Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Area Minutes - August 2015

GTOASCNA Aug 16th, 2015

Open with Prayer

12 traditions read-John G

12 concepts read-Tasha W

July Minutes read by Ryan D

Homegroups in attendance

Living in the Solution- Y
Hope without Dope- Y
No Pain No Gain- Y

Another Chance to Live- Y
Another Way- Y
Together We Can- Y
Shells Hope(Monday and Friday)-Y

Not High Noon- Y
Clean Possibilities- Y
Hope turns to Faith- Y
Another Look- Y
We do Recover – N
A New Day-Y

Progress Not Perfection-Y
Against  all Odds- N

Hope through Surrender-Y
Gods Will Candlelight- N
Freedom from Self- Y

Daily reprieve- N
Choose to Live- Y
High on Life- N

Trust the process-Y
Out of the darkness- Y
Making  Amends- Y
Quorum established
19 of 25 groups in attendance

(this color indicates a new group attended ASC to be added to meeting schedule and participate in ASC)

New groups and meetings in attendance

A New day
Tuesday @11:59PM
60 mins Open/Discussion
Broken Chains Recovery House
824 21st Huntington WV 25703

Shells Hope
Monday/Friday 6:15PM-7:15PM
60 Mins Open/Discussion
Saints John and Elizabeth Catholic Church
799 State Highway 1947
Grayson, KY 41143

Treasurers Report

GTOASCNA Treasurer’s Report
Activity recorded 07-19-2015 through 08-15-2015

Regular Account
Beginning Balance                                                                                          $938.14
07-19-15               Tom M-RSC/RCM July 2015 cash returned            $  35.28
07-19-15               Robbie C additional cash from campout                                $  40.00
07-19-15               Trust The Process                                                            $  40.00
07-19-15               Living In The Solution                                                    $  30.00
07-19-15               Hope Without Dope                                                      $  30.00
07-19-15               Another Chance to Live                                                                $  20.00
07-19-15               Not High Noon                                                                 $  20.00
07-19-15               Clean Possibilities                                                          $  20.00
07-19-15               Progress Not Perfection                                               $  50.00
07-19-15               God’s Will Candlelight                                                  $  20.00
07-19-15               Making Amends                                                               $  20.38
Total Income                                                                                     $325.66
07-19-15               Cabell Co Library ck# 534-ASC July                           $  15.00
08-09-15               MRSCNA donation ck# 536                                          $100.00
08-09-15               City Of Hgtn Found.July/Aug Activities ck# 537 $  20.00
08-15-15               Internal X-fer to PR Reserve                                       $  17.67
08-15-15               Internal X-fer to Activities Reserve                         $460.00
Total Expenses                                                                                 $612.67

Ending Balance                                                                                                 $651.13

 Public Relations Reserve
Beginning Balance                                                                                          $300.00
07-19-15               Bruce A reimbursed cash for flyer day expense $  17.67
                Total Expenses                                                                                 $  17.67
08-15-15               Internal X-fer from Reg Acct                                       $  17.67
                Total Income                                                                                     $  17.67
Ending Balance                                                                                                                 $300.00

Prudent Reserve
Beginning Balance                                                                                          $  100.00
Ending Balance                                                                                                 $  100.00

Activities Reserve              
Beginning Balance                                                                                          $500.00
07-19-15               Tom F-Activities picnic & canopy ck# 535             $460.00
Total Expenses                                                                                 $460.00
15-15     Internal X-fer from Regular Acct                               $460.00
                Total Income                                                                                     $460.00
Ending Balance                                                                                                 $500.00

As of 08-15-15 the total of all 4 accounts is $1551.13
Terri M – ASC Treasurer

RCM Report

MRSCNA has not met since the report I gave in July, so there is no news to report. The next MRSCNA meeting will be held October 3rd and 4th.

As I mentioned in the last ASC, I would like to take a few minutes, sometime before the next MRSCNA, to discuss how many schedules I should get from the region for each of GTO's homegroups and the H&I Subcommittee.

Happy to Serve,

Tom M, RCM

Subcommittee Reports

H&I Subcommittee

H&I Subcommittee Report
Start time- 6:01pm
12 traditions read by Ryan D
12 concepts read by Nate H
Attendance- Nick C, Nate H, Ryan B, Ryan D, Jason R, Nick L, Brandon C, Dee Dee G, Jenni H

H&I Subcommittee Group Reports

The meeting is going well. The average attendance is only about 6. We are out of meeting schedules. I won't be able to attend sub committee but I spoke with Nick C. about the opportunity for a meeting in a new facility. Grateful to serve, Paul M.

Meeting opening and closing on time. Willingness has be great. Carrying a clear message of NA. Grateful to serve, Jenni H

Greetings homies. Our Monday male H&I panel at Pressley Ridge is moving right along. I'm still going in on the 1st Monday of the month. We struggle with staff and clients talking during the meeting. However we suit up and show up together and on time. The message is being carried. Willingness is sufficient at this time. Thanks! In loving service, Nick C.

Greetings to my H&I family from Pressley Ridge. As we've become accustomed to, the panel is starting approximately 10 min late due to no fault of our own. We've still been ending on time regardless of the young men being brought over late. I believe a clear message of Narcotics Anonymous has been shared and hopefully received by the gents. At minimum, the seed is being planted. Willingness to serve has been moderate. I'm grateful to Wes R. for continually being available to serve and to those who've filled in with last minute notice. I apologize for my inability to make the sub-committee again this month, but I'm going to be in New York for my Grandfather's memorial service and spreading of his ashes. Sometimes the gifts of recovery aren't packaged with pretty bowes... I'm grateful to Narcotics Anonymous for the opportunity to be present for my family during times I would most definitely have ran from, avoided or made all about me in the past. Thank you for your understanding of my absence and the opportunity to serve. Love you all! Sal C

Hello hni subcommittee, all is well at the farm hni. Willingness is fine and the message is being carried. We were not able to attend last week due to the facility canceling on us. First he said the reason was because the house was still torn apart from a bed bug plague they had. Then he got honest and said they had to go to a mandatory church thing. So yea.. Shit is going well.. Very grateful to be of service. NATE H

Greetings from Riverpark longterm,
The meeting is going well. Willingness is good from both women and men. We continue to have issues with staff bringing clients late therefore we have been starting a few minutes after 7 but we do enter and leave the facility on time. The message of narcotics anonymous is being shared. The client's always express their gratitude for this meeting each time we are there. Always an honor to be of service.  DeeDee G.

Greetings - The adolescent long-term meeting is going well. We enter and exit together. Willingness is good. The lifesaving message of NA is being carried. Need meeting schedules. Grateful to serve, Ryan B

Greetings from Riverpark Short term! Meetings are opening and closing on time and a message of recovery is being carried. Willingness is good, no concerns at this time, grateful to serve, April P
Hello Family!

Greetings from the Thursday Pinecrest H&I panel. Things have been going pretty well. There has been no trouble in gathering members to participate or observe. Thank you to all the members who have been willing to share their experiences. Our message is definitely being carried. We’ve been going in together and leaving together, and have hopefully been adhering to the facilities guidelines. With that being said, we’ve had two instances where the doors have not been open on time and the meeting has started 10-15 minutes late. This isn’t a common occurrence, but I felt it was worth mentioning. Any suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated! We’re also running low on area meeting schedules. I believe we could direct anyone who is interested to our websites should we run out of schedules. Thank you to the H&I subcommittee for entrusting me to serve. Love you!
In Loving Service, Nick L

Hello fellow H&Iers. I regret having to break the news to many of you in this manner but I am going to have to resign from my panel leader position at Pinecrest as I am in the process of moving away from Huntington. I will cherish my time in GTO. I have learned so much and have made some life long friends. I truly appreciate the hospitality and opportunities that were awarded 5o me in my time there. Dee Dee took my panel in for me last week and she said it went well. If any of you have any questions for me or just want to check on me I urge you to call me at 606 253 0833. I love you all and thank you. In loving self-less service Jason H.

Pressley ridge females - Doesn’t have willingness to take the panel into the facility anymore. Went this past week to the facility and didn’t have the meeting because the residents never showed up.

H&I Subcommittee Old Business

Ed H cant not continue to take the panel into St. Mary’s. Discussed letting Elijah C take the panel in the hospital. Jason H made a motion to elect Elijah C new panel leader. The motion was seconded by Nate H. Voted and passed 8-0-2

Need meeting schedules for panel leaders to take into their panels.

Nick L wanted to change the format of his panel to do an H&I presentation and the committee asked Nick to explain what a presentation would consist of.

Cassie C and Elijah are the panel leaders for the Tuesday Night St. Mary’s panel

There wasn’t a H&I workshop at the campout. Talked about doing a workshop and decided to have one on the 24th of July at 6pm at the Barnett center. Please announce at meetings.

Presley ridge meeting for the female went in this past Friday. Talked to the facility about changing the date to Thursday evenings instead of Friday. Presley ridge was ok with the change of dates and Jenni H will be taking the panel in.

H&I Subcommittee New Business

Pressley Ridge female panel. Jenni H went to the facility for the H&I meeting last Thursday. None of the residents showed up for the meeting. Staff told Jenni to go ahead and leave since the residents were there. Jenni no longer has willingness to take the panel to Pressley Ridge. The subcommittee discussed to discontinue the panel for the females at Pressley Ridge

Paul M brought up the idea of an H&I panel to go into Recovery Point. Within the next month the subcommittee needs to get more information from Paul M and the facility on time slots and available days they could have the meeting.

Jenni H is going to get information on a treatment facility in South Point for females for the possibility on taking a panel there.

Jason H resigned from the panel at Pinecrest. Ryan D has the willingness to take the panel in and will be current taking it in.

Discussed the reasoning behind members having to retake the workshop after a relapse.
Closed with prayer at 6:50pm

Public Relations Subcommittee

Greetings from PR. All is going well. We have met our goals for the month as determined last month. Development of a written guideline and description of PR service positions in development now. After review by PR next month it will be submitted to Policy Committee, for review, and then Area for approval. We voted to absolve Library Liaison position. It has served its purpose. We have responsibly scheduled the next flyer day for Sept 13th to go out Wayne. It will also be as educational exercise involving experienced members. Our next schedule day is on Friday august 21st. Ryan D stepped down as vice chair. Ashley F was voted in as vice chair. Ryan D was voted in as Web Servant 2. We are requesting 10.00 from the PR reserve for schedules and flyers. Nothing further to report. Grateful to serve, Elijah C
Activities Subcommittee
4 in attendance, Made final plans for picnic, which has been moved to the 30th at Barnett Center, beyond our control.
Robbie C

Policy Subcommittee
Hey Family,
We had a wonderful subcommittee meeting ! Nick L. was elected vice chair. We worked on policy subcommittee policy. Our future focus will be on Area policy. We encourage other members to join us !!  ILS, John

Old Business

Subcommittee Motions
#1 Motion-PR Subcommittee
Motion: Requesting re-imbursement for money spent by PR on flyer day supplies. Total is a check for $17.67. 100 flyers at .13 per copy=15.79 after taxes plus tape $1.75
Intent: Reimburse Flyer Day Coordinator
For 18
Against 0
Abstained 2
Motion Passed

#2 Motion- Activity Subcommittee
Motion: we are asking for $300.00 of our budget so we can have a picnic. This money will pay for things we need to do the function.
Intent: Carry the message of recovery outside of meetings
For 17
Against 0
Abstained 3
Motion Passed

#3 Motion- Activity Subcommittee
Motion: We need to purchase a canopy for our Subcommittee. So that we don’t have to borrow from others, in the act of self support, and carry the message. We need $160.00 for a 10x20 with wall covered dark blue cloth.
Intent: to carry the message
Rationale: So we can be totally self supporting and to carry the message
For 15
Against 0
Abstained 5
Motion Passed

Homegroup Motions

#4 Motion- Another Look
Motion: To re-vote the RCM-ALT per policy. Back to Homegroups
Seconded by Josh B, Hope turns to Faith
For 3
Against 11
Abstained 5
Motion Failed

#5 Motion- Another Chance to Live
#5 Motion: To send $100.00 to Regional Service Structure
For 16
Against 0
Abstained 2
Motion Passed

#6 Motion-Area
Motion: to spend $40.00 on keytags for groups in need. Freedom from self and Daily Reprieve, groups are struggling to provide newcomer keytags. Need white and orange keytags.
Intent: To carry the message to the newcomer and provide keytags.
Back to Homegroups for vote

New Meeting being added to our schedule
Name:We do Recover
Time: Tues 6pm
Place: Prestera Center, 145 Kenova Ave, Wayne WV 25570, Open, Lit Study
ASC CHAIR is appointing Nick L to Treasurer per current elected Treasurers inability to attend ASC (Please see attachment in email pertaining to current treasurers comments to ASC). New Nominations need to be brought to Next ASC. See requirements per policy below.
Back to Homegroups for Nominations

Group Reports

Living in the Solution
Greetings from Living in the Solution! Things are going well. The door is open and the message is being carried. We have no concerns at this time. We have a $25.00 donation this month alt having some celebration expenses. In Loving Service, Jason

Hope Without Dope
Greetings from the Hope Without Dope group of Narcotics Anonymous. All is well with the meeting. Doors open and close on time, coffee is made, literature is on the table and the life saving message of Narcotics Anonymous is being shared. Unfortunately I am unable to attend area service because of circumstances out of my control. Sal C is going to try to fill in for me if he makes it back from his Grandfather's funeral on time. Our nomination for treasurer is Nick L and our group voted yes to purchase key tags for home groups in need. We have a $30 donation for area this month. Sal and Carrie

No Pain No Gain
Greetings from the No Pain No Gain group of Narcotics Anonymous. The doors are open and closed on time, literature is on the table, and the coffee is high octane and loud. The life saving message of NA is being carried. Our average attendance is 30. WE have no donations to area at this time. 
 Also we will be having a home group member celebrating one year on August 23, Sue C. Will be sharing her experience, strength, and hope. 
Thank you for letting us be of service.

Another Chance to Live
Greetings from Another Chance to Live. All is well, the doors are opening and closing on time. The coffee is hot, literature is on the table and the life saving message of NA is being carried. Average attendance is 10-15 addicts and we welcomed a new homegroup member, Jordan D. We do not have a donation for area at this time. Grateful to serve, Robert F. Gsr/Alt

Another Way
Greetings from the Another Way Group of Narcotics Anonymous.  Our home group is doing well and we would like to welcome two new home group members.  At our last business meeting some home group members expressed concern over what they felt was unnecessary fundraising in our area since our literature states that the primary donations to Area should be from groups rather than from fundraising.  One such instance in our literature is from p. 18, the 11th Concept, in the Guide to Local Services:
"When all levels of our service structure receive direct support from the groups, the bonds of mutual responsibility are strengthened between them.  Additionally, by freeing our service boards and committees from the need to engage in fundraising activities, we make it possible for those service units to devote their full energies to the fulfillment of NA's primary purpose."

Another instance comes from the NA World Services Bulletin #21R The Generation of Funds and the 7th Tradition in NA:

"We strongly believe that fundraising activities, which divert us from the spiritual nature of the program, are inappropriate and should not be encouraged within the fellowship."

The Another Way Group discussed that they would like to see the passages from our literature concerning finances and fundraising discussed in the GTO area and that bringing up these segments from our literature is not meant to attack anyone but primarily to foster awareness.  If anyone would like a copy of an outline of literature discussing finances and fundraising, please see me after Area.  
Grateful to serve, Sarah K.  

Together We Can
Greetings from Together We Can, The doors are opening on time, literature and coffee are on the table. The life saving message of NA is being carried. We are averaging a few new comers, actual count unknown. We are averaging 50 members in attendance. We have no donation at this time. We have a celebration on August 31st. grateful to serve, Ed H

Not High Noon
Greetings from Not High Noon, All is well, the meeting is opening on time consistently. The coffee is being made, the door opened and message carried. We have an average attendance of 18 people. Mainly newcomers. We have no donation to area at this time. Nothing further to report.
Grateful to serve, Josh A

Hope turns to Faith
Greetings from Hope turns to Faith. We’re happy to report that the meeting has been opening on time. Literature has been on the table and the message of hope has been carried to an average of 60+ attendees per week.
We have 2 celebrations coming up, one on sept 1st and the other on the 15th. This month after rent and expenses were paid we have a $20.00 donation to area. Grateful to serve, Josh B

Another Look
Hi Family,
All is well !! Meeting is averaging 25-31 addicts. The 2nd Annual speaker jam was fabulous. We have no concerns at this time. No group donation
ILS, John

A New Day 
Greetings from a New Day. We have recently started a midnight meeting at 824 21st street. In order to cater to addicts with work schedules that may not allow them access to other meetings in are area. This meeting takes place on Tuesday at midnight/wed at 12:00 AM. So far we have met one time and had attendance of 11. We also have mailed a new group registration form to world and have provided area service with one as well. We would like to thank another chance to live for their literature donation and out of the dark into the light of the rainbow for donating key tags. To show our gratitude for these donations were donating $15.00 to area to support the next home group in need. Hopefully our meeting will be on the schedule soon so as to become more available to whomever may want to attend.
Thank you, A new day

Progress Not Perfection
Good day friends. The Progress Not Perfection homegroup is rocking and rolling. We are averaging about 50 to 60 people in attendance each week. We have coffee ready and literature available. Each member is greeted with a hug upon arrival. We are still progressing through the living clean book. At this time we have $30 to donate to area.
In Gratitude, Nick C.

Hope Through Surrender
Greetings, All is well with the Hope Through Surrender group of Narcotics Anonymous. The doors are open on time, literature is on the table, coffee in the pot, and most importantly the message of recovery is being shared. We average about 10 addicts per week. No donation to area at this time.
 Grateful to serve, Tasha W.

Freedom from Self
Greetings from freedom from self.  All is well, the doors are opening and closing on time. The coffee is hot, literature is available and the vital message of NA is being carried. Average attendance is 20-25 addicts. We would like to thank Trust the Process group for their generous donation of supplies to further our cause of carrying the message. We are currently struggling for committed homegroup members. We have no donation for Area at this time.
Grateful to Serve, Bruce A GSR Alt

Choose to Live
Greetings from the Chose to Live hg. All is well at our somewhat new facility. The doors are opening and closing on time. Coffee is always hot n ready and made with Love! Our literature is neatly placed out on time and the life saving message of NA is being carried to all. Our average attendance is 25 addicts. Unfortunately at this time we have no donations to give Area. Grateful to serve, DJB.

Trust the Process
Greetings from trust the process - Everything is good. We are opening and closing on time, coffee is hot, literature is on the table, and a strong NA message is being carried. We have on average 65 addicts in attendance weekly. We have a one year miracle on Aug 29 along with a double celebration in September the date is still to be determined. We have no donation to area at this time. Grateful to serve, Ashley F

Making Amends
Hello everyone Sat Morning 10:00 AM (Making Amends) Meeting of NA located at 1015 6th AVE. Huntington.  Parking and entry in the rear alley of church has doors open. Coffee an literature on the table with a message of recovery being provided. We are averaging 12-18 in our meeting always room for more. Everyone is welcome, we are an open meeting. Grateful to be able to say our meeting is growing and our doors have never been shut since we opened them. Vacations are over and everyone has made it back to our homegroup without having to pick up. We have a 21.00 dollar donation to Area and were glad to hear how successful the camp out did. Wanted to thank everyone who worked so hard and for all those that showed up to make it a success. We were glad to help and hope we are able to help with other functions.  Always good to hear no Addict turned away is our motto in the GTO area. In loving service Mark G 304 690-2581

Out of the Darkness
 Greetings from the Rainbow homegroup of NA. we are pleased to report that everything is going exceptionally well. Our meeting is opening on time every week with literature on the rack, coffee in the pot and the life saving message being shared with approximately 12-15 addicts a week. Unfortunately we do not have a donation to area this month.
Grateful and blessed to serve, Tyler B

Old business
Motion for 40.00 Keytags for stuggling groups. Passed
Nick L voted in as ASC Treasurer

New Business

Subcommittee Motions

#1 Motion- Policy Subcommittee

Motion: To allow the Policy Subcommittee secretary access to the ASC area website.

Intent: To allow the Policy subcommittee the opportunity to update the ASC policy document as motions affecting policy are passed.

Rationale: So that the ASC policy document can be continuously updated and to remove the necessity of interface with the ASC webservant to keep policy updated.

Back to Homegroups for vote

#2 Motion- Policy subcommittee

Motion:  To receive $100.00 start-up fund for printing off the finished, updated policy document. To establish a $50.00 reserve to fund future printings and expenses for other activites ( such as subcommittee meetings between the monthly meetings.) This reserve is to be taken from the intial $100 start up

Intent: To print an updated policy document and fund future business of the subcommittee

Rationale: to have and maintain a updated policy document
Back to Home groups for vote

Motion #3 PR Subcommittee

Motion: Request 17.50 for 25 white booklets for St Marys psych unit workers to provide to addicts

Intent: Provide NA materials to addicts to further clarify the NA program to addicts locked down detox there

Motion Passed

Motion #4 PR Subcommittee

Motion: Requesting $10.00 from PR reserve for flyers and schedules

Intent: To purchase flyers and schedules for PR service

Rationale: Carrying the message by posting flyers around the area providing the NA hotline #. To make schedules available to addicts by providing them to facilities in regular contact with addicts

Motion Passed

Homegroup Motions

Motion #5 Another Chance to Live

Motion: We would like to request $150.00  to purchase a stockpile of literature. It would include 2 basic texts, 2 It works how and why, 2 step working guides, 2 JFT’s equaling 95.60 leaving 54.40  to order carrying IP’s for the total of $150.00 ** In the event of the formation of a literature subcommittee, any literature left over from this motion will be passed forward to that committee.

Intent: To have ready and available Literature for struggling homegroups

Rationale: So home groups that need literature that are struggling need not wait to receive it.

Motion Passed

Regional Donation

No discussion

Open Forum

Clean Possibilities having a 29 year homegroup celebration on Tues August 25 starting at 6

Another way GSR has copies of literature pertaining to issue with fundraising, see group report for details

Discussion of forming a Outreach Subcommittee to support new groups and local rogue groups

Closed with Prayer