Friday, March 7, 2014

Area Minutes - February 2014


Opened with Serenity Prayer
12 Traditions read by Steven S
12 Concepts read by Wes R

Living in the Solution        Y
No Pain No Gain        Y
Another Chance to Live    Y
Another Way            N
Together We Can        Y
Not High Noon        Y
Clean Possibilities        Y
Hope Turns to Faith        N-report sent
Hope without Dope        Y
Progress Not Perfection    Y
Hope Thru Surrender        N-report sent   
Gods Will Candlelight    Y
Crossroads            Y
High On Life            Y
Serenityville            N
Trust the Process        Y
Freedom from Self        Y
Process of Discovery        Y

Quorum Established

New business from last area read and accepted.
Minutes read and accepted by Wes R

Treasurer Report
There wasn’t a lot to talk about in terms of the treasurer report. The regional treasurer informed the committee that the regions P.O. Box needs to be paid and the cost is $50. Some problems occurred with the regional bank card. There was $1,011.05 deposited back into the MRSCNA account, however the other half of that money is being held because the bank is requiring the release of personal information to get the rest of the money and it was said that this process of releasing personal information that it would be against our traditions. GTOASCNA Treasurer’s Report
Activity recorded 01-18-14 through 02-15-14

Regular Account
Beginning Balance                           $ 123.99
01-19-14    Living In the Solution                 $  40.00
        Another Chance to Live            $  20.00
        Progress Not Perfection            $  50.00
        Hope Through Surrender            $  20.00
        Trust the Process                $  20.00
02-03-14    Nick L. return from RSC            $  42.35

Total income                         $192.35


01-19-14    Tom F. for Sch. Ck. #460            $  19.00
01-19-14    Cab. Co. Lib for ASC Ch. # 462        $  15.00
01-29-14    City of Hunt. Fo. Ck. #461        $  20.00
02-01-14       MRSCNA Ck. #463                $100.00       

Total Expenses                                              $154.00    
Ending Balance                         $162.34

Public Relations Reserve
Beginning Balance                             $300.00

Total Income                        $   0.00

Total Expenses                        $  65.00

Ending Balance                         $235.00

Prudent Reserve              
Beginning Balance                               $100.00

Total Income                         $    0.00

Total Expenses                         $    0.00

Ending Balance                                                            $100.00

Activities Reserve            
Beginning Balance                                                      $   0.00

Total Income                        $   0.00

Total Expenses                        $   0.00

Ending Balance                                                     $   0.00

As of 02-15-14 the total of all 4 accounts is $497.34
Nick L. – ASC Treasurer

RCM REPORT read by Tyler M
February RCM Report
    Greetings from the Mountaineer Region. There’s quite a bit of things to talk about, so I apologize if the report is lengthy.

Group Reports
    There is a speaker jam in Sutton, WV on March 22, 2014

Area Motions
    There was a concern brought to the RSC about changing regional policy to only have RCM’s/ASR’s vote during the RSC, rather than giving everyone a vote that is in attendance. The committee would like this to be taken back to the home groups in the region to be voted on for the next RSC.
Convention Subcommittee
    Several things to discuss concerning the regional convention. There was a concern brought the RSC about other areas selling dated and non-dated merchandise at the previous 2013 Fall convention. The reason for the concern was about whether or not it’s an actual area selling merchandise, or a vendor trying to make a profit. Convention policy says that other areas and regions can sell their merchandise in the merchandise booth only after approval by the convention merchandise subcommittee.
    There were concerns discussed about the sound quality of the speaker CD’s, mainly involving the acoustics in the assembly hall and the recording equipment. Brandon C. will talk to Cedar Lakes to express the RSC’s concerns.
    Speakers for the 2014 Spring Convention (Mountain Miracles) will be as follows: Erica P. speaking Friday evening, with Rob O. as the alternate; Kurt P. from Cincinnati, OH will be the speaker Saturday evening; and Mark H.—also from Cincinnati—will be speaking Sunday morning.
    Tom F. will be the DJ for the dance on Saturday after the speaker, and the theme for the 2014 Fall Convention will be: A Path Less Traveled.
    A motion was made by the Convention Subcommittee for $8,050. The breakdown is as follows:
•    $600 for registration
•    $1,000 for refreshments
•    $6,000 for merchandise
•    $450 for photos
Phone Line
    There were a few changes made to the phone line packet and the phone line chair will take the packet back to come up with suggestions to improve the 12 traditions as they apply to the phone line.
Pocahontas correctional facility has contacted the FANA area and asked to have basic texts sent to the facility. Facility was not being met by any area and the metro area was going to help with providing basic texts to the facility.
An issue was brought up concerning a continuous shipment of literature to the MRSCNA Region from a convention in Virginia. Our region has been receiving books to take into facilities, yet we have not been ordering them. MRSCNA is not the only regional title in the Autonomy Zone (the zone of regions along the East coast). Concerns have been made that it’s not an affair for the MRSCNA to get involved in because we can afford to buy our own books. Another argument was made that this convention supplying these books has simply given our region these books to distribute them to jails and prisons. A phone call was made during the discussion and the point of contact for this convention in Virginia, confirmed the Basic Texts were absolutely meant to be sent to West Virginia to be distributed.
Tammy from the Metro area needs a list of facilities that are outside of the WV state lines and she needs to know what facility is covered by which area.
Public Relations
Web servant found 3 meetings in the NAWS database that are not listed in any area. The meetings are located in: Hinton, WV; Mahtoaka, WV; and Madison, WV.
There was a discussion about the PSA’s and allocating $80 to have DVD’s made and aired on TV. 4 DVD’s will be made that will say “Narcotics Anonymous” and will provide the 800 number and the MRSCNA website.
The Metro Area made a proposal to have the region help to get the bus signs across the region. Areas can get the signs for $5 per sign and they are laminated. The GTO Area requested that the Region buy 50 signs for $250 to be put on the TTA buses. Several other areas were interested in getting on board. A motion was written and the RSC will provide the money to buy the bus signs for GTO Area. Any area interested in getting involved needs to contact Joe B.
PR is scheduling a time after the CAR workshop (Saturday March 8th 10am-5pm) to establish a work group to combine some subcommittees into one group (phone line, h&I, etc.).
The Social workers conference is on April 30 through May 1-2, 2014 at the Charleston Civic Center. PR needs $500 to rent a booth at the conference.
RD/RD Alt Report
The next Zonal forum will be in the MRSCNA region on July 26th, the last Saturday of the month in Fairmont or Morgantown, WV.
The CAR and CAT reports are already out and they are available online or we can have one sent to us for $11. The CAR workshop on March 8th will be at noon. The CAR workshop is when area’s vote on the motions from NAWS and then send their votes back to the region. If anyone is unable to attend, a CAR workshop can be arranged and then the areas can send a representative to the workshop. A concern was brought up about the number of motions, or lack thereof, from world wasn’t enough. The concern was, what else are we not seeing that wasn’t put into the CAR?
It was suggested that areas should have a CAR workshop, to vote on the motions from World, or to send a representative(s) for the workshop on March 8th in Ripley, WV. *** The AFA Area (Parkersburg) is having a CAR workshop Feb. 22nd. If the GTO area would like to have a CAR workshop we will have to get in touch with Kristina C. and the decision on having the workshop would go back to home groups to be voted on. The Area can also choose to trust in the RCM to make whatever decision that needs to be voted on during the CAR workshop.
Policy and Administration
Home groups will need to look over the changes to Regional policy and send back any suggestions on what to change or what not to change. The following are changes made to the RSC policy:
•    Section III. E, Changing to the policy to add no vaporing to the no smoking policy
•    Section V. B, Changed policy to say: elections MAY be held by secret ballot
•    Section V. C, put a timeline on subcommittee chairperson elections
•    Section VII. C #11, removed from policy
•    Section VIII. C #16 (#15), changed to: Liability insurance policy for the region
•    Section V. D #2, This process can only be initiated by RCM/ASR’s
•    Every member that is responsible for sending in a report has to send it in no later than 2 weeks after RSC in order for the report to be added to the minutes
•    Removing item number 8 from section VIII. D
Concerns were addressed about the cancellation of RSC in January and the committee not knowing who was responsible for making the cancellation. A sentence will be added to policy saying: “The RSC Chair will be responsible for making the decision for rescheduling and cancelling RSC and is encouraged to consult with RCM’s/ASR’s who are required to be present in RSC when feasible.”
Area Motions for Policy and Administration
A motion was brought forth by NCASCNA to only allow RCM/ASR’s to vote during RSC but allow any attending member to vote during the subcommittees. The motion will be sent back to the home groups. A point was made that the motion would limit/discourage participation because most decisions and votes are made by RCM’s/ASR’s already. The motion originated because of multiple members showing up to subcommittees and tipping the scale to get a specific speaker, motion passed, etc.
The non-profit status is in effect for the MRSCNA once again. Wes R. is looking into whether or not we owe any more money, and the tax exempt status and banking are unchanged.
There have been no changes or updates in terms of getting a blanket insurance policy to cover all the meetings in the region. Any area can get a copy of the policy and work to come up with a solution to the blanket insurance problem. More investigation is needed to find the most affordable insurance policy but we will continue to insure the conventions.
An insurance quote for $4500 was found to purchase a blanket policy for the whole region. However the 7th tradition donations and other forms of income would have to increase in order to afford the policy. Home groups would have to collect $1.25 a week and $57 a year from the 7th tradition. If any home group wants to be under the insurance policy, make sure the home group attends ASC and is put on the regional schedule.
There was talk of not funding RD’s in order to send them to World Service because regions/areas have not been making donations.

New Business
The RSC made a decision to make a $500 donation to NAWS.
The Metro Area is talking about bringing a motion to next RSC to create and outreach subcommittee.
Service elections will take place at the next RSC on April 5th and 6th.

Thanks for letting me serve our area.
-Nick L.

Activities—Tony T

Opened with a prayer
12 Traditions read
12 Concepts read


In Loving Service
Cost:  398.21
Money collected from the NA auction:  617.00
Money returned to the area Treasurer:  618.79


The GTO Campout will be held on June 20, 21, and 22 at East Lynn.

There will be a speaker on Friday and a speaker on Saturday.  The Activities Subcommittee would like the Area Home Groups to provide input concerning the speakers at the next Activities Subcommittee.

The Activities Subcommittee requests that the Area Home Groups provide input into the decision for the speakers at the next Activities Subcommittee.

The Activities Subcommittee to submit a motion at the ASC for $100.00 for the costs of the campout.

PR Report—Tom M

Public Relations Subcommittee Minutes 2-16-14
Attendance: Tom M. Bo V. Jason L. JC C. Sean H.
Concepts read Tom M.
Twelve traditions read Jason L.
Group Reports
     Flier Distribution Coordinator Report-
Due to the weather, it has been difficult to schedule flier days. The last scheduled flier day was cancelled due to snow and the lack of willing participants due to that. Since then it has been too cold. With the warmer days coming, one will be scheduled in March and still plan to put fliers in areas we talked about in the last subcommittee

Schedule Distribution Coordinator-
Meeting schedule information- hello Ryan D here, Tom m, Eli c, tanner w and myself did a meeting schedule day. Eli and tanner made contact with the Cabell county DRC untington housing authority, st Mary's. Eli and I are to meet and discuss details on those facilities, more will be reported at next pr subcommittee. Tom m and myself were successful at Barnett center, ad Lewis center. Contact info obtained for oasis, rt 60 valley health. To schedule meeting with doctors were availability of doctor and our members. Methadone clinic was visited and when Eli returned phone call, they said we could put schedules on there community resource board but did not want to meet with us. Hopeful for more contact success onnext schedule day. Any members with willingness to help, I'm trying to coordinate week of February 24th. The tentative plan is to make all contacts, meet and greet so that schedules can be dropped to appropriate people after the initial contact is made and cooperation is secured from said facility's. Grateful to be of service
Ryan D

Web Servant Report-Web Servant Report

Greetings from the cyberspace. Everything is going great the meeting schedule is up to date and all emailed announcements have been placed on the blog. Any upcoming announcements or meeting changes should be emailed to We want to thank everyone for announcing the website and for your continued support. I will be scheduling a day & time to get with the webservant 2 so I can review how to update the schedule and blog sometime this month anyone else that wants to attend that maybe interested in a position with the website please contact me.

Grateful to serve
Dalmas C

Old Business
Subcommittee discussed clean time requirements for PR positions and agreedupon 90 days with observation for Flier Distribution coordinator. Six months for Schedule Distribution Coordinator and Telephone Communication Coordinator.
Erika P. reports Lilly's place will be putting up Bulletin board with NA contact information.
New Business
•     Jason L expressed willingness to help with work on the website as well as willingness to be web servant #2 when Tony T. moves into position as web servant'
•     Tom M. DJ B. and Ryan D. attended region and  fee was approved for NA bus signs.
•     JC and Michelle are waiting on literature rack to arrive to be placed in library with IP's. JC expressed willingness to venture out and make contact with west end library regarding literature display.
    Deeidra G.left message with Laura Gilliam at CCSAP but received no return a call. Subcommittee agreed that face to face contact would be next step to follow up with.
        Sean H discussed Shell center residents may not be receiving IP's     committee to request Elijah C. follow up when he makes his next phone     contact.
    Next Loved Ones group is scheduled for March 4th.
Meeting adjourned
Grateful to serve Deeidra G.

H&I—Tom F

Hospitals and Institutions Minutes for 2-14-14
Attendance: Tyler M. Kayla M, Megan C. Ryan D. Nick C. Ed  James C. Brittany O. Sean H. Richard S. DJ S. Becki David H. Amber B. Mark G.
Opened with Prayer
Twelve Concepts read Becki
Twelve traditions read Ryan D.
Group Reports-
Pinecrest Thursday,
All is well with Pinecrest H & I, willingness has been great in the fellowship. Four to six panel members have been going in each time. If anyone is interested in sharing please talk to me.
Grateful to serve Elijah C.
Everything is well with H & I at Pinecrest. The doors are opening on time and the life saving message of recovery is being shared. The clients have been very receptive. The willingness from the fellowship has been exceptional!
I would like to say thank you to Nick C for taking the meeting in this past Thursday when my daughter was in the hospital.
    Grateful To Serve,
        Carrie G
    Greetings from Riverpark Longterm,
We have a great deal of willingness from members to go into the meeting. We recently had a false allegation made regarding a panel member which had no founding or truth Tom discussed matter with Administration no further concerns have been brought forth. This week Riverpark added two new units to the Wednesday meeting which is now being held on the fourth floor in the ballroom. The message of NA is being shared no other problems to report.
        Grateful to serve Deeidra G.
    Hello from 3 north Riverpark we are doing great, I take in 3 other members     biweekly, we arrive on time and leave on time. Willingness for observation is     high trying to find willingness for members to share is a little harder to find     but it gets done. Our message is shared and I appreciate this service position     greatly. Grateful to serve Brittany
        Grateful to serve Brittany O.
Riverpark Short-term
 Everything is going well for our HNI meeting at Riverpark Adult Short-term. There are typically 6 to 10 clients in attendance. A big thanks to Richard S. Joe B. Jason L. Deeidra G. Ryan D. Jenni H. Carrie G. Maggie N. and Van M. for expressing willingness to go in. We are still doing a panel discussion meeting. Tom F. provided us meeting schedules at the facilities request. I have told them to let me know if they get low and well replenish them. If anyone is interested in attending let me know. I will be contacting people on the workshop sign in sheet for the upcoming Mondays.
Grateful to serve Paul M.
    Salutations Na family, all is well with h and I short term at Riverpark,     average attendance has been 3. Willingness has been great among the     fellowship. Grateful to serve Ryan D.
    Pressley Ridge
    Our Monday Night H&I panel at Pressley Ridge is going great. The     clients are really starting to open up to us and to each other. They     express interest in our members' experience and seem to really anticipate     our arrival. We average about 5-7 clients per week. We have been riving     and leaving together and on time. Willingness is great still. This is an     awesome opportunity for us as a fellowship.
    Grateful to serve Nick C.
Greetings from Pressley Ridge. All is well at Pressley Ridge and recover is being shared . Seems as if the clients are participating more and more. Thanks to everyone who has gone in and shared and look foreword to more in the future thanks for the opportunity .
Grateful to serve Tyler M.
    Greetings from Pressley Ridge Women's meeting,
     The meeting is going extremely well. The meeting is opening and closing on     time. The residents really enjoy us being there. They are more receptive to us     with every meeting. Thanks for the amazing opportunity!!!
    Grateful to serve Michelle L.
    Old Business
*Subcommittee discussed panel experience needed for meetings, all members in agreement that new panel members could take the meeting in as long as they met the year clean time requirement in and took panel members in with H & I  experience.
*Elijah C. discussed the need for H & I meeting at St. Mary's hospital. All members agreed that there is a need but due to the start of three new meetings decided to obtain more information and table discussion until next month.
*All members have received H&I handbooks.
*Deeidra G. discussed the need to encourage new members with H & I workshop to participate as panel members if all  clean time requirements are met.
*The next In Loving service will be held on February 8th at Fairfield East Community Center. There will be an H & I workshop at 4pm. There will also be a PR learning day.
New Business
Ryan D. discussed delivering schedules to St. Mary's administration who displayed very limited knowledge of NA and were not very receptive.
Bo  and Becki  from the newly added Louisa area expressed willingness to participate as panel members with the Monday H N I meeting in the adult unit to gain experience to possibly be panel members at a later date.
of staring a new meeting at St. Mary's until Tom F. meets with administration to discuss need and expectations.
*Nick C. discussed the possible need for more H N I meetings at Prestera due to the facility no longer taking their clients to outside meetings.
*Tyler M. discussed the need  of the subcommittee electing a H N I panel coordinator position to be the point of contact with all facilities with H N I
Bo  and Becki  from the newly added Louisa area expressed willingness to participate as panel members with the Monday H N I meeting in the adult unit to gain experience to possibly be panel members at a later date.
of staring a new meeting at St. Mary's until Tom F. meets with administration to discuss need and expectations.
*Nick C. discussed the possible need for more H N I meetings at Prestera due to the facility no longer taking their clients to outside meetings.
*Tyler M. discussed the need  of the subcommittee electing a H N I panel coordinator position to be the point of contact with all facilities with H N I meetings. Subcommittee agreed to discuss in detail next month.
Motion to adjourn
Closed meeting with Prayer and Group Hug,
Grateful to serve Deeidra G.

Bo  and Becki  from the newly added Louisa area expressed willingness to participate as panel members with the Monday H N I meeting in the adult unit to gain experience to possibly be panel members at a later date.
of staring a new meeting at St. Mary's until Tom F. meets with administration to discuss need and expectations.
*Nick C. discussed the possible need for more H N I meetings at Prestera due to the facility no longer taking their clients to outside meetings.
*Tyler M. discussed the need  of the subcommittee electing a H N I panel coordinator position to be the point of contact with all facilities with H N I meetings. Subcommittee agreed to discuss in detail next month.
Motion to adjourn
Closed meeting with Prayer and Group Hug,
Grateful to serve Deeidra G.

Group Reports

Greetings from Together We Can
All is going well.  The doors are opened on time and coffee is flowing.  We have a $30 donation for area.  Ed H is our new GSR.  We are averaging 50 addicts per meeting.
Grateful to serve,  Ed H

Clean Possibilities Tuesday @ 7pm
8 home group members at this time.  Coffee is in the post, literature is on the table.  Recovery being shared.  15 average attendance. New members Pinto W, Josh B, Clinton N, Erica B & Ryan B.
GSR Erica B
GSR alt Ryan B
No donation at this time.

Greetings from the Crossroads group of Narcotics Anonymous.  The doors are being opened on time, literature is on the table, & the life saving message is being carried.  Average attendance per week is 18.  We have no donation for the area at this time.
Grateful to serve, Tanner W

Trust The Process
The group continues to gain new group members.  We are grateful for their choice to serve with us.  Our meeting attendance is averaging 75.  Our needs are met.  The rent is paid.  We are selling a lot of literature.  We have a $20 donation to the ASC.  Intense sharing to be found weekly.
In loving service
Trust the Process

Greetings from the Living in the Solution home group of NA! Meeting is going well with literature stocked,  coffee served,  & the message of recovery being shared. We have an addict;  Matt B celebrating 2 years of recovery on February 23 with Myra H sharing her experience strength and hope.  We have a $60.00 donation to ASC at this time.  We also vote Phillip D as the treasurer alt for Area.  Grateful to serve! 
                                  Steven S

Greetings from Another Chance to Live group of Narcotics Anonymous. Things are well, the doors are open, average attendance is 20, coffee is hot and ready, literature is on the table, meetings are starting and ending on time. We do not have a donation at this time.

Grateful to serve, JC

All is well from no pain no gain. Meetings are taking place and starting and
ending on time. All our rent is paid up and coffe and literature is always out
and recovery is shared. We want to thank Brittany I for speaking last month. We
want to announce that Bo will b speaking this month on feb 23 rd. hope to see
everyone there and we do not have a donation at this time.

              Tyler M.

All is well at the Hope Without Dope group of Narcotics Anonymous. The doors are open on time, literature is on the table, and the life saving message of recovery is being carried. We have 60-70 in attendance every Wednesday and Sunday. We have no donation for area this month. Grateful to serve Liz H.

Greetings from Progress Not Perfection. Everything is going well. Doors are open on time, literature is on the table, and the message is being carried. We are averaging about 30-40 people in attendance each Wednesday. We have a $20 donation for area.
Grateful to serve,
Nick C.

February 2014

Greetings, all is well with the Gods Will Candlelight Meeting of Narcotics Anonymous with the doors open on time each week, coffee made, literature on display and the life saving message of recovery being shared. Our attendance averages 25 to 35 per week and we have a speaker on the third Thursday of each month. We would like to thank Chris G in January for sharing his experience, strength and hope as we look forward to our next speaker (Missi C) on February 20th..  Our groups vote on a new treasure alt was for Terri M. We have no donation to area at this time as we are doing our best to keep supplies and our rent paid on time.

All is well with the Hope Through Surrender group of Narcotics Anonymous. Rent
is paid, doors open on time, literature is on the table, coffee is in the pot,
and most importantly the message of recovery is being shared. We average about
10-15 people per meetings. On March 6 a home group member will be celebrating 1
year and Nate H will be sharing his experience, strength, and hope. No donation
to area at this time.

Grateful to serve,
Tasha W.

Old Business
GSR votes for the Treasurer II position as follows:
Terri M—7
Philip D—3
Sean H—2

New Business
Discussion concerning trouble in the past with getting nominations and elections done in May and June due to other activities during that time.  Several options were brought to discussion as a way to find a solution that works for us.  This discussion will be continued at a later time due to not wanting to rush a decision.  Input is appreciated.

RCM Alt nominations are needed from the home groups at next area.  The RCM position will be filled by Nick L to complete the remaining term that Tyler M is unable to fulfill. 

Activities subcommittee made a motion requesting the $400.00 from activities reserve plus an additional $100 to help in prepaying for campsites and supplies for the upcoming campout.  13 for, 0 against, 0 abstain

Motion from the Hope Without Dope group for the area to contact Christina C for the CAR workshop information to see when she is able to facilitate.  11 for

PR Subcommittee had 2 motions
1.)    Request of $25.21 to cover the remaining balance for our order of 2 Basic Texts and a Literature Rack.  11 for
2.)    Request of $3.00 to purchase schedules to be distributed to facilities in Louisa, KY.   11 for

Motion from Gods Will Candlelight to move the area service this year to the 2nd Sunday in the months of April & May 2014.  This will give us the dates of April 13 & May 11.  11 for.

Closed with Gratitude Prayer