Saturday, April 26, 2014

Area Minutes - April 2014

April 2014

Opened with Serenity Prayer
12 Traditions Read
12 Concepts Read

Living in the Solution:  yes
No Pain, No Gain:  yes
Another Chance to Live:  yes
Another Way:  no
Together We Can:  yes
Not High Noon:  yes
Clean Possibilities:  yes
Hope Turns to Faith:  yes
Hope without Dope:  no
Process of Discovery:  yes
Progress not Perfection:  yes
Hope through Surrender:  yes
God’s Will Candlelight:  yes
Freedom from Self:  report only
High on Life:  yes
Crossroads:  yes
Serenityville:  no
Trust the Process:  yes
Minutes read and approved by Wes R

            Greetings and salutations. Once again, this will be another lengthy report and I’ll try to be as detailed as possible.

Regional Service started with sharing session. Members discussed having more effective communication between the RCM’s and the home groups so that the home groups can become more involved with sending input to the RSC. There was also mention of having 10 paper copies of the RSC minutes sent to the home groups per Regional policy.
There was more discussion about the insurance issue and making more of a point to increase Regional donations from the home groups to try and finance a blanket policy.
Members also talked about the serious lack of interest that GSR’s seem to have toward Area Service and Regional Service and where the dollar in the basket is going. That being said, it was also discussed members should not lose focus of recovery and working the 12 steps.

Secretary Report

            The minutes and motions from the last Regional Service Committee were read and approved.

Treasurer Report

The following is copied from a handout that the Regional Treasurer presented to the RCM’s/ASR’s:

Starting Balance From Last Report on 1/17/14               $18,779.77

1/31/14 One-Box Account                                                  $79.95
2/3/14  Ck# 2374 SEC. Expenses                                       $148.00
2/3/14  Ck# 2375 Printing Minutes and Mailing              $100.00
2/4/14  Ck# 2372 RD Alt Travel Zonal-MARLCNA                      $629.50
2/6/14  Ck# 2378 RD Travel-Copies                                             $855.58
2/7/14  Ck# 2379 Treasurer 2 Travel                                          $91.00
2/7/14           Frontier                                                                     $95.81
2/10/14 Deposit                                                                   $+531.40
2/13/14 Ck# 2380 Social Service Conference                  $500.00
2/13/14 Ck# 2377 Phil K.-Mail Box                                               $54.00
2/18/14 PayPal                                                                    $4.95
2/21/14 Service Charge                                                      $3.00
3/3/14  One Box Account                                                    $79.95
3/7/14  Ck# 2373 RD Alt WSC                                           $1,544.70
3/11/14 Frontier                                                                 $100.03
3/17/14 PayPal                                                                    $4.95
3/21/14 Service Charge                                                      $3.00
4/1/14  One Box Account                                                    $79.95
4/2/14  Debt. Card NAWS                                                   $500.00
Bank Balance                                                                                  $14,442.80

CD at 5th 3rd Bank as of 1/17/14 $1,683.35                                  $16,126.15 as of 4/4/14

Unpaid Motions
2/2/14 Convention                                                              $8.050.00
3/2/14 PR Public Service Announcements                                   $80.00
4/2/14 PR Bus Signs                                                                        $250.00
5/2/14 PR Social Service Conference                                            $300.00

Standing Expense Paid Meeting Schedules                                    $378.00
            1/24/14 Meeting Schedule Mailing                                    $63.03
            3/4/14           Mailing H&I Books                                       $237.36
Deposit from AFASCNA                                                        $+150.00
Prudent Reserve                                                                   $-1,000.00
CD at 5th 3rd Bank                                                                  $-1,683.35
Working Balance                                                                $4,234.41

Area Donations
Freedom Area                                                                                   $75.00
North Central Area                                                               $99.17
Mountain Area                                                                      $850.00
UPANA                                                                                    $60.00
NANA                                                                                      $100.00

Group Donations
Hope Out The Hollar                                                                        $5.00

Meeting Schedules
Metro                                                                                      $66.00
NANA                                                                                      $80.00
North Central                                                                                    $52.80   

Working Balance                                                          $+4,234.41
Standing Expenses
Estimated Expenses Until Next RSC
Insurance                                                                               $-500.00
Phoneline                                                                               $-500.00
Schedules                                                                               $-400.00
SEC. Expenses                                                                        $-200.00
H&I                                                                                         $  -50.00        
Balance                                                                               $1,650.00

Convention Speaker Travel?

Old Business
Discussed the motion about the RCM’s/ASR’s being the only ones allowed to vote during the subcommittees at RSC. Motion voted on: 2 for; 4 against; 1 abstained. Motion didn’t pass.

Group Reports
Reports read by GSR’s/ASR’s

Area Motions
            No motions were brought by the area’s to RSC

Convention Subcommittee
Discussed old business (can be found in previous RSC minutes). The Fall Convention is October 31st through November 2nd called “The Path Less Traveled”. Discussed having $1,000 allocated to refreshments to get coffee and pop. At the last convention, the subcommittee spent $468 for pop and $500 for coffee.
Motion made to do away with the Pepsi products and use the money for the insurance motioned seconded and will take effect next spring convention. Still having problems with Pay Anywhere company and they are holding $1100 that isn’t being released to the region yet. Wes R. has spoken with the company and has given them a copy with his driver’s license, a bill with his name and address on it, a 501 C3 (non-profit status form), and a copy of our policy. If nothing works out, then it was agreed to cancel the Pay Anywhere account.
Nominations for convention officers:
1)     Sharon F. for chair
2)     Allen L. for vice Chair
3)     Nick H. for merchandise vice chair
4)     Mike B. registration chair
5)     Catherine H. for registration vice chair
6)     Joe B. audio chair
7)     Kevin E. for audio vice chair
8)     Beverly R. for merchandise chair
9)     Terry S. for refreshments chair
10)Brittany O. for refreshments vice chair

Phone Line
Cooper B. went through and edited the traditions aspect of the policy as they apply to the phone line service structure. They will be typed up by Brandon C. and brought back to the next RSC. The Phone Line subcommittee talked of keeping or doing away with general service referral phone numbers (411, 211, etc.). Nomination for phone line chair: Jason T.

There is currently no H&I chair, other than Joe B. who is vice chair. Talked about increasing the budget for H&I. Motion made to send 4 Basic Texts to the Pocahontas Correctional Facility in Pocahontas, VA.

Public Relations
An unaffiliated meeting that doesn’t belong to any area is still on the meeting schedule. According to policy, the home group has to write to the Region on a quarterly basis to let the RSC know they still want to be on the schedule. The meeting is located in Scott Depot and hasn’t made contact with the Region. They will be given until next quarter to contact the web servant concerning them staying on the meeting schedule.
An institution in the FANA area (Bluefield) is asking for a PR presentation; Kay will get with the PR Chair to get the presentation together. Cooper B. is going to get in touch with the 3 meetings that aren’t on our regional schedule, but are on the NAWS website. The intent is to get them plugged into an area and recognized by the region.
Joe B. made a motion to have 60 bus signs put on the KRT bus line. Total cost is $300. There was mention that any area that would like to get involved in sending letters to professionals should get in contact with the PR chair and the subcommittee can help get that event started.
Nominations for PR chair: Cooper B. will stay as PR chair; no one else with willingness.

RD/RD Alt.
There is a service symposium that will be taking place soon. Anyone interested in knowing more about the event, go to (Muliti Zonal Service Symposium). The next Zonal forum will be in Fairmont, WV on the last Saturday in July; talked of donating $50 to the facility—UHC—for having the forum.
The motion to approve the draft for a new IP, “Introduction to NA meetings”, passed and approved; 7 for; 0 against; 1 abstain. The next CAR workshop will take place in 2016.
Voted to approve the amendment made to motion 3 made in the CAR workshop; Motion 3 itself, was voted on and approved. Motion 5 was voted on and approved (Most of these motions are made to change the service structure).
This is in relation to the GTO Area: Our area abstained from all motions and proposals because we did not attend a CAR workshop or have one.

Policy and Administration
There was a discussion about the work group that was to merge H&I, Phone line, Web Servant, and PR under one umbrella. One member discussed their concerns about the RSC taking less time to discuss the subcommittees and their struggles. Another member mentioned that we are more efficient in terms of our subcommittees than we have ever been. 14 members voted to create the super group and have all these subcommittees under one umbrella.
Discussion was made of changing the name of groups that are not connected with an area from “Loner Groups” to something different and whether or not they should be added to the meeting schedule. One member said to take them off of the meeting schedule because they aren’t affiliated with an area. A straw poll was conducted on whether or not to move on from the discussion about the loner groups. The poll was in favor of moving on.

There was a PR motion that requests 60 bus signs for $300 and a H&I motion that requested $50 for 4 basic texts to be given to jails. There was a Convention motion made that asked for $105 for the DJ and the total balance comes to $665.
Motion made to send $2,000 to World and the RSC will be spending $88 to send RD/RD Alt to MZSS (Multi Zonal Service Symposium).

New Business
PR subcommittee requests a motion for $300 to get 60 bus signs—passes by consensus
 The creation of the super group (combining H&I, Web Servant, Phone Line under one umbrella) on a trial basis for one year to see if it works will be tabled to areas and home group. The H&I subcommittee is asking for 4 basic texts to send to Pocahontas correctional facility and the motion passed. The motion to make $2,000 donation to NAWS passed by consensus.

Nominations for Regional Officers: 
  1. Chair: Erica P. (Matt K. will stay as chair through July)
  2. Regional Vice Chair: Kay
  3. Regional Secretary: Beverly
  4. Regional Treasurer: Hossai
  5. Regional Treasurer 2: ?
  6. RD: Kristina C.
  7. RD Alt: Brandon C., Matt K.

The next Regional service is July 19th and 20th.

Thanks for continuing to allow me to be part of this experience. Love y’all.
-Nick L. RCM



GTOASCNA Treasurer’s Report
04-13 -14
Activity recorded 03-15-14 through 04-12-14

Regular Account
Beginning Balance                                                                $110.58
02-16-14           Living In the Solution                                              $  15.00
                                Another Chance to Live                                          $  30.00
                                Not High Noon                                                              $  20.00
                                Progress Not Perfection                                         $  50.00
                                Process of Discovery                                                $  10.00
                                God’s Will Candlelight                                            $  20.00
                                Crossroads                                                                      $  15.00

Total income                                                                                 $160.00

4-6-14                 Check to Nick L. for RSC Ch. #469    $120.00
Total Expenses                                                                              $120.00

Internal Xfer to PR                                                                                     $  24.94            
Ending Balance                                                                                            $125.64

Public Relations Reserve
Beginning Balance                                                                     $300.00

04-16-14           Reimburse Ryan D. for Schedules    $  24.94
                                Ch. #470

03-06-14           Ryan D. purchase schedules                                $  24.94

Ending Balance                                                                                            $300.00

Prudent Reserve              
Beginning Balance                                                                $100.00

Total Income                                                                                 $    0.00

Total Expenses                                                                                             $    0.00

Ending Balance                                                            $100.00

Activities Reserve              
Beginning Balance                                                      $   0.00

03-15-14           Myra H. Return from                                                $   5.71
                                In Loving Service from 2009

Total Income                                                                                 $   5.71


Total Expenses                                                                                             $   0.00

Ending Balance                                                                       $   5.71

As of 04-13-14 the total of all 4 accounts is $510.58
Nick L. – ASC Treasurer


Attendance Josh M. Tony T. Bo V. Nick L. Tom M. Tasha W. Ryan D. Brandon G. Tanner W. JB H. Jimmy E.

Speakers voted on Lonnie T. and Christina C.

Campout itinerary is:
Friday 8 PM speaker Kristina C.

Saturday 10am morning meditation
1 PM lunch
3 PM H&I workshop
7 PM auction/clean time countdown
8 PM speaker Lonnie T.
Also: campfire meetings, karaoke
Please bring auction items, food camping gear, and drinks

Grateful to serve Ryan D. and Tony T.


Public Relations Minutes for April 15, 2014
Attendance: Tasha W. Nick L. Tom M. Bo V. Addie Ryan D.
Twelve concepts read: Deeidra G.
Twelve traditions read: Ryan D.
Flyer Distribution Report- The next flyer day will be April 25th meet at Riverfront Park at 3pm going to have pizza after.
Grateful to serve Tasha W.

Schedule Distribution- Hello family.
We have not had a meeting schedule day since last PR subcommittee.  We had a short 3 week month, Eli C. and myself are matching up work schedules to get a day in Cabell county within the next 2 weeks. Anyone that would like to do some service work please feel free to contact me and help on our schedule days.
Grateful and delighted to be of service Ryan D.

Everything is going well with Lillys place. They need more schedules.
Grateful to serve, Erika P.

New Business
Elijah C. to contact Donna B. regarding doing a PR presentation at the next Wayne county community outreach meeting.
Ryan D. will be picking up the new schedule holder when they do the next schedule distribution.
Tom reported that the NA signs are on the buses not sure how many buses have them and is going to get more information for next subcommittee
Matt Boggs gave information on upcoming Pig Roast on May 3rd at the healing place and requested some attendance from members as well as an opportunity to put up our NA display with information during this event as well as other upcoming events.
Loved Ones group requested a second meeting if there is willingness.
subcommittee will receive more information from Joe regarding progress on bus sign in the metro area.
Motion to adjourn
Closed meeting with group hug and prayer
Grateful to serve Deeidra G. 

H & I:

Hospitals and Institutions Minutes April 13, 2014
Attendance: Tom F. Amber B. Nick C. Ryan D. Sean H. Bo V. Beckie V. Sergio, Jessica C.
Twelve concepts read: Nick C.
Twelve traditions read: Amber B.
Pressley Ridge   Our Monday night H&I Panel at Pressley Ridge is progressing nicely. The clients are very receptive and they are steadily opening up to us more and more each week. Willingness among our male members is high. We have been entering and exiting on time. Tyler M. and I recently switched two weeks but as of this Monday 4/14 we will be back on track. The message of hope is definitely being carried.
Grateful to be of service,
Nick C.

Greetings from Pinecrest The meeting is going well. Willingness is great from members. Could use more willingness from female members The meeting is opening and closing on time. The message of NA is being carried and share grateful to serve Sean H
Greetings. The Thursday night hni panel is going well. We are entering and exiting on time. The message is being carried and approximately 25 addicts attend regularly. Nothing further to report. Grateful to serve, Elijah C

Hello family, all is well at Riverpark 3 West. Both meetings since the last subcommittee have started and ended on time. Willingness has been great, a special thanks to Dalmas for his commitment to go in until I reached the clean time requirements.
Grateful to be of service Ryan D

The Monday morning HNI meeting at River Park Hospital is going great.  Thank you to Joe B., Deeidra G., Ed. H., and Brian C. for their willingness to come in.  BIG thank you to Bo V. for stepping up and taking the meeting in when I was unable to attend.  The facility has schedules and our message is being shared.  Bo and I are alternating Mondays’ so if anyone is interested in attending speak to one of us.  Pay your rent!
 Grateful to Serve, Paul M.

Hello hello hello,
Riverpark adolescents 3N panel is doing wonderful. Our meeting has a lot of willingness coming from adolescents who share and panel members. I'd like to thank Jayme B and Jenni H for being regulars on my the panel and showing support. This week Deedra D and I have switched our weeks back therefore ill be going in this coming week. Recently had a adolescent graduate the program and contact us and began going to outside meetings on their own! Good stuff and so grateful to serve thank you Brittany O

Greetings from Riverpark  3North Longterm, The meeting is going great. Willingness is good among members. We are still having difficulty starting on time due to the staff being unable to get the residents there on time. I spoke with staff who stated the get them there as quickly as they can after their fresh air break. The message of NA is being shared.
Grateful to serve Deeidra G
Old Business
Subcommittee discussed willingness for members to help with H&I meeting at Karens place.
Golden Girls group home is requesting information on having a H&I meeting.
Subcommittee discussed Lilly's place for possible meeting but agreed it was more of a PR subject.
Pinecrest expressed the need for another meeting when they stop taking residents to outside meetings.
Next H&I workshop to be held on April 5th.

New Business
Pinecrest informed subcommittee that Tuesday and Saturday would be the days for possible HNI meeting.
Subcommittee will discuss Golden girls  for possible HNI  once more information is obtained.
Members to begin announcing  in meetings upcoming elections for new HNI panel leaders at next subcommittee.
Motion to adjourn
Closed meeting with group hug and prayer
Grateful to serve Deeidra G.


Greetings from Living in the Solution group of Narcotics Anonymous.  The meeting is happening, the literature is stocked, and the message is being carried.  We have an average attendance of 16 addicts per meeting.  We would like to welcome our newest home group member Jenni H.  Our business meeting for the month of April was held.  Our new GSR is Art G & the Alt GSR is Jenni H.  We are placing a literature order this month and have no donation to area at this time.  We voted in favor of Tom M becoming RCM-alt and in favor of the $120 disbursement for Nick L to attend region.
Grateful to serve, Art G

Greetings from the No pain No gain group of NA.  All is well, literature is on the table, coffee is made & we are averaging anywhere from 30-40 people a week.  Homegroup members consist of Eric H, Tyler M, & Kristina.  Our homegroup has a donation of $10.  The life-saving message of recovery is being carried.  Grateful to serve, Eric H

Greetings from the Together we can group.  The life-saving message of NA is being carried regularly.  Coffee is flowing.  Literature is on the table.  We are averaging 40 addicts per week.  The newcomer is always hugged.  At this time we have no donation for area.
Grateful to Serve, Ed H

 Greetings from the Clean Possibilities home group.  The doors are open, literature is on the table, coffee is in the pot, and the message of recovery is being shared.  We have a homegroup member celebrating 2 years this Tuesday, 4/15.  We will be having refreshments and Becky V will be giving her lead.  We are happy to announce that we will be sponsoring an addict to go to the convention in Ripley.  Please announce it at you homegroups.  Grateful to serve, Ryan B

Greetings from the Crossroads group of Narcotics Anonymous.  All is going well.  The doors are open on time.  Coffee is in the pot.  Literature is on the table & the life-saving message is being carried.  We would like to welcome our new homegroup member Josh M.  We have been averaging around 10-15 people per week.  At this time we have no donation to area.
Grateful to serve, Tanner W

Greetings from the High on Life group of NA.  Doors are opened on time, coffee, and literature is served and readily available.  Our attendance is anywhere between 20-35 addicts.  Our homegroup struggles with needing more members with experience.  We will be having a H.G. member celebrating 3 years on May 2nd and Jessica C will be sharing her experience, strength, and hope.  No donations at this time.  Grateful to serve, Jessica C

Greeting from hope turns to faith group of NA. The meeting is going great. The doors are being opened on time, the coffee is hot and the message of recovery is being carried. Our average attendance is approximately 60-65 addicts. We have NA literature on the table. We are happy to donate $20.00 to the area this month. Grateful to serve, Sean H.

Happy Springtime from Progress Not Perfection! Our meeting attendance is up as it is no longer freezing outside. We are progressing through Living Clean nicely. We have coffee ready and literature out on time. We bring a $50 donation to area and we're grateful to be a part of such an amazing area in GTO.
In Goodwill, Nick C

Greetings from another chance to live. All is well meetings are opening and closing on time. Rent is paid, literature on table and most important, message is being carried. We have 3 new homegroup members. Robbie c, jb h, and jimmy e. We had a 1 year celebration on the 4th. Jimmy E has been elected the Gsr and jb H the Gsr alt. We are paying to send someone to convention. Please discuss with our homegroup if you or you know someone who would like to be that person. We have a 50 dollar donation to area at this time.
 Grateful to be of service, Ryan D and Jimmy E

Greetings from the Freedom From Self Homegroup. Coffee is hot, literature is available and we have replenished our stock of keytags. The message is being.carried successfully with an.average meeting attendance of 46. We have no nomination for speakers out of area or region unfortunately but are excited for convention and campout. Regrettably we have no donation for area at this time.   Grateful to serve ...... Richard S

Hello all from the Not High Noon Group of Narcotics Anonymous! Our Tuesday noon meeting is doing very well our literature sales are up doors always open and meeting attendance averages 10-15 people a week and the message of narcotics anonymous is freely shared and heard! We have a speaker Tasha W April 29th and invite all!
Very grateful to serve GSR-Brittany O

All is well with the Hope Through Surrender group of Narcotics Anonymous. The
doors are open, rent is paid, literature is on the table, coffee in the pot and
most importantly the message of recovery is being shared. We would like to
welcome our new home group member Josh A. We average about 15 -20 people per
week and have no donation to area at this time.

Grateful to serve,
Tasha W.

April 2014
 Greetings, all is well with the Gods Will Candlelight Meeting of Narcotics Anonymous with the doors open on time each week, coffee made, literature on display and the life saving message of recovery being shared. Our attendance averages 25 to 45 per week and we have a speaker on the third Thursday of each month. We would like to thank Terri M in March for sharing her experience, strength and hope as we look forward to our next speaker Jason P on May 15th. Our groups vote for treasurer alt was Terri M, we would like to welcome a new home group Ali S and we have no donation to area at this time.
 Grateful to serve, Thomas F


Due to nominations being taken next month it was decided to wait on taking a vote for RCM-Alt.


****Nominations will be taken at ASC next month on May 11, 2014. (2nd Sunday of May!)  Please bring nominations from homegroups for the area positions.  A list of positions with the requirements was handed out by Tom M.  They are also listed in the area policy on  We will vote in June.


Motion to refund Tom M $41.76.
Motion by Tom F to send $100 to region.  Second by Brittany O. All for.


Discussion of raising the amount of $ in the Activities Reserve.  Decided to leave as is and when extra monies are needed they can ask the area for it.
Erica P will be taking names for the 40 beds in the GTO dorm at Ripley in May.  Any group sponsoring a member to go who wants to stay in the area dorm can provide the name to her so that they will have a bed with other members from the area.
Nick L has regional schedules for homegroups.
Bo V is asking for an announcement to be made in meetings due to incorrect info on the regional schedules recently printed.  The Wed night Process of Discovery meeting is at 7pm at 122 S Cross Main St (Lawrence Co Courthouse) Louisa, KY 41230.
Joe M has been to the Wayne Co meeting a few times on Tues eves and they still need support.
Please send announcements to:  

*Closed with Prayer*