Monday, June 17, 2013

April Minutes


  April, 2013 Minutes



Opened w/ Prayer


 Tyler M read Twelve Traditions


  Brian C read the Twelve Concepts



Living in the Solution: Y
No Pain, No Gain: Y


Another Chance to live: Y
Another Way: N
Together We Can: Y


Not High Noon: Y
Clean Possibilities: N
Hope Turns to Faith: Y

Hope without Dope: Y
Progress not Perfection: Y


Hope Through Surrender: Y
God’s Will Candlelight: Y

High on Life: Y



The war is over: Y
Serenityville: N

Trust the Process: Y


13 out of 17 active groups represented, quorum established


Wes R sat in as acting GTOANA chair in the absence of Robbie C.

Last month’s minutes read and accepted by Thomas F


**Regional Committee Members Report,

Report given by Dalmas C and Nick P


April 2013 RCM Report


Dalmas and I went to Regional Service Meetings on April 6-7, 2013.

Treasurer’s report is available if anyone is interested, I have a hard copy.

The 100 basic texts that the region received from the East Coast Convention are being sent to the jails and prisons in the region.

The phone line chair has requested that anyone qualified to be on the list, and is willing to let him know.  Any member interested in being on the phone schedule please let Phil D know. 

Upcoming convention dates:

Fall Convention- Nov 1-3, 2013

Spring Convention- May 16-18, 2014

The H&I committee has asked for a complete list of all H&I meetings taking place in the area.

The PR committee has requested that all home groups check the world NA site to make sure their meeting information is correct.  The world is currently trying to develop a meeting locator app and for that to work correctly the information they have needs to be correct.

A web servant II position has been created so that we can move toward a spirit of rotation. 

The link has been added to the regional website, under the “Area and Meeting Information” page.  SUCCESS!

The world is also working on getting “An introduction to NA meetings” converted from a “board-approved” piece of literature into a “fellowship-approved” piece.  

World is in dire need of donations at this time, the current support of literature sales is not supporting our services satisfactorily. 

Upcoming elections at the next region:

Chair- Matt

Vice Chair- Erica P

Treasurer- Wes R

Treasurer 2- Hosai

Secretary- Sharon F

H&I Chair- Benjamin K and Tammy A

The next regional service meetings will be July 20-21, 2013. 


Grateful to serve, Nick P





                             GTOASCNA Treasurer’s Report



Activity recorded 03-17-13 through 04-20-13


Regular Account
Beginning Balance                                                        $ 58.73
03-17-13            No Pain No Gain                                       $ 30.00
                        Hope Turns to Faith                           $ 30.00
                        Hope Without Dope                          $ 20.00
                        High on Life                                                           $ 25.00
                        Trust the Process                                     $ 20.00
Total income                                                                      $125.00
03-17-13            Cabell Co Pub Lib ASC 03/2013                        $  15.00
03-17-13            Dalmas C ck 429 Region                                  $120.00
Total Expenses                                                              $135.00
Internal Transfer to Public Relations                                $48.73
Ending Balance                                                                     $ 0.00


Public Relations Reserve
Beginning Balance                                                              $300.00
03-17-13            Philip D ck 427 PR display                      $100.00
03-17-13            Tom M ck 428 Schedule Day                 $  18.52
Income(from regular acct)

03-17-13                $ 48.73

Ending Balance                                                                     $230.21                   


Prudent Reserve              
Beginning Balance                                                          $100.00
Ending Balance                                                             $100.00


Activities Reserve                
Beginning Balance                                                      $400.00
Ending Balance                                                                     $400.00         


As of 04-20-13 the total of all 4 accounts is $730.21Terri M. – ASC Treasurer








                                 April 2013 Activities Report


Tony T has been elected as the activities vice-chair.

Campout has been set for June 7-9 @ East Lynn Lake, East Fork Campground, Loop 4, sites 107-111.

We have sites 110-111 for Thursday- Sunday.  We have sites 107-109 for Friday-Sunday.  We have decided to add one more site for Friday-Sunday night.

Cost will be $15.00 per person for the weekend, no addict turned away. 

We have voted to have Scott H for the Friday speaker and Kevin (from Charleston) for the Saturday speaker.  Jason L will be the backup speaker.

There will be an H&I workshop Saturday during the day, led by Tyler M.

We will be providing dinner on Saturday, burgers, hotdogs and all the appropriate sides/fixings.

We will be having an auction and raffle on Saturday after dinner, as well as a clean-time countdown with Basic Text giveaway for the person with the least clean-time.

There will be a Sunday morning sunrise meditation led by Tony T.

Nick is requesting a check for the $400 activities money to proceed, the campsite are currently on his credit card.

Things we still need to plan out:

-       Grill

-        Firewood


Grateful to Serve, Nick P



                          **Public Relations Report


The PR display is done at the cost of $121.26, had tremendous amount of help, couldn't have done it without them. The schedule has been updated with the herald dispatch. Loved ones group on April 2nd went very well and we will be having the next one on May 28th for anyone who would to get involved. Schedule day went very well and was well received. The shell center, oasis, valley health and methadone clinic are the facilities where we went. After many attempts to be a part of the drug summit it did not happen. We will be having a flyer day on May 11th at 1pm at the 10th St. Entrance of Harris Riverfront Park. The website is up to date and has been linked to the regional website.
Grateful to serve, Phillip D.


                                          **H&I SUBCOMMITTEE REPORT


H and I is going well, meetings are taking place. Last month had a successful Workshop and we want to thank everyone who showed up and participated. Also at our next sub com meeting we will be making nominations for all sub com positions. So please come and let your voice b heard on Friday may 10th at 7 pm at the Barnett center. Hope to see u all there. Nothing more to report at this time.

In loving service Tyler M.


**Sunday night: No pain No gain:


Greetings from no pain no gain group of narcotics anonymous. All is well,

Meetings are starting and ending on time rent is paid and recovery is being

shared. Our next speaker will be next month on May 19th after convention. And it Will be Matt C speaking on traditions. Hope to see u all there. And sorry for the inconvenience but have no donation for the service structure this month.

Grateful to serve, Tyler M.





**Sunday Noon: Living in the solution:


Greetings from Living In The Solution home group. Our rent is paid, the doors are open, literature is stocked, and the message is being carried. Out average attendance is 16 addicts per meeting. We received our literature orders and are in the process of placing an order for a literature rack. We are grateful to welcome our newest home group member, Matt B. We do not have a nomination for RCM alt. We do have a $20.00 donation to area at this time.
Grateful to serve, Nick S.




**Monday Noon: Another chance to live:


Greetings from the Another Chance To live noon Monday meeting. The doors are open with literature on the table, coffee in the pot, rent paid, we have five home group members, recovery being shared, there are 15-20 people attending weekly, and the facility is very welcoming. We also have no area donation for this month with new books and tags needing to be bought. We voted 3 in favor and 0 against for Tom F. to become the new RCM Alt. We had home group elections with the following results Nick A. - Treasurer, Travis A. – GSR. We voted 3 in favor 0 against in favor to the new area policy. We would like to remind everyone this is a literature study meeting so if you attend please bring your basic text.

Grateful to serve, Nick A




** Monday Night: "Together We Can"


Greetings from the Together WE can home group of NA. All is going well. Literature on the table, coffee in the pot and the message of recovery is being shared. We are averaging 40 in attendance. 
We would like to announce our home group is sponsoring a new comer to go to the convention. The only requirements for eligibility are the person must have a NA home group and an NA sponsor. 
We have no donation for area at this time.
Grateful to serve, Will L.  GSR



**Monday Night: “Another Way”:  No Report


** Tuesday Not High Noon:No Report


**Tuesday Night: Clean Possibilities: No Report



**Tuesday Night: Hope Turns To Faith:


Greetings from the Hope Turns to Faith group. Things are going well. The doors are open, literature is on the table, rent is paid, and an atmosphere of recovery is being provided. With that being said, due to some disagreements with the facility, our home group has collectively agreed to move to a different meeting location at 21st street Baptist. We’re scheduled to move on May 7th. Our home group does not have a donation for Area at this time because we plan to use our funds to make a literature order at convention.

In Loving Service, The Hope Turns to Faith Group






**Wednesday Night/Sunday Night: Hope Without Dope:


All is well at the Hope Without Dope group of Narcotics Anonymous. The
doors are open on time, literature is on the table, and the lifesaving
message of narcotics anonymous is being carried. We have 40-50 in
attendance every Wednesday and Sunday. We have nothing new to report at
this time and no donation to area this month. Thank you for allowing me to
be of service.

Grateful to serve Jason L.


**Wednesday Night: Progress Not Perfection:




**Thursday Noon: Hope Through Surrender Group:


Greetings from the Hope through Surrender home group of Narcotics

Anonymous.  Everything has been going very well and we have had an

Average attendance of eighteen addicts per meeting.  Our rent has been

paid , literature is available, and the message of recovery is being


Grateful to serve, Hope through Surrender


**Thursday Night: Gods Will Candlelight Group:


All is well at the Gods Will Candlelight group of Narcotics Anonymous. The
doors are open on time, rent is paid literature on the table, and the lifesaving message of narcotics anonymous is being carried. We have an average of 25-30 in attendance. We have nothing new to report at this time and no donation to area this month as we are getting ready to place a literature order at convention.

Grateful to serve,  Tom F






** Friday Night: High on Life Group:


Greetings from the High on Life Group of NA. All is well with meetings starting on time, literature is on display, coffee in the pot and the message of Narcotics Anonymous being shared. We would like to welcome 2 new home group members Nicole L and Brandon G and we will be having two celebration's on April 26th , Amber B will be celebrating 2 years and Brandon G is celebrating 1 year Also on that night we will a guest speaker from NANA Dave H will be sharing his experience, strength and hope. We have no donation to area at this time.


Grateful to serve, GSR-Tony T



**Saturday Morning- Serenityville Group: No Report


**Saturday Night-The War Is Over Group:


The Saturday evening The War is Over meeting of narcotics anonymous is averaging 10 addicts in attendance each week. The doors are open on time, coffee is made, and literature is on the table.  The message of recovery is being shared.  We have one new home group member, Felicia W. We continue to purchase Basic Texts, Living Clean books, and it Works How and Why to stock the library for our literature study.  We also have purchased a literature rack.  We have a 20.00 donation for area. We would appreciate attendance from members with some time in recovery. We could really use some support at this time. 

Grateful to serve, Missy D



**Saturday Night: Trust The Process:


Saturday Night Trust the Process Meetings going great the doors are always open literature on the table and our message is being carried. We are averaging about 40 addicts per meeting. We have a new home group member Maggie we would like to welcome her and thank her for her participation. We have nominated a new GSR Joe M. of our home group and we have a $40.00 donation at this time.


Grateful to serve, Dalmas C.






                               **OLD BUSINESS:

Web Servant Report

Everything is going well we updated the policy changes The following updates has been completed on website under our area policy:

7: Public Relations Motion to make the following changes to the Internal Accounts and Priority of Expenses sections under the Finances section of GTOASCNA Policy.
If i out anything just let me know.
We only received 2 emails from home groups requesting posts this month and the minutes from Tom F. We also received the region minutes which I did not post do to the amount on names and phone numbers that would needed to be deleted and the fact that our Region Website already posts them. All meetings should be correct any changes just let us know. 
Grateful to serve 
Dalmas C 


Public Relations Motion 

To make the following changes to the Internal Accounts and Priority of Expenses sections under the Finances section of GTOASCNA Policy. If I left out anything just let me know. We only received 2 emails from home groups requesting posts this month and the mins from Tom F. We also received the region mins which I did not post do to the amount on names and phone numbers that would needed to be deleted and the fact that our Region Website already posts them. All meetings should be correct any changes just let us know. 

Grateful to serve, Dalmas C 

                                     Ad Hoc Policy Meeting:


The Ad Hoc meeting went very well with three people in attendance and the session lasting around three hours. There we several areas in policy that needed changing and those will be in the meeting minutes. These changes will be bolded and underlined to make them easier to find. Also the whole policy needed to be re-typed and formatted in the new Microsoft word format. Extra food and drinks from the Ad Hoc in keeping with our twelve concepts were donated to the Monday night meeting for the celebration taking place ensuring nothing was wasted and therefore was used to further our purpose. I would like to think Nick and Erica for sharing the guidance through this process. It is recommended by the Ad Hoc members that someone going forward is made the point of accountability for maintaining and understanding area policy as no officer responsibilities currently ensures that this happen.


Grateful to Serve, Nick A.




Phillip D requested $100.00 for materials to build a new PR display and:

Also requested $18.52 for schedules for schedule day, both passed 12-0-0


Dalmas C requested that the treasurer release $120.00 so that he and the RCM Nick P could go to Ripley, WV for the upcoming Regional Committee Meeting. Motion passed by a vote of 11-1-0


                  Activities Subcommittee vote results:


Tony T: 3-0-0

Nick P: 9-0-0. Making Nick P our new Activities Subcommittee Chair.




1-Will L mad a motion (seconded by Nick A) that passed by a vote of 8-4-1 to have no area service in May due to the fact that the second Sunday was Father’s Day, the third Sunday was spring convention and the last Sunday in May is NANA’s annual camp out. A decision was made to hold GTOANA’s next area service on June 23rd.  


2-Up for discussion in June’s will be nominations for trusted servant’s positions in GTOANA to be voted on in August. With all elected candidates taking over in the month of August.


Position’s to be filled will be:

Area Chair

Area Vice Chair

Area Secretary

Area PR Chair


3- A motion was made and passed 12-0-0 by the PR chair to reimburse him the amount of $21.26 for supplies not covered during the building of our area’s new PR display.






Always grateful to serve, GTOANA secretary,  Thomas F.