Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Area Minutes - September 2015

GTOASCNA September 20 2015

1.) Open With Prayer

2.) 12 traditions read – Joe M. 12 Concepts read – Chad W

3.) August Minutes read by Ryan D

Homegroups in Attendance:

Living in the Solution--N
Hope without Dope--Y
No Pain No Gain--Y

Another Chance to Live--N
Another Way--Y
Together We Can--N
Shells Hope(also meets Fridays)--N

Not High Noon--Y
Clean Possibilities--N
Hope Turns to Faith--Y
Another Look--Y
We do Recover--N
A New Day--Y

Progress Not Perfection--Y
Against All Odds--N

Hope through Surrender--Y
Gods Will Candlelight--Y
Freedom from Self--Y

Daily Reprieve--N
Choose to Live--Y
High on life--Y

Trust the Process--Y
Out of the Darkness--Y
Making Amends—N

15 of 25 groups in attendance- Quorum established

4.) Treasurer's Report


GTOASCNA Treasurer’s Report
Activity recorded 08-16-2015 through 09-19-2015

Regular Account 

-Beginning Balance $651.13

08-16-15 Living In the Solution $25.00
08-16-15 Hope Without Dope $30.00
08-16-15 Hope Turns to Faith $20.00
08-16-15 A New Day $15.00
08-16-15 Progress Not Perfection $30.00
08-16-15 Making Amends $21.00
08-30-15 Internal X-fer from Activities $135.50
08-30-15 Return from RCM Alt. $23.00
Total Income $299.50

08-16-15 Cab. Co. Pub. Library Ck 539 (Sept.) $15.00
08-16-15 Cab. Co. Pub. Library Ck 541 (Aug.) $15.00
08-24-15 Lit. Stockpile Order NAWS $89.04
08-28-15 Key Tag Stockpile Order NAWS $40.80
08-29-15 Lit. Stockpile Order IP’s NAWS $58.76
08-29-15 Internal Xfer to PR $27.50
Total Expense $246.10

-Ending Balance $704.53

Public Relations Reserve

-Beginning Balance $300.00

08-16-15 PR White Booklets St. Mary’s Ck. 538 $17.50
08-16-15 PR Flyer Day Supplies Ck. 540 $10.00

Total Expenses $27.50

08-29-15 Internal X-fer from Reg Acct $27.50

-Ending Balance $300.00

Prudent Reserve

-Beginning Balance $100.00

-Ending Balance $100.00

Activities Reserve

-Beginning Balance $500.00

08-29-15 Internal X-fer to regular account $135.50
08-29-15 Total Expenses $ 135.50

08-29-15 Return From Picnic $135.50
08-29-15 Total Income $135.50

-Ending Balance $500.00

As of 09-19-15 the total of all 4 accounts is $1,604.53

Nick L. – ASC Treasurer

5.) RCM Report

RCM Report, September 2015

Greetings all. There has not been an RSC meeting since July 2015. Therefore, there is no news to report. The next RSC will be held October 3&4 2015 at Cedar Lakes in Ripley. All members are welcome to attend.

6.) Subcommittee Reports

H&I subcommittee report

Start time- 6:00pm

12 traditions read- Jason R 12 concepts read- Nate H

Attendance- John M, Robbie C, Nick C, Nate H, Ryan D, Brandon, Jenni H, Jason R, Billy P, Ed H, April P, Chad W, Ryan B, Dj B, Eric H, Nick L, Sal C

Group reports

Meeting opening and closing on time. Willingness has be great. Carrying a clear message of NA. Grateful to serve Jenni H

The meeting is going well and the message is being carried. Grateful to serve, Paul M.

Happy September Subcommittee members! Merica. Our 1st Monday of the Month boys' H&I panel was attended this month. We called our point of contact at 15 after the start time and they had forgotten. But we got to carry the message successfully at that point. The group was attentive actually more than usual. I had Jeremiah H. with me. One client became combative with staff which disrupted things further for a moment. We still read from the basic text and shared our experience. There were about 10 clients attending. We exited on time. Sal C. still has the 3rd Monday each month and your willingness to attend these panels is helpful. Grateful to be of service, Nick C.

Greetings to my H&I family from Pressley Ridge. We've become accustomed to the panel starting approximately 10 min late of no fault of our own, however this past month they actually never came down. After 30 min we decided to drive up to the main building and knock on the door. It would appear as though the facility believed we were canceling both the girls and boys panels. We informed them off the apparent miscommunication and promptly began a panel at the upper building. They allowed us to run over in an effort to do a full hour panel.

It is my hope that a clear message of Narcotics Anonymous has been shared and hopefully received by the young men. At minimum, the seed is being planted. Willingness to serve has been lacking. If it wasn't for the usual suspects level of commitment and dedication to serve Narcotics Anonymous, we would not have been able to bring the panel in due to last minute cancellations being the unfortunate norm... Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve. Sal C.

Greetings from the St. Mary's hni panel. All is going well. We have consistently carried the NA message to addicts with limited access to NA meetings every other Tuesday. I would like to thank Ryan D and Robbie C for helping us with that in times when my work schedule interfered with my availability. Grateful to serve, Elijah C

All is well is H&I at St . Marys on Tuesdays. We have started and ended on time, provided schedules, white books and ips. We have carried a strong message of recovery. We have not had a lot of clients attending from the facility. Grateful to serve Cassie C

All is well at my hni for the farm. Willingness has been ok and the message is being carried. Nothing new to report grateful to serve Nate h

Greeting from Riverpark longterm, The meeting is going well, the Meeting is still begimming a few minutes late.but ending on time the message of narcotics anonymous is being shared. A special thanks to Brian C. For taking my panel in due to a family crisis. Sorry I am unable to attend subcommittee due to work. Grateful to be of sevice, DeeDee G.

Greetings from Riverpark short term. Everything is going well, willingness is good, meetings are opening and closing on time and a message of hope is being shared. No concerns at this time. Grateful to serve, April P

Good day message carriers, the Thursday night big monthly Pinecrest panel is going very well. Willingness has been great, sharing of the message has been electric and residents have been very receptive. I'm honored to be the trusted servant for this panel. Thankful for NA service Ryan D

Hello Family! The month of September has been good for myself in the H&I experiences. Hopefully the same can be said for the members who went in with me and the clients of the facility. Seldom have we left and not spoken to anyone after the meeting. Some have even been moved to tears, so I do not doubt that we are carrying a message in some form. I believe it might be a good idea to schedule a time where we could sit down with the facility directors and just touch base. Good house keeping, as it were.  There really hasn’t been anything overly problematic to speak of, other than not getting into the facility on time on a few occasions. We are out of meeting schedules so, if there are any left floating around, we would greatly appreciate whatever can be spared. I would like to extend a special “Thank you” to those members who have attended with me and are helping to spread our message. Thank you all for allowing me to serve! In Loving Service, -Nick L

Old Business

Ed H cant not continue to take the panel into St. Mary’s. Discussed letting Elijah C take the panel in the hospital. Jason H made a motion to elect Elijah C new panel leader. The motion was seconded by Nate H. Voted and passed 8-0-2

Need meeting schedules for panel leaders to take into their panels.

Nick L wanted to change the format of his panel to do an H&I presentation and the committee asked Nick to explain what a presentation would consist of.

Cassie C and Elijah are the panel leaders for the Tuesday Night St. Mary’s panel

There wasn’t a H&I workshop at the campout. Talked about doing a workshop and decided to have one on the 24th of July at 6pm at the Barnett center. Please announce at meetings.

Presley ridge meeting for the female went in this past Friday. Talked to the facility about changing the date to Thursday evenings instead of Friday. Presley ridge was ok with the change of dates and Jenni H will be taking the panel in.

New Business

Pressley Ridge- Concerns for the panel. The facility had thought the male panel was canceled also. Nick C spoke to the facility and let them know we will be continuing to take the panel into Pressley Ridge. Still having issues with the residents getting there on time.

The subcommittee voted to no longer take the panel into Pressley Ridge. Voted passed16-0-0

Need to speak with St. Mary’s to see if there are any issues. The panel leaders are still taking the meeting into the facility.

Need meeting schedules

No information on the possible Recovery Point meeting. We still need more information.

Workshop on August 30th went well. There is a new list of persons available to do H&I.

Nick L brought up the idea of having a sit down with all the facilities. Get contact information for the facilities and possibly have a meeting with the facility. Current panel leaders need to get the name and phone number for the contacts.

The area subcommittee needs to talk with NANA area about taking the jail panel back.

Discussed the idea of taking a panel into Bateman Hospital.

Discussed the issue of panel leaders not attending the subcommittee and not submitting reports on the panel.

Need to figure out what is going on with the female panel at WRJ.

Closed at 7:00

Policy Subcommittee

Hi Family,
Our committee is still a work in progress. ILS, John

Public Relations Subcommittee

Greetings from PR. The month of August went well. We purchased NA schedules for $10, and 20 white booklets for $23. We ended up spending $5 more than what was originally intended on the schedules, and Bruce A took it upon himself to donate flyers for flyer day. We had schedule day on August 21st and visited many Huntington and an OH contact. We also gained a new contact, Christie Hitchcock WV family court. Ashley F and Kristin A accompanied me on this endeavor. Schedule day was carried out in Wayne County on September 13. We had a total of 10 addicts attend and focused on proper PR practice while carrying the message and making NA available to the communities of Wayne county. We are still developing a PR guideline for review. We voted to skip flyer day this month. We have planned the next flyer day for Friday October 16th. We will be focusing on our Wayne county contacts. We are requesting $10 for 100 schedules, and $15 for Introduction to NA ip's. Nothing further to report. Grateful to serve, Elijah C

Activities Subcommittee

Greetings from the Activities Committee, last months picnic was a success. Good food, good music and the message of NA was spread. The budget was 300.00 for the event. Total cost was 328.00, so we will be asking area for the 28.00 to put back in our budget. Coming up is the Halloween Extravaganza. There will be a chili cook off, costume contest, dance, auction, speaker meeting and clean time countdown. Costume contest and chill winners will be announced at the end of the event. Chili cook off contestants can be individuals, or home groups. Bowls and crackers and other materials needed will be provided by area. Asking everyone to bring deserts, side dishes and auction items. Decorations are also needed. There will be an activities subcommittee on oct 11th at 6pm instead of the oct 18th.will be asking area 500.00 for the event.

**We are requesting volunteers for our event, setup d├ęcor and such as well as clean up afterwards**

7.) Homegroup Reports

Greetings from Hope turns to faith, were happy to report that the meeting has been opening on time and that the message of hope is being carried to an average of 60 members per week. We had a successful business meeting this month and we will be having a speaker meeting on October 20th(speaker tentative). We have no donation to area this month and are grateful to serve. Josh B

Hey Family,
All is well. Have home group member celebrating 8 year miracle on 29th. No donation to area ILS John

Greetings from a New Day, I am pleased to report, things have been going pretty smoothly. Doors open on time, coffee hot, literature on the table, and the message in our hearts. We have had an average of 12 people each meeting. We have no donation at this time. Nothing further to report. Greatful to serve, Jason C

Happy September! The Progress Not Perfection group rolls on. We are averaging about 50 people in attendance each week. We have coffee ready and literature available. We meet at Enslow Park Presbyterian Church until further notice. 1338 Enslow Blvd. Members are greeted with a hug upon arrival. We are still progressing through the living clean book. At this time we have no donation. We have a celebration next Wednesday 9/30. We're excited to have Sarah K. sharing her experience at that. In loving service, Nick C

All is well with the Hope Through Surrender group of Narcotics Anonymous. The doors are open, literature is on the table and coffee is in the pot. We have a new home group member, Chad W. Although we have struggled with weekly attendance of other members the message of recovery is still being shared. As a group we have decided to change our format form open discussion to a literature study due to our small turnout of members. We started this past Thursday with step one in It Works How and Why and had a very good meeting. We will continue on in that book until its finished and move on in other pieces of NA literature. We have a 7 year celebration coming up on Oct 8th and it will be a regular meeting, come see who is and support. Grateful to serve, Tasha W 20 donation to area

Gods will Candlelight- Greetings from Gods will candle light meeting of Narcotics Anonymous. The doors are open and the literature is on the table. The coffee is hot and the message is being spread. Our attendance has fell off, but still have an average of 30. We have no donation for area at this time. Thank you for letting me serve. Tate C

Greetings from Freedom from self. Our doors continue to open and close on time. Literature is available, coffee is hot, and the life saving message of NA is successfully being carried. We have an average meeting attendance of 35 addicts. We are still struggling with keeping key tags stocked due to very low 7th tradition donations. We also struggle with maintaining consistent home group members and would like to thank the fellow addicts in our area that opened the meeting and continued to carry the message in home group members absence. We are considering closing the meeting and possibly trying to replace it with an H&I panel, but ifs only in discussion at this point. In the mean time we’d appreciate any support possible. Unfortunately we have no donation for area at this time. Grateful to serve. Richard S

Greetings from the “High On Life” group of Narcotics Anonymous. Doors are opened on time, coffee prepared, and literature on the table. Our meeting attendance still varies from 20-40 weekly. Once again we are asking more experienced members to please come help carry the message and share experience. We have a lot of newcomers that attend. We are donating 25.00 to area. Also on September 25th our very own Brandon G. will be sharing his experience. Grateful to serve, Scottie Z

Greetings from the Choose to Live hg. All is well at our facility. The doors are opening and closing on time. Coffee is always hot-n-ready and made with true Love! Our literature is neatly placed out on the literature table and the life saving message of NA is being carried to all. Our average attendance is 25 addicts. Unfortunately we have no donations to give Area at this time. Grateful to serve, DJB!

Greetings from trust the process,
Everything is fine our way. We are opening and closing on time, coffee is hot, literature is on the table, and a strong NA message is being carried. We have on average 55 addicts in attendance weekly. In lite of our normal facility being repaired we will be moving to Second Presbyterian church on 901 Jefferson Ave, Huntington, WV.. The time will also be changing to 7 to 830. Also we will be sponsoring one person to go to the upcoming fall convention at the end of next month. We unfortunately have no donation to area at this time.
Grateful to serve, Ashley F

Greetings from Rainbow home group of Narcotics Anonymous. Our meeting has recently moved to the Barnett Center and continues to be on Saturdays at 7pm. Our weekly attendance is approximately 12-15 addicts. There is always literature on the rack, coffee in the pot and the life saving message being shared. We regret to inform you that we do not have a donation this month. Grateful to serve, Tyler B

8.) Old Business

Subcommittee Motions

#1 Motion- Policy Subcommittee
Motion: To allow the Policy Subcommittee secretary access to the ASC area website
Intent: To allow the Policy subcommittee the opportunity to update the ASC policy document as motions affecting policy are passed.
Rationale: So that the ASC policy document can be continuously updated and to remove the necessity of interface with the ASC webservant to keep policy updated
Back to Homegroups for vote
SEPT ASC VOTE- 3 for 6 against 6 abstaining MOTION FAILED

#2 Motion- Policy subcommittee
Motion: To receive $100.00 start-up fund for printing off the finished, updated policy document. To establish a $50.00 reserve to fund future printings and expenses for other activites ( such as subcommittee meetings between the monthly meetings.) This reserve is to be taken from the intial $100 start up
Intent: To print an updated policy document and fund future business of the subcommittee
Rationale: to have and maintain a updated policy document
Back to Home groups for vote
SEPT ASC VOTE- 8 for 4 against 4 abstaining MOTION PASSED

Motion #3 PR Subcommittee
Motion: Request 17.50 for 25 white booklets for St Marys psych unit workers to provide to addicts
Intent: Provide NA materials to addicts to further clarify the NA program to addicts locked down detox there
Motion Passed

Motion #4 PR Subcommittee
Motion: Requesting $10.00 from PR reserve for flyers and schedules
Intent: To purchase flyers and schedules for PR service
Rationale: Carrying the message by posting flyers around the area providing the NA hotline #. To make schedules available to addicts by providing them to facilities in regular contact with addicts
Motion Passed

Homegroup Motions

Motion #5 Another Chance to Live
Motion: We would like to request $150.00 to purchase a stockpile of literature. It would include 2 basic texts, 2 It works how and why, 2 step working guides, 2 JFT’s equaling 95.60 leaving 54.40 to order carrying IP’s for the total of $150.00 ** In the event of the formation of a literature subcommittee, any literature left over from this motion will be passed forward to that committee.
Intent: To have ready and available Literature for struggling homegroups
Rationale: So home groups that need literature that are struggling need not wait to receive it.
Motion Passed

9.)New Business

Subcommittee Motions

#1 Motion – PR
Motion: 10.00 for 100 schedules
Intent: To give up to date schedules to Wayne County contacts
15 for 0 against 0 abstaining Motion Passed

#2 Motion – PR
Motion: requesting 15.00 or order IP’s
Intent: Ordering 50 IPs ( intro to NA ) to pass out on schedule day
Rationale: To provide info to contacts about NA for them to gain clarity and share with others
15 for 0 against 0 abstaining Motion Passed

#3 Motion – Policy
Motion: To reimburse policy sc chair $13.52 for copies of the ASC policy
Intent: To have documents for the mark-up to streamline the document
Rationale: To further business of the subcommittee
12 for 1 against 2 abstaining Motion Passed

#4 Motion – Activities
Motion: $28.00 for picnic reimbursement
Intent: over budget
14 For 0 Against 1 Abstaining Motion Passed

#5 Motion – Activities
Motion: $500.00 for Halloween function
13 For 0 against 2 abstaining Motion Passed

Home Group Motions

#6 Motion – Another Way
Seconded by Ashley F
Motion: We would like to make a motion that the Area Account be spent down to zero each month, barring upcoming expenses
Intent: To use the funds to further the primary purpose; to carry the message to the addict who still suffers
Rationale: In reference to our 11th concept, the funds should be used to further the primary purpose. When the money is just sitting idle it is not being used to carry the life saving message. For example- it could be used to send to world in order to purchase literature for people in 3rd world countries who cant afford it.
Tabled to Home Groups

#7 Motion – Hope without Dope
Seconded by John M
Motion: create a literature subcommittee
Intent: To create and maintain a stockpile of literature available to the home groups to purchase at the monthly ASC.
Rationale: To make it easier for home groups to order literature in- area, and to provide a single point of contact for literature sales. Our area is large enough now that it would be practical and efficient to bring this function into the area. Sal C has willingness to chair this subcommittee.
Tabled to Home Groups

Discussion of Regional Donation
Another Look Motion to send $50.00 second by Tasha W
4 For 4 Against 6 Abstaining Motion Failed

10.) Open Forum/Announcements

-Activites subcommittee discussion of new banking services for our area subcommittees EI- chase liquid card instead of checks and cash dispersed to subcommittee chairs.

-Clean Possibilities format changed 1 speaker meeting each month, starting 9/22

-If you want a copy of convention photo from spring 2015 see Tom M

11.) Closed with Prayer Next ASC Oct 18th 2015 at 3pm

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Halloween Extravaganza - Saturday, 10/17/15

Halloween Extravaganza
Oct. 17, 2015

Barnett Center
1524 10th Ave
Huntington, WV

Doors open - 5pm
Chili Cookoff - 6pm
Eat - 6:15pm
Auction - 7:15pm
Speaker - 8:15pm
Cleantime Countdown - 9:15pm
Dance - 9:30pm

Contest Winners announced for Costumes and Chili cookoff

Chili Cookoff - individuals or homegroups

Area provides crackers, sour cream, cheese, bowls and napkins

Everyone brings auction items, desserts, and side dishes