Friday, March 20, 2015

Flyer Day - 1:00pm, Sunday, 4/11/15

Flyer Day - 1:00pm, Sunday, 4/11/15
10th Street Entrance of Riverfront Park
Call Heather A. @ 304.942.7761

CANCELLED - Policy Subcommittee Meeting - 7:30pm, Friday, 3/20/15

The Policy Subcommittee Meeting scheduled for Friday, 3/20/15 has been cancelled. The meeting has been rescheduled for Friday, 4/17/15.

Celebration - 8pm, Friday, 4/3/15

There will be a 2-year celebration at the Choose To Live group on Friday, April 3rd at 8pm.  There will be a speaker - Chris W. will be sharing his experience, strength, and hope. Come out and help us celebrate!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Area Minutes - February 2015

GTOASCNA MINUTES February 16, 2015

Opened with Prayer

Twelve traditions read-Ryan D.

Twelve concepts read –Jason H.

Home groups in Attendance


Living in the Solution-Y

Hope without Dope-Y

No Pain No Gain-N


Another Chance to Live-Y

Another Way-Y

Together We Can-Y


Not High Noon-N

Clean Possibilities-Y

Hope Turns to Faith-Y


Process of Discovery-N

Women in Na-Y

Progress not Perfection-Y


Against All Odds-Y

Small Town Big Recovery-N

Hope through Surrender-Y

God’s Will Candlelight-Y

Freedom from Self-N



Choose to Live-Y

High on Life-Y

Another Look-Y



Trust the Process-Y

Out of the Darkness-Y

Making Amends-N


18 of 25 Home groups in Attendance 


January Minutes Read Deeidra G.


I was asked to elaborate on where the $162.34 came from on the beginning balance last month in the regular acct: The treasurer Report given on March 2014 (activity recorded 02/16/14-03/15/14) had a typo in it under the expenses for the regular acct so therefore the ending balance was incorrect. We had $638.21 in expenses and an ending balance of $272.92 in the regular acct giving a total of 672.92 in all 4 accts.

This month after reconciling the checking acct with our records I found that I needed to add another $14.54 to our balance to match what the bank has for us.

GTOASCNA Treasurer’s Report


Activity recorded 01-18-15 through 02-14-15

Regular Account

Beginning Balance $ 43.60


01-18-15 Nick L returned $ from Jan Region $ 92.00

01-18-15 Living in the Solution $ 50.00

01-18-15 Together We Can $ 25.00

01-18-15 Hope Turns to Faith $ 20.00

01-18-15 Progress Not Perfection $ 30.00

01-18-15 Against All Odds $ 10.00

01-18-15 Hope Through Surrender $ 10.00

01-18-15 God’s Will Candlelight $ 20.00

01-18-15 Crossroads $ 5.00

01-18-15 Out of the Dark…Rainbow $ 40.00

01-18-15 Trust The Process $ 70.00

01-18-15 Making Amends $ 12.00

01-20-15 Reconciled Acct W/ Bank Stmt-extra$ $ 14.54

02-13-15 Tony T from ILS activity $620.00

Total Income $1018.54


01-18-15 Cabell Co Library for Jan ASC ck# 507 $ 15.00

01-21-15 City of Hgtn Found.-H&I-rm Jan & Feb ck# 508 $ 20.00

01-18-15 Internal X-fer to Public Relations $133.00

02-13-15 Internal X-fer to Activities $500.00

Total Expenses $668.00


Ending Balance $394.14

Public Relations Reserve

Beginning Balance $300.00


01-18-15 Internal X-fer from Reg Acct. $133.00

Total Income $133.00


01-18-15 Ryan D-schedules for area-ck# 505 $ 48.00

01-18-15 Ryan D-5 used BT for libraries-ck# 506 $ 85.00

Total Expenses $133.00

-----------------------------------Ending Balance $300.00

Prudent Reserve

Beginning Balance $100.00

Total Income $ 0.00

Total Expenses $ 0.00

Ending Balance $100.00

Activities Reserve

Beginning Balance $ 0.00

02-13-15 Internal X-fer from Regular Acct $500.00

Total Income $500.00

Total Expenses $ 0.00
-----------------------------------Ending Balance $500.00

As of 02-14-15 the total of all 4 accounts is $1294.14

Terri M – ASC Treasurer

To view ledger from Dec 13 –Jan 15- See attachment

RCM Report

Hello Family! There isn’t much to discuss for this month, aside from the events and celebrations taking place across the region. The North Central Area is having a public relations and phone line workshop, starting at 1:00 pm on February 21st at the Joe Manchin Healthcare Education Building in Fairmont, WV. Following the workshop, members will be going to 2017 Pleasant Valley Rd. to spend the evening bowling and playing laser tag. A flyer is available for download at On March 14th, this same area will be having a service learning day. There is a flyer for this event as well, that can be found on our regions webpage. On March 14th the Appalachian Foothills area will be having a St. Patrick’s Day event in Parkersburg, WV. The doors will open at 5:30 pm, there will be a speaker at 7:00 pm followed by an auction and a dance. All proceeds will go to purchase literature for the home groups in that area. The flyer for this event is also available at On March 21st in Sutton, WV there will be a speaker jam. There will be 8 different topics with one male and one female sharing their experience on each topic. Speakers will start at noon and there is also a flyer available for this event on our regions webpage. The last thing to discuss is the regional inventory, which takes place at 12:30 pm at March 7th at Cedar Lakes. This is not a CAR year so there won’t be any topics to vote on from NAWS. This inventory is a one day event and will focus on how our region can better serve the areas and better carry the message. I plan on going to the inventory. If our area would like for me to bring back a report of what takes place, it might be something we would want to discuss in “New Business.”

In Loving Service,- Nick L, GTO’s RCM

Subcommittee Reports

Activities Subcommittee Report

February 2015

Open with prayer

Attendance: Liz H; Heather A; Tanner W; Jason H; Ryan D; Ashley F; Nick L; Ara S; Ryan B; Bruce A; Gary F; Rachel N

12 concepts: Liz H

12 traditions: Bruce A

*Old business: In loving service went off well and we had a good turn out for it.

New business: Positions in activities will be changing. We will be looking for willingness for vice chair and Secretary.

*Tom F was given $620 from activities going back to area from in loving service. However the facility has not been paid for yet. Tony T will be able to provide receipts for the event.

Started discussing dates for camp out and prices for camp sites.

Grateful to serve: Rachel N

Hospitals and Institutions Subcommittee Report

February 2015

Nick C, Dee Dee G, Carrie G, Ed H, Kristin A, Jason H, James A, Ryan B, Sal C, Billy, April P, Ali S, Cassie H, James H, John.

Opened with prayer

12 Traditions read by Ryan B.
12 Concepts read by Jason H.

Reports read.

Wednesday RP short term. Meetings are opening and closing on time. Willingness is good. NA message is being carried. We were unable to go in last week due to no clients but willingness is good, no problems the week before. No concerns at this time, grateful to serve, April P

Tuesday night H&I Panel at St. Mary's psych ward is rocking and rolling. We are entering and exiting together and on time. Willingness has been abundant among our members. Clients in the facility have been receptive and some have opened up to us during their stay. They average 8-12 in attendance weekly. I wish to discuss NA schedules being provided to me by a member of the facility with this subcommittee. Thanks!

Gratefully serving, Nick C.

Greetings from Thursday Pinecrest. Doors are opening and closing on time and willingness is good.

Grateful to serve, Ed H.

Greetings from the Tuesday St Mary's panel. All is well. We are going in promptly and ending on time and carrying the message. No issues have come up.

Grateful to serve, Elijah C.

Greetings from Wednesday River Park long term. All has been well since we last met. We have started and ended on time and those attending are willing to participate.

Extremely grateful to serve, Kristen A.

New Business:
Are schedules being given by Vicky a violation of tradition because she is not a member?

Sal asked if there is a certain format he should be using for Pressley Ridge.

Voted to read clarity statement during H&I.

Ed H and another member met with Life house staff and they are very welcoming of a h&i meeting. A day and panel leader will be voted on next subcommittee.

Keytags for h&i meetings??

IPs for h&I meetings???

Will discuss both at next subcommittee.

Jason H brought up that Ramey Estep in Rush really needs a h&i meeting. Him and Bruce A are going to meet with staff.

Once again I did not receive all of the group reports. If anyone still needs my email address please let me know.

Closed with prayer.

Grateful to Serve,
Carrie G. 

Public Relations Subcommittee Report-

February 2015

Open with prayer

12 traditions: Ryan B

12 concepts: Gary F

Attendance: Heather A; Liz H; Gary F; Ryan B; Ryan D; Nick L; Tanner W; Phillip D; Ara S; Rachel N

Group reports:

Schedule day coordinator:

Greetings from schedule day coordinator. Schedules are going to be printed tomorrow and then taken out to our Huntington contacts Tuesday or Wednesday depending on the weather. Grateful to serve Tanner W

Communication follow up: Greetings from communications. I am happy to report all is going well. There is a new updated list of contacts saved to the hard drive. Cabell county contacts will be called and new updated schedules will be delivered as soon as the weather cooperates.

Schedule guru:

Sent via the Samsung Greetings from the schedule maker. Everything is going well. I got 480 schedules printed for area service from Goodall printing. The cost of the 480 schedules was $48.00. To comply with the policy regarding schedules for home groups we have asked for another 48.00 dollars for the twenty schedule for each home group for the month of March.
Grateful to serve
Ryan B

Old Business
Erika P., Jason H. and Paul M. declined nomination for Policy Subcommittee Chair position attached is Service Resume for John M.

home groups need to bring forth nominations for treasure alt. position due to present treasure alt. being unable to fulfill his commitment.


Motion #1

PR Subcommittee motion Ryan D. seconded by Elijah C.

PR Subcommittee has decided per ASC policy to provide 20 of area schedules to all home groups in our area. These schedules will be made available at each ASC, GSR’s should obtain schedules each ASC from schedule guru- Ryan B. To fulfill policy PR is requesting $48 for 480 schedules, that is 20 for each of the home groups.

Intent: to fulfil policy

For 19

Motion passed

Motion #2

PR Subcommittee motion Ryan D. seconded Elijah C.

Motion for $85 to purchase 10 used basic texts on Amazon

Intent: To provided less known and smaller libraries in our area with 2 basic texts. We are starting with 5 suburb of Huntington libraries 1 text to be available read only and one to be checked out.

For 19

Motion Passed

Open Forum

PR Subcommittee discussed donation literature racks for auction at the upcoming In loving Service.


Group Reports

Living in the Solution

Greetings from Living in the solution, We have an average of 24 addicts per meeting. The door is open and the message is being carried. Our rent is paid and we placed a literature order this week. We would like to thank the Activity subcommittee for their hard work to make In Loving Service a success. We also want to invite everyone to a 3 year celebrating next Sunday. Scott M. will be sharing his experience, strength and hope there will be cake and pasta salad at the request of the celebrant. We voted as a group in favor of John M. as policy chair, contingent upon willingness we nominate Tanner W. as activities chair and Scott H. as candidate for Treasure Alt. We have a $20 donation to area at this time.  Grateful to serve Phillip D.

Hope without Dope

No Pain No Gain

Greetings from the No Pain No Gain group, I apologize for the inconvenience but my car is messing up and a new battery is necessarily. On a bright note doors are being opened, coffee is served, the lifesaving message of narcotics anonymous is being shared. Average meeting attendance is 25-30. No donation to area at this time. Grateful to serve in spirit Kristen S.

Another Chance to Live

Greetings from Another Chance to live home group, All is well doors are open early, rent is paid, coffee is hot and literature is on the table. Our average attendance is 10-15 addicts. We have no donation to area at this time. It has been brought to our attention by the facilitators of our meeting place that they have observed people using in the bathrooms of our meeting place. This jeopardizes our meeting place as well as the meeting place of two other meetings. Any suggestions as to how to approach this situation would be greatly appreciated. Extremely Grateful to serve, Bruce A. GSR

Another Way

Group is carrying the message of Narcotics Anonymous. We have had an average of 12 people in attendance. Rent is paid, the doors are opened on time, coffee is being made, and literature is on the table. Grateful to serve, Sarah K.

Together We Can

The Monday night “Together We Can” meeting held @ 21st Baptist Church is doing well. The doors are opened on time, hot coffee id being provided and literature is on the table, and the life-saving message of NA is being shared. Our average attendance is 35. We have no donation at this time. Grateful to serve, Wayne M.

Clean Possibilities

Greetings from clean possibilities. The meeting is opening and closing on time .The message of NA is being carried, average attendance is 15-25. Coffee being made, literature is on the table. We have two new home group members Hannah P and Brandon S. I Erica b. have been nominated to the GSR position and Brandon S. is Treasure Alt. GSR. We have no area donation at this time. Thank You I’m grateful to serve. Erica B.

Hope turns to Faith

Greetings from hope turns to faith. All is well. The coffee is hot and the message of recovery is being spread. We are opening on time. We have a $20 donation at this time. We will be having a 4 year celebration for Nick L. on Feb 17th, our home group voted for John M. nominated Nick L. for treasurer alt. Grateful to serve, Brandon G.

Women in NA

Greetings from Women in NA. Our meeting is going well. We have four home group members. The doors are opening and closing on time. Literature is on the table, coffee is hot and the message of NA is being shared. Average attendance is nine. We could use support from women in the fellowship. Grateful to serve, Sue C.

Progress not Perfection

Greetings from Progress not Perfection home group of Narcotics Anonymous. Our meeting is opening on time and closing on time. There is hot coffee and literature available for free and sale at cost. Our average attendance is 80. We have good willingness and the message of recovery is being carried. We gained one new home group member. We have a $20 donation to area Grateful to serve, Cassie C

Against all Odds

Everything is good at our meeting. Our doors are open early and our meeting runs on time. The coffee is strong and the literature is on point, as an average of nine addicts gather to share recovery and hope. Our rent is paid. We have begun a project of cleaning our meeting facility and are eager to work with the other Missio Dei on how to best troubleshoot problems like the recent incident, and also how to best show our gratitude to church folk for granting us use of their facility. In closing Against All Odds many opportunities for service positions are wide open for those wanting to get involved. Grateful 2 Serve, John Mc.

Hope through Surrender

All is well with the Hope Through Surrender Group of Narcotics Anonymous. The doors are open on time, coffee is in the pot, literature is on the table, and most importantly the message of recovery is being shared. We are averaging about 12-15 people per week. On March 5 a home group member will be celebrating 2 years and it will be an open meeting. Come help us celebrate. We also have a $10 donation to area this month. Grateful to serve, Tasha W./Gary F.

Gods will candlelight

All is going well. The doors are open on time, literature is stocked, coffee is in the pot and the message is being carried. Our average meeting attended is about 40. We have a $60 donation to area this month and we have elected Tate C. to be our new GSR starting next month. Grateful to serve Ali S.

Choose to live

Salutations from Choose to Live, the doors are opening on time, literature is on the table, and the NA message is being carried. Our meeting attendance is an average of 25. We have a $30 donation to area this month.
Our facilitators have approached us regarding finding addicts using in the restrooms, of course we want to remedy this situation to keep our meeting intact. It was suggested I add this ordeal to our report to get suggestions from other groups who may have experience with type of situation; since area is here to serve the home groups. Ever grateful, Miles.


The meeting is going good moved to a new location, we will now be meeting at 1015 5th avenue First Presbyterian Church 12:30 on Fridays. We could always use some support from members. Our average attendance is 10-15 addicts per meeting our format is an open literature study. Grateful to Serve Jason H.

High on Life

Meetings have been going well opening and closing on time with literature on the table and the message of NA is being shared. We will be making a change to our format in having a speaker meeting the last Friday of every month. We have a $20 donation to area and no further announcements at this time. Grateful to serve James H.

Another Look

All is well. No donation at this time. ILS John M.

Trust the Process

The group and our meeting our functioning well. The average attendance is 70. Our rent is paid. We are well stocked with literature. We discussed possible ways to make access to meeting schedules more user and servant-friendly. Were prepared to formulate a motion if the Area thinks it needs action. We have no donation this month. Thanks for letting me be of service, T the P

Out of the Darkness

Greetings from out of the darkness and into the light of the rainbow home group of Narcotics Anonymous. We would like to inform the area that our home group is doing well with an average attendance of 10-20 addicts, literature always on the table, coffee ready to serve and rent is paid through March. We would also like to inform the area that as soon as the weather warms up that we are going to start campfire meetings out back of our facility starting on the 21st of March with a home group member celebrating one year. It’s going to be a regular meeting with hotdogs and lots of food. And last we would like to recognize Terri M. for her hard work in finding money thought to be lost. John M. for policy chair, Robbie C. for activities Chair and Ryan D. for Treasure Alt. No donation to area at this time. Grateful to serve Tyler B.

New Business

Motion: John M as Policy Chair

For 15

Against 1

Abstained 2

Motion Passed

John M. was elected Policy subcommittee chair the first policy subcommittee will be the 3rd Friday on the month at Southside Nazarene Church Cattlesburg, KY. John has already found members with willingness to attend Myra H. Scott H. and Joe M.

GSR’s brought back nominations for Treasurer Alt. Nominations were ; Jason L. Ryan D. Wes R. Tasha W. Nick L. and Scott H.

Wes R. Jason L. Scott H.and Ryan D. declined nomination, therefore Nick L., and Tasha W. are nominees

Back to home groups for vote

Home groups are requested to bring back nominations for Activity Chair and Vice Chair position


Choose to live seconded Jason H.

Motion: To remove from policy ASC to provide 20 area schedules per month per home group

Intent: To meet and honor our 7th tradition as well as our 11th concept

Rationale: ASC is not capable of providing accurate meeting schedules as changes are frequent. Our area has a printable version on its home groups can go here and have accurate up to date schedules to provide at their meetings, the choose to live group recommends this be the course to obtain schedules.

Back to home groups for vote

Public Relations

Motion: $48.00 dollars to fulfill ASC policy to provide 20 schedules per month to each home group

Motion passed

Motion: to purchase 50 white booklets for St. Mary’s pysch unit.

Motion passed

*Gods will candlelight seconded by Joe M.

Motion: to have May's area service on May 3rd

Intent: to avoid home groups missing area service

Rationale: 2nd week is Mother’s Day 3rd week is Ripley Convention and the 4th week is NANA campout. To prevent members from missing area service due to this being the month to nominate trusted servants

Back to home groups for vote

*Trust the Process seconded Miles S

Motion: For RCM, Nick attend regional inventory March 7th

Motion passed

Open Forum

Area discussed request from area secretary itemized records from activities subcommittee, the possibility of an activities policy to be put into place. Discussed better ways to distribute accurate schedule to home groups. Members also discussed ideas to help with the home group having issues of addicts using in the bathrooms of their meeting facility. Annual Laser Show coming March 14 in Prestonsburg KY.

Motion to adjourn

Grateful to serve, Deeidra G.