Saturday, October 5, 2013

Area Minutes - September 2013

Area Minutes
September 15, 2013

Opened with prayer
12 Traditions read
12 Concepts read

Living in the Solution:  Y
No Pain, No Gain:  Y
Another Chance to Live:  Y
Another Way:  N
Together We Can:  Y
Not High Noon:  Y
Clean Possibilities:  Y
Hope Turns to Faith:  Y
Hope Without Dope:  Y
Progress Not Perfection:  Y
Hope Through Surrender:  Y
God’s Will Candlelight:  Y
Cross Roads:  N
High on Life:  N
Serenityville:  N
Trust the Process:  Y

Quorum Established
Minutes read and accepted by Wes R

GTOASCNA Treasurer’s Report
Activity recorded 08-18-13 through 09-14-13

Regular Account
Beginning Balance           $   0.00
08-18-13Living In The Solution     $ 30.00
Progress Not Perfection$ 20.00
Hope Through Surrender$ 20.00

Total income$70.00

08-18-13Cab. Co. Pub. Lib. for ASC Ck 444$ 15.00
08-22-13Doug H. H&I HandbooksCk 445$ 23.43
09-13-13City of Hunt. Found (July/Aug) H&I$ 20.00

Total Expenses                                 $ 58.43

Internal Xfr to PR Acct.$ 11.57                        

Ending Balance$   0.00

Public Relations Reserve
Beginning Balance         $ 300.00

09-13-13Internal Xfr from Reg. Acc.$ 11.57
Total Income$ 11.57

08-18-13Tom M. Schedules Ck. 442$ 20.00
08-18-13Tom M. Flyer Day Ck. 443$ 30.00

Total Expenses$ 50.00

Ending Balance $ 261.57

Prudent Reserve              
Beginning Balance     $ 85.95

Total Income $ 0.00

Ending Balance                                                            $85.95

Activities Reserve         
Beginning Balance                                                      $ 400.00

Total Income$     0.00

Ending Balance                                             $ 400.00

As of 09-14-13 the total of all 4 accounts is $ 747.52
Nick L. – ASC Treasurer


H AND I Subcommittee report:

H&I subcommittee report
September 15, 2013

Greetings GTOASCNA

All is well with H&I and the Narcotics Anonymous lifesaving message of recovery is being shared. At our last area service we made asked for monies to buy two H&I handbooks for our panel leaders, $25.00 was the amount agreed upon and the actual amount needed was $23.43 and our treasurer Nick L sent a check to Doug H to cover the hand books. The panel leaders have been provided with schedules and should they need more all they have to do is ask.  We would like to thank all those that continue to go in with our panel leaders that make carrying the message possible. We would like to again thank Erica P and Amanda C for continuing to help carry the message into the women's jail however they do still need help.  We had an H&I workshop on Friday August 23rd at 7:00 pm at the Barnett Center and would like to thank the 18 members who showed up to share their experience, strength and hope making the workshop possible. In our most recent subcommittee Tom M expressed the willingness to gather information from Presley Ridge and the Robert L. Shell Juvenile Center with the intention of GTO getting an H&I in those juvenile facilities and if we can come up with a day of the week and time of day that works we will bring it back to subcommittee for further discussion. Also the NANA area whom has been carrying the men’s jail would like help from the GTO area since technically it is in our area anyway.

Grateful to serve, Tom F

Minutes for Hospitals and Institutions Subcommittee 9-13-13
Attendance: Tom F. Tom M. Amber B. Michelle L. Brian C. David H. Nick L. Steven S. Luke E. Phillip D.
Opened with serenity prayer
Twelve concepts read- Brian C.
Twelve traditions read- Amber B.
Old Business
*Tom F. gave schedules to panel members. Brian C., David H. and Phillip D. requested more schedules.
*Tom F. requested funds at area or H& I handbooks which he received and purchased two handbooks for Amber B. and Phillip D.
*The last H & I workshop was held on 8-23-13. H & I chair has names and numbers of those who attended and is awaiting list from previous chair Tyler M. to compile a new list of members able to participate in H & I.
Group Reports read- Thursday night Pinecrest
All is well at our Thursday night Pinecrest meeting of H& I. Willingness I great among men and women. Deeidra G. took my panel in the week of the world convention. We have been going in and leaving on time. We have schedules on the table, we received from Tom F. The message of NA is being carried!
Thanks for letting me serve Nick C.

Hello from Pinecrest,
Everything is going well with the Thursday night H & I meeting. Willingness is good. There have been more women willing to go into the meeting. There have been a lot of clients staying after the meeting to talk with panel members.
Grateful to serve Deeidra G.
Riverpark 3 South
Greetings from Riverpark short term. Everything is going well. The message of recovery is being shared and the meeting is opening and ending on time. I usually have three to four people with willingness to go in with me.
Grateful to serve David H.
Riverpark Adult unit
The meeting is going very well, is taking place as scheduled, and is 
taking place on time. There has been an abundance of willingness to 
participate and I am grateful for the support.  I would like to request 
regional schedules as I have distributed all that I have been given to 
clients of the facility.
Grateful to serve, Brian C.

New Business

*Tom M. met with the Shell center and Pressley Ridge who expressed interest in H & I meeting in their facilities. Tom M. expressed willingness to meet with both facilities to obtain information and bring it back to the subcommittee for discussion.

*Phillip D. discussed the Metro area requesting help with willingness and experience to assist with H & I in that area.

*Tom F. requested the need for $20 from area for rent at the Barnett Center for subcommittee meetings for August and September.

Open Forum

Tom M. announced the Tuesday night Clean Possibilities 28 year homegroup celebration
Tom F. announced a two year celebration at the Gods Will Thursdy night meeting
Area Service this Sunday
PR and Activity subcommittees are in need of support from members

Motion to adjour
Closed meeting with prayer and group hug
Grateful to Serve Deeidra G.

PR Subcommittee Report:
Minutes for Public Relations Subcommittee  9-15-13
*Opened with Serenity prayer
Twelve concepts-Tom M.
Twelve traditions- Michelle L.
Present for subcommittee- Tom M., Michelle L., Dee Dee G., J. C.
Minutes for 8-18-13 read- Dee Dee G.
Last Loved Ones group was held 9-10-13 Austin B., Jason L., Dee Dee G., Tom M. were panel members.
Old Business 
*Discussed CCSAPP Dee Dee G. reports message was left again with Mary      Crouch of the alcohol and beverage commission,  no response at this time.
*Dee Dee G. agreed to continue to be point of contact.
*Discussed the Area Website fee of 9.99 is due soon. Dalmus C., Nick L. and Tom M. discussed the need for credit card to pay fee and waiting for the bank to issue a new card with the correct name. Dalmus C. had willingness to use his personal card if necessary to assure fee is paid on time.
*Discussed need for PR emails needing to be checked on a regular basis. *Dalmus C. agreed to continue checking emails.
*Discussed meetings that were not listed on area website. Dee Dee G. made contact with home group members for both Friday meetings and Saturday meeting is no longer being held. Thursday night meeting still not on area website.
*Discussed schedule day everything went well. Tom M. received contact information to all facilities he visited. He received Mayor's contact information from Chesapeake Community centerto obtain information regarding  upcoming fair. Tom M. also received information from the community center in Ceredo regarding October festival  regarding setting up NA display and information stand. Elijah C. was able to visit six facilities and received contact information from all facilities. Elijah C. also submitted a detailed report.
*Subcommittee discussed decorating NA display with literature and fliers.
*Discussed need for more schedules. Tom M. requested to motion area to keep remainder of funds from schedule to purchase more schedules
*Discussed announcing flier day in meeting for Oct 12th at 1pm meet at Harris Riverfront Park.
*Discussed placing sign on public transportation, Dalmus reports Travis A. has made contact with Joe and received information to be brought to next subcommittee.
New Business
*Discussed changing flier day from the 28th of September to October 12 due to conflict with other recover events.
*Discussed announcing flier day in meeting for Oct 12th at 1pm meet at Harris Riverfront Park.
*Discussed plans to make monthly contact with new facilities, will submit point of contact at next subcommittee.
*Discussed calling facilities that were already involved with to request them  to print schedule from website to sustain contact with that facility.
*Last Loved Ones group was held 9-10-13 Austin B., Jason L., Dee Dee G., Tom M. were panel members. Discussed next Loved Ones group to be held on October 22nd.
*Nick L. will be doing his schedule day on Monday 9-16-13. Nick L. will   be making contact with the Wayne county facility, Dalmus C. had willingness to help if needed.
*Dalmus C. discussed changing area website from PDF to word document in order for easier accessibility, subcommittee to receive feedback formembers and discuss next month.
*Closed meeting group hug and prayer
Grateful to Serve Dee Dee G.
Activities Subcommittee Report:
GTO Activities Report 9-15-2013
We have selected Fairfield East for the location of both Halloween (October 26th) and In Loving Service (February 8th, 2014).    
Speaker has been confirmed it will be Craig F from Portsmouth, Ohio.
Erica and Michelle are going to put together a scavenger hunt.
We will not be having a DJ, but we are working on getting speakers to have music.
$100 for Rent
$160 for grocery
$140 for prizes/scavenger hunt/ piñatas/ pumpkins
We are asking for donations of deserts and auction items from those who attend.
We will have limited amount of pumpkins for the pumpkin carving contest, contestants are encouraged to bring their own entries.  
5:00- Doors open
6:00- Chili Cook-off Judging
7:00-Pumpkin Carving Contest/ Costume Contest/ Scavenger Hunt/Auction
8:30- Speaker Meeting

Tony and I will be distributing fliers ASAP.

Grateful to Serve,
Nick P

Greetings from the Living in the Solution home group.  The doors are open and the message is being carried.  We have about 18 addicts attending per meeting.  We recently changed our group conscience to the 2nd Sunday before the Sunday before area.  A vote was taken on the Another Way Motion regarding a policy and procedure change.  A vote of “Nay” got the vote.  We are placing a literature order for a Basic Text and other books.  We voted to donate a Basic Text to the upcoming regional convention to be signed by our home group members and sent to Ripley.  We would like to announce a 2 year celebration on Oct 13, 2013.  There will be a speaker and cake.  Please come and help celebrate this miracle.  We have a $25.00 donation to area this month.  In loving Service, David H.

Greetings from Progress not Perfection!  Our meeting is opening and starting on time with literature out and coffee made each week.  We are averaging about 20-30 people in attendance weekly.  We have no donation this month as we prepare for a celebration on the 25th, Stacy B from Metro is coming to tell her story.  We do need schedules as well.  The message of hope is being shared at Progress Not Perfection group!  Grateful to Serve, Nick C.

Greetings from “High On Life” group of NA.  Coffee, literature and mtg is up and running on time.  Attendance ranges 30-40 members per mtg.  The life saving message of Narcotics Anonymous is being carried.  Sorry but we have no donation for area at this time.  Grateful to Serve, Amber B.

Greetings from the Not High Noon group.  We are doin well.  Every Tuesday are meeting is open no matter what.  We are averaging 10-15 members a week.  We don’t always have coffee but literature is available, rent is paid and the Narcotics Anonymous message is shared.  We have a donation at this time.  Thank you, GSR Brittany O.  

The “Together We Can”  home group is doing well.  The doors are open, rent is paid, coffee is in the pot, literature on the table.  Average attendance is 50 people.  We have a $25 donation.  Motions were discussed among home group members.  Grateful to Serve, Danny M.

Greetings from the No Pain No Gain Group of NA.  we are doing well, doors open on time, coffee is made, literature out and the message is being served.  Attendance is averaging around 10 to 20 per week.  Our next speaker will be Greg N for Kristina S celebration.  We have no donation to area at this time as we paid rent and supplies.  Thank you for your time.  Grateful to Serve, Eric H.

Hello family. Greetings from the another chance to live group, meetings are
going swimmingly, rent paid, literature on tables and being distributed and
sold, coffee hot. We have 3 new homegroup members, Jon Y, DJ B, and Gary W. The
message is being shared. We have a 20 dollar donation for area.

Grateful to serve

Ryan D

All is well at the Hope Without Dope group of Narcotics Anonymous. The doors are open on time, literature is on the table, and the life saving message of NA is being carried. We have 50-60 in attendance every Wednesday and Sunday. We have no donation for area this month and no new news to report. Grateful to serve Liz H.
The Thursday night Gods Will Candle Light meeting is doing well with the doors open on time, coffee made, literature on display and the message of recovery being shared. Our attendance averages 25 to 35 per week and our group has changed its meeting type to that of a rotating format having a speaker on the third Thursday of each month, but it is still a candle light/meditation meeting. Our next speaker will be Scott H on Thursday September 19th which is also the night our home group will have a member celebrating 2 years.  We have no donation to area as we just paid our rent and bought literature. Our vote was yes on the motions brought forth by the Monday night Ceredo meeting.  We will always welcome any that wish’s to join our home group and are extremely grateful for those we have.

Grateful to serve,
Tom F

Clean Possibilites

All is well at Clean Possibilites. The doors are open, recovery is being shared, literature is on the table, and coffee is in the pot. We look forward to seeing everyone at our 29 year homegroup celebration, Tuesday 9/17, from 6pm-8pm. We have no news to report and no donation for the area at this time.

Grateful To Serve,

Tom M.

Greetings from the Hope Turns to Faith group,

           Things are going well.  The doors are open on time a message of recovery is being shared.  The rent is paid, coffee is being made and literature is on the table.  On September 24th we will be having a homegroup member celebrating 1yr, Amanda C. will be sharing her experience, strength, and hope.  We have a $25 donation to area.

                                                                      Grateful to be of service,

                                                                               Michelle L.


Subcommittee motions:

PR Motions
1)The committee would like to request $20.00 for 200 schedules for our upcoming schedule day.
for:  13
against:  o
abstaining:  0
motion passed
2)The committee would like to request $30.00 for supplies for our upcoming flyer day, scheduled for Saturday, 9/28 at 1 PM.  Supplies needed are flyers, tape and thumbtacks.
for:  12
against:  0
abstaining:  1
motion passed

H and I motions:
H&l be asked for monies for H&I Handbooks so that each of our panel leaders may have one to pass on at the end of their term.

The Intent was so that each panel leader would have a handbook should questions arise in the coarse of their H&I service.

We asked for $25.00.

Activities motions:

Group Motions

Another Way Group Motions

Motion:  In area policy document, change item III.D.2. to read:  
The full area minutes are comprised of the ASC meeting minutes and subcommittee meeting minutes.

Motion:  In area policy document, change item IV.A.7.c. to read:
Responsible for submitting subcommittee minutes and reporting to the ASC about the
           subcommittee’s work.

Motion:  In area policy document, change item VI.A.3. to read:  
Subcommittee chairpersons are responsible for ensuring that subcommittee meeting
           minutes are submitted to the ASC secretary for inclusion in and for timely distribution of  
           area minutes.

Intent:  The intent is to state clearly that information about subcommittee service be in the form of adequately descriptive minutes of all subcommittee business.  Some chairperson reports in the ASC minutes have been highly abbreviated and have entirely left out items of business that were deliberated in the subcommittee’s meeting.  Concept Eight stresses integrity and effectiveness in service communications.  Minutes are the most complete record of a subcommittee’s business and should be the primary tool of that written communication.
In accordance with Concept Five, these motions also attempt to stress the need for timely submission of minutes to the appropriate officers responsible for their distribution.  Additionally, the motions attempt to assign a point of accountability for the timely distribution of these minutes, the subcommittee chairperson.  Though not responsible for recording minutes, a chairperson is responsible for overseeing and ensuring that his/her secretary submits or distributes minutes.  Of course, for these functions to occur each (sub)committee needs to make a priority of electing a qualified secretary to adequately record minutes.


-Discussion of how the PR subcommittee can access the PR reserve within the confines of the area policy.
Subcommittee Motions:
Activities Subcommittee motions:
We ask for $400 from the Activities account for the Halloween Extravaganza.  Nick P.
for:  10
against:  0
abstaining:  2
Motion Passed

H and I motions:

PR subcommittee motions:

HG Motions:

Motion for $120.00 to send Tyler M and Nick L to the Regional Committee meeting on October 5-6.
Motion seconded.
For:  10
Against:  0
Abstaining:  2
Motion Passed

Vote on the previous month’s tabled motions to change policy:

Motion:  In area policy document, change item III.D.2. to read:  
The full area minutes are comprised of the ASC meeting minutes and subcommittee meeting minutes.
For:  10
Against:  0
Abstaining:  2
Motion Passed

Motion:  In area policy document, change item IV.A.7.c. to read:
Responsible for submitting subcommittee minutes and reporting to the ASC about the
           subcommittee’s work.

For:  10
Against:  0
Abstaining:  2
Motion Passed

Motion:  In area policy document, change item VI.A.3. to read:  
Subcommittee chairpersons are responsible for ensuring that subcommittee meeting
           minutes are submitted to the ASC secretary for inclusion in and for timely distribution of  
           area minutes.
For:  10
Against:  0
Abstaining:  2
Motion Passed.

Closed with Prayer.