Monday, January 12, 2015

Area Minutes - December 2014

GTOASCNA- Minutes December 2014

Opened with prayer
Twelve concept read Missy C.
Twelve traditions read John M.
Minutes for November read

Groups in Attendance:

Living in the Solution-Y
Hope without Dope-Y
No Pain No Gain-Y

Another Chance to Live-Y
Another Way-N
Together We Can-Y 

Not High Noon-Y
Clean Possibilities-Y
Hope Turns to Faith-Y

Process of Discovery-N
Women in Na-Y
Progress not Perfection-Y 

Against All Odd’s-Y
Hope through Surrender-Y
God’s Will Candlelight-Y
Freedom from Self-Y 

Choose to Live-Y
High on Life-Y
Another Look-Y

Trust the Process-Y
Out of the Darkness-Y
Making Amends-Y
Quorum established 20 out of 25 groups represented

Treasurer's Report:

Activity recorded 11-16-2014 through 12-20-2014

Regular Account

Beginning Balance $   0.00

10-27-14 Another Way $  20.00
11-16-14 Hope Turns to Faith $  20.00
11-16-14 Another Look $  10.00
11-16-14 Progress Thru Perfection $  30.00
11-16-14 Activities-from Halloween $485.00
11-16-14 H&I workshop returned funds $    6.51
Total income $571.51

11-03-14 for website-check card $  14.99
12-20-14 Cabell Co Public Lib-Oct ASC ck# 498 $  30.00
12-20-14 Internal X-fer to Activities Reserve $500.00
12-20-14 Internal X-fer to Prudent Reserve $  25.00
12-20-14 Internal X-fer to Public Relations Reserve $    1.52
Total Expenses                                  $571.51

Ending Balance $     0.00

Public Relations Reserve

Beginning Balance $209.23

Total Income $    1.52

11-16-14 Ryan D –Schedules & Flyers ck# 497 $  49.49
Total Expenses $  49.49

Ending Balance $161.26

Prudent Reserve

Beginning Balance $  75.00

12-20-14 Internal X-fer from Reg Acct $  25.00

Total Expenses $    0.00

Ending Balance $100.00

Activities Reserve        

Beginning Balance                                                   $    0.00

Income Internal X-fer from Reg Acct $500.00

Ending Balance                                            $500.00

As of 12-20-2014 the total of all 4 accounts is $ 761.26
Terri M – ASC Treasurer


Greetings family! First off, the next Regional Subcommittee Meeting is going to be
January 10th-11th and I will be going. The Hope Out The Holler Group will be hosting their
Holidays Up The Holler event on December 22nd in Sissonville and there is a flyer available on
our regions webpage ( Also, the Metro Area is having their annual New Years Eve
function on December 31st at 1414 Myers Ave. in Dunbar, and January 24th 2015, the North
Central Area of Narcotics Anonymous is having a spaghetti dinner at Christ Episcopal Church
 405 9th Street in Fairmont, WV. 

The regions PR/Combined PR/Phone line/H&I/Web Servant Subcommittee is still
needing a phoneline vice chair. Anyone with willingness to serve would be greatly appreciated.
The next Zonal Forum is going to be held in the Chesapeake and Potomac Region January 31st, 2015 from 9:00 am to 11:00 pm at Saint Francis de Sales Catholic Church in Washington, DC. If anyone is interested, there is a flyer with more information about the event on that regions website.
In Loving Service,Nick L.


Public Relations Report:

Open with prayer

Attendance: Liz H; Nick L; Josh B; Tanner W; Elijah C; Kristen A; Sal C; Billy P; Tasha W; Brittany O; Rachel N

12 traditions: Kristen A
12 concepts: Tanner W

Group reports: 

Web servant: Greetings from the web. Everything is going great - both the web and print versions of the area meeting schedule are up to date, region has been notified of all area meeting information changes, and all received announcements have been posted to the blog. Any upcoming announcements, activities, or meeting changes should be emailed If you have any questions, please let me know.
-Grateful to serve, Jason L.

Schedule day: Greetings from the schedule day coordinator. Things are going great. Schedules went out to our Huntington contact and some of the contacts have changed. There is an updated list coming from the communication specialist. I will be going to drop off schedules to our wayne county contacts in the next week or two.  Grateful to serve. Tanner W 

Communication follow up: Greetings from communications.  Our cabell county contacts were called and we are in good standings with them all. We have made a few new contacts and a couple different names. I will be making adjustments and updating our contacts list. Also will be calling our wayne county contacts in the next week or so. Grateful to serve. Rachel N

Library liaison:

Schedule guru: Greeting from the schedule "guru". All is going well. Most all of the home groups have not been getting ahold of me for their allotted amount of monthly schedules. There is roughly around 200 schedules left over from last month that are outdated and needed changes applied to them. Grateful to serve, Ryan B.

Old business: flyer day coordinator position has not been filled. 

Very few home groups have gone to Ryan B for their allotted schedules so there is quite a few left over out of date. 

New business: We voted on making the changes ourselves on all the 200+ old schedules and just hand-writing updates. Or discarding all schedules and having more schedules printed.  As a group it was unanimous and more cost efficient to make the changes ourselves and using those schedules for our wayne county contacts.  

And print new schedules for the extra 150 to the huntington city mission. 
That vote was also unanimous. 

Our next loved ones group will be taken in on March 3, 2015.

Library liaison wants to try to expand and get out of our cabell county libraries.  And have realized it would also be cost efficient if we could get used literature for other areas. 

We still have a position on our pr sub committee.  So we will be taking nominations for flyer day coordinator.  

Closed with prayer
Grateful to serve
Rachel N

Activities Subcommittee Report:

Open with prayer. 
12 concepts: Nick L
Attendance: Brittany O; Billy P; Tasha W; Tanner W; Brandon S; Ara S; Josh B; Nick L; Tony T; Sal C; Rachel N; 

Old business: 

New business: We have the facility reserved for in loving service. February 7 2015. Starting at 4:00 pm
We are looking for willingness to have a speaker. 
There will be food, hni workshop, phone line workshop, auction and a speaker. 
All is going well and more will be decided and announced.  
Grateful to serve, Rachel N

Hospitals and Institutions Subcommittee Report:

Concepts read
Twelve Traditions read
Group reports given
Old business read

New business:
Subcommittee voted on new panel leaders: Pressley ridge- Sal C.  Cassie C., Pinecrest- Ed H. Nate H.
St. Marys- Elijah C. Nick C., Riverpark-Brian C. James H.- Adult short-term April P. adolescent short-term,
Kristin A. Jason H. adolescent longterm
H and I workshop was scheduled on 12-19-14
Meeting adjourned
Closed with Prayer
Grateful to serve Deeidra G.


Motion #01 -11-14
Maker:  Hope turns to faith
Motion: Per our 11th concept our home group would like to a make a motion to change, the
Activities reserve back to $400
Intent: to use the excess money for a more practical purpose
Rationale: Our home group felt that the funds were being mismanaged
Seconded: Ryan D.
For 4
Against 14
Abstained 2
Motion denied Activity Reserve remains at $500

Motion #03-11-14
Maker: Trust the Process
Motion: To provide $75 a piece to the RCM and alternate to attend each RSC meeting. If only
one of them can attend only one stipend will be provided.
Intent: To provide financial support to our trusted servants to cover the costs of their service.
Rationale: the current funding is $120 which likely does not cover their costs, also so that all
the funding doesn’t go to one person in the absence of the other.
Seconded: John M.
For 16
Against 2
Abstained 2
Motion passed RCM and RCM alt. to receive $75 stipend to attend RSC meeting.


Living in the Solution
Greetings from the Living in the Solution home group.  We would like to welcome new home group members Amy B, Christa S, Kanita W, & Chelsey F.   The door is being open & the message is being carried.  Our average attendance has grown to about 30 addicts per meeting.  Our group conscious was held today and our votes are as follows: we vote in favor of the RCM & RCM Alt stipend increase & against the activity budget decrease.  We have a $50 donation & no motions to bring fourth @ this time. In Loving Service,
Missi C

No pain No gain
Greetings from the No pain No gain Home group of Narcotics Anonymous. We are averaging 20-30 addicts each week, the doors are opened on time, coffee is being made, there is literature on the table, and the message is being carried. We do not have a donation to area at this time.
Grateful to serve Kristin S.

Another Chance to Live
Meeting is going well. Rent paid. Literature on table nothing really to report at this time. Old Robbie c.

Together We Can
The Monday night “Together We Can” meeting is doing well. The doors are open on time, rent is paid, literature is on the table, and the life-saving message of NA is being shared. Our average attendance is 35. We a home group member celebrating 4years on January 5th and we have John David from the grass roots area sharing his experience, strength and hope.
Grateful to serve Wayne M.

Not High Noon
Greetings from the Not High Noon, Our home group is going strong. The remaining members are consistently Elijah C. and Brittany O. Elijah C. was elected GSR, our meeting has moved from 18th and Artisan, Young’s Chapel to Baptist Temple on 9th and 21st starting immediately due to changes within the Young’s Chapel infrastructure @ no fault of Not High Noon. Our Not High Noon luncheon function went well. We had a nice turnout for that. We have agreed to abstain from voting for the new area service position and agreed to vote to keep existing budget. We have a $10 donation to area at this time.
Grateful to serve Elijah C.

Clean Possibilities
Greetings from clean possibilities. All is well. Meeting starting and ending on time. Coffee is made, literature on the table, and the lifesaving message of narcotics anonymous is being carried. Our average attendance is around 15 to 20 members weekly. We have a 20 dollar donation to area at this time.
 Grateful to serve, Ryan B.

Hope turns to Faith
All is well at the Hope turns to faith Homegroup. The coffee is hot and the message of recovery is being shared. We have elected new trusted servants. Our next speaker meeting is Dec. 30, Mike P. will be our speaker. Our average meeting attendance is 70.
Grateful to serve Brandon G.

Women in NA
Greetings from women in NA, we are averaging 9 people per week. We have four homegroup members currently. Coffee is being made, literature is on the table doors are being open on time and the life-saving message of NA is being shared. We have no current donation to area at this time.
Grateful to serve Sue C.

Progress not Perfection
Seasons greetings from the Progress Not Perfection group! We are experiencing a slight decline in attendance recently but still averaging about 60 addicts per meeting. We are progressing through the Living Clean book still with positive feedback resulting. Rent is paid. Our doors are opening on time with coffee and literature ready for the taking. We will be open New Year's Eve and Christmas Eve. We have a 1 year celebration the following week on Jan. 7 with April P. speaking! We have a $20 donation to area this month. Thanks!
Gratefully, Nick C.

Against all Odds
Greetings from “Against all Odds” homegroup, our homegroup meets at Missio Dei church Pullman Square, Huntington, WV. We are a men’s meeting looking for new members and looking to get more. Doors have been open and coffee made, consistently, as our spiritual recovery continues to be shared. Literature is available and the message is being carried. Meeting attendance has been average with the addition of two new homegroup members, we usually have a dozen addicts in attendance. We are unfortunately unable to donate to area at this time. We vote no on the first motion and yes on the third.
Grateful to serve John M.

Hope thru Surrender
All is well with the Hope Through Surrender group of Narcotics Anonymous. Rent is paid, doors are open on time, literature is on the table, coffee in the pot, and most importantly the message of recovery is being shared. We average about 15 to 20 people per meeting. We have decided to make the switch from Styrofoam cups to real coffee mugs, so donations are welcome! We have a new home group member, Gary F. We will also have the doors open on Christmas day. We have a $20 donation to area at this time.
Grateful to serve, Tasha W.
God’s Will Candlelight
Greeting from God’s will candlelight meeting. All is well, the doors are open on time, literature is stocked and coffee is hot. Our average meeting attendance is about 40. We would like to thank Erica P. and David H. for coming to share their experience, strength and hope. We have no donation to area at this time.
Grateful to serve Ali S.

Freedom from Self
Greetings from Freedom from Self group. Coffee is made and doors are opened. Literature is stocked. We have no money for area this month, average attendance is around 30.
Grateful to serve Chris W.

Greetings from the Crossroads group of Narcotics Anonymous. On January the 23rd we will have an addict celebrating four years there will be cake and  refreshments. There is coffee in the pot literature on the table and the life-saving message of Narcotics Anonymous is being shared. We have a new GSR Jason h. We have no donation to area at this time.
Grateful to serve, Jason H.

Choose to Live
Salutations to our NA family, from the choose to live group. The doors are open on time, literature is on the table, coffee is hot and the NA message is being carried. We have a $30 donation for area. We’d also like to welcome our new member Justin E. Motion votes No to motion 1 and yes to motion 3.
Grateful to serve, Miles

High on Life
Meeting has been open every week on time with coffee made literature on the table and the message of hope and freedom is being shared. Attendance averages around 30-35 addicts in attendance weekly. We would like to welcome two new homegroup members Tim and Samatha and as always could use more help and support. We will be having a two year celebration on the 23rd of January and would like to welcome any and all to come out and celebrate with us. We are grateful to have been able to clear-up an issue we had with unpaid rent to the facility and are paid up in full till the first of the year. We have placed a desperately needed order for keytags and thus have no donation to area at this time.
Grateful to serve James H.

Another Look
Hey family, Another Look group still meets regularly Tues @700 South Point and 6:30 Friday. The Groups could use some support. We have $10 donation to area.
ILS John M.

Trust the Process
Attendance continues to be in the 60-70 range. We are making a large literature order so we have no ASC donation. We have a new homegroup member. All our needs are met to further our primary purpose.
Thank you for the opportunity to further our primary purpose, T the P

Out of the Darkness
The Out of the Darkness into the light of the Rainbow homegroup of Narcotics Anonymous is doing very well, the meeting is open on time every week with literature to sell, we have 6 active homegroup members and the lifesaving message is shared with approximately 15-16 addicts a week. We have no donation to area this month. No to motion 1 and yes to motion 3
Grateful and Blessed Tyler B.

Making Amends
Hello Everyone, Sat Morning 10:00 A.M. group meeting finds the doors open and recovery going on. This is an open meeting. Addicts are finding their way to our meeting since being put on Area schedule. We ar still a very small meeting, but grateful to have our meeting place at First Presbyterian Church of Huntington located at 1015 5th Ave. Huntington, WV 25701. Entry is in back of church where plenty of parking is available. Need to ring bell if arriving after 10am, so you can be let in. Literature is available pamphlets at no cost and NA book for a donation to group. We are about to make another order of NA materials if anyone would like to add to our order let us know. We have never gotten a copy of min. form the Oct. meeting. We somehow gout our Sunday’s crossed and missed Nov. meeting Sorry. We tried to pay rent for the use of the building, but were told that they had never accepted money from NA even when Brown Building was in place, and the missionary board was not going to start now. So we try to donate time to them like cleaning and loading seasonal item. They do have a group called Charlie’s boys that go around and help the less fortunate at their home. If anyone would like to participate with them they meet the 2nd Sat of each month and spend that Sat. helping others please let me know.
Group members are glad to be part of Area, and at this time have no donation. We do not have to pay rent and at this time do not collect the 7th tradition money. Since joining area we will start observing the 7th tradition so that we might be able to donate to Area. We do collect money for special NA events so that we can send addicts to Sate Conference. Although the money that was given to addicts to go for some reason they never made it and we have not seen them again. We are changing that policy to make sure funds do not go to waste and will discuss with other how this might be done.
Want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas in recovery The Making Amends Group
Grateful to serve Mark G.


Homegroup members brought forth nominations for Policy Subcommittee Chair
Crossroads- John M
Choose to live- Jason H.
Hope thru surrender- Erika P.
Together We Can- Paul M.
Back to Homegroups for vote

Motion #01-12-21
Motion: Activities subcommittee is requesting $500 for the In Loving Service function for Feb. 7, 2015
Intent: to further the NA message
For 20
Against 0
Abstained 0
Motion Passed

ASC discussed the wording of the motion for RCM to take to the region and was agreed on as follows:
Motion: Make all NA literature accessible and cost effective dealing with members with all accessible needs
Intent: in order to meet the needs of all members
Rationale: to carry the message without prejudice
Motion has already been voted on; RCM will be taking area motion to region

Motion to adjourn

Meeting closed with Prayer

Grateful to serve Deeidra G.