Friday, February 14, 2014

Area Minutes - January 2014

GTOASC Minutes
January 19, 2014

Opened with Prayer
12 Traditions read
12 Concepts read

Living in the Solution:  Y
No Pain, No Gain:  Y
Another Chance to Live:  Y
Another Way:  No
Together We Can:  Y
Not High Noon:  Y
Clean Possibilities:  Y
Hope Turns to Faith:  Y
Hope Without Dope:  Y
Process of Discovery:  Y
Progress not Perfection:  Y
Hope Through Surrender:  Y
God’s Will Candlelight:  Y
Freedom from Self:  Y
High on Life:  Y
Cross Roads:  Y
Serenityville:  N
Trust the Process:  Y
Minutes read and approved by Wes R.

GTOASCNA Treasurer’s Report
Activity recorded 12-14-13 through 01-18-14

Regular Account
Beginning Balance           $ 73.99
12-15-13Living In the Solution     $  35.00
Another Chance to Live$  20.00
Clean Possibilities$  20.00
Hope Turns to Faith$  20.00
Progress Not Perfection$  20.00
Hope Through Surrender$  20.00
Trust the Process$  20.00
High On Life$  25.00
Erica P. Return for Jail Lit.$    5.00

Total income $185.00


12-15-13Cab. Co. Lib. For ASC Rm. Ck #457$  15.00
12-15-13       Tyler M. for RSC Ck#458$120.00

Total Expenses                                  $135.00
Ending Balance $123.99

Public Relations Reserve
Beginning Balance         $300.00

Total Income$   0.00

Total Expenses$   0.00

Ending Balance $300.00

Prudent Reserve              
Beginning Balance               $100.00

Total Income $    0.00

Total Expenses $    0.00

Ending Balance                                                            $100.00

Activities Reserve         
Beginning Balance                                                      $400.00

Total Income$   0.00

12-15-13Nick P. In Loving Service Ck#456$400.00

Total Expenses$400.00

Ending Balance                                             $    0.00

As of 01-18-14 the total of all 4 accounts is $523.99
Nick L. – ASC Treasurer


Activities Subcommittee minutes:

Activities Report- January 2014
In attendance- Nick P, Tony T, Tom M, Nick L, Michelle L, Tasha W, JC C, Ryan D, Steven S, Tyler M, Bo V
Nick P- Got letter back from Fairfield East: Area treasurer has copy if anyone wants to see it.  They would not accept payment and sent back a $50 check .  $50 given back to Nick L to return into area funds.
Only detail left for In Loving Service is which Tradition we would discuss for the input session.  Tony T has received the materials from world service to carry out the session.  It was decided that we would cover Tradition 5 and that Nick P would chair the session using the world service format.
Elections were held for activities positions:
Chair- Tony T
Vice Chair: Tanner W
Secretary: DJ B
This will be my last meeting as chair!

ILS- Nick P

Public Relations Subcommittee Minutes:

Public Relations Subcommittee Minutes 1-19-14
Attendance: Tom M. Michelle L. Dalmus C. Ryan D. Tasha W. Justin C.
Opened with Prayer
Twelve Concepts read Dalmus C.
Twelve traditions read Tom M.
Group Reports
 Flier Distribution Coordinator Report-  Flierday was rescheduled due to weather for Sunday January 26. They plan to put fliers up in the west end of Huntington. She discussed wanting to go to more housing properties but that has to be done on a week day or by appointment. Tom M. suggested doing another flier day on the campus of Marshall. Grateful to serve Tasha W.
Schedule Distribution Coordinator Report-Ryan D., Tom M., and Justin C. went to Wayne County and left schedules at the ProbationDept. They went to Mildred Bateman Hospital and were unable to meet with anyone to leave schedules. Ryan D. made phone contact and plan to schedule a time to return to meet with contact person and leave schedules. Grateful to serve Ryan D.
Telephone Communication Specialist- Contacts are being called successfully. Most contacts provided have been reached via phone. Many contacts have been very excited about cooperating with us and passing along our schedules to their clients, as opposed to simply displaying them on a rack. Most notably are Wayne and Cabell Probation, Valley Health in Wayne County and Cabell Health Dept. All but  five contacts were made. I have fond more appropriate times to follow up on those. We need to get more updated contact information for Wayne Health Dept. Grateful to serve Elijah C.
Web Servant Report-Web Servant Report
Greetings from the cyberspace. Everything is going great the meeting schedule is up to date and all emailed announcements have been placed on the blog. Any upcoming announcements or meeting changes should be emailed to: Grateful to serve Dalmus C.

Dalmus C. discussed getting members together with web experience to help with cleaning and updating the website. Jason L. expressed willingness to help with website.
Library Outreach Report-  Michelle L. and Justin C. spoke with Cabell library about placing NA display in library . They discussed size, dimensions, space and locations. Ryan D. to check on pricing for display rack. They also discussed donating basic texts to be checked out. Justin C. has willingness to be responsible for maintaining literature rack. They also discussed checking with other area libraries to display NA literature racks.
 New Business
Subcommittee discussed clean time requirements for PR positions and agreed upon 90 days with observation for Flier Distribution coordinator. Six months for Schedule Distribution Coordinator and Telephone Communication Coordinator.
Erika P. reports Lilly's place will be putting up Bulletin board with NA contact information.
Deeidra G. to follow up with contacting CCSAP for summit information.
Meeting adjourned
Grateful to serve Deeidra G.

H and I Subcommittee Minutes:

Hospitals and Institutions Minutes for 1-10-14
Attendance: Chris M. Tyler M. Michelle L. Tom F. Tom M. Nick C. Brian C. Carrie G. Elijah C. Brittany O Ed Alana M. Ryan D. Liz H.
Opened with Prayer
Twelve Concepts read Nick C.
Twelve traditions read Brittany O.
Group Reports-
Pinecrest Thursday
The Thursday night HNI meeting at Pinecrest is going great. We have shown up and successfully carried the message every time as scheduled. There have been no problems other than a late start once. We were on time butPrestera staff has experienced some difficulty with keeping with the schedule. On average of 5 panel members, which includes myself have attended. I would like to request schedules to provide clients at this time. Grateful to serve Elijah C.
The doors are open on time. There are a lot of willingness from NA members of recovery is being shared. Thank you for the opportunity to serve. Grateful to serve Carrie Good

Greetings from Riverpark Longterm,
The meeting is going great. Willingness is strong among both men and women. The meeting is opening and closing on time. The message of NA is being shared. Its truly a privilege to be a panel member and a part of thismeeting.Grateful to serve Deeidra G.

Hello from Riverpark,
I am taking in four members each time. The message of NA is being carried. The adolescents are veryinteractive.Grateful to serve Brittany O.

Riverpark Shorterm
Hello from Riverpark short-term. Meetings have been starting and ending on time. The meeting on the 8th was taken in but no clients were present. There has been plenty of willingness. I would like to thank Nick C. and Elijah for going in on Christmas Day and thanks toDalmus C. for committing to go in with me until I meet clean time requirements.
Grateful to serve Ryan D.
Riverpark Short-term Adult is going well. Thelife saving message of Narcotics Anonymous is being carried to the clients of the facility. We would like to give a big thank you to Carrie G.,Deeidra G., and Jenni H. for showing their willingness to go into the facility. We have been using a panel discussion meeting with an open floor for the remaining time. The meeting is going well. We were in a temporary room over the holidays due to a Christmas party, but it worked out well. A thank you to Tom F. as well for providing another format and readings. Grateful to serve Paul M.
Pressley Ridge
All is well with the Monday night men's H & I panel at Pressley Ridge. The clients are very receptive and are starting to open up. We have been arriving and leaving as a group and on time. Willingness is great. I am really enjoying this panel.
Grateful to serve Nick C.
Greetings from Presley ridge. All is well and meetings are taking place starting and ending on time. We have had willingness and participation from the residence and we have all felt that we have carried the message. We also believe that the clients have been very responsive and sharing along with us so we look foreword to keep itgoing . Great flu to serve . Tyler M

Greetings from Pressley Ridge women's meeting,
Things are going great with the meeting. The meeting has had trouble getting in the building on time. The clients are very responsive to the meeting. I am extremely grateful to serve
Michelle L.

Old Business-
*Subcommittee nominated new members for panel positions. Riverpark short-term unit Ryan D. with Dalmus C. going in with him until clean time requirements are met. Riverpark adult unitMeia and Paul M. were nominated and committee agreed to have a second panel leader to alternate mondaysRiverpark long-termDeeidra G. and Brittany O. with Deeidra going in with Brittany until clean time requirements are met. At which time Deeidra G. will be the second panel leader for the requested second meeting which was requested by the facility.Pinecrest Thursday Night meeting Carrie G. and Elijah C.
were nominated, with Nick C. going in with Elijah C. until clean time requirement is met Pressley Ridge Nick C. and Tyler M. were nominated. Michelle L. expressed willingness to start the women's meeting at Pressley Ridge and will be the panel leader. Amber B. and DeeidraG. agreed to go in with Michelle to aid with panel experience. Due to all positions being filled there was no need to vote all members in agreement to accept nominees for panel positions.

Riverpark short-term- Ryan D
Riverpark-long term -Deeidra G.& Brittany O.
Riverpark-adult- Meia M. & Paul M.
Pressley Ridge- Nick C. & Tyler M.
Pressley Ridge- Michelle L.
Pinecrest- Carrie G. & Elijah C.

*Subcommittee discussed panel experience needed for meetings, all members in agreement that new panel members could take the meeting in as long as they met the year clean time requirement in and took panel members in with H & I experience.
*Elijah C. discussed the need for H & I meeting at St. Marys hospital. All members agreed that there is a need but due to the start of three new meetings decided to obtain more information and table discussion until next month.
*All members have received H&I handbooks.
*Deeidra G. discussed the need to encourage new members with H & I workshop to participate as panel members if all clean time requirements are met.
*The next In Loving service will be held on February 8th at Fairfield East Community Center. There will be an H & I workshop at 4pm. There will also be a PR learning day.
Motion to adjourn
Closed meeting with Prayer and Group Hug,
Grateful to serve Deeidra G.

Greetings from the Crossroads Group of Narcotics Anonymous.  The doors are open on time, lit. is on the table, & message is being carried.  We have 2 new home group members Tanner W and Art G.  No news to bring to area at this time, & unfortunately no donations to give to Area at this time.  Grateful to Serve!  Tanner W.

Saturday Trust the Process group thanks you for your support.  Our average attendance is 65. All our needs are met to carry the message to the still sick and suffering addict.  Our rent is paid and we have a $20 donation to Area.  We are considering some format changes to help keep the meeting flowing and giving folks who need to share the opportunity to do so.  We vote Terri Treasurer II.  In loving Service and Gratitude, Trust the process.

Greetings from the High on Life Group of N.A. Meetings opened on time, coffees served, literature on table and message carried to still sick and suffering.  Our home group is currently struggling w/ meeting attendance from experienced members.  We have bout average of 15-20 addicts.  We will be having 2 celebrations a 3 year Jan 24th Shawn H.   will be sharing experience, strength, and hope And Jan 31st Erica B will be sharing her story.  Grateful to Serve, Amber B.

Progress Not Perfection is doing very well.  We have a sufficient number of homegroupmembers.  Our literature and supplies are stocked.  We have good attendance numbers and our format continues to be the Living Clean book.  We have a $50.00 donation for area.  Grateful 2 Serve, Erica P.

Greetings from the Hope Turns to Faith group,

        Things are going well.  The doors are open on time and a message of recovery is being shared.  The rent is paid, coffee is being made, and literature is on the table.  Our average attendance is 50 people.  Our next speaker meeting will be January 21st, Brian H. will be sharing his experience, strength, and hope.  On February 11th, we will have a homegroup member celebrating 3 yrs, Brian C. will be sharing his experience, strength, and hope.  We do not have a donation to area at this time.

                                                           Grateful to serve,

                                                                   Michelle L.

Greetings from the Living in the Solution home group of Narcotics Anonymous. The literature is stocked, coffee served,  rent paid, and message being carried. We have a $40.00 donation to area this month. We would like to announce the following: we nominate Phillip D for treasurer alt and we have a home group member celebrating two years which is Matt B with Myra H sharing her experience,  strength, & hope. . .

Clean Possibilities Group Report:
All is well at Clean Possibilities. The doors are open, literature is on the table, coffee is in the pot, and recovery is being shared. We would like to welcome newhomegroup member, Pinto W. Our average meeting attendance is 15 addicts. We often have at least 1 female newcomer attending, so we would appreciate any support we can get from females with experience. Unfortunately, we do not have a donation for the area at this time.
Grateful To Serve,
Tom M

Greetings from the No Pain, No Gain home group of NA. All is well with the meeting, doors are open on time, literature is on the table, and the message is being carried. We would like to welcome a new home group member, DJB. No news to bring to area this month, andunfortunetly no donations to give to are at this time.Greatful to serve! Dj

January 2014

Greetings, all is well with the Gods Will Candlelight Meeting of Narcotics Anonymous with the doors open on time each week, coffee made, literature on display and the life saving message of recovery being shared. Our attendance averages 25 to 35 per week and we have a speaker on the third Thursday of each month. We would like to thank Becky from KY in December for sharing her experience, strength and hope and Chris G in January.  Our vote on the motion to appoint a new treasure alt was for Terri M. We have no donation to area at this time as we are doing our best to keep supplies and our rent paid on time.

Grateful to serve, Tom F

Greetings from the Freedom From Self homegroup of Narcotics Anonymous. We currently have an average meeting attendance of 49 addicts a week. The doors are always open on time. The literature is stocked, the coffee flowing, and the message is being successfully carried. We would like to thank all members of the fellowship who take the time to make it to our meeting every week and help carry the life saving message of NA to addicts still suffering in early recovery. The clients that attend this meeting every week continually express their graditudefor the outside attendees that continue to come and share their experience, strength, and hope on a level at which these addicts can more easily identify. The support from the fellowship has been amazing and we are all truly grateful. We do come with a request that if anyhomegroup in the area has any white and /or 30daykeytags they could donate or loan us until we can place an order for more, we would be very appreciative of your assistance. Unfortunately with the expenses of rent, coffee and other supplies we do not have a donation for area at this time.
Very grateful to serve,
       Richard S.

Not high noon group
Gsr- Brittany O
Treasure - Elijah C
Secretary - Jenni H
Gsr Alt- Andrew W

Our meeting is doing well, the attendance averages from 15-20 a week. Our doors are always open an hour early,  literature & pamphlets are set out and available to all. The message that any addict can recover is shared freely.

Greetings from Another Chance to live group of Narcotics Anonymous. Things are well, the doors are open, average attendance is 20, coffee is hot an ready, literature is on the table, meetings are starting and ending on time. On Friday, January 10th, 2014, due to the owners of MissioDei Church requiring the building for their own uses, we relocated to Trinity Episcopal Church 5th Ave & 11th st, for that night only. The relocated meeting went off just asplaned. I was later informed that this issue should not arise again anytime soon. So our meeting place and time will remain the same as usual. We have a new treasurer, Nate H. We have a donation of $20.
Grateful to serve, JC.

Together We Can Monday Night
Greetings from the Together We Can Homegroup!  Meetings are going well and we are averaging about 35 addicts a week.  We have a 3 & 5 year celebration on February 3rd.  Please come and join us, Carrie will be speaking!  We do not have a donation at this time.
Grateful to Serve- Nick P

All is well with the Hope Through Surrender group of Narcotics Anonymous. We are
settled in our new location and it is working out great. The doors are open,
literature is on the table, coffee is in the pot and most importantly the
message of recovery is being shared. We average about 15 people per week and
have a $20 donation to area this month.

Grateful to serve,
Tasha W.


The Process of Discovery home group, located in Louisa Ky. (7:00 pm Wednesday night at Three Rivers Medical Center), would like to become a part of the GTO area.  There were many issues discussed concerning this request:
-geographic proximity
-policy concerns
-questions concerning attendance
-discussion of scheduling conflicts with existing meetings in the GTO area
Conclusions reached:  The GSR of the home group must attend 2 consecutive Area committee meetings to join the GTO area and be placed on the schedule.

The committee decided to pay the $120.00 required to send both the RCM and the RCM alt to Ripley WV for the regional committee meeting.

Due to Travis A’s inability to attend the area committee meetings a motion was made and seconded to remove Travis A from the treasurer alternate position.
For:  13
Against:  0
Abstaining:  2
The motion passed and Travis A was removed from the treasurer alternate position.

Wes R appointed Terri M as treasurer alternate.

Nominations for the treasurer alternate position are to be brought from the home groups to January’s Area Committee meeting.  Please see area policy IV, A, 5 for a description of the position’s requirements.  (note:  the Area Policy is available on the area web site: )
These nominations will be voted on at the February ASC.


The GTO home groups brought three nominations for the treasurer alternate position:  Terri M, Sean H, and Phillip D.  Phillip D was unable to attend the January Committee meeting and has provided a service resume as required by the Area Policy.  (see attachment)  The GTO hoe groups should vote on these nominations and be prepared to vote during the February Committee.

Brian C may be unable to continue as Area Secretary but Terri M has agreed to serve as secretary at the February Committee meeting should Brian C be unable to attend.

Subcommittee Motions:

PR Motion:  The subcommittee would like to request $65.00 for a literature rack and 2 basic texts to be donated to the Cabell County Public Library.  We estimate the amount needed for this will be $65-$70 after taxes and shiping costs.  The remainingbalancewill be used t purchase schedules and possibly flyers to be distributed where necessary.  Grateful to Serve, Tom M. 

For:  16
Against:  0
Abstaining:  0
The motion passed.

H and I Motion:  $19.00 for 100 schedules.

Activities:  no motions

Group Motions:  none

Regional Donation:  Motion to donate $100.00 to the Regional Committee.  Motion seconded.

For:  15
Against:  0
Abstaining:  1
The motion passed.


Discussion for all of the meetings taking place in the GTO Area to check the World Web Site and correct their meeting information and to make sure that their home group’s meeting is included on the site.

PR Subcommittee requests members with computer skillsto volunteer their time to assist the subcommittee.