group! Meeting’s every Sat @ 8pm with an average of 30 in attendance. We have a $50 donation to the area this month. Literature is available, coffee in the pot, & much recovery being shared! 
Grateful to serve , Terri M GSR alt, Dalmas C GSR



1. Motion © from the Tuesday Night Hope Turns To Faith Home Group which was: They would like to make a motion for the PR sub-committee to create an agenda for any upcoming events to show how much money the sub-committee will need, what the money will be used for, and the purpose behind the event was voted down by a vote of 2 for, 8 against and 1 abstain.

2. Public Relations motion for agenda change was passed by a vote of: 7 for, zero against and 4 abstained.

3. The PR subcommittee made a motion that ASC reimburse the subcommittee $28.51 which includes schedule costs($18.52) for schedule day and ($9.99) for the area website fee. That was passed by a vote of 11-0-0.

4. Terri M the activities subcommittee chair requested that ASC release $400.00 for the upcoming In Loving Service event. Motion passed by a vote of 11-0-0.


5. Nick A’s motion with regards to an Ad-Hock that would have taken place early February did not get a second and was deemed DOA. He was thanked for his service.

6. Tabled to GTO area home groups is a motion to send Nick P to Ripley for a Regional Inventory at a cost of $60.00 to ASC. This will be voted on in the next Area Service on February, 17th2013.



1- Nothing to report from the RCM, the next Regional Committee meting will be held on 4-6 and 4-7 2013.

2-Sub Committee’s gave their reports:

Tyler M, Gave the H&I subcommittee report

Phillip D, Gave the PR subcommittee report

Terri M, Gave the Activities subcommittee report

3- Nick P (our RCM) announced that since GTOANA had no issues or concerns to take to Ripley for discussion on a regional level the regional he felt that it was not necessary to go. No GSR’s present disagreed.

4- The Ad Hoc policy meeting will take place Sunday March 3rd from 12-4pm. It is located at 1349 Sixth Avenue, Huntington, WV which is a big blue house right at the corner of 6th ave. and 13th street with a hanging sign that says the Huntington House.

The Ad Hoc group would like to request $30.00 from area so that refreshments can be provided and copies of area policy printed for the people in attendance.

Grateful to serve, Nick A.

5-Nominations for Activities Subcommittee chair are as follows:

For Chair: Anthony T and Nick P

For Vice Chair: Megan C and Dee Dee G

6- A motion was brought forth and passed by a vote of 11-0-0 to make a $250.00 donation to region.



1- GTOANA secretary requested that groups have their reports submitted more quickly.

2- Erica P said it was brought to her attention that there was at times NA and AA literature displayed together and that was not acceptable as it is a violation our traditions.

3- Nick P stated that the schedules we are given from MRSCNA are intended to be used for H&I.

4- Phillip D stated that the Tuesday Not High Noon meeting was struggling and asked if it would be appropriate for the GTO area home groups to help out with literature and supplies. Several GSR’s stepped up and said they would be glad to help.

**Minutes read and approved by Robbie C, GTOANA Chair.

Please have all group reports submitted via text, e-mail or hand written. The following is my contact information: