Saturday, November 30, 2013

Area Minutes - October 2013


Area Minutes

October 20, 2013

Opened with Prayer

12 Traditions read

12 Concepts read


Living in the Solution:  Y

No Pain, No Gain:  Y

Another Chance to Live:  Y

Another Way:  N

Together We Can:  Y

Not High Noon:  N

Clean Possibilities:  Y

Hope Turns to Faith:  Y

Progress Not Perfection:  Y

Hope Through Surrender:  Y

God’s Will Candlelight:  Y

High on Life:  Y

Crossroads:  Y

Serenityville:  N

Trust the Process:  Y

Quorum established.

Minutes read and accepted by Wes R.


GTOASCNA Treasurer’s Report


Activity recorded 09-15-13 through 10-19-13

Regular Account
Beginning Balance                                           $   0.00
09-15-13        Living In The Solution                       $ 25.00
                Trust the Process                           $ 20.00
                Hope Through Surrender                     $ 20.00
                Another Chance to Live                    $ 20.00
                Together We Can                            $ 25.00
                Hope Turns to Faith                  $ 25.00
Total income                                         $135.00
09-15-13        Cabell Co. Lib. Rm. For ASC Ck. #448  $ 15.00
10-05-13        Nick L. Gas for Regional Service        $ 42.00
10-05-13        Nick L. Dorm Room for Region         $ 13.99
Total Expenses                                                       $ 70.99  
10-11-13        Internal Xfr to Prudent Reserve                $ 14.05                 
10-11-13        Internal Xfr to PR                          $ 38.43
Ending Balance                                                $ 11.53

Public Relations Reserve
Beginning Balance                                             $ 261.57
10-11-13        Internal Xfr from Reg. Acc.              $ 38.43                                         
Total Income                                         $ 38.43
Total Expenses                                              $ 0.00
Ending Balance                                                $ 300.00

Prudent Reserve              
Beginning Balance                                         $ 85.95
10-11-13        Internal Xfr. From Reg. Acct.             $ 14.05
Total Income                                         $ 14.05
Ending Balance                                                            $ 100.00

Activities Reserve                
Beginning Balance                                                      $ 400.00
Total Income                                         $     0.00
09-15-13         Halloween Funct. Supplies Ck. 447        $400.00
Ending Balance                                                             $    0.00


As of 10-19-13 the total of all 4 accounts is $ 411.53

Nick L. – ASC Treasurer


RCM Report

          Howdy from regional service land. Ok. This is my first RCM report so I will do my best to include all the information that was discussed at the most recent RSC:

Ad Hoc Policy Meeting

Last Regional service met on September 6th and 7th. The meeting started out with an ad hoc policy meeting where members were in attendance to help make grammatical changes to our regions policy to make it more relevant and readable. Some minor changes were made and a list of suggestions was created to make changes to specific sections in the policy that were discussed during the Policy and Administration subcommittee.

Open Forum

          A couple of things were discussed during the open forum section. A concern was made about the regional minutes not being sent out in a timely manner. The secretary said she will make a better effort to get them out faster, but a lot of that would depend on how soon the reports from the RCM’s and subcommittee chairs could be sent to her.

A discussion was brought up on forming a work group to combine H&I, phoneline, and PR under one big subcommittee. A motion was made to discuss the forming of the work group later on in the meeting and it was passed.

A member expressed a concern for the home groups in the Mountaineer Region to check their meeting information on the world website because a meeting locator app has been made and the app draws its information from the world website. A lot of people are using this app and some comments have come back that are saying quite a few of the meetings on the world website do not have the correct information listed.


          First and foremost, the spring convention of 2014 will be held at Cedar Lakes and the theme for that convention will be called “Mountain Miracles.” It was brought up during this subcommittee meeting that our region has no tax exempt status at this point in time; specifically concerning the merchandise sold at conventions. Because of this, a motion was made to allocate $370 to the merchandise chair to cover the taxes for the merchandise sold and it was passed. It was also mentioned that our current insurance problems will not be affecting our regional conventions. We will still have liability coverage. There have been a lot of concerns about Cedar Lakes closing down in the near future. As of now, that decision has not been made and nothing new has really come to light concerning the issue. There was a protest about a month ago were 800 people showed up and voiced their displeasure with the mere thought of closing the facility. Based on this protest, and since Cedar Lakes is covered under the Department of Education, several local politicians are getting involved to help keep Cedar Lakes alive. More will be revealed.


          There wasn’t much to report during the H&I meeting. A member announced that there has now been a database made of all the state and federal jails, and treatment facilities in the state of West Virginia. For more information on this, contact Tammy from the Metro Area. Also, a topic was brought to the attention of the subcommittee concerning something called PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act) that was passed back in 2003. The act makes an attempt to protect inmates and visitors from the threat of state and federal prison rape. It was suggested each areas H&I subcommittee check the local jails for any information on this act and ask about any necessary procedures our members may have to follow when carrying the message to inmates.


          Quite of few things were discussed during the regional PR subcommittee. There was conference at the Civic Center in Charleston on September 17th for the Drug and Alcohol Counselors. Wes R. attended and said the location where they were set up was not the greatest and separated from the rest of the booths, but meeting schedules and IP’s were still passed out. Next year the Civic Center told Wes R. they will make a better attempt to get everyone set up in the same area. It was mentioned in the Charleston Gazette that a NA flyer has been placed in the “Bulletin Board” section of the paper. If any areas are interested in getting a flyer in their local paper they can contact Wes R.

On October 23rd, Western Regional Jail in Barboursville will be having its mass release day from noon to 4:30 pm. If anyone is interested in getting involved with that, contact Wes R.

There was an issue discussed concerning an event called VA Stand Down Day in the GTO area. Wes R. was contacted and was told no members of Narcotics Anonymous were present for this event because of some miscommunication problems and it occurs every year. For any questions concerning this subject we were encouraged to reach out and talk to Wes R.

On February 1st the JAFA (Just Another Foothills Area) Area will be having an traditions workshop with the purpose of making a contribution to the upcoming Traditions Workbook. All members in the Mountaineer region were encouraged to come out and help share their experience, strength, and hope.

Another topic was brought up that if any area wants to use the regional PR display, that area is responsible for reimbursing expenses to whoever transports the PR display to said area.

The regional committee in Michigan is in talks with Wes R. to help the Mountaineer region with starting a public service announcement to be broadcasted on local TV stations. The cost would be no more than $80 for beta and can also be streamed, live, straight to television, or a DVD can be made. The tape cost is $10 and it was suggested the PR chair of any interested area get in touch to see which style they prefer to use (i.e. beta, DVD, live stream, etc.).

RD (Regional Delegate) Report

          Couple things that came back from our RD Alt. concerning NAWS and Zonal. I’ll highlight some of the important things that were brought back. If any member or home group would like to see the report submitted by the RD Alt. I can copy it and hand it out. A topic that came up was sending $7.50 to our zone every 3 years to help keep the website up to date. Several members of the region were opposed to the idea and made the argument that the zone is not really a part of the service structure, just a tool for service members to use. It was suggested for home groups to meet and decide whether or not donating the money would be a good idea.

Also there was talk about eliminating some of the zones and merging the eliminated zones in with another to make a bigger more diversified zone. More on that discussion will come at a late time.

Literature prices and shipping is going to increase effective January 1st, 2014. Shipping prices will be as follows:

·        Orders under $25 will increase from $5 to $6

·        Orders from $25-$50 will increase from $7 to $9

·        Orders from $50-$150 will increase from 15% to 17%

·        Orders from $150-$500 will stay the same at 12%

·        Orders over $500 will increase from 6% to 8%

Literature prices will be as follows come January 1st:

·        Basic Text-$11.55

·        JFT-$9

·        How and Why-$9

·        Sponsorship book-$8.25

·        Step Working Guide-$8.50

·        Living Clean-$9.75

·        Medallions-$3.20

·        Key Tags-$0.53

·        IPs-$0.24

There is some new info concerning the Traditions Workbook. NAWS has moved into a new information gathering phase and new workshop materials have been released. There are a couple different ways to perform a traditions workshop. More information can be found at Our region has put together two tradition workshops already and the next one will be at our upcoming regional convention. Check out the regional website for more info concerning that.

Lastly, The Conference Agenda Report (CAR) will be available on November 27th.

Policy and Administration

     The MANA Area (Mountain Area of Narcotics Anonymous) made a motion to create a work group to combine H&I, phoneline, and PR into one committee. Cooper B. will be the point of accountability for seeing that this is done. Anyone is allowed to be a part of and attend the work group.

During the ad hoc policy meeting, a list of policy changes were made to send back to home groups to have them vote on the changes or come up with any new changes. Those changes will come out with the RSC minutes.


     A big issue discussed was the insurance changes to our region. Paying for a regional insurance blanket will cost roughly $4,500 to cover each and every home group in the Mountaineer Region. Since our home groups no longer have any insurance policy, some home groups might have to find new locations. Also, this insurance fallout will also affect our service functions, campouts, and regional service. Wes R. is in talks with an insurance company in hopes of alleviating this problem. A member broke it down and if each home group in our region collects/donates $0.58 then it is possible to afford the $4,500 insurance blanket.

There was a possibility to cover both conventions for $1,000. A consensus was taken and agreed upon to pay the $1,000 to cover both our conventions. Also, it was discussed that our region may want to take out the “No addict turned away” statement on our convention flyer and increasing the registration fee. The intent was to get members to pay their fees because many of those attending the regional conventions do not pay the registration fee or room costs.

At this point in time our region does not have the funds to pay for a blanket policy. Keeping in mind, we also have to send the RD/RD Alt to the World service committee. Wes R. made a print out of all the regions income and expenses as well as the amount of money our region currently has. If you would like, I can make copies and give them to each home group.

Again, if any home group would like copies of the regional treasurer report and RD report, please let me know and I can make copies for you. Really grateful I got the chance to be a part of this experience and thank you for electing me to be this area’s RCM Alt. Grateful to serve.

-Nick L.


H and I Subcommittee minutes:

Minutes for Hospitals and Institutions Subcommittee 10-11-13

Attendance: Tom F. Tom M. Michelle L. Amber B. Brian C. David H. Nick C. Will L. Elijah C.

Opened with serenity prayer

Twelve concepts read- David H.

Twelve traditions read- Tom M.

Old Business  

*Tom M. met with the Shell center and Pressley Ridge who expressed interest in H & I meeting in their facilities. Tom M. expressed willingness to meet with both facilities to obtain information and bring it back to the subcommittee for discussion.

*Phillip D. discussed the Metro area requesting help with willingness and experience to assist with H & I in that area.

*Tom F. requested the need for $20 from area for rent at the Barnett Center for subcommittee meetings for August and September.

Group Reports read-

Thursday night Pinecrest

All is well with the Thursday might Pinecrest H & I. Willingness is great among male and female members. We have been entering and exiting on time together. Tom F. has given me fresh new schedules and the clients have taken some. We are consistently carrying the message every week and I am grateful as ever to serve.

          Nick C.

Hello from Pinecrest,

Everything is going well with the meeting, Willingness is good. We've had some problems with staff opening the meeting facility on time. The message of NA is being shared.

          Grateful to serve Deeidra G.

Riverpark 3 South

Greetings from Rverpark short term,

Everything is going well with the meeting. The meeting is opening and closing on time. The message of recovery is being shared.

          Grateful to serve David H.

Riverpark 4 West


Everything is going well with the H & I panel. The NA membership has provided me with the participation necessary to carry the NA message every Monday into the facility. The panel is taking place as scheduled and on time. I would like to express my appreciation to everyone involved and I would request , of the H & I subcommittee, more schedule. Thank for allowing me to be of service.

                                                                      Brian C.

RiverPark Long-term

Everything is going great at Riverpark long-term. Its truly an honor to just be a part of this meeting. There are no problems to report.

                    Grateful to serve Phillip D.

Western Regional Jail

 We were unable to go into the jail this month for lack of people to go in. We still need women who are interested in filling out applications.

                                                                      Erika P.

New Business

·*Tom F. report that he did not need to ask for money last month from area. The rent is up to date and he will request the money at the next area in October.

·*Tom F. and Tom M. met with the Shell center and Pressley Ridge facility. The Shell center is going through some transitions with clients at this time and were unsure of new client population and amount of clients able to participate and requested to meet after transition is complete with more information. Pressley Ridge is excited to participate with H & I. Information was obtained regarding having a separate meetings for males and female clients. There were no security clearance requested that we follow regular H & I guidelines.

·                *Tom M. expressed willingness to be the panel leader and subcommittee agreed to have          Tom M. as panel leader.

1           *We discussed willingness for a female panel leader. Michelle L expressed willingness          to be the panel leader for the woman's meeting, but lacks the 6 month experienced H & I           equirement. Amber and Michelle agreed to work together as panel members until          Michelle meets requirement.                                      

2           *Tom to begin the male meeting on October 21 at 7pm. The subcommittee will discuss          the start date          for the woman’s meeting at next subcommittee.

·                   * The next H & I workshop was scheduled for November 9th at 6pm at the Barnett          Center.     

·                   *Brian C. and David H. requested more schedules.

·                 Open Forum

·               Tom M. announced the next flier day on October 12th at 1pm 

            Motion to adjourn

            Closed meeting with prayer and group hug

PR Subcommittee minutes:

Minutes for Public Relations Subcommittee  10-20-13

*Opened with Serenity prayer

Twelve concepts-Tom M.

Twelve traditions- Michelle L.

·Present for subcommittee- Tom M., Michelle L., Dee Dee G.

Minutes for 9-15-13 read- Dee Dee G.

 Old Business

*Discussed changing flier day from the 28th of September to October 12 due to conflict with other recover events.

*Discussed announcing flier day in meeting for Oct 12th at 1pm meet at Harris Riverfront Park.

*Discussed plans to make monthly contact with new facilities, will submit point of contact at next subcommittee.

*Discussed calling facilities that were already involved with to request them  to print schedule from website to sustain contact with that facility.

*Last Loved Ones group was held 9-10-13 Austin B., Jason L., Dee Dee G., Tom M. were panel members. Discussed next Loved Ones group to be held on October 22nd.

        *Nick L. will be doing his schedule day on Monday 9-16-13. Nick L. will           be making contact with the Wayne county facility, Dalmus C. had         willingness to help if needed.

        *Dalmus C. discussed changing area website from PDF to word document         in order for easier accessibility, subcommittee to receive feedback for         members and discuss next month.

        New Business

         *Discussed next Loved Ones group is scheduled for 10-29-13

           *Tom M. met with representative from the United Way and obtained                  contact Laura Gilliam with CCSAP to obtain information on set up of NA         displays at health fairs.

           *Deeidra G. agreed to follow up with Ms. Gilliam and continue  to be the         point of contact regarding obtaining information from CCSAP.

·          *The website fee id due this month Dalmus C. and  Nick L. are making         arrangements to have fee paid.


·          *Dalmus C. attempted to change website form PDF to word document

·            the site did not like the change so he is looking for someone to assist him         with attempting to make the necessary changes.


·           *Discussed the need to elect a new Vice-chair due to Travis being unable         to meet service commitment due to his work schedule.


·          *Flier day was not very successful due to lack of willingness but some         fliers were hung by the members who did attend.


·         *Discussed scheduling another flier day in order to hang fliers on the         campus of Marshall University.


·                *Discussed asking Elijah C. if he has the willingness to be point of contact         and to form a group to revisit  facilities that were contacted during our last         schedule day.


·              *Tom M. received information from Travis T. regarding placing signs on         public transportation but has to get more details regarding sign sizes and         fees.


·         *Subcommittee discussed finding someone with the willingness to make         phone contact and generate a list of all facilities, we have made contact         with to follow up with on regular monthly basis.


·              *The Shell center requested literature donation, committee to follow up.


             *Closed meeting group hug and prayer

        Grateful to Serve Dee Dee G.

Activities Subcommittee minutes:

Activities Subcommittee Report:

GTO Activities Report 10-20-13

Greetings GTOASCNA 

Halloween function is October 26- Erica P, Michelle L doing scavenger hunt. There is a crew assembled for decorations. Nick P is going grocery shopping for food items for event and making area chili for chili cook off. Tom M is looking into lighting situation. Need some tables, Ryan D and Tom M looking into getting tables.  Tony T and Nick P are procuring prizes and decorations.  Asking for members to bring pumpkins and NA auction items. Tom talked to Barnett Center and they have willingness to let us borrow tables.

The RD is looking to get workshops together for Traditions, and Nick P has talked about doing one at in loving service. The group has decided to do a workshop at in loving service for 1 and half hours on one specific tradition, to be determined at a later date.


Life is good at Progress not Perfection.  We have many active homegroup members and we average at least 50 people per meeting.  We continue to format our meeting around the Living Clean book which proves to work well.  Our literature is stocked and rent is paid.  We have an 8 year celebration on Nov 13th and Tasha W will be the speaker.  Join us for food, fun, and fellowship.  In loving service, Erica P.

Greetings from Clean Possibilities!  The meeting is going well.  The doors are open, coffee is in the pot, literature is on the table, and recovery is being shared.  We have a $25 donation for Area.  Our attendance is 12 people.  Grateful to serve, Tom M.

Greetings from the Cross Roads group of Narcotics Anonymous.  The meeting is growing.  We average 10 addicts.  We have had several new commers to attend the meetings.  We have no donation at this time.  We are asking any home groups to donate any keytags that they can spare.  Grateful to serve, Tony T.

Greetings from “High on Life”  group of Narcotics Anonymous.  The doors are open, literature is on the table. Everything is going well.  We average 20 addicts per meeting.  The message of  Narcotics Anonymous is being shared.  We have no donation at this time.  Grateful to serve, Nycole L.

Greetings from “Living in the Solution”  Group of Narcotics Anonymous.  Everything is going well, doors are open, coffee is made, literature is on the table, and our rent is paid for October and November.  We average around 15 to 20 addicts per meeting.  We have a $50.00 donation to Area at this time.  We also have a basic text to send to Ripley for clean time countdown.  Grateful to serve, Dave H.

Gods Will Candlelight Meeting

October 2013

The Thursday night Gods Will Candle Light meeting is doing well with the doors open on time, coffee made, literature on display and the message of recovery being shared. Our attendance averages 25 to 35 per week and our group has changed its meeting type to that of a rotating format having a speaker on the third Thursday of each month. Since our last area service our home group has had 2 celebrations: Jason P on September 19th and Tom F on October 10th and we would also like to thank all those who showed up in support. We would also like to thank our speakers Scott H (in September) and Paul M (in October) for sharing their experience, strength and hope and our next speaker will be Nick C on November 21st. We have no donation for area at this time as rent has been paid and we will buying literature at the upcoming fall convention.

Grateful to serve,

Tom F

All is well at the Hope Without Dope group of Narcotics Anonymous. The doors are open on time, literature is on the table, and the life saving message of NA is being carried. We have 50-60 in attendance every Wednesday and Sunday. We have no donation for area this month and no new news to report. Grateful to serve Liz H.

Hello from the another chance to live group of Narcotics Anonymous, the meetings are starting and stopping on time, rent is up to date, literature table is fully stocked, Coffee is extra strong and flowing. The message of hope is being shared. We have 2 new home group members Charles and Richard. Our Friday meeting will not be meeting on November 8th, The facility is unavailable. We have a 45 dollar donation for area.

Grateful to be of service,


Trust the Process Sat Night 8
Meeting is going great. Doors always open, literature on the table, the message 
is being carried. We are averaging around 30-40 addicts per meetings. We had our 
business meeting 10/19. We have a $30.00 donation at this time to area.
Grateful to serve,
Dalmas C.

Greetings from the Hope Turns to Faith group,

          Things are going well.  The doors are open on time and a message of recovery is being shared.  The rent is paid, coffee is in the pot, and literature is on the table.  We will be having our next speaker meeting on Oct. 22nd, Wes R. will be sharing his experience, strength, and hope.  We will be having a homegroup member celebrate 3 years on Nov. 12th, Dave C. from NANA will be speaking.  We would also like to welcome new homegroup member Sean H..  We do not have a donation to area at this time.

                                                    Grateful to serve,

                                                                Michelle L.


-Discussion of how the PR subcommittee can access the PR reserve within the confines of the area policy.

Subcommittee Motions:

Activities Subcommittee motions:

We ask for $400 from the Activities account for the Halloween Extravaganza.  Nick P.

for:  10

against:  0

abstaining:  2

Motion Passed

H and I motions:


PR subcommittee motions:


HG Motions:


Motion for $120.00 to send Tyler M and Nick L to the Regional Committee meeting on October 5-6.

Motion seconded.

For:  10

Against:  0

Abstaining:  2

Motion Passed

Vote on the previous month’s tabled motions to change policy:

Motion:  In area policy document, change item III.D.2. to read: 


            The full area minutes are comprised of the ASC meeting minutes and subcommittee             meeting minutes.

For:  10

Against:  0

Abstaining:  2

Motion Passed

Motion:  In area policy document, change item IV.A.7.c. to read:


            Responsible for submitting subcommittee minutes and reporting to the ASC about the

            subcommittee’s work.

For:  10

Against:  0

Abstaining:  2

Motion Passed

Motion:  In area policy document, change item VI.A.3. to read: 


            Subcommittee chairpersons are responsible for ensuring that subcommittee meeting

            minutes are submitted to the ASC secretary for inclusion in and for timely distribution of 

            area minutes.

For:  10

Against:  0

Abstaining:  2

Motion Passed.


Subcommittee Motions:

Public Relations subcommittee motion:

The subcommittee requests $50 to be used for little white booklets, schedules, and supplies to decorate a bulletin board at Lilly’s Place, a new facility that provide support to mothers of drug addicted babies.  They are scheduled to open in November 2013.

Public Relations Fund:  “no vote necessary”

H and I subcommittee  motions:  none

Activities subcommittee motions:  none

Group Motions:


Discussion of Regional donation:  no donation


No Pain, No Gain home group asks that more members make an effort to attend the recovery meeting on Sunday night at the Campus Christian Center.

No Pain, No Gain home group will be having a speaker on October 27:  Belinda