Saturday, November 30, 2013

Area Minutes - November 2013

November 17, 2013

Opened with Prayer
12 Traditions read
12 Concepts read

Living in the Solution:  Y
No Pain, No Gain:  Y
Another Chance to Live:  Y
Another Way:  N
Together We Can:  Y
Not High Noon:  Y
Clean Possibilities:  Y
Hope turns to Faith:  Y
Hope without Dope:  Y
Progress not Perfection:  Y
Hope through Surrender:  Y
God’s Will Candlelight:  Y
High on Life:  Y
Cross Roads:  Y
Serenityville:  Y
Trust the Process:  Y

Quorum Established
Minutes read and approved by Wes R


(Not received by area minutes deadline.  Will be sent as an addendum to the minutes asap.)


Note:  The regional minutes are now available on the regional website.


H and I minutes

Minutes for Hospitals and Institutions 11-8-13
Attendance: Tom F., Brian C., Tom M., Nick C ., Ryan D., David H. & Brittany O.
Amber B.
Opened with Serenity Prayer
Twelve Concepts read- Brian C.
Twelve Traditions read- Amber B.
Group Reports- Thursday Pinecrest
Greetings from Pinecrest,
Everything is going well with the Thursday night meeting of H & I. Willingness is great. Nick C. took the meeting in 10-31-13 due to my work schedule and we agreed to switch weeks from that date. The message of NA is being shared. No problems to report.
Grateful to serve Deeidra G.
All is well with the Thursday night Pinecrest H & I meeting. Willingness is great. There have been issues with the doors being opened on time. We have been consistently carrying the message every week. Deeidra G. and I switched weeks, I am grateful to serve
Nick C.
Riverpark Short term
Greetings from Riverpark short term. Everything is going well. The message of recovery is being shared.
Grateful to serve David H.
Riverpark Adult Unit
Greetings from Riverpark four west,
Everything is going well. The panel is taking place as scheduled and on time. There has been willingness on the part of area members to participate in the panel discussion. I would like to request more regional meeting schedules.
Grateful to serve Brian C.

Riverpark Longterm
Everything is going great at Riverpark longterm. I am truly honored to be a part of this meeting. There are no problems to report.
Grateful to serve Phillip D.
Pressley Ridge
Aloha from Pressley Ridge! The meeting is going great. The clients have been asking questions and sharing some of their own experience. The facility has agreed to start bringing some of the clients to outside meetings, based on their behavior. At this time we do not know how often the facility plans on bringing theclients to outside meetings.  The male clients are split into two groups. Since we do H & I  at Pressley Ridge we only see each group every two weeks.
Grateful to serve Tom M.
Western Regional Jail
Erika P. was unable to carry the meeting in due to lack of willingness.
Old Business
*Tom F. report that he did not need to ask for money last month from area. The rent is up to date and he will request the money at the next area in October.
*Tom F. and Tom M. met with the Shell center and Pressley Ridge facility. The Shell center is going through some transitions with clients at this time and were unsure of new client population and amount of clients able to participate and requested to meet after transition is complete with more information. Pressley Ridge is excited to participate with H & I. Information was obtained regarding having a separate meetings for males and female clients. There were no security clearance requested that we follow regular H & I guidelines.
     *Tom M. expressed willingness to be the panel leader and subcommittee agreed to have Tom M. as panel leader. We discussed willingness for a female panel leader. Michelle Lexpressed willingness to be the panel leader for the woman's meeting, but lacks the 6 month experienced H & I  requirement. Amber and Michelle agreed to work together as panel members until Michelle meets requirement.  *Tom to begin the male meeting on October 21 at 7pm. The subcommittee will discuss the start date for the woman’s meeting at next subcommittee.
          *The next H & I workshop was scheduled for November 9th at 6pm at the Barnett        
       *Brian C. and David H. requested more schedules.
New Business
*Tom M. discussed the need for willingness to do a second meeting at Pressley Ridge in order to carry the message more often to clients in both groups. Tyler M. expressed willingness to take the 2nd meeting.
*Discussed nominations for new panel positions in Dec. start announcing in meetings.
*Discussed the willingness of females to start the female meeting at Pressley Ridge, Missy C. and Michele L expressed willingness to be panel leaders.
*Tom F. gave all panel members new meeting schedules.
Open Forum
Tuesday night Clean Possibilities will be having a 15 year celebration
Tuesday night Hope turns to faith will be having a 3 year celebration

PR Minutes

PR MINUTES 11-17-13
Opened with prayer
Twelve concepts-Tom M.
Twelve traditions- Michelle L.
Minutes read- Deeidra G.
Attendance: Tom M. Michelle L. Nick L. J.C. Ryan D. Tasha W.

Old Business-
*Discussed next Loved Ones group is scheduled for 10-29-13/
*Tom M. met with representative from the United Way and obtained contact Laura Gilliam with CCSAP to obtain information on set up of NA displays at health fairs.
*Deeidra G. agreed to follow up with Ms. Gilliam and continue  to be the point of contact regarding obtaining information from CCSAP.
*The website fee id due this month Dalmus C. and  Nick L. are making arrangements to have fee paid.
*Dalmus C. attempted to change website form PDF to word document
the site did not like the change so he is looking for someone to assist him with attempting to make the necessary changes.    
*Dalmus C. attempted to change website form PDF to word document the site did not like the change so he is looking for someone to assist him with attempting to make the necessary changes.
*Discussed the need to elect a new Vice-chair due to Travis being unable to meet service commitment due to his work schedule.
*Flier day was not very successful due to lack of willingness but some fliers  were hung by the members who did attend.
*Discussed scheduling another flier day in order to hang fliers on the campus of   Marshall University.
 *Discussed asking Elijah C. if he has the willingness to be point of contact and to form a group to revisit  facilities that were contacted during our last schedule day.
*Tom M. received information from Travis T. regarding placing signs on
public transportation but has to get more details regarding sign sizes and fees.
*Subcommittee discussed finding someone with the willingness to make phone contact and generate a list of all facilities, we have made contact with to follow up with on regular monthly basis.
 *The Shell center requested literature donation, committee to follow up.

New Business-
*We discussed appointing a new vice-chair due to Travis A. being unable to meet requirements for position due to his work schedule. Ryan D. expressed willingness to take position all members in agreement to have Ryan D. as new PR vice-chair.
*Tom M received bus signs and discussed the need for money to have signs placed on buses. Tom will attend the next region meeting to request money for signs.
*The last Loved Ones group was Qct. 29th everything went well. Next group is scheduled for Dec. 10th. Committee discussed the desire to change clean time requirements from one year to six months with H & I experience. We agreed to further discuss at next subcommittee.
*We discussed the need to try to schedule a PR learning workshop soon in order for members to get information and experience for Loved Ones groups.
*Deeidra G. made contact with CCSAP organization and received contact person Lynn Armiston who is to send email of upcoming summits and fairs that PR may be able to participate in.
*Website fee has been paid.
*GTO area meeting schedule has been updated.
Tom M received web servant report from Dalmus C. and Dalmus requested that we  to request members to visit site, and continue to announce in meetings and send upcoming activities to website.
* Tom M. and DJ hung fliers on the campus of Marshall University and discussed the need for a second trip due to size of the campus they were only able to do a small area.
* Tasha W. discussed the need for fliers in housing divisions such as Northcott, J.C. and Ryan expressed willingness to participate in going to some different places such as housing complex to hang fliers.
*Elijah C. has expressed the willingness to do another schedule day returning to the original contact places previously visited.
*The shell center has requested a literature donation. Brian and Mary H. have in there home that they are willing to donate.
*Cabell County Career Center requested literature and schedules.
Closed meeting with group hug and prayer
        Grateful to serve Deeidra G.

Web Servants Report:

Web Servant Report
Greetings from the cyberspace. Everything is going great the meeting schedule is
up to date and all emailed announcements have been placed on the blog except the
area minutes i apologize to the committee i just completely forgot to upload
them. Any upcoming announcements or meeting changes should be emailed to We want to thank everyone for announcing the website
and for your continued support.

Grateful to serve
Dalmas C

Activities Minutes

Activities Subcommittee Report 11-2013
Meeting opened by nick p
We met resistance at the Fairfield east community center, Erica and nick p were able to get facility for Halloween extravaganza, however they want us to write a letter to the owner, to let them know that the manager was confused about our reservation. We also got 3 different amounts; the confusion appears to be with the manager/worker of the facility. Nick P is going to send a letter stating the facts. The facility also wouldn’t accept payment for all the confusion. It is going to be discussed in area, if it goes against traditions to accept this or to pay for the reservation.
Receipts for Halloween extravaganza:
Dollar tree9.54
Wal mart66.28
Dollar tree32.35
Dollar tree36.68
Basic text11.00
Income 7th tradition/na auction+248.00
Money to return to area-----**+284.46**- money given to nick l during subcommittee meeting
Open forum discussion of in loving service, It will be Feb 8th, tentatively at Fairfield East Community building. Tradition workshop is the main event; there will be a PR learning day, possibly a h and I workshop.  Ideas for food to be discussed at next subcommittee.  A vote was takin for PR workshop, 10 for 2 against.
Discussed about a vice chair for Activities- Brittany O and Tom M have willingness.
Also be brought up in Feb area to get funding for GTO camppout
Will be brought up in area about getting camp sites reserved for GTO campout.


Trust the Process Group.  Meetings going well each week.  Doors open, literature ordered, and the message being shared.  Average attendance is 60 a week.  Home group members with willingness are needed.  We have a $20.00 donation this month.  It is very helpful when addicts see that their children are quietly entertained.  Grateful to serve, Dalmas C, Joe M, Terri M.

Progress Not Perfection.  Life is good.  Message is being carried.  Literature is stocked.  Attendance is high.  We welcome new homegroup member Davey H.  Wee have a $50.00 donation.  Grateful to Serve, Erica P.

Greetings from the High on Life group of Narcotics anonymous.  The doors are open, literature is on the table, and the life saving message is being carried.  Our average attendance is 20 addicts per meeting.  We have no donation for area at this time.  Grateful to serve, Nycole L.

Clean Possibilities report.  Aloha from Clean Possibilities.  The meeting is going swimmingly.  The doors are open, rent is paid, literature is on the table, coffee is in the pot, and recovery is being shared.  Average attendance is roughly 15 members per meeting.  We would like to congratulate Chris G on celebrating 15 years cleanthis month.  We often have several newcomers at our meeting, so we would appreciate support from experienced members.  We do not have a donation for area at this time.  Grateful to Serve, Tom M.

Hello from the Not High Noon Group, our weekly Tuesday noon meeting is doing very well.  We have a new homegroup member Zack D.  Our doors are open, literature is available and the message is being shared.  Our average weekly attendance is 15-20.  We will be having a speaker November 26th:  Ryan D.  We have a $10.00 donation to area.  Grateful to be of service, Brittany O Alt GSR, Zack D.

The Monday night Together We Can group of NA is doing well.  The doors are open, literature is on the table, rent is paid, coffee is in the pot.  Average attendance is 30-35 and the message of recovery is being shared.  Grateful to Serve, Danny M.

Hello with love from another chance to live group of narcotics anonymous. Meetings are going well, open on time, closing on time, literature on table, coffee hot, and the message of hope and recovery is being shared. The Friday meeting was not opened on the 8th due to the facility being used.  We have a 10 dollar donation for area at this time. 
Grateful to be of service
Ryan D

Hope Through Surrender group report
All is well with the Hope Through Surrender group of Narcotics Anonymous. We
have been at our new location for about a month, literature is on the table,
coffee in the pot and most importantly the message of recovery is being shared.
We average about 15 people per week and have a $20 donation to area at this
Grateful to serve
Tasha W.

Greetings from the Living in the Solution Home Group. Our doors are open, the
literature is stocked, and the life saving message is being carried. Our
attendance is 12-15 addicts per meeting. We would like to announce that we have
a home group member celebrating a 3 year miracle on December the 8th, it will be
a speaker meeting with Nick S sharing his experience, strength, and hope. We
have no areas of concern to present th the ASC @ this time. We have a $35.00
donation to area.

                               Grateful to Serve.
                                      Steven S.

Greetings from no pain no gain group of NA . All is well and meetings are
picking up thanks to all who have been coming and showing support. Rent is paid
and literature on the table. We are making a 7 dollar donation to area at this
time.( but the 2 dollar bill is worth more!)

        In loving service
                Tyler m.

All is well at the Hope Without Dope group of Narcotics Anonymous. The doors are open on time, literature is on the table, and the life saving message of NA is being carried. We have 50-60 in attendance every Wednesday and Sunday. We have no donation for area this month and no new news to report. Grateful to serve Liz H.


Greetings, all is well with the Gods Will Candlelight Meeting of Narcotics Anonymous with the doors open on time each week, coffee made, literature on display and the life saving message of recovery being shared. Our attendance averages 25 to 35 per week and our group is doing well since changing to a rotating format and having a speaker on the third Thursday of each month. We would like to thank Paul M (in October) and Nick C (on November 21st ) for sharing their experience, strength and hope. We have no donation to area at this time as we recently paid rent and bought literature at our fall convention.

Grateful to serve, Tom F

Subcommittee Motions:

Public Relations subcommittee motion:
The subcommittee requests $50 to be used for little white booklets, schedules, and supplies to decorate a bulletin board at Lilly’s Place, a new facility that provide support to mothers of drug addicted babies.  They are scheduled to open in November 2013.

Public Relations Fund:  “no vote necessary”

H and I subcommittee  motions:  none

Activities subcommittee motions:  none

Group Motions:

Discussion of Regional donation:  no donation


Subcommittee Motions:
PR:  The subcommittee would like to request $10 for schedules and flyers.  The schedules are to be donated to 2 facilities that have recently requested literature and schedules-robert L Shell Center and Cabell County Career Technologhy Center.  The flyers are reserved for Tasha W and her crew to hang up in facilities that the PR subcommittee has never visited, yet are frequented by addicts, such as Marcum Terrace and Northcott Community buildings.  Grateful to Serve, Tom M.
H and I:  the subcommittee would like to request $19.00 for 100 schedules.

Group Motions:

Discussion of regional donation:

Discussion of an NA open meeting to take place in the Healing Place facility on either Thursday or Saturday night.

Closed with Prayer