Friday, July 31, 2015

Area Minutes - July 2015

GTOASCNA July 19, 2015

Open with Prayer
12 traditions read
12 concepts read
June 2015 Minutes read by Ryan D

Homegroups in attendance

Living in the Solution- Y
Hope without Dope- Y
No Pain NoGain- Y

Another Chance to Live- Y
Another Way- Y
Together We Can- Y

Not High Noon- Y
Clean Possibilities- Y
Hope turns to Faith- Y
Another Look- Y

Progress Not Perfection-Y
Against  all Odds- Y

Hope through Surrender-N
Gods Will Candlelight- Y
Freedom from Self- Y

Daily reprieve- Y
Choose to Live- Y
High on Life- Y

Trust the process-Y
Out of the darkness- Y
Making  Amends- Y
Quorum established
20 of 22 groups in attendance

Treasurer's report

GTOASCNA Treasurer’s Report

Activity recorded 06-21-2015 through 07-18-2015

Regular Account
Beginning Balance                                                                                          $    0.00
06-21-15               Hope Turns to Faith                                                        $    20.00
06-21-15               Progress Not Perfection                                               $    50.00
06-21-15               Daily Reprieve                                                                  $      5.00
06-21-15               Robbie C returned ck# 526 not needed                 $  200.00
07-02-15               Living In the Solution                                                     $    60.00
07-02-15               Robbie C from Activities/Campout 2015               $  990.00
Total Income                                                                                     $1325.00

06-21-15               Cabell Co Library June ASC ck# 527                          $    15.00
06-21-15               Tom M –RSC/RCM July 2015 ck# 528                       $    75.00
06-21-15               Miles S-RSC/RCM-ALT July 2015 ck# 530                $    75.00
06-21-15               Cabell Co Library June Policy Sub. ck# 531            $      5.00
07-08-15               MRSCNA regional donation ck# 532                        $    20.00
07-15-15               City of Hgtn Foundation H&I July/Aug ck# 533   $    20.00
07-15-15               Internal X-fer to Activities/Replenish                    $  176.86
Total Expenses                                                                                 $  386.86

Ending Balance                                                                                                 $  938.14

Public Relations Reserve
Beginning Balance                                                                                          $  300.00
Ending Balance                                                                                                                 $  300.00

Prudent Reserve
Beginning Balance                                                                                          $  100.00
Ending Balance                                                                                                 $  100.00

Activities Reserve
Beginning Balance                                                                                          $  323.14
07-15-15               Internal X-fer from Regular Acct                               $  176.86
Total Income                                                                                     $  176.86
Total Expenses                                                                                 $      0.00
Ending Balance                                                                                                 $  500.00
As of 07-18-2015 the total of all 4 accounts is $1838.14.
Terri M – ASC Treasurer

RCM Report 07/15

Nine of the ten RCMs of the Mountaineer Region actively participated at this quarter’s RSC.
The committee conducted a Consensus-Based Decision Training for all members that were present. It was more of a discussion than a training session. We identified and discussed the benefits of Consensus-Based Decision Training, such as how it allows any member to speak, not just RSC officers and RCMs. This approach also allows for more discussion on issues, rather than just going through procedures.

Webservant: We discussed adding an option to print a 8 ½ x 11 version of the schedule to the website to make it more printer friendly for members. The webservant will look into it and bring back the info to the next RSC in October.
Please email any meeting changes to

Phoneline: The committee needs an updated phone list from GTO. If you have had the Phoneline Workshop, and were not present at ASC in July, 2015, please contact the RCM or RCM Alt, so they may add you to the list.

H&I: The committee wants to develop relationships with facilitators in prisons so it can send literature to more addicts in need. The committee will also look into buying Institutional Group Guides to donate to prisons, so that addicted inmates will have the resources to form their own groups.

PR:  Billboard- A motion passed to spend $1500 toward buying a billboard to be displayed around the region. The billboard will be up for 24 weeks. It will start in either Raleigh or Mercer County.
         Workgroup- The committee decided to create a workgroup to establish the structure and duties of the PR umbrella, which consists of the Webservant PR, H&I, and Phoneline Subcommittees. The first meeting will be held at the MANA campout, Fellowship in the Forest, to be held at Lake Sherwood in Neola, WV, August 5-9. There is not yet a specific day or time the workgroup will be held, but it is likely to be conducted on Saturday, August 8th.
Convention: There were member complaints about people saving seats at the speaker meetings at the convention held in May 2015. Our convention is continually growing and there is no longer enough room to fit everyone in the Dining Hall, so PLEASE DO NOT SAVE SEATS.      Seating is first come, first serve. Due to our growth, the committee decided to have a second speaker on Friday and Saturday nights, located in the Assembly Hall. It will take place at the same time as the speaker meeting in the Dining Hall. Also, the speaker meeting on Sunday morning will now be held in the Dining Hall. These actions are being taken to help accommodate all members who wish to attend a meeting.
The midnight topic meetings that were held at the 2015 spring convention were a success, so they will continue to be a part of the agenda.
Members did well with setting up and tearing down for speaker meetings. Please continue to do so.
Two rails were broken in the fence from people sitting on them.  Cedar Lakes is not making us pay for it, but PLEASE DO NOT SIT ON THE FENCES.

The theme for the 2015 fall convention is “The Journey Continues”.
The theme for the 2016 spring convention is “All Will Be Well”.
The committee is going to check with Cedar Lakes to see if we can move the spring convention to the first week of May, beginning in 2017. The reason is because convention is taxing  many members financially and of their leisure time, causing them to not be able to attend upcoming activities.

-          To spend up to $1500 for a billboard for 24 weeks, to be placed in Raleigh or Mercer County.
-          Meeting which are not affiliated with an ASC must report to the RSC or the Webservant quarterly in order to stay on the schedule.
-          Moved the spring convention to the first weekend in May, beginning 2017.
-          Donating $1250 to NAWS.


H&I subcommittee report

Start time      6:02pm
In attendance    Nick C, Nate H, Jason H, D.J., Jason P, Jenni H, Deedee G, Jason R, Ed H, John M, Lisa S,                      Racheal L, Ryan B
Opened with prayer
Nick C           chair
Nate H         vice chair
Ryan B       secretary
12 traditions read by D.J.
12 concepts read by Jason H

Old Business
Voted on new panel leaders for the next six months:
Monday river park- Jenni H and Paul M
Monday Presley ridge- Nick C and Sal C
Tuesday life house farm- Nate H
Tuesday st marys- Ed H and Cassie C
Wednesday river park long term- Deedee G and Ryan B
Wednesday river park short term- April P
Thursday pinecrest- Jason H and Nick L
Friday Presley ridge- ?

Voted new chair, vice chair, and secretary
Chair- Nick C
Vice chair- Nate H
Secretary- Ryan B

Group reports

All is well at the Pinecrest panel. Starting and ending on time. The message is being carried and the traditions are being upheld. Willingness is through the roof. Yesterday was my first day taking it in. Very excited for the next 6 months. In loving self-less service, Jason H .

Hello Family,
I regret to say that, because of work, I will be unable to attend the subcommittee. When I start my new job, this shouldn’t continue to be an issue. All is well with the Thursday Pinecrest H&I meeting. Everything has gone smoothly the last two times we’ve taken the meeting in. We go in together and leave together. I’ve yet to be approached by anyone asking to go in with me, but needless to say there is no shortage of willingness. I’ve noticed several members attending meetings after leaving the facility, so we’re doing something right, and I would also like to ask for more meeting schedules please. I wanted to ask the subcommittee for their input on a question I’ve had. Sometimes we go in and there are more than enough topics to share about. Other times it’s a struggle to get one topic. Should a situation come up and few, or no, topics are provided to share on, I’d like to do an H&I presentation rather than a H&I meeting. Any suggestions in dealing with this would be greatly appreciated!
In Loving Service, Nick L

Happy July Subcommittee members! May be a little rainy but we carry the message in any weather. I'm taking our Monday night Pressley Ridge boys' panel in on the 1st Monday of the month, with Sal going on the 3rd Monday. Willingness is adequate, with our newer members eager to observe and share. We arrive together and on time. Short attention spans, noisy ice machines/refrigerators, and talking staff seem to curtail the message at times. We've been leaving 5-10 minutes at the end for the clients to share but we may remove that, as they have next to no recovery. All in all the footwork is being done here and our primary purpose is being fulfilled.
In Goodwill, Nick C.

The River Park short term Adult H and I meeting is starting and ending on time. Members are showing willingness and carrying the message. I am currently out of Regional schedules.
Grateful to serve, Paul M.

Greetings to my H&I family from Pressley Ridge. I have nothing to report as of yet. I would like to sincerely thank Nick C. for stepping up and covering my panels while I've been out of town working. His willingness to serve Narcotics Anonymous is an example I hope to follow. I apologize for my inability to make the sub-committee this evening, but I'm on the tail end of a trip to California where Narcotics Anonymous has afforded me the opportunity to close the door on part of my past. I'm happy to report Narcotics Anonymous and my HP  have gifted me with Grace yet again. Today I am literally experiencing a deeper level of freedom and I owe it all to you guys! Thanks for being on the journey with me.
Sal C

Greetings from Riverpark short term! Sorry I can't be there tonight, I am working. But everything is going well, willingness is awesome and a message of recovery is being shared. Meetings are opening and closing on time. No concerns at this time, very grateful to serve, April P.

Greetings from the Tuesday night H and I at the farm… Everything is going well the message is being carried and willingness has been fine .. I just need some schedules ...grateful to serve ...Nate H

On behalf of the Tuesday night St. Mary’s panel I would like to say thank you for the opportunity to serve. All is well at this time, we are arriving on time and starting on time and the message is being carried.  No serious concerns at this time. I have had minor issues with coordinating the dates with the other panel leader since we switch off weeks. Could use an updated list of people with a workshop in the hopes of including as many people as possible. Grateful, Cassie C

Greetings from Riverpark 3 north , It has been super great to have this panel again. The clients are awesome as always and eager to participate. We have been getting starting a few minutes late, do to stay bringing them in about 5 after that. We do close on time and the life saving message of NA is being carried. There have been 3-4 addicts plus myself each week. Thank you for allowing me to be of service, DeeDee G.

Meeting opening and closing on time. Willingness has be great. Carrying a clear message of NA. Grateful to serve, Jenni H

New Business
Ed H cant not continue to take the panel into St. Mary’s. Discussed letting Elijah C take the panel in the hospital. Jason H made a motion to elect Elijah C new panel leader. The motion was seconded by Nate H. Voted and passed 8-0-2
Need meeting schedules for panel leaders to take into their panels.
Nick L wanted to change the format of his panel to do an H&I presentation and the committee asked Nick to explain what a presentation would consist of.
Cassie C and Elijah are the panel leaders for the Tuesday Night St. Mary’s panel
There wasn’t a H&I workshop at the campout. Talked about doing a workshop and decided to have one on the 24th of July at 6pm at the Barnett center. Please announce at meetings.
Presley ridge meeting for the female went in this past Friday. Talked to the facility about changing the date to Thursday evenings instead of Friday. Presley ridge was ok with the change of dates and Jenni H will be taking the panel in.

Ended with prayer at 6:53
Ryan B

Public Relations Subcommittee Report
Public Relations subcommittee - July 19, 2015 
Attendance: Eli C, Bruce A, Ryan B, Scott J, Ashley F, Josh B, Chris D, Tate, Jason H, John M, Ryan D

Opened with a prayer

Traditions read

Concepts read

Focus has been shifted to focus on organization, education, and unity. PR service tip sheet & PR statement handed out to members in attendance to educate on traditions and policy's to help continued success in our purpose and efforts.

Due to our library liaison Heather A moving out of state her position is now open and needs to be filled. We will be attempting to contact her in regards to what has been accomplished while she held the position. Ryan B has tentatively take the schedule day position, with Tate offering help and support.

Josh B is to make contacts with the park & recreations board and Tom M in regards to flyer day location opportunities among other various contacts.

There was discussion about new possible outreach opportunities to addicts such as a GTO twitter account, and public service announcement through TV an and radio broadcasts. PR members will be reaching out for experience and guidance from other member in and out of our area on how to go about this.                                      
Pr is also requesting $17.67 to reimburse Bruce A for supplies needed for the past flyer day.

Grateful to serve, Ashley F

Activities report
Meeting 3rd Friday of every month at Barnett center at 6 pm.
Compout was a great success we brought back our 500.00 budget plus 540.00. Everyone seemed to have had a good time in spite of the weather. Followed agenda as weather permitted.
At this time we would like to have a picnic at dreamland pool on 8-22 starting at 12pm. We are asking for a 300.00 budget, to put on this function.
Also we are requesting $160.00 for a canopy for our use and also we will have it for the whole GTO area, to use for homegroup functions, PR or any other area related events. Total of $460.00
At this time we would like to welcome Tate C as secretary, thanks for your willingness
Robbie C

Policy Subcommittee report
Hey Family
We would like to thank Special Events for giving us their time slot
@ASC.  Our meeting consisted of
electing trusted servants and position requirements.
Vice chair :Jason H.
Secretary : Miles
Our subcommittee is a work in progress and encourage all members in our area to participate. As we move forward
our primary focus is to develop
Subcommittee policy and revise
our current policy to better serve
the group needs in the GTO Area.
Thanks to those who participated
and open arms to those to come
ILS John
Meeting 3rd Sunday of every month at Cabell county library, in between Pr and ASC

Old Business
ASC position- Chair- Terri m.      Vice-Chair- Joe M.          Secretary-Ryan D.
Treasurer-Tasha W.                        Treasurer Alt.- Josh B.   PR Chair- Elijah C.
H & I Chair- Nick C.                         RCM- Tom M.                                    RCM Alt- Miles S.
Area Motions
Motion # 1
Trust the Process
Move to suspend the qualifying or resume requirements for area servants to be nominated at this time. This is one time only motion to suspend qualifications.
Seconded Bruce A.
For 15
Against 1
Abstained 2
Motion passed
Motion # 2
Not High Noon
In event ASC officers resign or are removed from Position the Area Chair and
Vice Chair resume position until Vacancy is filled.
Intent: per 4th concept
Seconded Elijah C.
For 17
Against 0
Abstained 2
Motion Passed
Motion # 3
Motion to send $20 donation to region
Seconded Paul M.
For 17
Abstained 2
Motion passed

Group Reports

Living in the Solution
Greetings form Living in the solution:
The door is open and the NA message is being carried. The literature is mostly stocked with more on the way. On August 16th we will have a addict celebrating one year. There will be a speaker and cake. We are currently seeking a new meeting facility due to being unable to obtain a key after multiple years at our current facility. If anyone has any leads or experience to share it would be appreciated. We do not have any motions or further concerns. We have a $30.00 contribution this month. Grateful to serve Darren S.

No Pain No gain
Greetings from the No Pain No Gain group of NA. Doors are open and closed on time, literature is on the table and the coffee is hot. Life saving message of NA is being shared. Our average attendance is 30. At this time we have no donations to area.
We had an issue this past Sunday of an out of town visitor using an e cig during the meeting but the problem has been addressed and added to the format. Just to let the other HG’s know if it is not on their formats they might want to add that if they haven’t already.
On August 23 we will be having a HG member celebrating 1 year and Sue C. will be sharing her experience, strength and hope. Thank you greg

Hope without Dope
Greetings from the Hope Without Dope group of Narcotics Anonymous!!
All is well with the meeting. Doors open and close on time, coffee is being made, literature is on the table and the life saving message of narcotics anonymous is being shared. We have a $30 donation to make to area.
Grateful To Serve, Carrie G.

Another Chance to Live
Greeting from Another Chance to Live. All is well. The meetings are opening early and finishing on time. The coffee is hot. Literature is on the table and the life saving message of NA is being carried. Average attendance is 12-15 addicts. We recently had a new member join our homegroup. We welcome Robert F. We have 20.00 donation for area at this time. Truly grateful to serve. Bruce A

Another Way
The Another Way group is carrying the message of NA recovery. We have decided to give out 2 convention packages per convention, beginning in the fall. As usual we can always use support  from the area and are always looking for new homegroup members. Grateful to serve, Sarah K

Together We Can
Meeting is opened on time, literature on table and averaging 45 people. We have one new homegroup member, Tanner W. We have a 2 year celebration on Aug 27, and Arra S will be speaking. We have no donation at this time. Grateful to serve, Tommy R

Not High Noon
Greetings from Not High Noon, We had a big month. Christa S shared her experience with us June 23, and we had a function to celebrate freedom on July 7th. Ryan D was our speaker. We had hotdogs and cake and soda. Our Auction brought in $104. Our 50/50 raffle brought 29.50. in total, $133.50 became our groups new balance. We used this money to pay rent, order literature, buy supplies and donate 20 to area. Otherwise all is normal. The door is opened consistently, with an average of 20 addicts in attendance. Riverpark adolescents still come as well. We have a 20 donation for area. Grateful to serve, Josh A

Hope turns to Faith
Greetings from Hope turns to faith, we are thankful to report that the meeting has been opened on time, literature has been on the table and the coffee has been hot. We have been effectively carrying the message of NA to an average of 70 addicts per week. We have recently voted and elected new positions within the homegroup. As to allow other addicts a chance to commit to service. We will be having 2 celebrations this month, one on july 28th 1 year, and the other will be on Aug 4th 3 years. There is no donation to area this month grateful to serve Josh B

Another Look
Hey Family
All is well ! No concerns or donation at this time. We are
sponsoring 2nd annual speaker
August 15th @ Armco Park. Shelter house 1a. 2pm - 6pm
Recovery fellowship and fun. ILS, John

Against All Odds
Greetings from against all odds, all is well with our homegroup. The doors are opened on time or early, attendance has increased, we have newcomers attending, and in some cases it is the only exposure to NA they have all week. The coffee is dangerously strong and the literature is lifesavingly good. We have enough active members to have a business meeting, and we voted to change our format, opening the meeting to women and non-addicts. We usually read the JFT, then a second reading  from the Basic Text. This Wednesday coming we are having a speaker. We would like to again thank the homegroups who donated literature, and we again invite more experienced members to come donate their time and help us better carry the message. No donation at this time. Grateful to serve John M

Progress not Perfection
Greetings from the Progress Not Perfection Group. We are rocking and rolling. Averaging about 60 people each week. Still a literature study and we're wrapping up the Living Clean book. Coffee is ready and we start and end on time. We ask members to spread the word to stay out of the street before and after our meetings as per the facility's request. The primary purpose is being fulfilled in our group. We have $50 for area.
Grateful to be of service, Nick C.

Hope Through Surrender
All is well with the Hope Through Surrender group of Narcotics Anonymous. The doors are open on time, literature is on the table, coffee in the pot, and most importantly the message of recovery is being shared. We average about 10 addicts per week. No donation to area at this time. 
Grateful to serve, Tasha W.

Gods Will Candlelight

Hello from the Gods will candelight meeting. Everything is running well the doors are open, the literature is on the table, and the coffee is hot. We have an average attendance of about 40-50 people. We have a 20 dollar donation for ASC. We would like to thank our last 2 speakers Beth R and Robbie C for sharing their experience, strength and hope. Come and see us at 7pm on Thursdays at the Barnett Center. Thank you for letting me serve. Tate C

Freedom from Self

We are happy to report that our doors are open and our meetings are starting and ending on time. Coffee is brewed hot and strong, literature is on the table and the NA message is being carried stronger than ever. Our average meeting attendance is around 50 addicts a week and is including many friends and family members of clients of the facility. In many cases our home group is the first exposure to NA these addicts have had. We are grateful for the support from the members of this area in helping us carry the NA message clearly and passionately. We would like to announce that Nick L will be sharing his experience strength and hope this Thursday, July 23 & Ed H will be giving his lead the following week, July 30. We would like to remind everyone we have a basic text study every third Thursday and a speaker every 4thThursday. We are in need of White and Orange keytags if any homegroup has a surplus and willingness to donate to our financially struggling homegroup. We are in need of home group members and our 7th tradition donations barely cover the cost of rent, literature and coffee so unfortunately we have no donations for area at this time. Grateful to serve Richard S.

Daily Reprieve
The daily Reprieve home group meets Fridays at 12:30 at 1015 5th Ave at the 1st Presbyterian Church. All is well. Message being carried. Doors always open on time. Needs some white key tags if anyone has any extra to donate. We only have 2 members and are pretty broke. The message is free though. We have no donation this month. We have an average attendance of 10. Could use more Home group members, Thanks for letting me serve

Choose to Live
Hello Hello Hello. Greetings from Chose to live HG. All is well. The doors are opening and closing on time. Coffee is set out and made with LOVE. The literature is out on the table and the life saving message is being carried to all addicts that enter our meeting. We have averaged about 15-25 addicts in our new facility. We unfortunately have no donations to give area at this time. Grateful to serve, DJB.

High on Life
Greetings from High on Life, Meetings have met regularly, opening and closing on time with coffee made, literature on table and message of hope being shared. We have an upcoming speaker on Friday July 31st Kristen A. sharing her experience strength and hope. We have no further announcements or needs at this time. Grateful to serve James H

Trust the Process
Greetings from trust the process. Everything is well our way. We are happy to welcome our newest home group member Heather B. We are opening and closing on time, coffee is hot, literature is on the table, and the message is being carried. We have on average 65 addicts in attendance weekly. We would also like to announce the we have a home group member celebrating a one year miracle onAugust 29, and Danny D will be sharing his experience, strength, and hope. The issue with the broken window has been resolved, the window was NOT broken by us, and the supervision with the children in attendance has greatly improved. Also we have a $40 donation to area this month. Grateful to serve, Ashley F

Out of the Darkness and into the light of the Rainbow
Greetings from the rainbow meeting, meeting going well not much to report, open on time every week, coffee made rent paid. Good message of recovery being shared weekly. Literature on table, we are giving it away upon request. Grateful to have the opportunity to carry the message of Narcotics Anonymous. Robbie C

New Business

Subcommittee Motions

#1 Motion-PR Subcommittee
Motion: Requesting re-imbursement for money spent by PR on flyer day supplies. Total is a check for $17.67. 100 flyers at .13 per copy=15.79 after taxes plus tape $1.75
Intent: Reimburse Flyer Day Coordinator
For 18
Against 0
Abstained 2
Motion Passed

#2 Motion- Activity Subcommittee
Motion: we are asking for $300.00 of our budget so we can have a picnic. This money will pay for things we need to do the function.
Intent: Carry the message of recovery outside of meetings
For 17
Against 0
Abstained 3
Motion Passed

#3 Motion- Activity Subcommittee
Motion: We need to purchase a canopy for our Subcommittee. So that we don’t have to borrow from others, in the act of self support, and carry the message. We need $160.00 for a 10x20 with wall covered dark blue cloth.
Intent: to carry the message
Rationale: So we can be totally self supporting and to carry the message
For 15
Against 0
Abstained 5
Motion Passed

Homegroup Motions

#4 Motion- Another Look
Motion: To re-vote the RCM-ALT per policy. Back to Homegroups
Seconded by Josh B, Hope turns to Faith
For 3
Against 11
Abstained 5
Motion Failed

#5 Motion- Another Chance to Live
#5 Motion: To send $100.00 to Regional Service Structure
For 16
Against 0
Abstained 2
Motion Passed

#6 Motion-Area
Motion: to spend $40.00 on keytags for groups in need. Freedom from self and Daily Reprieve groups are struggling to provide newcomer keytags. Need white and orange keytags.
Intent: To carry the message to the newcomer and provide keytags.
Back to Homegroups for vote

New Meeting being added to our schedule
Name:We do Recover
Time: Tues 6pm
Place: Prestera Center, 145 Kenova Ave, Wayne WV 25570, Open, Lit Study

ASC CHAIR is appointing Nick L to Treasurer per current elected Treasurers inability to attend ASC (Please see attachment in email pertaining to current treasurers comments to ASC). New Nominations need to be brought to Next ASC. See requirements per policy below.
Back to Homegroups for Nominations
4. Treasurer
 a. Shall oversee and maintain the area bank account (as stated in Section VII., "Finances")
 b. Shall make a written report of itemized contributions and expenditures at every regular ASC meeting, as well as an annual report at the end of the fiscal year.
c. Suggested minimum of two (2) years continuous abstinence from all drugs, and a working  knowledge of NA steps and traditions.  
 d. One (1) year service experience, at any level, as treasurer.