Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Area Minutes - June 2014

June 15, 2014

Opened with Prayer
12 Traditions Read
12 Concepts Read

Living in the Solution:  Y
No Pain, No Gain:  Y
Hope Without Dope:  Y
Another Chance to Live:  Y
Another Way:  N
Together We Can:  Y
Not High Noon:  Y
Clean Possibilities:  N
Hope Turns to Faith:  Y
Process of Discovery:  Y
Progress Not Perfection:  Y
Hope Through Surrender:  Y
God’s Will Candlelight:  Y
Freedom from Self:  Y
Cross Roads:  Y
High on Life:  N
Serenity-ville:  N
Trust the Process:  Y
Women in NA:  Y
Quorum Established.

Minutes Read and Approved by Tom F

June 15, 2014 RCM Report

            Not much happening on the Regional Service level. The minutes from the last RSC that took place in April are on the regional website——and the next RSC will meet on July 19th and 20th at Cedar Lakes at noon. The minutes that are posted on the website have an inaccurate date for the next RSC. The date for the upcoming fall convention is October 31st through November 2nd. 

-Nick L., GTO RCM

GTOASCNA Treasurer’s Report
Activity recorded 05-11-14 through 06-14-14

Regular Account
Beginning Balance                                                $113.88
05-11-14       No Pain, No Gain                                         $10.00
                        Living In the Solution                                $40.00
                        Not High Noon                                             $20.00
                        Trust the Process                                        $50.00
                        Women In NA                                               $5.00

Total income                                                                        $125.00

Total Balance                                                                      $238.88

05/11/14     Cab. Co. Pub. Lib. For ASC             $15.00
                        Ck. # 474
05/17/14     Regional Donation Ck. #475                   $113.88
06/12/14     City of Hunt. Fo. For H&I for
                        June and July Ck. #476                             $20.00
Total Expenses                                                         $148.88      
Ending Balance                                                                   $90.00

Public Relations Reserve
Beginning Balance                                                             $300.00

Total Income                                                                       $0.00

Total Expenses                                                                    $0.00

Ending Balance                                                                   $300.00

Prudent Reserve              
Beginning Balance                                                            $100.00

Total Income                                                                       $0.00

Total Expenses                                                                    $0.00

Ending Balance                                                            $100.00

Activities Reserve         
Beginning Balance                                                      $5.71

Total Income                                                                       $0.00

Total Expenses                                                                    $0.00

Ending Balance                                                                  $5.71

As of 06/15/14 the total of all 4 accounts is $495.71
Nick L. – ASC Treasurer


Opened with with prayer and 12 concepts.

Attendance Tony T Tanner W Rachel N Nick L Tom M Megan C Steven S 

Discussed an alt speaker for Friday night at camp out which will be Jessica from Portsmouth

We got 2 more sites for the camp out making a total of 9 

Picnic moved to September. Megan C is going to make contact with rotary park, altizer park, and Barboursville park to check on availability and prices and will bring back next move and a decision will be made then 

Grateful to serve Tony T and Tanner W

Public Relations Minutes for 6-15-14
Attendance: Ryan D. Jason L. Megan C. Nick L. Tanner W. Rachael N. Elijah C. Tom M.
Concepts read
Traditions Read
Report read
Webservant I- Everything is going great the meeting schedule is up to date and all sent announcements have been posted on the blog. Any upcoming announcements, activities or meeting changes should be emailed to We would like to thank everyone for their continued support and I want to apologize for my absence to the committee due to my work schedule. I want also to apologize to the homegroups and members of GTO for not getting the May area minutes posted on the website in time for business meetings for some reason they did not come into my email I'm assuming that they went  into my spam folder and I accidentally deleted them I will contact the Area secretary to make sure they come into my GTO email address. Any questions let me know. -Grateful to serve, Dalmus C.
 Communication follow-up- greetings I am grateful to report we have produced an update contact list which includes quite a few new contacts and will continue to grow. However, not many of the contacts have been followed up with. It is time to organize a schedule day and visit these contacts. The new contacts have been phoned and will know who we are when we do the next schedule day. Grateful to serve, Elijah  C.
Schedule distribution coordinator- No schedules have been distributed since last PR subcommittee. A new schedule distributor will be elected soon, I will set a time with new coordinator to help them transition into this position. If anyone wants to help or get involved speak with me or come to PR subcommittee.
Grateful to serve
Ryan D.
Library Liason- There is no new information on library follow up other than the Guyandotte public library agreed to make room for literature stand.Grateful to serve Sean H.
Flier day coordinator- Not too many updates this month due to convention and the holiday. The date projected to do a flier day landed on a holiday therefore it will be rescheduled. Contact was made with advertising department of the Tidbits newletter and prices were given, but it was noticed that it does seem to be a slightly faith based newsletter, so i will be talking with a member with PR experience Tuesday on this issue and see where our fellowship stands on that. More information will be provided once I gain some insight on the issue. Other than that all is well and an announcements for the next flier day will be made soon. Grateful to serve Tasha W. 
 Old business
 We are still awaiting information on scheduling a PR presentation for the Community meeting in Wayne County.
Bo V. will shadow Tasha W. and Ryan D. on the next schedule and flier day to gain experience to do a flier and schedule day in Louisa.
The new loved Ones group started and is going well.
Bus signs are still not on all the buses Tom. M to check and see why they are not and if there is something we can do.
Deeidra G to follow-up with Michelle Purdue at CCSAP.
 Jason L expressed willingness to be Web-servant one or
two as well as Tilly E. from Louisa.
Subcommittee took nominations for PR positions PR chair- Ryan D., Secretary- Rachael N. and Ali S., Schedule Distribution- Tanner W., Communication- Jessica C.,  Webservant 1 & 2- Jason L. and Tilley E., Library Liaison- Kristine S. and Josh M. Flier Distribution- Steven S. and Tasha W,
Subcommittee is requesting home group bring nominations to next subcommittee if they have members with willingness.
New Business 
Subcommittee voted on new positions Recommendation for Ryan D. as new PR chair, Elijah
C. as new PR vice chair, Racheael N. was elected new PR secretary, Webservant I- Jason L. Webservant II- Josh M. Communication follow-up - Rachael N. Library Liason- Kristen S. Flier Day coordinator-Steven S. Schedule Distribution- Tanner W.
Subcommittee also discussed clean time requirement for positon which are as follows Webservant I, schedule distribution and communications follow-up 6 mths., Webservant II, flier day coordinator and library liason 90 days
Motion to adjourn
Closed meeting with hug and prayer
Grateful to serve Deeidra G.


Hospitals and Institutions Minutes 6-13-14
Attendance: Brian C. Elijah C. Brittany O. Paul M. Jason P. Nick C. Ryan D. Kristen S. Dalmus C. James J.
Concepts read: Brittany O.
Traditions read: Nick C.
Group Reports

Riverpark Adult Short term 4W- The River Park short term H and I meeting is going well.  I was unable to go up this past Monday because I was by myself.  Bo V. has been helping tremendously.  In an effort to make sure that the meeting takes place I will make sure and find more addicts to attend in the future. Grateful to serv,Paul M.

Riverpark Short term 3W-Hello from riverpark 3 west. All is well, all but one meeting had clients to share with this month. I'd like to thank the fellowship for willingness and helping carry a wide array of experience strength and hope. A special thank you to Dalmas C for all his help the last 6 months. It's been a honor to serve in this position.  Grateful for the opportunity to be of service!- Ryan D.

Riverpark Longterm 3N- Greetings from Riverpark 3North the meeting is going well. Willingness is good among members. The groups have been consistently larger than previously. Residents are eager to participate. Panel members sometimes have difficulty junping in to share. The message of NA is being shared grateful to serve.- Deeidra G.

Riverpark Longterm 3N-Greetings from 3N adolescents panel. We are doing great, participation is high and residents share everytime very much involved and its a beautiful message. The spirit of rotation has been initiated. Grateful to serve Brittany O.

Pressley Ridge- Our Monday night men's H&I panel at Pressley Ridge is operating smoothly. I have taken my panel in each week and covered for Tyler M. who needed help just in his last month as leader. Willingness is high and I was happy to see some new faces coming out to share and observe in the last couple months. The guys at Pressley Ridge have truly begun to open up with us. They anticipate our presence and seem to genuinely enjoy NA. One group even made us thank you cards in their spare time. Our message of hope is clearly being delivered at this facility. This six months has flown by and has proven to be an excellent opportunity for growth. As always, it is my privilege to serve and recover alongside you men and women of this fellowship.
Grateful to serve,
Nick C.

Pinecrest- Greetings from Pinecrest the meeting is going well the doors are being opened on time and the willingness from the members is great the life saving message of recovery is being shared very grateful to serve- Sean H.

 Old Business
Discuss issue with panel leader Michelle L. at pressley ridge subcommitte voted all in favor to remove her due to being unable to fulfill her commitment. Carrie G. agreed to carry the meeting in until next months elections.
Mon May 19th will be the last meeting of the homegroup Hope without Dope they will be moving to the Scott Center on 8th ave. Pinecrest will be changing their curriculum still requesting another H N I meeting. Subcommittee tabled issue to discuss at later date.
Subcommittee still needs contact information from Golden Girls Group home who have expressed interest in H N I meeting.
Tyler M. expressed the need for help carrying the meeting at Pressley Ridge due to a change in his work schedule.
 Subcommittee made nominations for new panel leader
Pinecrest- Sean H. & Elijah C, Pressley Ridge- Carrie G. Jenny H. Riverpark Longterm- Brittany O. Deeidra G. Pressley Ridge Mens- Nick C. Sean H. Riverpark Shorterm 3W- Ryan D. Riverpark Adult - Bo V.
Nominations were also made for Subcommittee positions Chair- Amber B. Deeidra G, Vice-Chair- Nick C. Secretary- Carrie G.
Requested members to check and see if any other members have willingness to be panel members and bring the information back to subcommittee for elections next month.
New Business
Subcommittee voted on new panel leaders Pinecrest will be Elijah C. and Nate H. Riverpark adult Paul M.and Bo V. Short term Jason P. Longterm Brittany O. and Tom F. Pressley Ridge womens will be Jenny H. and Carrie G. Pressley Ridge mens will be Nick C. and Dalmus C.
Subcommittee voted to start Saturday H N I meeting at Pinecrest as requested by facility and voted for Sean H. to be panel leader for that meeting.
Subcommittee also voted on subcommittee position the new H N I vice chair will be Nick C., Secretary will be Carrie G.
Dalmus C. requested panel leaders rotate different members to participate on panel.
The next H N I workshop is scheduled for 6-21-14 at the GTO campout.
Motion to adjourn
closed meeting with hug and prayer
Grateful to serve Deeidra G.


Greetings from Living in the Solution home group.  The doors are open, literature is stocked, and the message is being carried.  We have an average attendance of 15 people per meeting.  We have an Area donation of $20 this month.  We have the following votes for Area positions:   ASC Chair-Tom F, ASC Vice Chair-Tony T, ASC Secretary- Deeidra G, ASC Treasurer-Terri M, PR Chair- Ryan D, H and I Chair- Amber B.  Grateful to serve, Art G

Greetings from Progress not Perfection, We are grateful to announce that our doors are being opened, coffee made, literature on the table, and the message is being carried.  We have an average 70 members in attendance each week.  We have a $20 donation to area at this time.  Our homegroup also needs schedules if any are available for purchase.  Grateful to Serve Megan C.

WINNA GROUP GSR REPORT.  Greetings from the WINNA Meeting of NA.  Doors are open on time @noon on Wednesday.  Coffee is being made.  The bathroom facilities are not working at this time.  Attendance is averaging 5 to 7.  New homegroup member is Ashley E.  The life saving message of NA is being carried.  Grateful to serve, Jenny H.

Greetings from the No Pain, No Gain Group of NA which meets Sundays @7pm.  Doors are open and the lifesaving message of NA is being shared.  Literature is available.  Coffee is being made.  Currently we have no money to donate to Area.  Meeting  attendance is roughly 20-30.  Grateful to Serve Kristen S.

Greeting from the Hope through Surrender home group.  The meeting is taking place every week as scheduled.  There is coffee and literature available.  The lifesaving message of NA is being carried.  Are meeting donations are down and we are considering asking Second Presbyterian Church to allow us to lower our monthly donation from twenty dollars down to ten dollars.  We are also considering not providing coffee at the meeting in order to lower our expenses.  We have no donation for the ASC at this time.  Grateful to serve, the Hope through Surrender home group.

Meetings are going well with recovery being shared each Sat night at 8pm.  We
celebrated a 7yr miracle on June 14.  Thanks to Myra H for sharing her
experience, strength, & hope.  We have an average of 75 people in attendance. 
No donation at this time.  Group conscious taken on area positions during
homegroup meeting.
ASC Chair:  Tom F
Vice:  Tony T
Secretary: Deidra G
Treas:  Terri M
Treas II: Sean H
RCM:  Nick L
RCM Alt:  Tom M
PR Chair:  Ryan D
H&I Chair: Deidra G

Trust The Process
Terri M

Greetings GTO from the not high noon group. Everythings just peachy doors are open 95% of the time, we did have a meeting outside this past month due to the facility not being unlocked on time. Our average attendance is 15-20 members a week. We are making a keytag order and planning a picnic/speaker meeting for July & have no donation to area at this time.

Greetings from the crossroads group of narcotics anonymous. The door is open on time, coffee is in the pot, and life saving message is being share. We have a 15 dollar donation for area and also have two new home group members Rachel n. And luke. Sincerely josh m.

The Monday night Together We Can group is going well. We are averaging 40 addicts weekly. Doors are open ontime, literature is on the table, coffee in the pot and the life saving message of NA is being shared. We would like to welcome two new homegroup members James A. And Wayne M. We have no donation for area at this time.

Grateful to serve,
Paul M.

Hello family from another chance to live. All meetings have opened and closed on time this month. We have a average attendance meeting both meetings of 25. Our votes for area positions are chair - tom f vice chair - tony t secretary - deeidra g treasurer - Terri m treasurer alt. - Elijah C RCM- nick l. RCM alt Tom M PR chair ryan d H and I chair - Deeidra G. We have no donation to area at this time. Grateful to serve 

Ryan D

All is well at the Hope Without Dope group of Narcotics Anonymous. The doors are open on time, literature is on the table, and the life-saving message of Narcotics Anonymous is being carried. We have recently moved our meeting to St. John's Episcopal Church, at 3000 Washington Blvd., and we now meet just once a week, on Sundays at 7pm. Since our move, we have had 25-30 in attendance every Sunday. We have no donation to area this month. 

Our votes for area service positions are as follows:

Chair: Tom F.
Vice Chair: Tony T.
Treasurer: Terri M.
Treasurer 2: Sean H.
PR Chair: Ryan D.
Secretary: Dee Dee G.
RCM: Nick L.
RCM Alt: Brittany O.
H&I Chair: Dee Dee G.

Grateful to serve, Jason L.

Greetings from the God's Will Candlelight Group of Narcotics Anonymous.  We have the doors open, coffee made, and literature out in order for our meeting to be ready to start promptly at 7:00pm. We share the life saving message of Narcotics Anonymous until 8:00 pm. At this time we have no donation to make to Area. Here are our nominations for Area Service Positions ;
   Chair - Tom F
   Vice Chair - Elijah
   Secretary - Dee Dee
   Treasurer - Terri M
   Alt Treasurer - Shawn H
   RCM - Nick L
   Alt RCM - Brittany O
   PR Chair - Ryan
   H&I Chair - Dee Dee
Our homegroup has elected the following positions;
   GSR - Jaymie B
   Alt GSR - Allie
   Treasurer - Jason P
Always a pleasure to serve,
                 Jaymie B


Nominations for Area Positions:
ASC Chair:  Tom F.
ASC vice Chair:  Elijah C.*, Nick L., Tony T.
ASC Secretary:  Deeidra G.*, Nick L
ASC Treasurer:  Terri M., Nick L.
ASC Treasurer Alt:  Elijah C*, Sean H
RCM:  Nick L
RCM Alt:  Brittany O., Tom M., Nick L.
PR Chair:  Ryan D.*, Deeidra G.*
H and I Chair:  Deeidra G*, Amber B*
*Means nominee must submit a service resume to be considered.

Donation to the Regional Committee $113.88.
11 for, 3 against, 1 abstaining.
Motion passed.

There was also a request by the Another Look home group of Narcotics Anonymous to join the GTO area.  The recovery meeting takes place at Pathways in Ashland, KY from 6:00 to 7:00 PM.


Voting for GTOASC Positions:

ASC Chair:
Tom F:  13
2 abstaining

ASC Vice-Chair:
Nick L:  1
Tony T:  12
2 abstaining

ASC Secretary:
Deeidra G:  12
Nick L:  0
3 abstaining

ASC Treasurer:
Terri M:  13
Nick L:  0
2 abstaining

ASC Treasurer Alt: 
Elijah C:  3
Sean H:  10
2 abstaining

Nick L:  13
2 abstaining

RCM Alt: 
Brittany O:  6
 Tom M:  7
2 abstaining

PR Chair:
Ryan D:  13
 Deeidra G:  0
2 abstaining

H and I Chair:
Deeidra G:  9
Amber B:  4
2 abstaining

The Another Look home group, after attending two consecutive ASC meetings, will now be placed on the GTO Area schedule.