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Area Minutes - November 2014

GTOASCNA Minutes - November 2014



Living in the Solution-N

Hope without Dope-N

No Pain No Gain-N


Another Chance to Live-N

Another Way-Y

Together We Can-Y


Not High Noon-Y

Clean Possibilities-Y

Hope Turns to Faith-Y

Another Look-Y


Process of Discovery-N

Women in Na-Y

Progress not Perfection-Y


Against All Odd’s-Y

Small Town Big Recovery-N

Hope through Surrender-Y

God’s Will Candlelight-Y

Freedom from Self-Y


Choose to Live-Y

High on Life-Y

Another Look-Y




Trust the Process-Y

Out of the Darkness-Y

Quorum established - 17 out of 25 groups represented


GTOASCNA Treasurer’s Report
Activity recorded 10-19-2014 through 11-15-2014

Regular Account

Beginning Balance $   0.00

10-19-14 High on Life $  20.00
10-19-14 Living in the Solution $  20.00
10-19-14 Choose to Live $  30.00
10-19-14 Trust the Process $  20.00
10-23-14 Internal x-fer from Prudent Reserve $  25.00
Total income    $ 115.00

10-19-14 Cabell Co Public Lib-Oct ASC ck# 493 $  15.00
10-23-14 USPS Rent for PO BOX 1yr –check card $  80.00
11-11-14 City of Hgtn Foundation—ck# 496 $  20.00
Total Expenses          $ 115.00

Ending Balance $     0.00
(paid until 10/31/15)

Public Relations Reserve

Beginning Balance $238.23

Total Income $    0.00

10-19-14 Ryan D –Schedule Day & White Books ck# 494 $  29.00
Total Expenses $  29.00

Ending Balance $209.23

Prudent Reserve

Beginning Balance $100.00

10-23-14 Internal x-fer to Reg Acct $   25.00
Total Expenses $   25.00

Ending Balance $   75.00

Activities Reserve        

Beginning Balance    $    0.00

Ending Balance          $   0.00


As of 11-15-2014 the total of all 4 accounts is $ 284.23
Terri M – ASC Treasurer


Greetings family! The minutes from this most recent Regional Service meeting are

available on the regions website ( If anyone is interested in reading them please

check it out. Of course, there are multiple events taking place this month and they’re geared

toward Thanksgiving. The New Beginnings Group in Fairmont, WV are having their annual

Thanksgiving Day dinner on November 20th at 410 Morgantown Ave. The flyer is available on

the regions website if anyone would like to print a few off for their home group. Also, the

NANA area will be having their 22nd annual “We Keep What We Have By Thanksgiving It

Away” dinner in Cross Lanes, WV at 5320 Frontier Dr. There is also a flyer on the regions

webpage for this event as well. 

Last month our area made a motion to be taken to region to see about getting literature

made for addicts with special needs (blind, hearing impaired, etc.). I have spoken many times

with our RD and she has made contact with members in NAWS to see what, if anything, is

available. At one point in time NAWS made an attempt to produce mass copies of the Basic Text in braille. The translation resulted in boxes of pages and was deemed impractical. (I have an email and text conversation that I will include in this report and read at Area Service). I did some searching of my own and have found copies of the Basic Text in braille from other regions literature committees. I don’t know how old these catalogs are so I don’t know if any of them are still available. However, this is the only literature that has been translated during some point in time. There are no It Works: How and Why or Just For Todays in braille. I have been told by our RD that just because this project was abandoned, doesn’t mean that our area shouldn’t purse it further. She also told me that at least two other regions are interested in doing the same thing.

The following is the email and text conversation I had with our RD:

-This is the response from our RD in a text conversation I had with her:

“I do know that once upon a time they started a project, translating the Basic Text into

Braille. But it was impractical because it was literally boxes of pages due to how Braille

translates. There is the white booklet on DVD in sign language for our deaf members who

want to see the literature in sign language. And I believe there are audio versions available as

well. See if y’all can brainstorm exactly what type of accessible literature you are hoping to

see have available.”

-This is the email our RD sent to NAWS:

“Hello! I have a member from one of our areas who is asking about accessible NA literature for the blind/deaf. I let him know about the audio literature available from our website and about the white booklet on DVD in ASL. I know that area is thinking about bringing a proposal to region regarding this topic. I told him that I recalled a conversation from the conference floor regarding some history about the Basic Text being translated into braille, but that it was simply way too long. Can you please refresh my memory about this so I may pass the info along to this area and give them some history on this? Also, any other resources I may be missing would be great too. Thanks so much for your service! –Kristina C.” 

-This is the response NAWS sent to our RD:

“Hello Kristina. Thanks for writing to NA World Services. In response, the needs of hearing impaired and visually impaired members are meaningfully different, as you might expect. Visually impaired members have the ability to attend and participate in NA meetings without too much trouble. They are typically able to access our literature via PDF readers. We provide a PDF copy of our literature to anyone with that needs that lets us know they need it. Regarding braille, with the increase in use of PDF readers and other changes in the technology associated with braille, the production resources that we used to make braille copies stopped. Additionally, requests for braille have really diminished. And yes, the braille Basic Text was over a box of computer paper per copy. We no longer have any remaining copies. Regarding hearing impaired, the ASL version of the white booklet is our primary resource for the deaf. We also offer ASL interpreters at our main meetings at WCNA, as do many local conventions. A few NA groups attempt to offer ASL as a part of their regular meetings. This can be quite a challenge, considering the cost of providing that service. We continue to look for opportunities to serve this segment of our Fellowship. We encourage your area to send along any ideas you might have. –Steve R. Fellowship Service Team Leader| NA World Services”

-This is the email our RD sent to me after getting the response from NAWS:

“Nick:I got a response from NAWS regarding info on current available resources for the visual and hearing impaired. I encourage you to review it and share it with members of you Area as you continue to work on the proposal and decide what direction you would like to go in and what you would like to see from NAWS. As always, I’m here to answer any questions. –Kristina C.”

In Loving Service, Nick L. RCM


Activities Subcommittee Report

Open with prayer

Attn: Tanner W; Bruce; Ara S; Ryan B; Robbie C; Tim W; Andrew C; Nick L; Jason H; Rufus; Tony T; Erica P; Rachel N

12 concepts: Ryan B

12 traditions: Jason H

Old business

Halloween extravaganza went well. There was roughly 24 in attendance for the h&i workshop. This is a break-down of our expenses for the Halloween extravaganza: 

$75.00- rent facility

$100.00- d.j

$2.43- hobby lobby

$20.33- dollar tree

$89.42- walmart

$10.00- living clean

$6.00- ice


Brought in

$161.00 auction

$103.00 door donation

$24.00 basket


$197.00 left over

Returned to area =$485.00

New business

Next activities function will be in loving service and we have set that date forFebruary 7, 2015. We discussed having and h&i workshop a phone line workshop. And we will be looking for willingness for speaker that night. 

Closed with prayer.

Grateful to serve

Rachel N.

H & I Subcommittee Report


Dee Dee G., Carrie G., Tom F., Nate H., Ara S., Rachel N., Tanner W., James C., James H., Dalmas C., Ali S., Chris W., Cassie C., Brian C., Jenni H., Elijah C., Kristen A., Ryan D., Andrew, Sergio, Miles, Nick C.

Opened with prayer. 

12 concepts read by Nate H.

12 Traditions read by Ara S.

Reports read.

Happy November and TGIF Subcommittee members! Our Monday night boys' panel at Pressley Ridge is moving along just fine. The clients are receptive to the message and willingness among our members to be of service is high. We are entering and exiting together and on time with the message of hope being clearly conveyed. We are now going in on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month. This panel has been a pleasure to lead over the last year - in the spirit of rotation, I look forward to allowing someone else to experience it.  
In loving service, Nick C.

The meeting is going great. I am taking in the meeting weekly due to Bo V.'s work schedule changing. I do not have his set of readings or format but I do have a copy of my own.  Brian C. Will be taking in the meeting for me on November 24th due to a work conflict.
Grateful to Serve, Paul M.

The Thursday evening Pinecrest H&I panel is going well. The message is being carried each time we show up. I have not had any trouble putting together a panel at any time. I have noticed a lot of faces from those panels in our outside meetings. It's been a honor to be a panel leader for this particular group. At this time, as it stands, we are in good rapport with Pinecrest and can look forward to ongoing opportunities to carry the NA message there via H&I.  
Grateful to Serve, Elijah C.

All is well at my Pinecrest Thursday night H&I meeting at Pinecrest. The message is being carried. We have had no issues. 

Grateful to serve, Nate H. 


All is well at RP 3 North with the meetings starting and stopping on time and the lifesaving message is being carried. I am grateful to all those that continue to go in and carry the message and will miss the unit whenever the time comes for change. 

Old Business:

A panel leader is needed for St Mary's meeting and an exact time and date needs to be set. 

New Business:

The day for the St Mary's meeting has been set for Tuesdays instead of Saturdays. 

Ryan D made the suggestion to make a PDF file to give to newcomers with interest in h&i that has name and numbers for panel leaders. 

Nominations were made for new panel leaders.  Nominations are as follows. 


Nate H, Carrie G, Ed H, Dalmas C.

Presley Ridge

Cassie C, Nick L, Brian C.

River Park Longterm Adolescents

Jason H, Kristin A, Tom F.

River Park Short Term Adolescents

April P, Liz H.

River Park Short Term Adults

Brian C, Sergio.

St Mary's

Kristen A, Nick C, Eli C, Nate H.

It has come to my attention that not all the reports were e mailed to me or given to me in written form so therefore not all of the reports are included. 

Very Grateful To Serve, Carrie G.

PR Subcommittee Report

Officer reports:

Greetings from communications.  Everything is going well and will be in contact with our cabell county contacts. I have already made contact with the huntington city mission and they are wanting the extra 150 schedules for the facility. Grateful to serve 

Rachel N

Greetings from the web. Everything is going great - both the web and print versions of the area meeting schedule are up to date, region has been notified of all area meeting information changes, and all received announcements have been posted to the blog. Any upcoming announcements, activities, or meeting changes should be emailed to

If you have any questions, please let me know.

-Grateful to serve, Jason L.

Greetings from the schedule day coordinator things are going well and schedules are going out to our cabell county contacts this friday November 21st. Thanks to ryan d for going and getting them printed for us. Grateful to serve, Tanner W.

Flyer Day Coordinator position is still up for grabs. The clean time requirement is 90 days and must have willingness to be active in service. Any members with willingness or interest please Ryan D or come to the next PR subcommittee.  The last Flyer Day was on 11-15-14, there were 25 members who participated. Ironton, Barboursville, Huntington (east end, downtown, west end), Chesapeake and South Point were targeted. A special thanks to all those that participated and attended.

New Business:

-50 white booklets were delivered to St Marys Psych Unit.

- motion to rescind service position for Loved Ones group brought forward by Ryan D, seconded by Tanner W. 6 for 0 against 0 abstaining. Position removed from PR.

-Ryan D and Wes R (NaNa) attended and set up PR booth at Job Fair at Western regional on 11-12-14. 63 inmates attended and willingly took NA literature.

-New service position (title to be determined) duties will be to print, hold and distribute current meeting schedules to Area, subcommittees, homegroups. Ryan B has willingness, voted for and elected.

-Reimbursement for 600 schedules 100 flyers 45.00 and flyer supplies 4.49 total of 49.49

Thanks for the opportunity to serve.

Ryan D.


Motion: To allow area webmaster to immediately add new meeting of existing groups to be added to the meeting schedule without to attend next ASC meeting.

For 11

Against 0

Abstained 6

Motion passed

Motion: To implement standing policy subcommittee

For 12

Against 0

Abstained 5

Motion passed

Motion: Area to have service workshop for all trusted servants.

For 13

Against 1

Abstained 4

Motion passed


Hope without Dope

All is well at the Hope Without Dope group of Narcotics Anonymous. The doors are open on time, literature is on the table, coffee is hot and the NA message is being carred. We have 40-50 in attendance every Sunday. We have no donation to area this month.

Our votes on current motions are as follows:

Yes on the motion brought by the Hope Turns to Faith group to change language in policy to reflect the need for new meetings to attend one (1) are service committee meeting in order to be added to the schedule.

Yes on the motion brought by Trust the Process for the  area to add language the area schedule immediately without a wait’ing period.

No on the motion brought forth to hold area workshop.

-Grateful to serve, Jason L.

Another Way

The Another Way group is carrying the NA message of recovery.  Our attendance is around 12 per week.  Coffee is being made, literature is on the table, and the doors are opened on time.  We have a new home group member, Kelly, who we would like to welcome.  We have a donation to Area of $20.  

Grateful to serve, Sarah K.  

Together We Can

The Monday night “Together We Can” group is doing well. The door is open on time, the rent is paid, literature is made available and the lifesaving message of NA is being shared. Meeting attendance is an average of 35. We have a new homegroup member Tommy R. and tomorrow night we have a homegroup member celebrating one year. At this time no donation to area.

Grateful to serve, Wayne M.

Not High Noon

All is going well in the Not High Noon meeting. The doors are being opened and the message is being carried. We have a decent supply of literature available and our needs are met, however we do not have a donation to arear at this time. We are holding a function on Dec. 2nd, The Not High Noon Luncheon Function. It is a seasonal theme. There will be a speaker, seasonal treats and a secret santa gift exchange. We have received updated schedules from our newly appointed schedule distributor.

Grateful to serve, Elijah C.

Clean Possibilities

Greetings from clean possibilities. All is well the meeting is starting on time, coffee is in the pot, literature is on the table and the lifesaving message of recovery is being carried. Our weekly attendance is around fifteen addicts. We have no donation to area at this time.

Grateful to serve, Ryan B.

Hope turns to Faith

Greetings from hope turns to faith,

The meeting is going well. The coffee is hot, literature is on the table and the message of NA is being shared. The meeting is starting and ending on time. 70 to 80 addicts in attendance weekly. We have a $20 donation to area at this time.

Grateful to serve, Sean H.

Women in NA

Greetings from Women in Na,

Our meeting is going well. We have four homegroup members. The doors are opening and closing on time. Literature is on the table, coffee is hot and the message of NA is being shared. Average attendance is nine. We could use support from women in the fellowship.

Grateful to serve, Sue C.

Progress not Perfection

Hello from Progress not Perfection Group,

Everything is well, the doors are open, coffee is made and literature is available. We have an average of $25 to $30 for the 7th tradition. An average of 70-80 in attendance. We do not have any upcoming celebrations. We would like to welcome our new homegroup members: Alan E. and Jessie K. We have a $30 donation to area at this time. We are also voting yes to motion 2 for standing policy subcommittee and yes to motion 3 for the special needs literature.

Thank You for letting me be of Service, Davey H.

Against All Odds

Greetings my name is Rufus, I am presenting the Wednesday against all odds men’s group. The attendance is anywhere from 10-12 guys joined together to discuss recovery and related issues. We gained 2 new homegroup members. The doors are open on time, coffee is served, literature on the table. Rent is paid. No concerns or donations to area at this time.

Grateful to serve, Rufus N.

Hope through Surrender

God’s Will Candlelight

Greetings from Gods will candlelight group. The doors are open on time, coffee is made and the message is being carried. Average meeting attendance is 40 Literature is on the table.

Grateful to serve,

Ali S.

Freedom from Self

Greetings from the Freedom from Self group, the doors have been opening on time, literature is stocked and the message is being carried. Our average attendance is around 40. This coming week we will be celebrating our one year birthday!! Thanks to area for the support in helping us start our meeting.

Grateful to serve,

Chris W.

Choose To Live

Good day to my NA family, from the choose to live homegroup. Our meetings are going well, we were closed this past Friday the way 14th as the facility as the facility was being used for a church function. We brought literature and keytags at convention for our group and had a good year celebration on the 7th We do not have a donation to area at this time.

Motion votes from group conscience

1.      Immediately add- abstain

2.      Policy subcommittee- for

3.      3. Service workshop- for

4.      Special needs literature-for

Grateful to serve, Ryan D.

High on Life

Greetings from High on Life the Homegroup has been opened on time every Friday night with coffee made, literature on the tables and a message of hope is being shared. We would like to welcome a new homegroup member Becca and as always we could use more support. Attendance has hovered just above 30 and we have no donation to area at this time.

Grateful to serve, James A.

Another Look

Hey Family, Another Look is moving forward. We are still having meetings Tuesday @7 and Friday @ 6:30. We would appreciate some support for meetings. Group concerns: distribution of literature in public libraries. We would like to ask PR to develop plan to a more cost effective means to fulfil commitment to all libraries in the GTO area. We have a $10 donation to area.

In Loving Service, John M.


Out of the Darkness

We are pleased to report meeting is going well. Attendance is growing weekly. Meeting is done by candlelight which presents an atmosphere of peace. A good clear message of Narcotics Anonymous is being shared. We would like to welcome three new homegroup members David H. Jason C. and John M. with a total of six members Yahoo! Rent is paid and literature on the table, no problems to report at this time.

In Loving Service, Robbie C.

Trust the Process

The meeting is going well. Aug attendance is down to 65. Meetings are running fairly smoothly. The noise issue continues to be tolerable. Our day to day needs are met but we can’t do an area donation this month. We have a motion regarding RCM funding to attend DRSC’s. We have 3-4 new members 2 of them attended the business meeting.

 Thanks for the opportunity to serve, T the P



Motion #01 -11-14

Maker:            Hope turns to faith

Motion: Per our 11th concept our home group would like to a make a motion to change, the activities reserve back to $400

Intent: to use the excess money for a more practical purpose

Rationale: Our homegroup felt that the funds were being mismanaged

Seconded: Ryan D.

Back to homegroup for vote

Motion #02-11-14

Maker: Public Relations

Motion: To be reimbursed for 600 schedules/100 flyers and flyer day supplies(receipts attached) Ryan D.

Intent: to further carry the message of Narcotics Anonymous


Motion passed

Motion #03-11-14

Maker: Trust the Process

Motion: To provide $75 a piece to the RCM and alternate to attend each RSC meeting. If only one of them can attend only one stipend will be provided.

Intent: To provide financial support to our trusted servants to cover the costs of their service.

Rationale: the current funding is $120 which likely does not cover their costs, also so that all the funding doesn’t go to one person in the absence of the other.

Seconded: John M.

Back to homegroup for vote


All homegroups are requested to bring back nominations for Policy Subcommittee chair. Our new schedule distributor-Ryan B. would like any homegroup needing schedules to contact him by phone to get schedules as quickly as possible his number is (304) 360-4774

Motion to adjourn

Grateful to serve Deeidra G.