Saturday, April 20, 2013

March Minutes


  March, 2013 Minutes



Opened w/ Prayer


Terri M read Twelve Traditions


 Nick L read the Twelve Concepts



Living in the Solution: Y
No Pain, No Gain: Y


Another Chance to live: Y
Another Way: N
Together We Can: Y


Not High Noon: Y
Clean Possibilities: N
Hope Turns to Faith: Y

Hope without Dope: Y

Progress not Perfection: Y


Hope Through Surrender: Y
God’s Will Candlelight: Y

High on Life: Y



The war is over: N
Serenityville: N  

Trust the Process: Y


12 out of 16 active groups represented, quorum established


Last month’s minutes read and accepted by Thomas F


**Regional Committee Members Report,


No report, next Regional Committee Meeting to be held in Ripley on April 6th and 7th.



                             GTOASCNA Treasurer’s Report


Activity recorded 02-17-13 through 03-16-13


Regular Account
Beginning Balance                                                        $ 272.73
02-17-13            Living In the Solution                                $ 25.00
                        Another Chance                                         $ 25.00
                        High on Life                                                           $ 25.00
                        Trust the Process                                     $ 50.00
Total income                                                                      $125.00
02-17-13            Nick A ck 422 Policy Ad-Hock              $ 50.00
02-17-13            MRSCNA ck 423 region donation            $250.00
03-18-13            USPS PO Box ck 424renewal (6mos)            $  39.00
Total Expenses                                                              $339.00
Ending Balance                                 $58.73


Public Relations Reserve
Beginning Balance                                                       $300.00
Ending Balance                                                                      $300.00                                                                                


Prudent Reserve              
Beginning Balance                                                          $100.00
Ending Balance                                                             $100.00


Activities Reserve                
Beginning Balance                                                      $400.00
Ending Balance                                                                     $400.00         
As of 03-16-13 the total of all 4 accounts is $858.73

Terri M. – ASC Treasurer







We have nothing new to report this month as we are waiting on the new chair to be voted on in area service.  The other positions will be filled at the next meeting at 2pm on Sunday, April 21st 2013.  Thanks for the opportunity to grow and a great big “Thank YOU” to those who helped this to be a positive experience for me.


ILS, Terri M


                          **Public Relations Report

                                                     March, 2013


We are continuing to have contact with the CCSAPP to be involved with the upcoming drug summit. The subcommittee will making a motion for $100 dollars to build a new pr display. An itemized list is available for anyone to see.

1 sheet 1/2 luan $30.00

2-4ft piano hinges $8.97 each

1 gallon basic text blue paint $30.00

1 can white spray paint $4.00

stencil pack $5.66 

Screws $5.00

2-hinges for back brace $3.00 each 

Totaling $90.00 plus taxes etc.

We will be contacting Joe B. from metro area about getting signs displayed on buses as a public service announcement.

We will be having a schedule day on march 27 at 9am. We will need $18.52 for schedules.


Grateful to serve, Phillip D.




**Sunday night: No pain No gain:




**Sunday Noon: Living in the solution:


Greetings from the, “Living in the Solution”, home group. The meeting is happening and the message is being carried. Average attendance is 10 addicts per meeting. Our business meeting was held on 3/17/13. The group vote for activities chair is Tony T. and vice chair is Dee Dee G. We gave a small key tag donation to the “Not High Noon” home group. We placed a $57.00 literature order this week. Due to this order and the upcoming celebration next Sunday we have no donation to area this month. We would like to invite everyone to come help us celebrate a one year miracle next Sunday and hear Austin B. share his experience, strength, and hope.


 Grateful to Serve, Nick S




**Monday Noon: Another chance to live:


Another chance to live noon Monday meeting,

Greetings from another chance to live noon Monday meetings. The doors are open with literature on the table, coffee in the pot, rent paid, we have five home group members, recovery being shared, there are 15-20 people attending weekly, and the facility is very welcoming. We also have no area donation for this month with new books and tags needing to be bought. We voted 3 in favor and 0 against for Nick P to become Activities Chairperson. We would like to remind everyone this is a literature study meeting so if you attend please bring your basic text.


Grateful to serve, Nick A.


** Monday Night: "Together We Can"


All is well at the Together We Can home group of NA. Meetings are being opened on time, literature is on the table and the message of recovery is being shared. We are averaging 40 in attendance weekly. Our home group voted 4-0-0 in favor to elect Tony T. as activities chair. We are aware of the clean time requirement but feel in this case Tony would fulfill the trusted servants position just the same as someone with a year or more clean. We would like to announce April the 15th we will be having a home group member celebrate one year. Amber B. will be sharing her ES&H. Come celebrate with us. We do not have a donation for area at this time.

In loving service, Will L. GSR


**Monday Night: “Another Way”:  No Report


** Tuesday Not High Noon:


The meeting is open on time and the message is being carried. We would like to thank all the home groups who donated literature and key tags and we are in good standing with both of them at this time. Our average attendance is 25 and our vote for activities chair is Nick P, we abstain from voting on the activities subcommittee vice chair position. We have no donation to area at this time due to paying rent and buying coffee supplies. We also switched positions in or HG, Brittany O is our Treasurer and Eric H is our secretary.


Grateful to serve, Elijah C



**Tuesday Night: Clean Possibilities: No Report



**Tuesday Night: Hope Turns To Faith:


Greeting from the Hope Turns to Faith home group. Things are going well. The doors are open, literature is on the table, and an atmosphere of recovery is being provided. We recently got a new stock of literature; plenty of Basic Texts, Living Clean, and It Works. Rent has been paid and we would also like to take this time to welcome our newest home group member Dee-Dee. In terms of the nominations for the Activities chair and vice-chair, our group voted as follows: 3 for, 0 against, and 0 abstained for Nick P. to be the activities chair and 3 for, 0 against, and 0 abstained for Dee-Dee as activities vice chair. We will not be having a speaker meeting this month because of the 13 year celebration of one of our home group members on March 26th. We hope to see everyone there!


Very grateful to be a part of. The Hope Turns to Faith Group




**Wednesday Night/Sunday Night: Hope Without Dope:



**Wednesday Night: Progress Not Perfection:


All is well at the progress not perfection group of NA. Meeting open on time with literature on the table. Our attendance has been holding steady carrying the message to 20 - 25 addicts each week. We have a home group member celebrating five yrs on April 24th. There will be an out of town speaker for the celebration. At our business meeting this month our group conscience has a concern that we would like to address. We find it irresponsible to use GTO funds in feeding addicts for ad hoc committees. That $50 could have been used to further our primary purpose according to out Fifth tradition. If there was no better use of those founds then it should have been sent up the service structure to help out our region. We believe that in an area where we struggle with founds that this was an irresponsible use of our funds. According to our 11th concept, NA funds are to be used to further our primary purpose, and must be managed responsibly. And us as trusted servants should be more responsible while voting on these issues for our for area. We have but on primary purposes and that is to carry the NA message. Nothing more or nothing less. Thank you for allowing me to be of service. 


In loving service, Chris S. 



**Thursday Noon: Hope Through Surrender Group:

Greetings from the Hope through Surrender home group of Narcotics 
Anonymous.  The recovery meeting is taking place as scheduled every 
week.  The message of recovery is being shared.  Our home group 
currently has only two home group members and would like to invite 
other members with the willingness to support this meeting by becoming 
a home group member to please ask about how you can contribute.  We 
have no donation for the area committee at this time.
Grateful to serve: Hope through surrender home group.

**Thursday Night: Gods Will Candlelight Group:


All is well with the Gods Will Candle Light Meeting of Narcotics Anonymous, the doors are open on time, coffee is made, rent paid, literature on display and the lifesaving message of NA is being shared. Our home group voted 4-0-0 to elect Nick P as Activities subcommittee chair and we have no donation to area at this time as we are placing a literature order.


Grateful to serve, Tom F


** Friday Night: High on Life Group:



**Saturday Morning- Serenityville Group: No Report


**Saturday Night-The War Is Over Group:


The Saturday evening The War is Over meeting of narcotics anonymous continues to go well.  We are averaging 12 addicts in attendance each week. The doors are open on time, coffee is made, and literature is on the table.  The message of recovery is being shared.  We have no new home group members at this time. We continue to purchase Basic Texts, Living Clean books, and it Works How and Why to stock the library for our literature study.  We have no donation for area at this time.

Grateful to serve, Missy D




**Saturday Night: Trust The Process:


Meetings going great doors always opened literature on the table a the message 
is being carried we are having around 30 - 40 addicts per meeting. We have a new 
home group member that we would like to welcome Shawn M. 
Grateful to serve, Trust the process GSR






                               **OLD BUSINESS:


1- Nothing to report from the RCM, the next Regional Committee meting will be held on 4-6 and 4-7 2013.


                               2-Sub Committee’s gave their reports:

Tyler M, Gave the H&I subcommittee report

Phillip D, Gave the PR subcommittee report

Terri M, Gave the Activities subcommittee report


3- Nick P (our RCM) announced that since GTOANA had no issues or concerns to take to Ripley for discussion on a regional level the regional he felt that it was not necessary to go. No GSR’s present disagreed.


4- The Ad Hoc policy meeting will take place Sunday March 3rd from 12-4pm. It is located at 1349 Sixth Avenue, Huntington, WV  which is a big blue house right at the corner of 6th ave. and 13th street with a hanging sign that says the Huntington House.


The Ad Hoc group would like to request $30.00 from area so that refreshments can be provided and copies of area policy printed for the people in attendance.

Grateful to serve, Nick A.


5- Nominations for Activities Subcommittee chair are as follows:

For Chair: Anthony T and Nick P

For Vice Chair: Megan C and Dee Dee G


6- A motion was brought forth and passed by a vote of 11-0-0 to make a $250.00 donation to region.


                           **NEW BUSINESS:


Web Servant Report

Everything is going well we updated the policy changes The following updates has been completed on website under our area policy:

7: Public Relations Motion to make the following changes to the Internal Accounts and Priority of Expenses sections under the Finances section of GTOASCNA Policy.
If i out anything just let me know.
We only received 2 emails from home groups requesting posts this month and the minutes from Tom F. We also received the region minutes which I did not post do to the amount on names and phone numbers that would needed to be deleted and the fact that our Region Website already posts them. All meetings should be correct any changes just let us know. 
Grateful to serve 
Dalmas C 


Public Relations Motion 

To make the following changes to the Internal Accounts and Priority of Expenses sections under the Finances section of GTOASCNA Policy. If I left out anything just let me know. We only received 2 emails from home groups requesting posts this month and the mins from Tom F. We also received the region mins which I did not post do to the amount on names and phone numbers that would needed to be deleted and the fact that our Region Website already posts them. All meetings should be correct any changes just let us know. 

Grateful to serve, Dalmas C 

                                     Ad Hoc Policy Meeting:


The Ad Hoc meeting went very well with three people in attendance and the session lasting around three hours. There we several areas in policy that needed changing and those will be in the meeting minutes. These changes will be bolded and underlined to make them easier to find. Also the whole policy needed to be re-typed and formatted in the new Microsoft word format. Extra food and drinks from the Ad Hoc in keeping with our twelve concepts were donated to the Monday night meeting for the celebration taking place ensuring nothing was wasted and therefore was used to further our purpose. I would like to think Nick and Erica for sharing the guidance through this process. It is recommended by the Ad Hoc members that someone going forward is made the point of accountability for maintaining and understanding area policy as no officer responsibilities currently ensures that this happen.


Grateful to Serve, Nick A.




Phillip D requested $100.00 for materials to build a new PR display and:

Also requested $18.52 for schedules for schedule day, both passed 12-0-0


Dalmas C requested that the treasurer release $120.00 so that he and the RCM Nick P could go to Ripley, WV for the upcoming Regional Committee Meeting. Motion passed by a vote of 11-1-0


                  Activities Subcommittee vote results:


Tony T: 3-0-0

Nick P: 9-0-0. Making Nick P our new Activities Subcommittee Chair.




                          **OPEN FORUM


                                 RCM Alt position:


Dalmas C thanked the area for entrusting him with the position of RCM alt but stated he would like to step down and asked if willingness existed within the groups for anyone to step in and fill that position. I Tom F expressed willingness however it would not at this time be in my (or GTOANA’s) best interest for me to take on that responsibility. I take on all commitments proudly and do the best I can with each and am grateful to be a trusted servant. I have some issues with health to deal with and may at a later time be able to serve in that capacity. Thank you for allowing me to be part of the GTO area.


ILS, Tom F




**Minutes read and approved by Robbie C, GTOANA Chair.



Always grateful to serve, GTOANA secretary,  Thomas F.