Sunday, December 13, 2015

GTO Area New Year's Eve Party - 7pm, Thursday, 12/31/15

Ring in 2016 at the GTO Area NEW YEAR'S EVE PARTY at The Barnett Center, Hal Greer Blvd. and 10th Ave., Huntington, WV.

The evening begins at 7 p.m. with the God's Will Candlelight Meeting, featuring a special speaker, Noah B., from the Grassroots Area. Immediately following, the party begins!

Activities include ...
• Telephone Hotline Workshop by Wes R.
• Finger foods and drinks
• 50/50 raffle
• Our very own DJ, Tom F.
• Dancing
• Merry-making... Lots of merry-making.

* A special Party Pack of New Year's goodies will be for sale for $3.00. It includes party favors (noisemakers, confetti, party hats, etc.) to welcome 2016.

* If you can, please bring festive foods or desserts to share.

Start your new year partying with other recovering addicts -- CLEAN.

Area Minutes - November 2015

GTOASCNA November 22nd 2015

1.) Opened with Prayer

2.) 12 Traditions read by Nick C

12 Concepts read by Brian C

3.) October minutes read by Ryan D

Bruce A motion to approve, 2nd by Joe M

Homegroups in Attendance

Living in the Solution –Y A GSR- Brian C
Hope without Dope-Y A GSR-Liz H
No Pain No Gain-Y A GSR- Brad D

Another Chance to Live- Y A GSR Bruce A
Another Way- N I
Together We Can- Y A GSR Cassandra C
Honest Recovery (also meets Fridays)-Y A GSR- Mike

Not High Noon-Y A GSR Josh A
Clean Possibilities- N I
Hope Turns to Faith-Y A GSR JImmy
Another Look-Y A GSR John M
We do Recover-N I
A new Day-Y A GSR- Jason C

Progress Not Perfection-Y A GSR- Nick C
Against All Odds-Y A- GSR- Andrew D
Do or Die-(also meet Thursday, Friday, and Saturday) Y A GSR- Kenny K—added Monday 7-8 pm

Hope through Surrender-Y A GSR Arinn B
Gods Will Candlelight-Y A GSR- Tom F removed from schedule FREEDOM FROM SELF (MEETING HAS CLOSED)

Daily Reprieve-N A
Choose to Live-Y A GSR-DJ B
High on life-N A

Serentyville- N I
Trust the Process-Y A GSR- Joe M
Out of the Darkness-Y A GSR – Robbie C
Making Amends-N I

** Y-yes to attendance N-no to attendance/A-active group in quorum I-Inactive group in quorum/ name is indicative of reporting GSR for each group

18 groups of 20 active groups and 25 total groups in attendance – Quorum established


4.) Treasurer's Report

GTOASCNA Treasurer’s Report 11-22-2015

Activity recorded 10-17-2015 through 11-21-2015

Regular Account

Beginning Balance $525.00

10-18-15 Living in the Solution $30.00
10-18-15 Hope Through Surrender $20.00
10-18-15 Another Chance to Live $21.00
11-20-15 Int. Xfer from Activities Reserve $53.01
Total Income $124.01

11-13-15 City of Hunt. Fo. Act. Rent Sep-Nov. Ck. 553 $60.00
11-13-15 Void Ck. 554 $0.00
11-13-15 City of Hunt. Fo. H&I Nov-Dec. Ck. 555 $40.00
11-16-15 P.O. Box Rent and Unlock (Credit Card) $62.00
11-18-15 City of Hunt Fo. Lit. Stock. Rent Nov. Ck. 556 $20.00
11-20-15 Int Xfer to PR Reserve $10.00
Total Expense $192.00

Ending Balance $457.01

Public Relations Reserve

Beginning Balance $300.00

11-20-15 Internal X-fer from Reg Acct $10.00

10-18-15 Rachel N. Schedules/Flyers Ck. 552 $10.00
Total Expenses $10.00 

Ending Balance $300.00

Prudent Reserve

Beginning Balance $100.00

Ending Balance $100.00

Activities Reserve

Beginning Balance $133.01

10-18-15 Tom F. Activities Coffee Pot Ck. 551 $130.00
11-20-15 Int. Xfer to Reg. Account $53.01
Total Expenses $183.01

10-18-15 Return From Halloween Function $550.00
Total Income $550.00

Ending Balance $500.00 --------------------

As of 11-21-15 the total of all 4 accounts is $1,357.01
Nick L. – ASC Treasurer

5.) RCM Report

H&I: The committee would like for area H&I subcommittees to know that a printable version of the Institutional Group Guide is available for download on This guide can be used to aid clients and inmates who wish to form an NA group within their facilities.

The committee is currently doing research to generate a list of all jails and prisons within our region, in order to create a point of contact within each facility. This will better allow the committee to serve the needs of clients and inmates. The committee asks that each area make a list of all jails and prisons located within their respective areas and submit it to the MRSCNA H&I Chairperson. This will help to create a point of contact with any facilities which may have been overlooked by the committee.

The committee is creating an updated list of people who are eligible to receive calls on the region’s hotline. Please contact the subcommittee if you know of someone on the list who either relapses or is no longer a member.

PR: The Webservant is sending out each area’s meeting info that is listed on It needs to be updated, so please check the listing for accuracy, as well as contacting any homegroups within an area who are not listed on If such a homegroup grants permission, the region’s Webservant is willing to update the info with World Services on behalf of said homegroup. It is each homegroup’s decision whether or not to be listed on the NAWS website, however, this is the listing which many out-of-towners use to locate meetings when traveling or moving to a new area. Also, if your homegroup makes any changes such as relocating, adopting a new format, etc., please update the info with NAWS. Any homegroup may, again, send this new info via the MRSCNA Webservant, or update with NAWS itself.

The billboard is currently in downtown Beckley, WV, in a visible location. It may eventually move to another area, but due to being in a prime location, it will remain where it is for another twelve weeks. A willing member is currently researching the cost of purchasing billboards in other areas.

Schedules to be distributed to GTO’s H&I Subcommittee, as done each quarter, will be delivered at the Fall Convention.

Other News:
The NANA area will be hosting its annual Thanksgiving It Away event on November 21, 2015 from 6-10p.m. There will be a speaker, an NA auction, food, and fellowship. Please bring drinks, ice, desert, side dishes, or any items you can donate to the auction. This event will be located at 5320 Frontier Dr. in Crosslanes, WV.

The RSC decided to pay $225, as well as send a thank-you letter to the photographer, due to the misunderstanding from the Spring Convention in 2015. The intent is to end this long-standing relationship on good terms, in a professional manner, as well as protect the integrity of our fellowship.

I regret to report that I will no longer be able to fulfill my duties as GTO’s RCM. Although it is not a very demanding position, attending the regional and area subcommittee meetings has clashed with other areas of my life each month. I tried to hang in there, hoping that everything would eventually smooth out, but my life has continued to become more and more hectic over the last few months and is expected to continue for a while. It would not be fair to the committee for me to remain in my position, only to later end up having to resign. I am passing this message along now, in hopes that word will spread to other members who have willingness, in time for someone to be ready to step up at the next MRSCNA committee meeting in January. I deeply regret this decision, as I am not generally one to fail to follow through on my commitments. I understand that it may be tough, due to having to simultaneously fulfill the RCM Alt position and I apologize for the inconvenience this has posed. I am grateful for the opportunity to have served and look forward to being more involved at a later time.

*AMENDMENT* Due to my failure to include this report last month as an attachment in my email to the secretary, I am willing to attend the next RSC in January as GTO’s RCM. This will give our area plenty of time to find my replacement prior to the following RSC. However, I will not be attending our Area Service Committee anytime soon. I will just send my report to the secretary via email. If GTO has any business for me to take to RSC, just send it to me in a Word document. Whether or not the committee is interested in doing it this way for the month of January, or if my replacement is appointed by that time, just let me know. If I do not hear from you, I will assume you have made other arrangements, therefore will not attend RSC in January.

Good luck with your future service efforts, Tom M.

Per Policy, ASC Chair appointed Tom F to temporarily fill position until officer is chosen per proper procedure,

HOMEGROUPS!!! Bring nominations for RCM and RCM alt- the following is from policy regarding the duties and recommended requirements for RCM and RCM alt position:

RCM & RCM-Alternate

A Regional Committee Member (RCM) is to an ASC what a GSR is to a group. As the representative of the area, the RCM speaks to the Regional committee on behalf of the members and groups the area service committee. The primary responsibility of an RCM is to work for the good of NA, providing two-way communication between the area and the rest of NA, particularly neighboring ASCs. They represent the group conscience of an ASC at a regional level and provide the area with the agenda for the RSC at least ten (10) days before the RSC meets. An RCM attends all regional service committee meetings and takes part in any decisions which affect the region, speaking as the voice of the ASC's group conscience. An RCM may serve on one or more of its ASC or RSC committees.

The office of RCM also parallels that of GSR in that it is a two (2) year commitment. The first year of service is spent as an RCM-Alternate, becoming familiar with the job, attending all ASC and RSC meetings, and filling in for the RCM if he/she is absent. If for any reason the RCM is unable to complete the full term, the RCM-Alternate assumes the office of RCM for the remainder of the two-year commitment. A special election shall be held to elect a new RCM-Alternate to serve the remainder of that two-year term, followed by the one-year term as RCM. An RCM must be able to work for the common good, placing principles before personalities at all times. Therefore, in addition to the regular qualifications for GSRs, it is recommended that nominees to the post of RCM also have:

a. Suggested minimum of three (3) years continuous abstinence from all drugs, and working knowledge of NA steps and tradtions.

b. One (1) year service experience as a GSR.

c. The willingness to give the time and resources necessary for the job.

d. To submit a monthly, written report to the ASC.


6.) Subcommittee Reports

H&I Subcommittee Report from 11/13/2015

Opened with prayer. Read 12 Traditions and 12 Concepts.

Panel leaders’ reports read:

Greetings from Riverpark Short term. Meetings are opening and closing on time, willingness is fine and a message of hope is being shared. No concerns at this time, grateful to serve, April P.

Greetings from River park longterm. The meetings is going great. We are starting and ending on time. The staff has done better getting clients to the meeting by 7pm. Willingness has been pretty awesome. The message of narcotics anonymous is being cheerfully shared. I apologize for not being able to make it to subcommittee due to a work engagement, but I will see you guys next month. I do have a nomination for river park longterm Christa S. I also would like to nominate Janice E. For river park adult Mon panel Always grateful to serve Deedee B.

The meeting is going well. The census of the facility has been low so there have not been many attending, but the message is being carried. Grateful to serve, Paul M.

Hello Family! I believe we have been able to carry a clear message of recovery into Pinecrest, and we’re grateful to the members who continue to suit up and show up to assist in carrying that message. The staff have seemingly improved their efforts in making sure we get into the facility with enough time to prepare for the meeting. Small improvements are better than no improvements!

With that being said, I believe there are a few things that we may need to address. First off, I believe I may have made a mistake in one of the previous H&I presentations. I think I brought a member in who didn’t have the required clean time to observe, as outlined in our H&I policy. This member had 40 days clean, but I couldn’t remember if it was: 30 days to observe and 60 days to share, or 60 days to observe and 90 days to share. Either way, if a mistake was made on my part by doing this, I want to own up to it and admit to my wrongdoing.

The final thing I would like to address, is that there have been some changes to the clients that attend our H&I presentations. The presentation consists of all male clients on Thursdays. This was a change that I was not aware of, and I had asked two females to be panel members that evening. The one that was able to share, spoke to me about how uncomfortable she was sharing in a room full of men. It seems that we are now presented with an all-male H&I meeting at Pinecrest. No mention has been made as to whether or not a female panel will be made available in the near future. While the facility has the freedom to operate as they see fit, I would like to suggest that we meet regularly with all the facilities and establish better communication with them. I hope I didn’t come across as overly critical or irritated in my report! Thank you for your understanding and support!
In Loving Service, -Nick L.

Hey guys willingness is great, the facility has been all males for 3 weeks and they didn't unlock the door or bring anyone to us on November 5th. I do not have willingness for any panels this go around. Kristen S has willingness for long term Riverpark and pinecrest and Brandon g has willingness for pinecrest. Please nominate in my absence.
your trusted panel leader Ryan D

Hey guys, I am out of town for work. I am at stonewall as a chaperone for a state teen conference. Just wanted to send you my report, I apologize it is late, I was busy and completely forgot. Anyway, things are going well at the tuesday night St. Mary's panel. We have started as close to on time as the facility allows, due to visitation ending and other facility issues. We have arrived each time at 7. Willingness is ok and a message of hope and recovery through NA is being shared. Participation has been low, with only 2 to 3 clients at each meeting the last month. In need of current schedules and more white booklets if possible. Grateful to serve, Cassie C.

Old Business:
Successfully compiled list of points of contact and their phone numbers. Decided in the coming month to contact them all to touch base.
Decided to have H&I Workshop at Halloween Event.
Discussed taking a panel into the Western Regional Jail men's side. Ryan D. said he would make applications for facility available.
Discussed taking panel into Recovery Pointe, decided not to in light of upcoming panel leader nominations at next month's Subcommittee on 11/13/2015.
Closed with prayer.

New Business:
Discussed Pinecrest and option to take a new panel in for women since both Thursday panels there are men only for the time being. Two attempts were made to reach our contact there, Teresa Jackson. Two voicemails were left with no response back. Also discussed possibility of taking a meeting in for Renaissance women in the future. Agreed to follow up with Teresa Jackson to gain clarity and ensure relationship with facility is going smooth.

Agreed to have our next H&I Workshop on 12/04/2015 at 6PM at the Barnett Center.

Voted 13 for 0 against and 3 abstain to elect Tanner as the interim Secretary to replace Ryan B.

Agreed to take a panel into Recovery Pointe every other Thursday effective immediately. Panels every other Thursday at 8PM, starting 11/18/2015. Nick C. to lead panel until elections next month. Agreed to call contact for Recovery Pointe, Seth, and advise.

Took new Panel Leader nominations as follows:

Monday River Park Adult (2 leaders): Janice E., Josh B., Rachel N.

Tuesday St. Mary’s (2 leaders): Robbie C., Nate H.

Tuesday The Farm (1 leader): Nick C., Nick L., Sal C.

Wednesday Riverpark Short Term (1 leader): Terri M., Nick L.

Wednesday Riverpark Long Term (2 leaders): Christa S., Kristen S.

Thursday Pinecrest (2 male leaders): Miles, Dalmas C., Brandon G.

Thursday Recovery Pointe (1 leader): Nick C., Sal C.

Next Subcommittee 12/11/2015 at 6PM at the Barnett Center.

Closed with prayer.

PR Subcommittee

Greetings from the PR Sub-Committee.

The PR subcommittee met this month and has collectively reviewed our last months endeavors. We carried out a schedule day with success, meeting with our contacts and continuance of ongoing relationships with the public. We also had a great flyer day with 15 members showing up to help out. On flyer day we carried our message with no issues. Also, a few of us ended up making a few new contacts to add to our constantly growing list. This month PR has elected a plan to further carry the message as well as establish greater rapport with the community and be a resource to the community. The needle exchange is now in our network, and we have made a face to face contact with the director of nursing of the CHHD. They would like us to supply them with literature to provide still sick and suffering addicts who come to the successful needle exchange. A comprehensive report of that endeavor is provided in detail separately from this report. We have also decided to refill the PR inventory box which has been depleted over the last year. A report is also available including all details for this order. Third, we have made contact with Lily’s Place, a treatment center for babies born addicted to drugs and a resource for those mothers. We intend to provision them with literature as well, and a report is provided. We have planned our next schedule day for December 17th to make a face to face visit with our new contacts in Huntington, as well as meet with some existing contacts. Our next flyer day is planned for December 12th and we will be raching out to the Barboursville area and beyond to the borders of the county. We have provisioned Cabell County I&R with an informational sheet providing up to date meeting info, links to area, regional, and world websites, as well as our hotline number. That info sheet is provided as well. We also drafted a letter this month to be sent to Wayne county contacts via postal service and email. We are requesting funding for all literature and supplies as needed, as that price exceeds the PR reserve fund. We in PR are enthusiastic about carrying the message, making ourselves available to the public, and being a resource to the community as well as maintaining a strong social network with the community. We are thankful and grateful to be a part of the GTO area and look forward to continuing our service.

Grateful to serve, Elijah C., PR Chair

Activities Subcommittee

We met at 6pm on the 20th at the Barnett Center. We discussed having a New Years eve function. We are planning a blow out that will start with the Thursday Night Gods Will meeting and a workshop, fun food and fellowship through the New Year. Having our own New Years eve function will help keep our members off the roads traveling on the holiday and promote unity in our area. So at this time we are requesting 300 of our reserve to do this. We will meet one more time before the function to finalize the event. Please come out and help support the activities committee and we have received our coffee pot! ILS Robbie C

Policy Subcommittee

In attendance: Bruce A., John M., Nick L., Josh B., Jason C., Brian C.
12 Traditions Read 12 Concepts Read

Review of Policy Document

Election of Secretary – Brian C.
Discussion of the priorities of the subcommittee:

1) How to proceed

     A) Focus on the changes already approved by the home groups.

     B) Review and submit the entire document to the home groups for a single vote.

2) How to submit these changes to the ASC.

Subcommittee worked on Section III, C of the Policy Document.


Literature Subcommittee

Everyone had a chance to read over the drawn up policy and as a group we discussed and amended some changes and fixed some of the wording.

He discussed an order expeditor. Deciding some of the responsibilities that position will include. Start with one person for the position if we feel it is too much for one person we decide to add another expeditor.

Voted on clean time requirements and discussed for position.

November and May will be reelection and we will be taking nominations for the position. Subcommittee members will be a 6 months commitment. And chair person will be year commitment.

Also discussed and came to a reasonable agreement with our first motion for the budget for this quarter.

Positions voted were as follow:

Vice chair: Amber F
Secretary : Liz H
Order expeditor: Maggie S

Grateful to serve, Rachel N

(please see attachment in email with ASC minutes for literature guidelines)

7.) Home group Reports

Greetings from the Living in the Solution Home Group. Our recovery meeting is taking place every week as scheduled. We have free literature and literature for sale at NAWS cost. Coffee is available and the message is being carried. Our average meeting attendance is 22. We do not have a donation for the ASC this month as we decided instead to send a $50 donation directly to the MRSCNA. Our HG is also seeking a new meeting location as access to the facility has and can be an issue. A lack of access during periods of inclement weather and too much access during events being held near the AD Lewis Center with people entering the building who should not and at times refusing to leave when we are attempting to secure the facility following the meeting.
Grateful to Serve, Living in the Solution Home Group

Greeting from No Pain No Gain. All is well this month, the doors are opening on time and the meeting is beginning and ending on time. Theres literature on the table and the coffee is hot! We average about 20 addicts a week. We have no donation for area at this time. Also we are having a speaker Tonight, Ryan D will be sharing his experience strength and hope at 7pm at campus Christian. Grateful to serve, Brad P

Greetings from Another Chance to Live. All is well and the life saving message of NA is being carried strong. The meeting is starting and closing on time. Coffee is always hot and ready and the literature is readily available. We have an average attendance of 15-20 addicts. We have no donation at this time, however we have two homegroup members who celebrate a year. Nov 30th will be a time to remember. We will have a celebration and Kurt P from Cincinnati will be speaking. Grateful to serve Bruce A

Greetings from Not High Noon. All is well. Meeting is opening regularly on time. Coffee is always hot and strong. We have an average attendance of 18, mainly newcomers. We are excited for our attitude of gratitude function on the 24th, our purpose of the function is to gain support and to buy keytags, literature, and supplies. We have no donation for area at this time. Grateful to serve, Josh A

Hey Family, All is well! We recently had a home group member celebrate 3 years. We continue to carry the NA message at our meetings. No group concerns at this time. No donation. ILS, John

Seasons Greetings from the Progress Not Perfection Group! Things are smooth - we are a week or two away from completing our reading of the Living Clean book. We plan to remain a literature study with material to be determined. We are averaging about 60 people in attendance weekly. We are opening on time with hot coffee and a warm hug available to anyone coming through the door. We have $10 for area and have two new members, Steve T. and Kimberly H. The message of hope is carried! Grateful to Serve, Nick C.

Greetings ASC. The Against All Odds group of NA is pleased to report that, after a setback, we have now grown as a homegroup in experience, members, and responsibility. On Wed, Nov 18th, we had a new group conscience guided by our traditions and literature. Collectively, we read IP #12 The group and utilized it as a tool and format on how this group will operate henceforth. We are pleased to report that our group now consists of four recovering addicts who are enthusiastic about seeing our groups continuance. These members are Christa S- Secretary, Amber F- Treasurer, Andrew V- GSR and Elijah C- GSR Alt. Due to the time of day and variety of recovering addicts in various times of the their process and events prior to the new developments mentioned prior, we are requesting assistance from ASC in the form of literature of all types, as well as keytags. Currently we are incapable of providing a donation to area, however we are opening the doors and carrying out the 5th tradition each Wednesday at noon. Thank you for this opportunity to be of service. Grateful to serve, Against All Odds

Hello from Hope through Surrender. Meeting at Thursday noon, literature study. Please bring your books. The meeting is starting and closing on time. Coffee is always readily available along with literature. We have an average attendance of 10 addicts. We have a $20.00 donation for area today, and also have 2 group members celebrating 2 years, December 13th Arinn B and James C. thank you Grateful to serve, Arinn B

Greetings from the Chose to Live hg. All is well at our facility. The doors are opening and closing on time. Coffee is always hot-n-ready and made with all kinds of Love! Our literature is neatly placed out on time and the life saving message of NA is being carried to all. Our average attendance has been around 30 addicts each week this month. We have a $40.20 donation to area this month. Truly Grateful to serve, DJB!!!!!

Out of the darkness and into the light of the rainbow - Meeting has been open on time, coffee and literature on table weekly. Rent paid no problems to discuss at this time. We need schedules for literature table ILS Robbie C

Trust the Process - Our average attendance is now 15. Attendance is gradually increasing to addicts finding us again. The meeting now starts at 7pm and is a 90 minute meeting. We are studying NA literature, generally related to the JFT. We have no donation at this time. Thanks for letting us serve, T the P

8.) Old business

Subcommittee Motions

Motion #1- PR
Motion: $5.00 out of reserve for 100 flyers, for next flyer day on Nov 2nd at 1:00pm, plus an additional $5.00 for 100 schedules to be dropped at the Huntington City Mission and Project Hope
Intent: To have funding for flyer day and schedules for mission and project hope
Vote: 11 for 0 against 2 abstaining MOTION PASSED

Motion #2- Activities
Motion: We would like to buy a 55 cup coffee pot for our functions. We do not have a pot at this time.
Intent: This will help us be self supporting and keep us from having to borrow one.
Rationale: be self supporting and carry the message
Vote: 12 For 0 against 3 abstaining MOTION PASSED

Home group Motions

Motion #3 – trust the process
Motion: To decrease the PR subcommittee reserve to $100.00
Intent: To reflect the true cost of the PR subcommittee
Rationale: A breakdown of average monthly expenses for PR SC relflects an expenditure of $46.75. this would free up funds for other services and to make donations to RSC, NAWS, etc
Tabled to Homegroups
November ASC vote—9 for 2 against 2 abstaining Motion Passed

Discussion of Regional donation
Living in solution missi c motioned to send $40.00 seconded by Bruce A
Vote: 4 for 6 against 5 abstaining MOTION FAILED

9.) New Business

Subcommittee Motions

Motion #1 – PR
Motion: PR requests a total of $362.27 for literature orders for the needle exchange, lillys place, PR box inventory. $100.00 coming from our reserve and an additional $262.27
Intent: To supply inventory of PR with literature to distribute to our various contacts
Rationale: To further carry the message of NA
Vote: 1 for 9 against 8 abstaining MOTION FAILED

Motion #2 -- PR
Motion: Requesting $36.68 for the purchase of 400 schedules and 9 stamps
Intent: To provision PR contacts w/ schedules, as well as provide PR box schedules, and also carry out a schedule day. The stamps are for mailing an informational letter to Wayne contacts.
Rationale: to further our 5th tradition by making NA available and honor our traditions by not accepting outside donations. Also to maintain our relationships and social network with the community as a resource.
Vote: 18 for 0 against 0 abstaining MOTION PASSED

Motion #3 – Activities
Motion: would like to get $300.00 of our $500.00 reserve to fund our New Years eve function 12-31-15 at Barnett center
Intent: Carry the message of recovery through Holiday functions and to keep members off the roads traveling out of the area
Rationale: Carry message
Vote: 15 for 0 against 3 Abstaining MOTION PASSED

Motion #4 – Literature
Motion: seeking funds in the amount of $501.00 to order literature
Intent: To order sufficient literature for the literature stockpile subcommittee to effectively maintain & distribute literature to the home groups @ each ASC.
Rationale: By ordering $501.00 we receive both a price and shipping discount in an effort to maximize our buying power. To have literature available for purchase @ each ASC to mitigate the delays associated w/ purchases from world and to help the growth and development of our area
Vote: 13 for 2 against 0 abstaining MOTION PASSED

Motion #5 – PR
Motion: Needle Exchange Proposal $139.17
Intent: To provision Needle exchange with NA literature
Rationale: To reach out to the community by providing the Needle Exchange w/ literature to make ourselves available to addicts in need
Vote 15 for 0 against 0 abstaining MOTION PASSED

Home Group Motions

Motion #6—Another chance to live
Seconded by John M
Motion: Requesting $150.00 to order literature for struggling home groups. That would be 2 basic texts, 2 how and why, 2 JFT’s, 2 living clean, 2 SWG’s with the remaining being evenly spent on various IP’s and keytags.
Intent: To provide struggling homegroups with needed literature and supplies. Whatever is not used will be donated to literature supply subcommittee
Rationale: To have the struggling home groups in our area provided with needed literature and supplies so they can further carry the message.
Vote: 14 for 1 against 0 abstaining MOTION PASSED

10.) Open Forum

H and I workshop dec 4th Barnett center 6 pm

11.) Closed with Prayer 

Next ASC is Dec 20th at 3:00 PM