Friday, February 14, 2014

Area Minutes - December 2013

December 15, 2013

Opened with prayer
12 Traditions read
12 Concepts read

Living in the Solution:  Y
No Pain, No Gain:  Y
Another Chance to Live:  Y
Another Way:  N
Together We Can:  Y
Not High Noon:  Y
Clean Possibilities:  Y
Hope Turns to Faith:  Y
Hope Without Dope:  Y
Progress not Perfection:  Y
Hope Through Surrender:  Y
God’s Will Candlelight:  Y
Freedom from Self:  Y
High on Life:  Y
Crossroads:  Y
Serenityville:  N
Trust the Process:  Y
Minutes read and approved by Wes R.


GTOASCNA Treasurer’s Report
Activity recorded 11-18-13 through 12-14-13

Regular Account
Beginning Balance           $ 96.53
11-17-13Living In the Solution     $  30.00
No Pain, No Gain$   7.00
Another Chance to Live$  10.00
Not High Noon$  10.00
Hope Turns to Faith$  20.00
Progress Not Perfection$  50.00
Hope Through Surrender$  20.00
Trust the Process$  20.00

Total income $167.00

11-17-13Min. Man for H&I Sch. Ck #453$  19.00
11-17-13Tom M. for PR supplies Ck #454$  10.00
11-17-13Cab. Co. Lib. For ASC Rm. Ck #455$  15.00
11-18-13Internal Xfr. to PR Acct.$  10.00
11-18-13Internal Xfr. to Activities Acct.$115.54
11-20-13Rent for H&I Bar. Cen. Ck #452$  20.00

Total Expenses                                  $189.54
Ending Balance $  73.99

Public Relations Reserve
Beginning Balance         $290.00

11-18-13Internal. Xfr from Reg. Acct.$  10.00
Total Income$  10.00

Total Expenses$  10.00

Ending Balance $300.00
Prudent Reserve              
Beginning Balance               $100.00

Total Income $    0.00

Total Expenses $    0.00

Ending Balance                                                            $100.00

Activities Reserve         
Beginning Balance                                                      $   0.00

11-17-13Halloween Extravaganza$284.46
11-18-13Internal Xfr from Reg. Acct.$115.54

Total Income$400.00

Total Expenses$    0.00

Ending Balance                                             $400.00

As of 12-14-13 the total of all 4 accounts is $873.99
Nick L. – ASC Treasurer


H and I Subcommittee minutes:
Hospitals and Institutions minutes for 12-13-13

Attendance: Tyler M. Tom M. Brittany O. Mickey, Sean H. Michelle L. Dalmus C. Phillip D. Nick C. Richard, Luke E. Steven S. Elijah C. Amber B. Brian C. David H. Carrie G. Ryan D. Ed, Elana, J.C.

Twelve traditions read-Brittany O.
Twelve concepts read- Elijah C.

Old Business-
*Tom F. report that he did not need to ask for money last month from area. The rent is up to date and he will request the money at the next area in October.
*Tom F. and Tom M. met with the Shell center and Pressley Ridge facility. The Shell center is going through some transitions with clients at this time and were unsure of new client population and amount of clients able to participate and requested to meet after transition is complete with more information. Pressley Ridge is excited to participate with H & I. Information was obtained regarding having a separate meetings for males and female clients. There were no security clearance requested that we follow regular H & I guidelines.
    *Tom M. expressed willingness to be the panel leader and subcommittee agreed to have Tom M. as panel leader. We discussed willingness for a female panel leader. Michelle L expressed willingness to be the panel leader for the woman's meeting, but lacks the 6 month experienced H & I  requirement. Amber and Michelle agreed to work together as panelmembers until Michelle meets requirement.  *Tom to begin the male meeting on October 21 at 7pm. The subcommittee will discuss the start date for the woman’s meeting at nextsubcommittee.
         *The next H & I workshop was scheduled for November 9th at 6pm at the Barnett        
*Brian C. and David H. requested more schedules.

Group Reports-
Thursday Night Pinecrest
All is well with the Thursday night H & I meeting at pinecrest. Willingness  is high among men and women members. We go in together although delayed by the door not being unlocked on time and leave together. This panel has been such a great opportunity for growth over the last six months.- Still Grateful to serve Nick C.

Greetings from Pinecrest,
All is well with meeting of H & I. Willingness is good. The message of NA is being carried. The staff has done better with assuring the doors are opened on time.-Grateful to serve Deeidra G.

Pressley Ridge
The meetings are going great. The clients seem to be getting a lot from the meetings. They are opening up more and more each time we meet. I am grateful to have been a part of it.- Grateful to serve Tom M.

Riverpark- short-term
Greetings from Riverpark Short-term. Everything is going well. The message of NA is being shared. The meeting is opening and closing on time. I want to thank you to Amber for taking the H & I meeting on the days I had to work. For that I am grateful-Grateful to serve David H.

Riverpark Adult unit
        Greetings from River Park Hospital / 4 west.  Everything is going well. The panel is taking place every week, as scheduled, and on time.  I
would like to thank all the members who have participated in the
discussions and have made this H and I panel possible.  I would like to
especially thank Meia M for her continued support and dedication.  I
would like to thank the GTO area for allowing me the opportunity to chair the panel over this last six month term.  Very grateful to be of
service, Brian C.

Riverpark long-term
Everything is going great. Its truly been an honor to just be a part of this meeting. No problems to report.-Grateful to serve Phillip D.
New Business

*Subcommittee nominated new members for panel positions. Riverpark short-term unit Ryan D. with Dalmus C. going in with him until clean time requirements are met. Riverpark adult unit Meia  and Paul M. were nominated and committee agreed to have a second panel leader to alternate mondays.  Riverpark long-term Deeidra G. and Brittany O. with Deeidra going in with Brittany until clean time requirements are met. At which time Deeidra G. will be the second panel leader for the requested second meeting which was requested by the facility. Pinecrest Thursday Night meeting Carrie G. and Elijah C. were nominated, with Nick C. going in with Elijah C. until clean time requirement is met. Pressley Ridge Nick C. and Tyler M. were nominated. Michelle L. expressed willingness to start the women's meeting at Pressley Ridge and will be the panel leader. Amber B. and Deeidra G. agreed to go in with Michelle to aid with panel experience. Due to all positions being filled there was no need to vote all members in agreement to accept nominees for panel positions.

Riverpark short-term- Ryan D
Riverpark-long term -Deeidra G.& Brittany O.
Riverpark-adult- Meia M. & Paul M.
Pressley Ridge- Nick C. & Tyler M.
Pressley Ridge- Michelle L.
Pinecrest- Carrie G. & Elijah C.

*Phillip D. requested the desire to go in with Deeidra and Brittany to make the transition with the new panel leaders. Tom M. requested the desire to take new panel members to Pressley ridge to make the transition smoother as well.
*Tom M. requested more H & I handbooks for the new panel members.
Subcommittee discussed having an H & I workshop in January.
Motion to close
Grateful to serve Deeidra G.

Activities Subcommittee Minutes:

Activities Subcommittee December 2013
Nick P, wrote a letter to the Fairfield East about renting the facility for In loving service. (See attachment)
For In loving service Feb 8th, tony t has a work booklet for traditions workshop to print out for input from members.
List of events for In loving service:
4-5:00 PR workshop,  5:30-6:30 H and I workshop. 6:30-8:00 dinner, NA auction and clean time countdown. 8-9:30 traditions workshop.
Food: spaghetti, salad and garlic bread. Michelle L is going to do the decorations for the event.
Asking members to please bring desserts, drinks and auction items.
As soon as in loving service is over, activities is going to get the money in the account to reserve campsites for campout.
Note: anyone interested in activities positions needs to attend the January subcommittee

Minutes for the Public Relations Subcommittee 12-15-13

Opened with Serenity Prayer

Twelve Concepts- Michelle L.

Twelve Traditions- Tasha W.

Present for subcomittee- Tom M., Ryan D., Tasha W., Michelle L., Bo V., and JC C.

Tom M. read old business


Discussed the Loved Ones group- said last time went well.  They are taking a break so we won't go again until the end of February.

Discussed bus signs- whether or not to take to region

Tasha W. gave her report on flyer day

     Flyer Day-November 30, 2013

The flyer day went really well.  There were four of us, Ryan D., Erica P., Mickey D., and myself.  We posted flyers in housing developments such as Northcott and Marcum Terrace.  We also posted flyers in local businesses on Rt. 60 and some in the Barboursville area. We have intentions of visiting other housing developments in the future and other areas of town that have not been frequented by us yet.  But all in all, everyone we asked was very receptive to our cause and it was a successful day. 

                                          grateful to serve,

                                                Tasha W.

Tom M. read the web master report submitted by Dalmas C.

      The web page is going great all but the printable schedule, which I will be fixing today.  Plus adding the new Thursday 8:15 Freedom from Self Open Meeting.  Wheelchair accessible.  JFT and open discussion.  The second Thursday of each month is a Basic Text Study.  2545 9th Ave Huntington,WV,25705. We haven't had alot of blog emails from home groups but all have been added.  Any questions or concerns let me know

                                                          Dalmas C.


Tom M., Ryan D., and JC C. will do the remaining facilities for schedule day

A literature donation was made to the Robert Shell Juvenile center and the Cabell County Career Technology center.

Discussed setting up a literature rack and donating Basic Text to the Cabell County Library.  Michelle L. and JC C. will contact them to find out if feasible and the specifics.

Nominated and decided new service positions within the subcommitee:

         Tasha W.-flyer distribution coordinator
         Ryan D.-schedule distribution coordinator
         Elijah C.-communications follow-up specialists

Lilly's place still not open- Erica P. is still the point of accountability

                                                            Grateful to serve,

                                                                 Michelle L.


All is well with the Hope Through Surrender group of Narcotics Anonymous. We
have been at the Studio 8 location, which the doors have been open, literature
is available, coffee in the lot, and the message of recovery has been shared.
But due to some circumstances outside of our control, we as a home group have
decided to search for a new facility. A new facility has been found and
announcements of the new location will be made once finalized and will be
submitted for revision on the meeting schedule. Everything else has been well.

We see an attendance of about 15-20 people per week. We have a $20 donation to
area at this time.

Grateful to serve,
Tasha W.

Greetings from the Hope Turns to Faith group,

          Things are going well.  The doors are open on time and a message of recovery is being shared.  The rent is paid, coffee is in the pot, and literature is on the table.  We will be having our next speaker meeting on December 17th, Michelle L. will be sharing her experience strength and hope.  Brian H. will be sharing his experience strength and hope in January.  We have a $20 donation to area at this time.

                                                               Grateful to serve,

                                                                    Michelle L.

Hello from Sunday night no pain no gain group of NA . We have our rent caught up
and coffee and literature on the table. Doors are opened and closed on time. We
wanna thank all the him groups for pitching in and helping with literature and
key tags. Also we are having a special guest speaker share his experience
strength and hope. Also if anyone is lacking a homegoup or can share that we are
in desperate need of Homegroup members . Thanks and sorry we have no donation at
this time.             In loving service Tyler m.

 Hello from the not high noon group of narcotics anonymous. We are doing well,  
doors are opened every Tuesday on time, our new safe coffee pots always brewing
and literature is available to all and the NA message is being shared.
Announcements - 1year celebration January 14th will be a regular meeting
No donations at this time we are purchasing more literature.
Grateful to serve Brittany O

Hey family from the Another Chance to Live group of Narcotics Anonymous. Meetings are going well, opening and closing on time, literature on table, coffee hot in the pot. Most importantly the message of recovery is being shared honestly. The Friday meeting of the 13th of Dec. did not open due to facility being used. We have a new home group member, Mickey D and a new GSR JCC, and GSR alternate DJB. We have a 20 dollar donation at this time.
Grateful to be of service
Ryan D, JCC, DJB

Greetings from the Together We Can homegroup!

The meeting is doing well. Literature is on the table and recovery is being shared. 

 Zack M is speaking for 3 year homegroup member celebration on 12/30/13. 

We are currently seeking new homegroup members for anyone looking for a place to call home. We have no donation for area at this time. 

Grateful to serve---  Nick P

Greetings from the Living in the Solution homegroup of Narcotics Anonymous. The
door is opened and the message is being carried. We were unable to meet on
12-18-2013 due to the facility bot being unlocked. This issue has been discussed
at the homegroup level and we are checking into alternatives. The literature is
stocked. We have no motions to present at this time. We have a  $35.00 donation
to area this month.
                       Grateful to serve.
                               Steven S.
Greetings and salutations from the Freedom From Self group. We are growing and feeling out the process. Doors are open and literature is plentiful thanks to the good graces of the fellowship. Message is being carried. We have an average attendance of 36 thus far. Again thank you for the support. Grateful to serve Chris W.
Sat Night Trust The Process 12/15/13
Meetings are goin well!  Doors opened and a message of NA is being shared.  Rent paid, literature in stock & coffee is strong :-)  Average of 50-60 per meeting.  Contact is being kept with the facility with no problems to report.  We are reaching out to the area asking for home group members if anyone is interested.
Grateful to serve
Joe M
Dalmas C
Terri M


Greetings, all is well with the Gods Will Candlelight Meeting of Narcotics Anonymous with the doors open on time each week, coffee made, literature on display and the life saving message of recovery being shared. Our attendance averages 25 to 35 per week and we have a speaker on the third Thursday of each month. We would like to thank Nick C on November 21st  for sharing his experience, strength and hope and Becky from Ky will be our next speaker on December 19th.. We have no donation to area at this time as we are doing our best to keep supplies and our rent paid on time.

Grateful to serve, Tom F

Clean Possibilities Group Report.  Things are great at clean possibilities!  The doors are open, recovery is being shared, coffee is in the pot, and literature is on the table.  Our average attendance is roughly 15 addicts per meeting.  We would like to welcome new home group member Terry J.  we have a 20 donation for area at this time.  Grateful to serve, Tom m.

Progress not Perfection.  Life is good.  Recovery is strong and growing at Progress not Perfection.  We have many active home group members.  All our needs are meet and we have a $20 donation to area.  Grateful 2 Serve, Erica P.
Greetings from the High on Life group of Narcotics Anonymous. All is well. Literature is stocked, rent is paid and the message is being carried. Average attendence is 25 addicts per meeting. We have no motions to bring to area at this time. We do have a 25 dollar donation.                          
                           Grateful to Serve
                                Nycole L

PR:  The subcommittee would like to request $10 for schedules and flyers.  The schedules are to be donated to 2 facilities that have recently requested literature and schedules-robert L Shell Center and Cabell County Career Technologhy Center.  The flyers are reserved for Tasha W and her crew to hang up in facilities that the PR subcommittee has never visited, yet are frequented by addicts, such as Marcum Terrace and Northcott Community buildings.  Grateful to Serve, Tom M.
H and I:  the subcommittee would like to request $19.00 for 100 schedules.

The Process of Discovery home group, located in Louisa Ky. (7:00 pm Wednesday night at Three Rivers Medical Center), would like to become a part of the GTO area.  There were many issues discussed concerning this request:
-geographic proximity
-policy concerns
-questions concerning attendance
-discussion of scheduling conflicts with existing meetings in the GTO area
Conclusions reached:  The GSR of the home group must attend 2 consecutive Area committee meetings to join the GTO area and be placed on the schedule.

The committee decided to pay the $120.00 required to send both the RCM and the RCM alt to Ripley WV for the regional committee meeting.

Due to Travis A’s inability to attend the area committee meetings a motion was made and seconded to remove Travis A from the treasurer alternate position.
For:  13
Against:  0
Abstaining:  2
The motion passed and Travis A was removed from the treasurer alternate position.

Wes R appointed Terri M as treasurer alternate.

Nominations for the treasurer alternate position are to be brought from the home groups to January’s Area Committee meeting.  Please see area policy IV, A, 5 for a description of the position’s requirements.  (note:  the Area Policy is available on the area web site: )
These nominations will be voted on at the February ASC.