Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Celebration & Speaker

Thurs night-Gods will candlelight will have a 2yr miracle being celebrated on Sept 19,13.  Scott H will be sharing his e,s, & h

Thursday, August 1, 2013

July Area Minutes

July Minutes

Opened with prayer
12 traditions read
12 concepts read

Living in the Solution:  Y
No Pain no Gain:  Y
Another Chance to Live:  Y
Another Way:  N
Together We Can:  Y
Not High Noon:  Y
Clean Possibilities:  Y
Hope Turns to Faith:  Y
Hope Without Dope:  Y
Progress Not Perfection:  Y
Hope Through Surrender:  Y
God’s Will Candlelight:  Y
High on Life:  Y
The War is Over:  Y
Serenityville:  N
Trust the Process:  Y

Quorum established.
Minutes read and accepted by Wes R.

Regional Committee Member’s Report

July 2013 RCM Report
While my fellow GTO addicts were busy in area, I was toiling away at regional service.  I’m sorry there was no report to speak of during our July area, although at the time there was little to report!
I am grateful that Tyler M has stepped up to the plate to be our next RCM.  He attended regional service with me on July 20-21.  He went and observed in anticipation of his coming nomination/election.  
Here is a quick run-down of what happened in Cedar Lakes this go round. I won’t have official minutes for a bit longer so I’ll have Brian attach them with the area minutes when I get them.  
Regional Election were held and the following represents our next regional committee members:
Chair: Matt K
Vice Chair:  Erica P
Treasurer 1: Wes R
Treasurer 2: Hossai
Secrectary: Sharon F
Convention committee was very long and drawn out, but the upcoming convention is going to be awesome!  One thing of note that ended up getting approved was a change to policy regarding the payment of convention committee members rooms during the event.  Committee members are expected to pay for their own rooms unless they request otherwise.  The region/committee was spending a great deal of money on this so hopefully we’ll see that number come down as some members pay their own way.
Phoneline committee also proved quite lucrative as we seem to have found a way to drop the frontier bill altogether.  The committee consensus seemed to be that we could port the local number and the 800 number to our One Box account, keeping all the numbers the same but dropping the expensive frontier bill!  Again, this could be a big savings of dollars in the basket.
The H&I committee seems to be taking off again, as much progress has been made since last meeting.  Tammy took the remainder of the 100 books (from East Coast Convention) that were left after the areas took what they wanted for their local facilities.  There were 49 books, and they were split between the jails and prisons within the state that were left along with some schedules and a letter that will be attached to the minutes.  We received a letter from Laken correctional facility requesting an H&I meeting as a result of the mailing.  Tammy was elected to H&I chair and Benjamin to be H&I vice-chair.
Public Relations
 There is going to be a Behavioral Health Conference at Charleston Civic Center in September.  Wes R will be taking the PR display and ordering literature.  Metro will provide the manpower.  800.00 was requested to pay for the table and literature.
RD Report
Rob read us some highlights from NAWS News.  Our region will be hosting the Zonal Forum this time next year, as a heads up.  The plan at the moment will be to host it at Cedar Lakes but Kristina will need to make sure that everything will line out.  There was also a discussion of third tradition session profile.
Motion to form a workgroup to consider combining PR, H&I, Phoneline, and website under one umbrella.  Motion will be in minutes and we need to take a look at this to see what we think.  
There will be a policy ad-hoc during the upcoming region on Saturday at 10am.
TOTAL 3892.74 (I have the breakdown available for anyone who wants it!
Everything else is good except insurance.  We currently have none in place.  Previous cost was only $800 to cover every meeting on the schedule.  New quote was $4500, Wes is working on new quotes from other providers.

Please check your meetings on NA.ORG website and get them correct, the meeting locator app is up and running and info needs to be accurate!!!!

Treasurer”s report:

GTOASCNA Treasurer’s Report
Activity recorded 06-23-13 through 07-20-13

Regular Account
Beginning Balance           $   0.00
06-23-13Living In The Solution     $ 50.00
No Pain, No Gain    $ 20.00
Clean Possibilities$ 20.00
Hope Turns to Faith$ 40.00
Hope Through Surrender$ 20.00
Trust the Process$ 50.00
06-23-13GTO Campout—Activities$428.00
Total income$628.00

06-23-13Cabell Co Pub Lib ASC(June)ck 434$ 15.00
06-23-13Erica P for H&I-jail literature ck 435$ 50.00
06-23-13Nick P—July RCM ck 437$120.00
Total Expenses                                 $185.00

Internal Transfer to Public Relations$ 43.00
Internal Transfer to Activities$400.00
Ending Balance$    0.00

Public Relations Reserve
Beginning Balance         $275.95

06-23-13Internal transfer from Reg Acct$  43.00
Total Income$  43.00

06-23-13Tom M for Flyer Day ck 436$  30.00
Total Expenses$  30.00

Ending Balance $288.95

Activities Report:

July 2013 Activities Report
I was not in attendance during the July subcommittee due to my commitment as our Area’s RCM.  Thanks to Tony T for covering my ass, again.  The activities committee is currently working on getting some plans together for our upcoming Halloween function.  No official plans have been made at this time.   We’d love to see some more addicts attend the next committee to ensure that we have a wide range of voices heard when it comes to planning our areas next function.

Grateful to serve,
Nick P

Public Relations report:

PR Report

All is well in the PR subcommittee. Flyer Day went off without a hitch. We would like to thank everyone who came out and helped. Attendance at the subcommittee has increased over the last few months. We are grateful to have such great support and willingness. We have no events planned in the upcoming month. However, we do hope to schedule another Flyer Day and possibly a Schedule Day the following month.

Grateful To Serve,

Tom M.

--webservant report:

Web Servant Report
Greetings from the cyberspace. Everything is going great the meeting schedule is
up to date and all emailed announcements have been placed on the blog. We would
like to welcome the new Friday night meeting. Any upcoming announcements or
meeting changes should be emailed to We want to thank
everyone for announcing the website and for your continued support.

Grateful to serve
Dalmas C

H and I subcommittee report:

Greetings from h and I all is well. Meetings are taking place and lots of
recovery is being shared. Thanks to everyone who has helped out in h and I the
past year and it has been a pleasure to serve . Tyler m

NA Homegroup Reports:

Clean Possibilities

The meeting is going great. The doors are open, coffee is in the pot, literature is on the table, and recovery is being shared. We would like to welcome new home group member William T. We do not have a donation for the area at this time.

Grateful To Serve,

Tom M.

All is well at the Hope Without Dope group of Narcotics Anonymous. The doors are open on time, literature is on the table, and the life-saving message of Narcotics Anonymous is being carried. We have 40-50 in attendance every Wednesday and Sunday. We'll be having a one-year celebration on 8/7. We have no donation to area this month. Grateful to serve, Jason L.

Greetings from the Hope Turns to Faith group,

           Things are going well.  The doors are open on time and the message of recovery is being shared.  The rent is paid, coffee is made and literature is on the table.  We would like to welcome new homegroup member Mike K..  We would also like to congratulate Mark G. on celebrating 2yrs.  We will have another homegroup member Deedra G. celebrating 1yr on August 6th.  At this time, we do not have a donation to Area.  On Tuesday July 23, Chris S will be sharing his experience, strength, and hope.

                                                                   Grateful to be of service

                                                                       Hope Turns to Faith

July Report, Another chance to live:

Meetings are going well, literature is on tables, coffee is hot,  and most importantly the message is being shared. Between the 2 meetings the average attendance is 15-20. We have added a Friday 8 o'clock candlelight meeting and it is going very well. We would like to welcome Nate H and Jeff F, who were added as homegroup members. We have no donation at this time.

In loving service, Ryan Daugherty

Greetings from High On Life group of Narcotics Anonymous. All is well. We have an average attendance of 40. The meetings are opened on time, literature is on the table, and the life saving message of NA is being shared. We do have a 1 year celebration planned for August 9th. Luke E. will be sharing his experience, strength, and hope. We do not have a donation to area at this time. We would like to welcome our newest homegroup member, Andrea W.
                Grateful to serve,
                              Tony T.

Trust the Process Sat Night 8
Meeting is going great. Doors always open, literature on the table, message is
being carried. On aug 10 we have 1yr celebration. We had our business meeting on
7/21st and we have a $20 at this time.
Grateful to serve,
Dalmas C.

July 21,  2013

The Saturday evening The War is Over meeting of narcotics anonymous is averaging 8
addicts in attendance each week. The doors are open on time, coffee is made, and literature is on the table.  The message of recovery is being shared.  We have no new home group members at this time. We continue to purchase Basic Texts, Living Clean books, and it Works How and Why to stock the library for our literature study.  We have no donation for area at this time.  This group has recently lost one home group member to a move and will lose another one soon for the same reason. We could use support from experienced members.

Grateful to serve, Missy D

Saturday AM / 7-22-13
Meeting is going well. Doors are open every week. Coffee is made, and literature is on the table. We average 15 people in attendance, and continue to enjoy the intimacy that a small group has to offer. This past month we celebrated a home group member's 27th clean year anniversary with our traditional full breakfast meeting. 41 people were fed breakfast and shared recovery that morning.
  We have added the living clean book to our readings and it has incorporated well onto our sharing. We have three active home group members and are always looking forward to others joining us.
In loving service, SCOTT M

All is well at the Progress Not Perfection homegroup.  Doors open, coffee is made, literature on the table.  We are averaging 30-40 members a night the message is being carried.  Thanks and grateful to serve, Nick C.

Chair-Wes R
Vice chair-Phillip
Sec.-Brian C
Treasurer:Nick L   Alt.-Travis A
RCM:  Tyler   Alt.-Nick L
PR chair:  Tom M
H and I:  Tom F

Greetings from Living in the Solution Homegroup:
    The meeting is happening and the message is being carried.  We have an average attendance of 20 addicts per meeting.  Our votes for this months agenda are as follows:  No for removal of ASC meeting times from policty.  Wes R for chair.  Phillip D. for vice chair, Brian C for secretary, Nick L. for treasurer, Travis A. for treasurer II, No for Tyler M for RCM, Nick L for RCM alt, Tom M for PR chair, and Tom F for H and I chair.  We are placing a literature order and we have a $25.00 dollar donation for area.
In loving service,
Dave H., GSR

Hello everyone,
Hello from the Hope Through Surrender group of Narcotics Anonymous. All is well.
The doors are open, rent is paid, coffee is in the pot, literature on the table
and most importantly the message of recovery is being shared. We average about
20-25 people per week and are donating $40 to area this month.

Grateful to serve,
Tasha W.

Hello from no pain no gain group of narcotics anonymous all is well and meetings
are taking place. We want to thank everyone for coming out and helping us
celebrate the one year celebration for john s. but rent has been paid and doors
have been open. Lacking attendance lately though so please come out and join us
and support our homegroup on Sundays at 7 at the campus Christian center. Hope
to see ya there .
                U just got served,
                     Tyler m.

Old Business:  


The subcommittee is having a flyer day Saturday, July 13. We have plenty of supplies, but we would like to request that the area allocate us $30 for pizza to help us further carry the message.

You Got Served, Tom M.

**Motion from Trust The Process Group.

To remove the dates and times out of area policy for the committees meetings. Intent: so we don't break policy when we have to adjust the times or dates of committee meetings.

Trust the Process GSR Dalmas C

H&I Subcommittee chair Tyler M made a motion for $50 for literature for the women’s jail. Motion passed 10-0-0

PR Chair Tom M asked for $30 for pizza for the upcoming flyer day and it was passed 10-0-0

RCM alt Dalmas C made a motion for $120 to be released to Nick P for the upcoming Regional Committee meeting in Ripley, it was passed 10-0-0.

**Brian C mentioned that in the future whenever there is no Area Service it’s a decision that should go back to home groups for a vote instead of being tabled and the final decision being made in area service.

Nominations for service positions:

Area Chair, Wes R

Area Vice Chair, Tom F, Phillip D and Chris S.

Secretary, Brian C

Treasurer, Nick L and Alt Travis A

RCM, Tyler M and alt Nick L

PR Chair, Tom M

H&I subcommittee Chair, Tom F

New Business:

Vote on the motion to remove the times and dates from the area policy.  (III; A; 1)  
6 for; 6 against; 2 abstaining.
Motion failed.

Election results:

Area Chair:  Wes R
Area Vice Chair:  Tom F
Area Secretary:  Brian C
Area Treasurer:  Nick L
Area Treasurer Alt:  Travis A
RCM:  Tyler M
RCM alt:  Nick L
Public Relations chair:  Tom M
H and I chair:  Tom F

Subcommittee Motions:

H and I subcommittee submitted a motion for $19.26 for 100 schedules.  The motion passed 14 for; 0 against; 0 abstaining.

Group motions:


Discussion of regional donation:

Open Forum:

The Not High Noon homegroup requests assistance with IP s.
The next area service committee will be held on Aug 18 , 2013
Discussion of the need to remove Robbie C from the area bank account.  Terri M advises that Wes R, Tom F, and Nick L will have to sign paper work, at the bank, in order to remove Robbie C from the account.  This will be done as soon as possible.

Closed with prayer.

Celebration & Speaker

The Hope Without Dope Group of Narcotics Anonymous will have a home group member celebrating one year on 8/7/13, that is a Wednesday night at 7pm.  Amber B. will be sharing her experience, strength, and hope.