Saturday, April 5, 2014

Area Minutes - March 2014


March 16, 2014

Opened with Prayer

12 Traditions Read

12 Concepts Read

Living in the Solution:  yes

No Pain, No Gain:  yes

Another Chance to Live:  yes

Another Way:  no

Together We Can:  yes

Not High Noon:  yes

Clean Possibilities:  yes

Hope Turns to Faith:  no

Hope without Dope:  yes

Process of Discovery:  yes

Progress not Perfection:  yes

Hope through Surrender:  yes

God’s Will Candlelight:  yes

Freedom from Self:  yes

High on Life:  yes

Crossroads:  yes

Serenityville:  no

Trust the Process:  yes


Minutes read and approved by Wes R



GTOASCNA Treasurer’s Report


Activity recorded 02-16-14 through 03-15-14

Regular Account
Beginning Balance                                                $162.34
02-16-14       Living In the Solution                                $  60.00
                        Together We Can                                        $  30.00
                        Progress Not Perfection                            $  20.00        
                        Trust the Process                                        $  20.00
                        Activities Returned                                    $ 618.79
Total income                                                                        $748.79
02-16-14       Tony T. for Activities ck# 464                 $100.00
02-16-14       Cabell Co. Pub. Lib. ASC ck# 467            $  15.00
02-26-14       Cab. Co. Pub. Lib. ASC                               
                        For April and May ck#468                       $  30.00
Total Expenses                                                         $145.00
Internal Xfer to Activities                                                 $400.00
Internal Xfer to PR                                                             $  93.21       
Ending Balance                                                                   $110.58

Public Relations Reserve
Beginning Balance                                                             $235.00
02-16-14       Internal Xfer from Reg. Acct.                   $  93.21
02-16-14       Tom M. Reimburse Lit. Order ck#466  $  25.21
02-16-14       Bo V. for Schedules ck# 465                    $    3.00
Ending Balance                                                                   $300.00
Prudent Reserve              
Beginning Balance                                                            $100.00
Total Income                                                                       $    0.00
Total Expenses                                                                    $    0.00
Ending Balance                                                            $100.00

Activities Reserve         
Beginning Balance                                                      $   0.00
02-16-14       Return from In Loving Service                $400.00
Total Income                                                                       $400.00
02-16-14       Tony T. for Campout ck# 464                  $400.00
Total Expenses                                                                    $400.00
Ending Balance                                                                  $   0.00


As of 03-15-14 the total of all 4 accounts is $510.58

Nick L. – ASC Treasurer


Activities March 2014

Campsites to be reserved today.  2 sights for Thursday and the rest for Friday and Saturday. To be reported next month once finalized

Nominations for Speakers for Friday and Saturday. Tom M suggests one out of region and one out of area. Ryan D suggest one male and one female. The group as decided to send it back out for a month and get more suggestions and make sure willingness is available for nominees.

Voted on one male and female speakers. 10 for 0 against

Voted on one out of region and one out of area. 10 for and 0 against.

Asking home groups for male and female speaker nominations. Will be voted on next activites subcommittee.

Tom M has a suggestion to do a morning exercise possibly a jog then have a meditation. Or possibly a yoga and morning meditation Saturday and Sunday morning.

Becky has suggested a karaoke session at the campout. Group discussed having it in the afternoon.

Voted to have karaoke 10 for 0 against.

Na auction and clean time countdown on Saturday evening.

Tom M suggested having workshops. The group discussed having 2 workshops. Discussed what time to have workshops. Saturday seems to be the best day to have workshops.

More ideas to be pooled and brought back next month where the itinerary will be solidified.


Public Relations Subcommittee Minutes for 3-16-14

Attendance: Sean H. Richard S. Bo V. Becki V. Ryan D. Elijah C. Nick L. Tasha W. Dalmus C. Tom M.

Twelve tradition read –Bo V.

Twelve Concepts read-Sean H.

Schedule distribution report-Elijah C. and Ryan have been busy in Wayne County contacts made wirh Wayne County drug court, Day report, Home confinement, Parole office Health Det. Valley Health, Probation office, and Golden Girls group home, contacts and phone numbers obtained for all stated facilities except health Dept. They met with Donna B. at Prestera in Wayne as well. The only NA meeting in town is Tues at 6pm at Prestera. All contacts were very receptive and want to see NA grow in the town. Schedules also obtained for habitat for humanity on the community information board. Also WVDOC at DMV building contacts were built ant the PO officers already sent there parolees to our meetings. I had 100 regional and 75 area meeting schedules at minutemen press. Schedule coordination will focus back on Cabell County until next PR subcommittee.

Grateful to serve Ryan D.

Web servant Report-Greetings from cyberspace. Everything Is going great, the meeting schedule is up to date and all emailed announcements or meeting changes should be emailed to We want to thank everyone for announcing the website and for you continued support. I met with Jason L. and Tony T. webservant 2 to review how to update the website and post blogs.

Grateful to serve Dalmus C.

Elijah  C. discussed attending a meeting where all community outreach programs met to obtain information to whether it would be something thee PR committee would be interested in. Elijah  is to contact Donna B. to obtain more information regarding committee meeting..

Dalmus C. requested help obtaining a copy of the H N I policy to put on the website.

Michelle L. has been unable to meet with the library and will try to schedule and meet before next subcommittee.

Deeidra G. and Sean H. went to CCSAP to speak with Laura Gilliam but she was in a meeting . We left name number and email and requested information on upcoming health fairs or summits.

Subcommittee discussed Shell center residents not receiving IP’s that were dropped off.

Tasha W. is going to schedule a flyer day in order for Bo and Becki V. to get some experience to have a flyer day in Louisa.

Next Loved Ones Group is Tuesday March  18th.


Hospitals and Institutions Subcommittee Minutes for 3-14-14

Attendance: Nick C. Amber B. Carrie G. Erika P. Nick P. James C. Nick L. Richard S. Bo V. beckie V. Sergio Dave H. Jamie Jenny Brittany O. Kristin Sean H. Ryan D.

Twelve Concepts  read-Nick C.

Twelve traditions read- Ryan D.

Group reports-

Riverpark short term- Hello from Riverpark  3 west, All is well the meeting is starting  and ending on time. Average client attendance has been 3. Willingness in the fellowship is fantastic. Again I want to thank Dalmus c. for continuing his commitment to go in with me each time until I reach clean time requirements. Grateful to be of service to the fellowship –Ryan D.

Greetings form Riverpark longterm the meeting is going well. Weve had a little trouble getting started on time due staff having to bring client from different areas of the building. Willingness to be panel members is good. The message of NA is being shared. –Grateful to serve Deeidra G.

Riverpark adolescence is doing great Deeidra G. substituted for my week I spoke in Louisa KY. Otherwise, we arrive and leave on time the average panel members I take in are 2-4.-Grateful to serve Brittany O.

Riverpark Adult Unit- Our meeting seems to be going well. Thank you to Bo V. and Becki V. Jenni H. Richard S. and Joe B. for their willingness to show up and participate in the meeting. We are still doing a panel discussion meeting. The facility does have current meeting schedules. We did meet on March 3rd 2014 at the facilities request due to weather. I have spoke with Bo V. about possibly having current willingness to fill the co position I have currently been filling in for . He did express that he would be able to make the commitment. I know that the subcommittee has must elect someone to take the position and there maybe others that have the willingness but I feel as though Bo V. would do a great job sharing the panel with me. He has been with me every week since he took the H N I workshop accept for the cancellation by the facilty on the third I apologize I was unable to attend the subcommittee meeting due to work commitment.- Grateful to serve Paul M.

Pinecrest Thursday Night-Greetings from Pinecrest Thursday night meeting of H N I. All is well. The willingness from the fellowship has been exceptional. However the facility is not always opening the doors on time. The message is being carried and the clients are responding very well. Unfortunately I have to step down as panel leader due to myi new job. Thank you for letting me be of service.- grateful to serve Carrie G.

Greetings, The Thursday H N I panel at Pinecrest is going smoothly. We are arriving on time and starting on time. We successfully carry the NA message and close on time. The addicts there are responsive and take part by offering an abundance of recovery topics to be shared on. I have been met with much willingness from our fellows to carry the msg. and am always booked two panels ahead of time. I would like to request schedules at this time.- Grateful to serve Elijah C.

Pressley Ridge- Our Monday night H N I meeting at Pressley Ridge is going great. The clients seem to be opening up to us more each time were there. As they are getting more comfortable we have begun to share less and open the floor longer for them to share. Willingness among members is great as usual. We are entering and exiting on time. The message of hope is definetly being carried.- Grateful to serve Nick C.

Western Regional Jail - Erika P. went in last month and is waiting for approval of two women to go into the meeting. The message of NA is being shared- Grateful to serve Erika P.

 Old business

See minutes for 2-14-14

New Business

Brittany O. discussed willingness for members to go into the H & I meeting at Karen’s Place due to the present panel having limited willingness due to the travel time to attend.

Ryan D. and Elijah C. discussed interest from Golden Girls group home requesting a H & I meeting.

Erika P discussed Lillys place requesting a H & I meeting if members believed it was something that was possible within in H & I policy and guidelines.

Tom F. discussed the present H& I panel leader and members being stretched very thin due to the recent start of three new minutes and suggested the new meeting request be tabled to later date.

Carrie G. informed the subcommittee that due to her new job she will be unable to keep her commitment as panel leader for the Thursday night H & I meeting. She stated that Sean H. has willingness to take her panel.

Subcommittee voted and all were in favor to have Sean H. as the new panel member for the Thursday night H & I at Pinecrest.

Bo V. expressed willingness to be panel leader for the alternating week at Riverpark Shortterm.

Subcommittee agreed that Lillys place would be more of something that the PR subcommittee should look into.

Pinecrest has also expressed willingness for additional H N I meeting due to the upcoming changes in which clients will not be attending outside meetings. Members discussed that they are already receiving the message of NA as well as having staff members in the fellowship having NA knowledge and believed we should focus on places that have had little or no contact with NA first.

The next H&I workshop will be held on Saturday April 5th 6pm at the Barnett center and requested members begin announcing in meetings.

Motion to adjourn meeting

Closed with hug and prayer- Grateful to serve Deeidra G.


Greetings from Not High Noon group of NA.  The meeting is going well.  The doors are being opened and the message is being carried.  Our average attendance is approximately 20 addicts.  We have at least one copy of all NA literature available.  We are happy to be capable of donating $20.00 to area this month.  Grateful to serve, Elijah C.

Greetings from the Clean Possibilities Group.  Literature on the table, coffee being made, recovery message being carried.  Average of 20 people a meeting.  No donation at this time.  Grateful to serve, Erica B.

Greetings from Trust the Process.  We now have six home group members (hope I’m not leaving anyone out.)  Our needs are met, rent paid, lit order made.  We changed the format to make more sharing time by having announcements at the end of the meeting.  It appears to be effective.  Our average attendance is 75 addicts seeking recovery.  Thanks for letting us serve.  Trust the Process.  P.S.  sorry, no donation this month.

Greetings from Together We Can.  Our doors are open on time, welcoming the new comer, message is being carried, our coffee is flowing, literature on the table.  We are averaging 35 to 40 addicts.  We have no donation for area at this time.  Grateful to serve, Ed H.

Greetings from the Crossroads Group of Narcotics Anonymous.  All is going well.  The doors are being opened on time, coffee is being made, literature is on the table and the life saving message is being carried.  Average attendance per week is 18.  We did move the meeting upstairs to a bigger room on March 14.  We have a $15.00 donation for area at this time.  Grateful to serve, Tanner W.

Greetings from the Freedom From Self homegroup,

  The message of NA is being successfully carried to the addict that still

suffers. Doors are open on time and the meeting is starting and ending as

scheduled. The coffee is strong and hot, literature stocked and we have an

average meeting attendance of 45 addicts. We have been having some issues the

past few weeks with keeping keytags stocked due to the fact many of yhr first

three keytags are given out since we meet in a treatment facility but the funds

haven't been coming in to replace them in a timely mannerafter rent is paid and

other supplies are purchased. We have placed an order for tags so the issue

should be eliviated shortly. We would like to thank the area for their continued

support and helping bring the message to those who normally would

exposure to the fellowship. We are reminded weekly how much the clients

appreciate the meeting as well as their fronds and familymembers who aare

addicts that are beginning to attend regularly. Our basic text study is this

Thursday and we would appreciate everyone's help in announcing it at meetings.

 Grateful to Serve,

    Richard S.

All is well with the Hope Through Surrender group of Narcotics Anonymous. The

doors are open, literature is on the table, coffee in the pot and most

importantly the message of recovery is being shared. We average about 15 people

per week and have no donation to area at this time.

Grateful to serve,

Tasha W.

All is well at the Hope Without Dope group of Narcotics Anonymous. The doors are open on time, literature is on the table, and the life saving message of recovery is being carried. We have 60-70 in attendance every Wednesday and Sunday. We have no donation for area this month. Recently Elizabeth H. resigned as GSR and Jason L. was voted in as GSR with Carrie G. as alternate.  Grateful to serve Carrie G.


March 2014

Greetings, all is well with the Gods Will Candlelight Meeting of Narcotics Anonymous with the doors open on time each week, coffee made, literature on display and the life saving message of recovery being shared. Our attendance averages 25 to 45 per week and we have a speaker on the third Thursday of each month. We would like to thank Missi C in February for sharing his experience, strength and hope as we look forward to our next speaker Allen L on March 20th.. Our group has a $20 donation to area this month.

Grateful to serve, Thomas F

Another Chance to Live

Salutations from Another Chance to Live group. All meetings have occurred this month on time and the message is being shared openly and freely. Rent is current, our group has ordered literature and key tags. We have 3 new home group members Kristin A, Sharon M and Trent J. Our group has decided to sponsor sending a member to convention, open to suggestions from members. We have a 30 dollar donation at this time.

Grateful to be of service

Ryan D

Salutations from Progress Not Perfection. All is well. Doors are open on time, literature is on the table, and the message is being carried. We are still reading out of Living Clean. We are averaging about 30-40 people in attendance each Wednesday. We have a $50 donation for area.

Grateful to serve, Nick C.


Discussion concerning trouble in the past with getting nominations and elections done in May and June due to other activities during that time.  Several options were brought to discussion as a way to find a solution that works for us.  This discussion will be continued at a later time due to not wanting to rush a decision.  Input is appreciated.

RCM Alt nominations are needed from the home groups at next area.  The RCM position will be filled by Nick L to complete the remaining term that Tyler M is unable to fulfill. 


Activities subcommittee made a motion requesting the $400.00 from activities reserve plus an additional $100 to help in prepaying for campsites and supplies for the upcoming campout.  13 for, 0 against, 0 abstain

Motion from the Hope Without Dope group for the area to contact Christina C for the CAR workshop information to see when she is able to facilitate.  11 for

PR Subcommittee had 2 motions

1.)    Request of $25.21 to cover the remaining balance for our order of 2 Basic Texts and a Literature Rack.  11 for

2.)    Request of $3.00 to purchase schedules to be distributed to facilities in Louisa, KY.   11 for

Motion from Gods Will Candlelight to move the area service this year to the 2nd Sunday in the months of April & May 2014.  This will give us the dates of April 13 & May 11.  11 for.


Subcommittee Motions:

PR subcommittee motion for $24.94.

Group Motions:

Motion for $120.00 to send Nick L to the Regional Committee Meeting.

Motion and second to nominate Tom M for RCM alt.  This nomination will discussed by the home groups which will return with a vote in April.

The GTO area will return a vote to the Regional Committee supporting the change in regional Policy allowing only the RCMs/ASRs to vote during the RSC.  9 for; 0 against; 6 abstaining.


The need for NA meetings in Wayne County was discussed.

There will be an H and I workshop on April 5th at the Barnett Center.  The workshop will begin at 6:00 PM.

The ASC will meet on April the 13th next month.  This is the second Sunday and not the third upon which it is normally held.