Sunday, July 12, 2015

Area Minutes - June 2015

GTOASCNA June 21, 2015

Opened with Prayer

Twelve traditions read-Heather A.
Twelve concepts read-Jason H.

Homegroups in Attendance:

Living in the Solution-Y
Hope without Dope-Y
No Pain No Gain-Y

Another Chance to Live-Y
Another Way-Y
Together We Can-Y

Not High Noon-Y
Clean Possibilities-Y
Hope Turns to Faith-Y
Another Look-Y

Process of Discovery-N
Women in Na-N
Progress not Perfection-Y
Against All Odds-Y

Hope through Surrender-Y
God’s Will Candlelight-Y
Freedom from Self-Y

Daily Reprieve-Y
Choose to Live-Y
High on Life-N

Trust the Process-Y
Out of the Darkness-Y
Making Amends-N

Quorum Established
19 of 24 Home groups in Attendance
June Minutes Read- Deeidra


GTOASCNA Treasurer’s Report

Activity recorded 05-31-2015 through 06-20-2015

Regular Account

Beginning Balance $    0.00

05-31-15 Making Amends $  18.00
05-31-15 Clean Possibilities $  40.00
05-31-15 Progress Not Perfection $  50.00
05-31-15 Hope Through Surrender $  20.00
05-31-15 DeeDee G returned from H&I IP order $      .60
06-01-15 Another Way $  15.00
Total Income $143.60

05-31-15 Cabell Co Library ASC May ck # 525 $  15.00
05-31-15 Internal X-fer to Activities Reserve $128.60
Total Expenses $143.60

Ending Balance $    0.00

Public Relations Reserve

Beginning Balance $300.00
Ending Balance $300.00

Prudent Reserve

Beginning Balance $100.00
Ending Balance $100.00

Activities Reserve 

Beginning Balance                                                   $394.54

06-02-15 Internal X-fer from Regular Acct $128.60
Total Income $128.60

05-31-15 Tony T ck # 526 extra $ for campout $200.00
Total Expenses $200.00

Ending Balance                                            $323.14

       As of 06-20-15 the total of all 4 accounts is $723.14
GTOASCNA Treasurer’s Report Terri M – ASC Treasurer

Hello Family! There are a few events going on in our region in the next few months and
they should be really fun experiences. For more information on these events, check out our
regions webpage ( There are also flyers available should any home group wish to
print them out. Just a reminder, but regional service is coming up on July 11th and 12th. This
quarter the region will elect new regional and subcommittee officers (regional chair, vice chair,
secretary, convention chair, etc.) If anyone is interested in going, please let the RCM or RCM
Alt. know. We’d love to have you join us. A special thank you is due to our previous RCM Alt.
for his continued support. Thank you all for allowing me to serve.
In Loving Service,
-Nick L.


Hospitals and Institutions Subcommittee
Opened with Prayer
Twelve traditions read-Jason H
Twelve concepts read-Ryan B.
In attendance: Ryan B. Jason H. April P. nick C. Brian C. Sal C. Nate H. Jenni H. Ed H.

New Business
We discussed the possibility of no longer taking in the meeting to the females at Pressley Ridge due to the lack of willingness of members to go in as well as to be the panel leader this panel has struggled for a very long time on our part as well as the facility to provide a suitable place for the meeting and to get the clients there on time.

Group reports
Greetings from Riverpark Short term. Meetings are opening and closing on time, a message of hope and recovery is being carried, and willingness has been great. No problems or concerns at this time. Grateful to serv e, April P.

Greetings from Pinecrest h&i the meeting is generally starting on time we have had to wait for the female residents we are ending on time the narcotics anonymous message is being carried .. grateful to serve Ed H.

Greetings from my Thursday Pinecrest HNI that meets at 7:30. Everything has been amazing, walking in and leaving on time. The message is being shared enthusiastically. It has been a lifesavor and an honor to serve as this panel leader. I would take it again if no one wants it. I have willingness for other panels. Hence why my name is on the board. Love you guys Grateful to serve Nate H.

Greetings from Pressley Ridge. We continue to have an issue with the facility bringing the lads down promptly at 7 and as such have been starting about 10-20min late by no fault of our own. Willingness to support the panel has been lacking with frequent last minute cancelations, which is why I'm grateful to those who have been willing to step up and serve on such short notice. The lifesaving message of Narcotics Anonymous has been carried and hopefully has been received by the young men who manage to keep attention. I am willing keep the panel and additional term if needed, however in the spirit of rotation I would like to see another member take the panel if willing. Grateful for the opportunity to serve.
Sal C.

Happy Friday Subcommittee Members, our Tuesday night St. Marys panel has been truly been a delight to lead recently we have averaged about 3-4 people in attendance. We arrive and exit on time Willingness is high with our men and women . We have found leaving about 10 minutes at the end to be effective and helpful for residents to share. The message is consistently carried into this facility. I have willingness to lead a panel again. In the spirit of rotation and goodwill, I pass this panel with all my heart. Grateful to serve, Nick C.

Subcommittee voted on new panel leaders:
Pinecrest- Nick L. & Jason H.
Riverpark Adult-Paul M. & Jenni H.
Riverpark Long-term Adolescents- Dee Dee G. & Ryan B.
Riverpark Short-term adolescents- April P.
Western Regional jail- Amber B. 
St. Mary’s- Ed. H. & Cassie H.
Lifehouse Farm- Nate H.
Pressley Ridge Males- Sal C. 
Pressley Ridge- Jenni H. depending on if day of week can be changed from Friday to Thursday

We also voted on subcommittee positons-
Vice chair Nate H.
Secretary Ryan B.
Grateful for allowing me to be of service as H& I chair it has been an honor and privilege Deeidra G

Activities Subcommittee
- Opened with 12 Traditions and 12 Concepts
- Finalized Plans for Camp Out
- Returned $200 from Area for Camp Out
- Discussed Investing in Inventory (Coffee Pot, Totes, etc)
- Finalized Agenda for Camp Out
- Closed with Prayer

Public Relations Subcommittee

Opened with prayer
Attendance: Ryan D, Elijah C, J'Hahn, Tate, Nick L, Bruce A, Heather A, Ashley F
Traditions read by Josh B
Concepts read by J'Hahn
New position voted in:
Vice chair: Ryan D
Library liaison: Heather A
Communications: Josh B
Flyer Day: Bruce A
Web servant: Jason L
Secretary: Ashley F

Still searching for individuals with willingness for schedule day and web servant alt.

Was discussed and decided that Area Chair and PR Chair should have the information to access the web page in case of emergency.

Flyer Day report:
9 people in attendance and all was well. A variety of locations were hit including pawn shops, liquor stores, and strip clubs in and around the Huntington and Proctorville areas.
Next flyer day will be July 11th 1 to 3 meeting at the 10th st entrance to riverfront park. Food and fellowship after.
Grateful to serve Bruce A

Closed with prayer
Grateful to serve Ashley F

Policy Subcommittee
New Location Room 3 Cabell County Library @1:45-3:00 still working on policy update.
ILS John M.

#1 Motion- Activity Subcommittee
Motion: Activities Subcommittee is requesting $200.00 for the upcoming campout
Intent: They received $500.00 for this function and due to the increased price of the sites spent  $408 to reserve sites for the campout which only left them with $92 to purchase food to feed 100 people.
Rationale: To be able to provide the meal for Saturday as well as other supplies.
For 11
Against 3
Abstained 4
Motion passed

#5 Motion-RCM
Motion: Region Motion for $1,500 for a billboard to put up in Mercer and Raleigh County; it will travel around and the money will pay for the billboard for a year—tabled to area
Intent: Asking for $1,500 to put up a billboard for a year. Location will move up to
4 times for a 4 week period in Raleigh or Mercer County. THIS MOTION
For 10
Against 4
Abstained 4
Motion Passed

ASC Service Positions Nominations
Area Chair    Vice- Chair    Secretary    Treasurer     Treasure Alt.     PR Chair
Nick L.        Joe M.        Ryan D.    Tasha W.      Nick L.        Elijah C.
Nick C.        Jason H.            Jason H.     Josh B.   
Terri M.    Nick L.                Nick L.         Ryan B.
Jason H.                                       
H & I Chair    RCM        RCM Alt.
Nick C.        Tom M.    Miles S.
                Tom F.
                Ed H.

Living in the Solution
Greetings from living in the solution all is well. The doors are opening on time the coffee is hot and the message of NA is being shared. We average 15-20 addicts per week. We would like to welcome a new home group member Jason. We made a donation of literature and key tags to Against all odds home group. We have a $60 donation to area. Grateful to serve Jason

Hope without Dope
Greetings from Hope without Dope group of Narcotics Anonymous. All is well. The meeting is opening and closing on time, coffee is made, literature is available and the lifesaving message of NA is being carried. We have no donation for area at this time. In Loving Service Carrie G. & Heather A. (ALT.)

No pain no gain
Greetings from no pain no gain! Our doors are opened and closed on time, coffee is hot literature on the table and the lifesaving message of Narcotics Anonymous is being carried. We are averaging about 25 addicts a week and could still use attendance from the females in NA due to the lack of women present. Other than that all is well and unfortunately we have no donation to area at this time. Grateful to serve J’hahn and Kristin A.

Another Chance to Live
Greetings from Another Chance to live, All is well, the doors are opening and closing on time. The coffee is hot, the literature is on the table and the lifesaving message of NA is being carries. Our average attendance is 15 addicts. We do not have a donation to area at this time.
Truly Grateful to serve, Bruce A. GSR

Not high Noon
Greetings from the Not High Noon group. Things are going well this month. The doors were opened and coffee made ready, on time, faithfully each Tuesday. Our group has some new members, Chris B and Josh A. We paid rent and made a literature order this month. Our average attendance is approximately 20 people, and the Riverpark adolescent group still shows up nearly each time we meet. We have 2 events coming up. Christa S will be sharing her experience on the 23rd, and we are having a hotdog roast to celebrate freedom on July 7th. Ryan D will be sharing his experience with us, we are going to enjoy hotdogs and cake, have a 50/50 raffle and also an NA auction. We look forward to seeing you all there!! Grateful to serve, Elijah C

Clean Possibilities
Greetings from clean possibilities, Things are going well. The doors are open, coffee is in the pot, literature is on the table, and rent is paid. Our weekly attendance is usually 15-20 people. We plan to have our annual homegroup celebration in August. Other than that, we have no donation for area at this time, Grateful to serve, Tom M.

Hope Turns to faith
Greetings from Hope turns to faith, All is well, The coffee is hot and literature is on the table. The message of recovery is being spread. Our average attendance is 80. We have a $20 donation to area at this time. Grateful to serve Brandon G.

Another Look
All is well. No donation to area. The Friday night meeting has been closed. ILS John M.

Progress not Perfection
Hello from Progress not perfection Group, Everything is going great, Doors are open, coffee is made and literature is available. The message of NA is being shared. We average 70-80 addicts a week. We have a $50 donation to area. Our homegroup has voted on ASC positions. Thanks for letting me be of service Dave H.

Against All Odds
Everything is well with our homegroup. Doors are open on time or early with the coffee brewed and literature on the table and recovery is shared. Our average attendance is around seven. We would like to thank everyone who helped our homegroup with donations this month. Our homegroup often has newcomers come through so we’d like members with the availability and willingness to attend and help us carry the message. The end. Grateful to serve John Mc.

Gods will candlelight
Hello, All is well at the Gods will candlelight meeting. The doors are open on time, the coffee is hot and the candles are burning. The message of Narcotics Anonymous is being spread. We have no donation at this time. Thank you Tate

Freedom from self
We are happy to report that our doors are open and our meetings are starting and ending on time, for the most part. Coffee is brewed hot and strong, literature is on the table and the NA message is being carried stronger than ever. Our average meeting attendance is around 50 addicts a week and is including many friends and family members of clients of the facility. In many cases our home group is the first exposure to NA these addicts have had. We are grateful for the support from the members this area in helping us carry the NA message clearly and passionately. We would like to thank Nick C. for sharing his experience strength and hope this Thursday and would like to remind everyone we have a basic text study every third Thursday and a speaker every 4th Thursday. We are in need of home group members and our 7th tradition donations barely cover the cost of rent, literature and coffee so unfortunately we have no donations for area at this time. Grateful to serve Richard S.

Daily reprieve
All is well at the daily reprieve home group. Doors are open on time and the lifesaving message is being carried. Rent is paid and there are selections of literature on the table. Attendance on average is about 10 but seems to be growing. No problems to report.  We passed along
Choose to live

Trust the Process
We continue to thrive. Were happy to report we have six participating homegroup members. Our needs are met. Average attendance is 70. The group has once again had to address the problem with disruptive children in the meeting. We have decided to address this with the director of the local treatment program that frequently sends members with children to the meeting. We are monitoring the area around the church three times each meeting to make sure the children are attended. These measures are being taken due to having a broken swing and window on the playground and adjacent building as well as the noise level with in the meeting. We have votes for area servants, we do not have a donation at this time as we are unsure of the costs to repair the broken window. Grateful T & P

Out of the Darkness
Greetings from Rainbow homegroup of Narcotics Anonymous. We are pleased to report that our meeting is still going strong with an average weekly attendance of 12-15 addicts. Literature always on the rack, coffee ready to serve and the doors open on time. No donation. Rent is paid through July. Coming up on Saturday July 4th we have two homegroup members celebrating one year with a campfire meeting out back and Gordon E. will be sharing his experience strength and hope. Grateful to serve, Tyler B.


ASC positions:
Chair- Terri m.   
Vice-Chair- Joe M.   
Secretary-Ryan D.
Treasurer-Tasha W.       
Treasurer Alt.- Josh B.   
PR Chair- Elijah C.
H & I Chair- Nick C.       
RCM- Tom M.           
RCM Alt- Miles S.

Area Motions

Motion # 1
Trust the Process
Move to suspend the qualifying or resume requirements for area servants to be nominated at this time. This is one time only motion to suspend qualifications.
Seconded Bruce A.
For 15
Against 1
Abstained 2
Motion passed

Motion # 2
Not High Noon
In event ASC officers resign or are removed from Position the Area Chair and
Vice Chair resume position until Vacancy is filled.
Intent: per 4th concept
Seconded Elijah C.
For 17
Against 0
Abstained 2
Motion Passed

Motion # 3
Motion to send $20 donation to region
Seconded Paul M.
For 17
Abstained 2
Motion passed

Open Forum
Policy subcommittee will be held at the Cabell library 1:45-3:00, Activity Subcommittee will be meeting separately
Ryan D. suggested members read our service literature and policy
Not High Noon will be having a function July 7th Ryan D. will be sharing, there will be food and an auction.

Thank You for letting be of service as Area Secretary it has been my pleasure,In Loving Service
Deeidra G.