Sunday, September 29, 2013

Celebration & Speaker

On Monday Oct 7th the Another Way HG in Ceredo will be having a member celebrating 6 years. Dalmas C. will be sharing his experience,  strength, & hope.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Home Group Celebration

Clean Possibilities, 29 Year Homegroup Celebration,Tuesday 9/17 from 6-8 at Barnett Center in the backyard, hotdogs and cake at 6pm, open meeting at 7pm.


The Hope through Surrender home group will be having a speaker meeting on September 26.  The meeting begins a noon and the speaker will be Rob O.  

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Speaker meeting Rob O. Thursday September 26 at the hope through surrender group.


There will be a 26 year and a 6 year recovery celebration on Saturday September 7th at 8:00. Trust the Process. 1 meeting 2 miracles come out to help us celebrate.

Area Minutes - August 2013


Area Minutes

August 18, 2013

Opened with prayer  

12 Traditions read

12 Concepts read

Living in the Solution:  Y

No Pain, No Gain:  Y

Another Chance to Live:  Y

Another Way:  Y

Together We Can:  Y

Not High Noon:  Y

Clean Possibilities:  Y

Hope turns to Faith:  Y

Hope without Dope:  Y

Progress not Perfection:  Y

Hope through Surrender:  Y

God’s Will Candlelight:  Y

High on Life:  Y

The War is Over:  N

Serenityville:  N

Trust the Process:  Y

Quorum established

Minutes read and accepted by Tom F

Treasurer’s Report

  GTOASCNA Treasurer’s Report


Activity recorded 07-21-13 through 08-17-13

Regular Account

Beginning Balance                                                 $   0.00


07-21-13 Living In The Solution                             $ 25.00

                        Not High Noon                                             $ 10.00

                        Hope Through Surrender                                  $ 40.00

                        Trust the Process                                            $ 50.00

                        $.26 Returned by Tom F.                          $ 00.26

Total income                                                                  $95.26


07-21-13 Cabell Co Pub Lib ASC(July)Ck 438            $ 15.00

07-21-13 H&I Schedules Ck 439                               $ 19.26

07-21-13 P.O. Box Lock Change Ck 440                   $ 25.00

08-01-13 P.O. Box Rent for 6 months Ck 441            $ 39.00

Total Expenses                                                             $98.26    

Internal Transfer to Public Relations                                    $ 11.05

Internal Transfer from Prudent Reserves                        $ 14.05                          Ending Balance                                                               $   0.00

Public Relations Reserve

Beginning Balance                                                                   $288.95


07-21-13 Internal transfer from Reg Acct                        $ 11.05

Total Income                                                                  $ 11.05


Total Expenses                                                                $   0.00

Ending Balance                                                               $300.00


Prudent Reserve              

Beginning Balance                                                                $100.00

07-21-13 Internal Transfer to Reg. Account         $ 14.05

Ending Balance                                                             $ 85.95

Activities Reserve                     

Beginning Balance                                                      $ 400.00


Total Income                                                                  $     0.00

Ending Balance                                                                     $ 400.00



As of 08-17-13 the total of all 4 accounts is $ 785.95

Nick L. – ASC Treasurer

Regional Committee Member’s Report

August 2013 RCM Report

There is no new news since I last sent a report.  However, I’ve attached last month’s report again since I essentially covered it in area as I was not present last time.  Tyler M will be sending future reports as he is the new RCM.

While my fellow GTO addicts were busy in area, I was toiling away at regional service.  I’m sorry there was no report to speak of during our July area, although at the time there was little to report!

I am grateful that Tyler M has stepped up to the plate to be our next RCM.  He attended regional service with me on July 20-21.  He went and observed in anticipation of his coming nomination/election. 

Here is a quick run-down of what happened in Cedar Lakes this go round. I won’t have official minutes for a bit longer so I’ll have Brian attach them with the area minutes when I get them. 

Regional Election were held and the following represents our next regional committee members:

Chair: Matt K

Vice Chair:  Erica P

Treasurer 1: Wes R

Treasurer 2: Hossai

Secrectary: Sharon F


Convention committee was very long and drawn out, but the upcoming convention is going to be awesome!  One thing of note that ended up getting approved was a change to policy regarding the payment of convention committee members rooms during the event.  Committee members are expected to pay for their own rooms unless they request otherwise.  The region/committee was spending a great deal of money on this so hopefully we’ll see that number come down as some members pay their own way.


Phoneline committee also proved quite lucrative as we seem to have found a way to drop the frontier bill altogether.  The committee consensus seemed to be that we could port the local number and the 800 number to our One Box account, keeping all the numbers the same but dropping the expensive frontier bill!  Again, this could be a big savings of dollars in the basket.


The H&I committee seems to be taking off again, as much progress has been made since last meeting.  Tammy took the remainder of the 100 books (from East Coast Convention) that were left after the areas took what they wanted for their local facilities.  There were 49 books, and they were split between the jails and prisons within the state that were left along with some schedules and a letter that will be attached to the minutes.  We received a letter from Laken correctional facility requesting an H&I meeting as a result of the mailing.  Tammy was elected to H&I chair and Benjamin to be H&I vice-chair.

Public Relations

  There is going to be a Behavioral Health Conference at Charleston Civic Center in September.  Wes R will be taking the PR display and ordering literature.  Metro will provide the manpower.  800.00 was requested to pay for the table and literature.

RD Report

Rob read us some highlights from NAWS News.  Our region will be hosting the Zonal Forum this time next year, as a heads up.  The plan at the moment will be to host it at Cedar Lakes but Kristina will need to make sure that everything will line out.  There was also a discussion of third tradition session profile.


Motion to form a workgroup to consider combining PR, H&I, Phoneline, and website under one umbrella.  Motion will be in minutes and we need to take a look at this to see what we think. 

There will be a policy ad-hoc during the upcoming region on Saturday at 10am.


TOTAL 3892.74 (I have the breakdown available for anyone who wants it!

Everything else is good except insurance.  We currently have none in place.  Previous cost was only $800 to cover every meeting on the schedule.  New quote was $4500, Wes is working on new quotes from other providers.


Please check your meetings on NA.ORG website and get them correct, the meeting locator app is up and running and info needs to be accurate!!!!


Subcommittee Reports

H and I subcommittee Report

H&I subcommittee report

August 18, 2013

Greetings GTOASCNA

All is well with H&I and the Narcotics Anonymous life saving message of recovery is being shared. At our last area service we made a motion for and was given $19.26 for 100 regional schedules. I had the schedules printed by Minuteman Press at a cost of $19.00 even and gave both the receipt and the 26 cents change to our area treasurer Nick L. The panel leaders have been provided with schedules and we would like to thank all those that continue to go in with our panel leaders that make carrying the message possible. Erica P has asked for support (women) to help carry the message into the women's jail you must have at least one year clean and be approved to serve in that facility, we will be returning there again on August 22nd.  We have another H&I workshop scheduled for Friday August 23rd at 7:00 pm at the Barnett Center and will be asking for monies in the near future for H&I Handbooks so that all our panel leaders may have one to pass on at the end of their term. Nothing further at this time

Grateful to serve, Tom F

PR Report

All is well in the PR Subcommittee.  The website is up to date.  We appreciate the homegroups emailing announcements to the webservant.  We currently have a schedule day planned for September.  We have a list of 20 facilities we hope to make contact with.  We also have a flyer day scheduled for Saturday, September 28.  We will meet at the 10th St. entrance of Harris River Front Park at 1 PM.

Grateful to Serve,

Tom M.

Activities report

September 18, 2013 Activities Report

The next activity will be our annual Halloween extravaganza on October 26th, 2013. 

The location is still being determined.  Several calls will be made over the next few weeks and we will announce a location ASAP. 

We will have a chili cook-off.  Home groups, areas and/or individuals are welcome to enter their favorite recipe.   There will also be costume contests, Chinese auction, auction, piƱatas, scavenger hunt, clean-time countdown, and pumpkin-carving contest (bring your own or carve one on-site.) 

We are exploring how to handle the prizes for the contests, and are exploring getting a limited number of shirts printed as prizes and to sell.

The plan at this time is to have a speaker meeting, and we are planning on reaching Craig from Portsmouth, OH. 

Group Reports

Clean Possibilities report

The meeting is going great.  Recovery is being shared, coffee is in the pot, and literature is on the table.  Our average attendance is 15 members.  We do not have a donation for the Area at this time.  We are planning a homegroup celebration in the near future.  Staqy tuned for further updates!

Grateful to Serve,

Tom M.

Life is good @ progress not perfection.  Attendance is strong.  Implementing the Living Clean book as the format has increased the atmosphere of recovery and maturity of the meeting.  We have a strong group of active homegroup members.  We’re super excited about our new literature rack.  We will be having a 6 year celebration Sept.  25th with food fellowship and speaker Stacy B from Metro.  $20.00 area donation.  Grateful 2 Serve.

Erica P.

Hello from the Not High Noon.  We have 3 HG members erica B, Elijah C and Brittany O, We would like to thank the homegroups who donated Ips, Keytags, and literature it was very much appreciated.  Our meeting is doing well, average attendance is 6-14 a week.  A small comfortable group where the message is being shared.

Grateful to serve,

Brittany O

Hey everyone,

Things are moving along great at the No painNo gain group of NA.  the doors are open rent is payed and coffee is made.  Lit is on the table and the message is being shared.  We are averaging 15-20 people a week.  Sorry but we have no nonation at theis time.

Grateful to Serve

Eric H.

Greetings from the Living in the Solution group of Narcotics Anonymous.  The literature is stocked and the message is being carried.  We have an average attendance of 18 addicts per meeting.  We are awaiting the delivery of literature and keytags from NAWS.  We are working on getting a locking tote for our group supplies due to a few items disappearing.  Our rent is paid until October and we have a $30.00 donation to area this month.


David H.  GSR

Thursday Night: Gods Will Candlelight Group:

August 18, 2013

The Thursday night Gods Will Candle Light meeting is doing well with the doors open on time, coffee made, literature on display and the message of recovery being shared. Our attendance averages 25 to 35 per week and our group has changed its meeting type to that of a rotating format having a speaker on the third Thursday of each month, but it is still a candle light/meditation meeting. We would like to thank Phillip D sharing his experience, strength and hope on August 15th. Our next speaker will be Scott H on Thursday September 19th which is also the night our home group will have a member celebrating 2 years.  We have no donation to area as we just paid our rent and bought literature. We now have four active home group members as we would like to welcome our newest home group member Angela O and we will always welcome any others that wish’s to join.

Grateful to serve,

Tom F

Hello fellow recovering addicts from the another chance to live group. The monday meeting averaged 10, the friday meeting is averaging 15-20, rent is paid, literature on table, coffee being served. Most importantly the message is being shared honestly. We had a homegroup member Travis A celebrate 1 year this past month. We have no donation at this time. Grateful to be of service

Ryan D

Trust the Process Sat Night 8

Meeting is going great. Doors always open, literature on the table, message is being carried. We had our business meeting on 8/17. We will be having a 2 celebrations in September a 6 year and 27 year Dalmas C and Joe M both to be combined for one recovery bash on 9/7 and we do not have a donation at this time do to literature order.

Grateful to serve,

Dalmas C

All is well at the Hope Without Dope group of Narcotics Anonymous. The doors are open on time, literature is on the table, and the life saving message of NA is being carried. We have 50-60 in attendance every Wednesday and Sunday. We have no donation for area this month and no new news to report. Grateful to serve Liz H.

The Another Way Fellowship is doing well. We still meet on Monday nights at 7p at The 1st Congregational Church in Ceredo, and now hold a candlelight service on the 1st Monday of every month. Coffee is hot & in the pot, literature is on the table, & the gift of recovery is being shared. We have no donation to the area at this time.

Scott L

Greetings from the Hope Turns To Faith Group:

                            Things are going well, rent is paid, literature is on the table, coffee is being made, doors are open on time and and atmosphere of recovery is being provided.  On August 20, we will be having our next speaker meeting, Brandon G. will be sharing hhis experience, strength, and hope.  We do not have a donation to area at this time. We would like to congratulate home group member Deeidra G on celebrating 1 year.  We would also like to welcome new home group members John Y. and Chris W.. 

                                                                                                                             Grateful to be of service,

                                                                                                                                       Hope Turns to Faith Group 

Greetings from the hope through surrender home group. All is well. The meeting is taking place as scheduled and the message of recovery is being shared. We have literature and coffee available at every meeting, and our average attendance is around 25. We have a $20.00 donation for area at this time. Grateful to serve Morgan H.

Old Business

Vote on the motion to remove the times and dates from the area policy.  (III; A; 1) 

6 for; 6 against; 2 abstaining.

Motion failed.

Election results:

Area Chair:  Wes R

Area Vice Chair:  Tom F

Area Secretary:  Brian C

Area Treasurer:  Nick L

Area Treasurer Alt:  Travis A

RCM:  Tyler M

RCM alt:  Nick L

Public Relations chair:  Tom M

H and I chair:  Tom F

Subcommittee Motions:

H and I subcommittee submitted a motion for $19.26 for 100 schedules.  The motion passed 14 for; 0 against; 0 abstaining.

Group motions:


Discussion of regional donation:


Open Forum:

The Not High Noon homegroup requests assistance with IP s.

Discussion of the need to remove Robbie C from the area bank account.  Terri M advises that Wes R, Tom F, and Nick L will have to sign paper work, at the bank, in order to remove Robbie C from the account.  This will be done as soon as possible.

New Business

Subcommittee motions:

PR Motions

1)The committee would like to request $20.00 for 200 schedules for our upcoming schedule day.

for:  13

against:  o

abstaining:  0

motion passed

2)The committee would like to request $30.00 for supplies for our upcoming flyer day, scheduled for Saturday, 9/28 at 1 PM.  Supplies needed are flyers, tape and thumbtacks.

for:  12

against:  0

abstaining:  1

motion passed

H and I motions:

H&l be asked for monies for H&I Handbooks so that each of our panel leaders may have one to pass on at the end of their term.

The Intent was so that each panel leader would have a handbook should questions arise in the coarse of their H&I service.

We asked for $25.00.

Activities motions:


Group Motions

Another Way Group Motions

Motion:  In area policy document, change item III.D.2. to read: 


            The full area minutes are comprised of the ASC meeting minutes and subcommittee             meeting minutes.

Motion:  In area policy document, change item IV.A.7.c. to read:


            Responsible for submitting subcommittee minutes and reporting to the ASC about the

            subcommittee’s work.

Motion:  In area policy document, change item VI.A.3. to read: 


            Subcommittee chairpersons are responsible for ensuring that subcommittee meeting

            minutes are submitted to the ASC secretary for inclusion in and for timely distribution of 

            area minutes.

Intent:  The intent is to state clearly that information about subcommittee service be in the form of adequately descriptive minutes of all subcommittee business.  Some chairperson reports in the ASC minutes have been highly abbreviated and have entirely left out items of business that were deliberated in the subcommittee’s meeting.  Concept Eight stresses integrity and effectiveness in service communications.  Minutes are the most complete record of a subcommittee’s business and should be the primary tool of that written communication.

            In accordance with Concept Five, these motions also attempt to stress the need for timely submission of minutes to the appropriate officers responsible for their distribution.  Additionally, the motions attempt to assign a point of accountability for the timely distribution of these minutes, the subcommittee chairperson.  Though not responsible for recording minutes, a chairperson is responsible for overseeing and ensuring that his/her secretary submits or distributes minutes.  Of course, for these functions to occur each (sub)committee needs to make a priority of electing a qualified secretary to adequately record minutes.

Discussion of Regional donation:


Open Discussion and Announcements:

There will be an H and I workshop on August 23 at 7:00 PM.  The workshop is being held at the Barnett Center.

There will be a 26 year and a 6 year celebration on September 7 at 8:00.  Trust the Process.

There will be a 2 year celebration on September 9 at noon.  Together we Can.

There will be a 6 year celebration on September 25 at 8:00 pm.  Stacy B willl be speaking.  Progress not Perfection.

World Convention

There will be a 1 year celebration on September 24 at 7:00pm.  Hope turns to Faith.

The Another Way homegroup has a candlelight meeting the first Moday of the month. 

Closed with Prayer.