Saturday, February 13, 2016

Area Minutes - January 2016

January 17th, 2016

1.) Opened with Prayer
2.)Traditions and 12 Concepts read
3.)December minutes read by secretary - motion to approve: Bruce A, second by John M


Homegroups in Attendance:

Living in the Solution –Y A GSR- Brian C
Hope without Dope-Y A GSR- Maggie S
No Pain No Gain-Y A GSR- Michael B

Another Chance to Live- Y A GSR- Bruce A
Another Way- Y A GSR Nick L
Together We Can- N A
Honest Recovery (also meets Fridays)-N I

Not High Noon-Y A GSR Ashley F
Clean Possibilities- Y A GSR Britt
Hope Turns to Faith-Y A GSR Jimmy H
Another Look-Y A GSR John M
We do Recover-N I
A new Day-Y A GSR- Jason C

Progress Not Perfection-Y A GSR- Nick C
Against All Odds-Y A- GSR- Andrew V
Do or Die-(also meet Thursday, Friday, and Saturday) N I

Hope through Surrender-N I
Gods Will Candlelight-Y A GSR- Tate C

Daily Reprieve-N I
Choose to Live-Y A GSR- C Miles
High on life-N A

Serentyville- N I
Trust the Process-Y A GSR- Joe M
Out of the Darkness-N A
Making Amends-Y A GSR – Mark G

** Y-yes to attendance N-no to attendance/A-active group in quorum I-Inactive group in quorum/ name is indicative of reporting GSR for each group

16 groups of 19 active groups and 25 total groups in attendance – Quorum established


GTOASCNA Treasurer’s Report - 01-17-2016

Activity recorded 12-20-2015 through 01-16-2016

Regular Account
Beginning Balance                        $0.00

12-20-15    Hope Without Dope                $25.00
12-20-15    Progress Not Perfection            $25.00
12-20-15    God’s Will Candlelight                $20.00
12-20-15    High On Life                    $20.00
12-20-15    Xfer from Activities Res.            $115.00
        Total Income                    $205.00
        Balance After Income                $205.00   

12-20-15    Tom F. Jan RSC Ck# 571                $150.00
12-20-15    Cabell Co. Pub. Lib. Jan. ASC Rent Ck# 570    $15.00
01-12-16    City of Hunt. Fo. H&I Rent Jan. Ck# 572        $20.00
01-12-16    City of Hunt. Fo. Act. Rent Jan. Ck# 573        $20.00
        Total Expenses                    $205.00
Ending Balance                            $0.00

Public Relations Reserve
 Beginning Balance                        $100.00

 Expenses12-20-15    Elijah C. Flyer Day Supplies Ck# 567        $10.00
12-20-15    VOID Ck# 568                    $0.00
12-20-15    Elijah C. PR Box Supplies Ck# 569        $84.18
        Total Expenses                    $94.18

        Total Income                    $0.00
Ending Balance                           $5.82

 Prudent Reserve
Beginning Balance                        $2.36

        Total Expenses                    $0.00

12-20-15    Xfer from Activities Reserve            $85.00
12-20-15    Xfer from Policy Reserve            $12.64
        Total Income                    $97.64
Ending Balance                            $100.00

 Activities Reserve
Beginning Balance                                                               $200.00


12-20-15    Xfer to Reg Acct.                 $115.00
12-20-15    Xfer to Prudent Reserve            $85.00
        Total Expenses                    $200.00


    Total Income                    $0.00
Ending Balance                            $0.00

 Policy Reserve
Beginning Balance                        $50.00


12-20-15    Xfer to Prudent Reserve            $12.64
        Total Expenses                    $12.64


        Total Income                    $0.00
Ending Balance                             $37.36

 As of 01-17-16 the total of all 4 accounts is $143.18                                  Nick L. – ASC Treasurer


5.) RCM Report                   

  January, 2016

 Greetings GTOANA!
The last Mountaineer Region quarterly meeting was held on the weekend of January 9th and 10th, 2016,  what follows are some of the notes I took at that meeting. This was my first trip as RCM and I am absolutely positive I will leave something out of my report, that's why we have a Regional Secretary that completes the Regions minutes. They will be sent our our ASC Secretary to include in future minutes.
H&I Subcommittee:
*Joe B hadn't much to report besides all was well within the region with regards to H&I. Furter he announced that any area within the region in need of an H&I workshop can contact him and he will take the time to travel to any area and facilitate a workshop.
*The NANA Area RCM (Greg Y) announced that they were more than willing to pass the Western Regional Jail's H&I back to the GTO Area, they are waiting our H&I Subcommittee's getting members willing, qualified and certified to carry the message into that facility.
*70 Basic Text's were donated to our Region from one of the Eastern US Regions (not sure) they were given to Joe B through our DCM and he will be responsible for distributing them directly to different facilities within our region. There are new H&I's going on throughout the Regions many Area's and they will get them first. I did ask for a few for the GTO Area's H&I Subcommittee and he said (Joe B) that he will take care of distributing the Text.
PR Subcommittee:
Billboard Proposal:
*A member from the Morgantown Area (Pam T) who's family owns a piece of land that currently has a Billboard on it has offered to let the Mountaineer Region use it (indefinately) provided the Region pay for the six foot by twelve foot (6' x 12') banner that it would require to cover it. Cost to the region is an estimated $494.00. I believe the issue is still up in the air, I will provide clarification as I get it.
Phone line:
*Barb W (our Regional Phoneline Chair) has requested an updated list from each Area of those that have had a phoneline workshop. The GTO Area recently had a Phone Line Workshop at our New Years Eve function, facilitated by NANA's Wes R and I informed her that we would get our updated information to her as soon as possible.  Also she needs to know what hours you'd prefer to be called.
Policy workshops:
*It was suggested that ALL Regional Officers attend a Policy Workshop. Since the Convention continues to grow (two speakers on Friday and Saturday night) there are more servants needed to cover those events i.e. Audio Chair and Vice Chair. This may not belong in this section, I'm playing the (I'm new) card.
Merchandise Subcommittee:
It was suggested that we (MRSCNA) use a different vendor for the clothing and some of the other printed items we sell at our Convention. Currently we are using Glenn's Sporting Goods (we have for years). We always make back what we spend on merchandise but the profit margin is very narrow, mainly because WE charge the same price for all sizes. For example on a tye died t-shirt the price for a small is the same as the price of an XL, XXL and so on even though WE pay different prices for all shirts (by size). A member (whom I believe has a print shop) is the one suggesting the need to compare prices elsewhere. It was discussed (by our Convention Chair) and others that we've gone elsewhere in the past and gotten inferior quality merchandise, shirts that fell apart within a year or so.
Convention Subcommittee.
*Since the Mountaineer Regions Convention has continued to grow extra speakers have needed to be added to the itenerary, the main reason for this is because it is a serious violation of State Fire Code to have the dining hall filled with standing room only, secondary is that we are trying to not outgrow Cedar Lakes as a site for our conventions. With the changes their are also added expenses. As a result the Region has gone from reserving 11 rooms to 17 rooms in the Holt Lodge, the extra rooms cover lodging for the additional speakers as well as the rooms for all MRSCNA's elected trusted servants. With the addition of extra speakers there is also a need for additional servants in the Audio department.
*In 2017 and in 2018 The MRSCNA Spring Conventions will be held the weekend BEFORE Mothers Day, please plan ahead for this change.
*Voting took place for upcoming speakers (I was not allowed to be in the room because I have a speaker resume in). That decision will be in the Regional minutes, whenever completed.
Back to groups:
*One item (Motion, and their may be more) coming back to groups with regards to funding (for the Fall convention and beyond) has to do with yours truly (The DJ) requesting to be paid for my services rather than being given a (single bed) in the Holt Lodge and being responsible for either selling the other bed to someone I know (preferably from GTO) or someone in the regional service structure finding a room mate for me, that cost whoever gets the bed anywhere from $110.00 to $120.00. My normal fee to anyone outside NA or AA is a minimum of $200.00 per hour, I am now expected to not only be there to play for 3 hours (10pm-1am) which is fine, I now have to be set up hours earlier in able to be set up for the dance which means I need to be set up before the 8pm speaker on Saturday night. Setup for an event like Ripley takes me a minimum of two hours. I have never complained about setup time before but I never had to be set up that early. I DO NOT like to be required to set up and leave my equipment unattended, setting up that early is an issue for me and my being the DJ is not service work, it is business, my request was to be paid $300.00 for doing the event and I will pay for my own lodging. Last Fall I had an event the Friday night Convention started and the last day (Sunday) meaning I showed up Saturday, set up, played for my agreed upon 3 hours and had to pack up and leave after the dance. So last Fall I was basically given a room that I could not use therefore I was not compensated for that event, the only one that benefited was the one in the second bed in that room that got a Holt package for about $120.00.
That motion was met with some resistance, there were a few members that said: Let's take it back to the groups and that would have held me in limbo literally until the next RSC meets in April, meaning that to keep that weekend open I could not book any other events. A motion was made (within the represented service body) to the RCM's and others in attendance to go ahead and pay me for my services in May and the groups will decide in the future if that's acceptable. The motion was passed unanimously by those that voted.  Those that decided my fee was too much (2 of the 3) said they would be on my side if I were to lower my price, aint gonna happen. If you've ever seen me set up you should understand why.  End of day 1.
*I left after the first day's meeting and returned home due to an unforseen issue within my family. I had intended on returning for Sunday's Regional meeting but that was not possible. I am unsure if the GTO RCM Alt was there for Sunday's meeting.
Thank you for allowing me to be of service - Tom F, your GTOANA RCM

 6.) Subcommittee Reports

Opened with prayer.   
Read the 12 Traditions and 12 Concepts.
Panel Leaders Reports Read:

 River Park Adult Short Term: Greetings from Monday morning river park 4 west h&i panel. All is going well. I have had awesome willingness from our members.  We go in at the same time and on time. Leave together and a clear message of narcotics anonymous  is being carried.  No problem or questions. Grateful to serve.
Rachel N

Greetings from riverpark adult h and I panel. Everything is going well and the message of hope is being carried. Thank you for the opportunity to serve, Josh B.

 The Farm: Hello Family,
Greetings from the Lifehouse Farm panel. For the most part, things have been going well and we haven’t had any dilemmas, yet, to speak of. While most of the people attending the meeting don’t seem to really care whether we are there or not, there are always a few that are nodding their heads and following along. Please don’t mistake that as being a passing of judgement, just a simple observation. We are connecting with those that we can connect with.
We personally met with the house manager, Kevin, and he seems to appreciate everything we’re doing and hasn’t asked us to do anything differently. Willingness hasn’t been too big of an issue. It seems to be a little more difficult to find members to participate but, then again, perhaps I should reach out more than what I have. We still have meeting schedules and still plan to go in this upcoming Tuesday (1/12/16). Thank you all for letting us be a part of the solution.
In Loving Service,
-Nick L.

St. Marys: Greetings, The St. Marys H&I panel I hold has gone in on time, and shared a clear message of NA. Willingness has been great. Nothing to report. Grateful to serve, Nate H.
River Park Adolescent Long Term: Hello from river park long term the meeting is going well. We have been opening and closing on time, we had some confusion about the alternate week going in. I did speak with a staff member when I was there and assured that we will be coming weekly  again. willingness has been good. The clients continue to be eager to participate. The life saving message of narcotics anonymous is being shared. It has truly been an honor to be the panel member and to participate in hospitals and institutions service in the GTO area. Grateful to be of service
Christa S.

 Things with the long term adolescent unit started off a bit rocky but seem to have worked themselves out. Due to past commitment issues, on our part, the facility did not have this panel on their schedule for 12/23/15. A full panel was prepaired and was on time, but due to lack of communication and confusion the life saving message was not brought in on that day. Communication was reestablished with the facility and we were refered to their contact. Big thanks to April P for the willingness to lead the pannel and set up communication on this confusing day. The pannel reestablished it commitment and returned to its normal time and date. The clients look forward to our meeting and were happy to know that we are not ending our commitment to a weekly meeting. Willingness level is good. I do currently need area schedules. Greatful to serve, Kristen S.

 River Park Short Term: Hello! We are meeting every other week at 7pm.  The last time we went in was this past Wed.  They were late bringing the clients back from the rec room so we were not started on time.  I will try to be proactive in making a call to them on the afternoon of our meeting to assure they are aware. I would also like to coordinate with the long-term members with reaching a contact person if they are the same & following with setting up a meeting with them to touch base.   Schedules are needed.  Pamphlets for newcomers would be appreciated.
ILS, Terri M

 Pinecrest: The meeting has been starting and stopping on time , the clients seem to be very interested for the most part on what we are talking about and participate willingly. John A
Meeting going well. I've been taking different people in every 2 weeks and the message of NA is being shared. No issues to report. Dalmas C

 Hello subcommittee,  Meetings have started and ended on time. Willingness has been great. A clear Narcotics Anonymous message is being carried to the females. Grateful to serve. Jenni H
Greetings from pine crest women's panel, willingness is good, we are going in together on time, the girls were a few minutes late but we started right away. The message is being carried although we did have an altercation with a staff member letting an outsider in to the meeting facility, but the situation was taken care of. Thank you
Grateful to serve
Amber F

 Old Business:    Discussed contacting Huntington Work Release to see about starting a panel there.
Discussed meeting with each facility to ensure the relationships are in good standing and the needs are being met.
Discussed with panel leaders the need to have your panel ready to go in a few days prior.
Voted for new panel leaders which are
Monday 10:30am River Park Adult- Josh B and Rachel N
Tuesday 7pm St. Marys- Robbie C and Nate H
Tuesday 7pm The Farm- Nick L
Wednesday 7pm River Park short term- Terri M 
Wednesday 7pm River Park long term- Christa S and Kristen S
Thursday 7:30pm Pinecrest Males- Dalmus C and John A
Thursday 7:30pm Pinecrest Females- Amber F and Jenni H
Thursday 8pm Recovery Pointe- Sal C
New Business:
Discussed getting in contact with Western Regional Jail and appointed Cassie C to get the information needed to start H&I there.
Discussed getting an up to date contact list of people that are able to go into facilities for H&I.
Discussed getting IP’s for panel leaders to take with them into their facilities.
Discussed have a workshop and decided to wait to see if the area is going to have In Loving Service.

Greetings from PR Sub Committee, Things are going well in PR. Last month we received th Needle Exchange order and Ashley F and Elijah C went up on Wednesday, January 13th and set up our new literature rack. We put out all literature provided. We also hung up a few flyers. We are requesting $20.00 for Ip’s and schedules to fill the remaining slots and keep up with schedules. Flyer day went well. Flyers and fastening material were purchased and it was carried out. There wasn’t much willingness however with 5 addicts participating. Ultimately, it was a success. We contacted the work release center and they were not very receptive. They said they already have something in place for AA and NA. We will again reach out and try to discuss the issue with them to provide clarity at a later time. This month we are making efforts to reach out to Wes R from nana for guidance on a public service announcement. We submitted our PR Box order and the money obtained from area for it and expect it in the next week or two. PR is developing a contact sheet for anyone who wants it to have access to PR sub committee for any reason, including names and numbers and emails of our officers. For anyone who would like a copy of this list, please email Elijah C at or text him @ (304) 751-5051. (the email is correct as YMAIL, everyone always asks if its actually gmail, it is not gmail) We received an email with an updated policy to be posted on the website which will be forwarded to Jason L for posting. Josh B is going to reach out to our contacts again to see if they need any schedules etc. and to remind them that they can print their own from our website if need be. Nothing further to report.

Greetings from activities sub com. Our New Years eve function was a great success. Fun, food and fellowship throughout the evening. We started with a speaker meeting that thanks to the Gods Will Candlelight group, hosted it for us. The phoneline work shop presented by Wes R who we are very grateful for then we partied the night away with food , musi and dancing. Camp fire about 100 people, 40-50 at midnight as we brought the new year in circled up. Very good night.
    We worked this all our of a $300.00 budget. We have started planning, In loving Service if area decides to have it. Sub Com would like to thank everyone who helped make this function on New Years a huge success. You know who you are.    Also our speaker Noah B from Grassroots and Wes R from NANA
    Dollar Tree – 35.21
    Walmart --  65.01
    Favors – 21.98
    Barnett Center – 50.00
    Krogers     -- 10.52                 50/50 Raffled 90.00
    Tom F – 100.00             rainbow Meeting 50.00
    Total 309.72                returned to area 140.00  

January 17, 2016
Policy Subcommittee Minutes
In attendance: John M, Nick L, Jimmy H, Josh B, Brian C, John A, Bruce A
Opened with Prayer
12 Traditions Read, 12 Concepts read

Continued discussion of how the subcommittee could most effectively proceed
Made a decision to create working groups in order to more effectively complete the work of the subcommittee concerning changes to the policy document which have already been approved by the home groups.
The subcommittee will focus on the changes already approved by the home groups.
The subcommittee will purchase a thumb drive.
The policy document, as it currently exists on the GTO Website will be copied onto the thumb drive as a reformatted word document.
John M provided the subcommittee with $10.00 to purchase a thumb drive and Brian C was appointed to purchase the drive and to reformat the policy document.
The subcommittee decided to meet, as a working group, on January 3, 2016 at 2:00 pm, at the Cabell County library, in order to review the GTOASC minutes from July 2014 through November 2015 and implement the changes to the policy document that have already been approved by the GTO Home Groups.
Discussion of the standing internal account for the policy subcommittee which was created by a vote of the GTOASC Home Groups during the ASC Meeting on September 20, 2015.
Discussion of the need to create a binder containing the motions offered to and accepted by the GTO Home Groups that alter GTOASC Policy.

Proved a revised policy document as an attachment to the January 17, 2016 ASC Minutes.
Send the revised policy document, as an email attachment, to Elijah C (PR Subcommittee Chair) in order to allow the web servant to replace the outdated/incorrect document with the corrected one.
Decision to conduct the subcommittee elections with the nominations in June and the elections in July.
Discussed the need to create a Policy Subcommittee Policy document
Read a copy of the GTOASCNA Policy Subcommittee Policy created 8/23/1999.
Discussed the purpose of the subcommittee. Discusssion included:
To maintain an accurate policy document.
Revise document as motions that change policy are voted on and passed by the ASC.
Provide document to the ASC (digitally and as a hard copy).
Who should provide the hard copies? ASC or the Policy Subcommittee?
Assist GSR’s in formulating the exact wording for the motions brought from their home groups.
Closed with Prayer

Literature Supply Subcommittee Minutes:
1/17/16 @ 1:00
Attended by:         Amber F, Maggie S., Nick L., John A., Jimmy
Opened with prayer.  Introduced new order form. Made a copy at the library for people to refer to when ordering.  Found one error and it will be corrected.
Will email order form to Ryan D. So he can attach to the area minutes and send out to the groups.
Ended meeting at 1:38.  Filled orders for 5 groups at area, money given to area treasurer, Nick L.  
   Grateful to Serve, Maggie S.

7.) Homegroup Reports
Greeting from the Living in the Solution Home Group of Narcotics Anonymous. The recovery meeting has been taking place every week as scheduled and on time. The doors are open, coffee and literature are available, and the message of recovery through the NA program is being shared. We average 21 members, in attendance, per meeting. The search for a new meeting location continues unabated and we have a $110.00 donation for the GTOASC. Hope through Surrender Home Group

Greetings from The No Pain No Gain group of Narcotics Anonymous. The meeting is opening and closing on time. Coffee is hot and Literature is available. We are averaging 20-30 addicts a week and the message is being carried. We also have a 30$ donation to area.
Grateful to serve,  Michael B

Greetings from Another Chance to live. All is well, the meeting is beginning and ending on time, the literature is readily available and the coffee is always on. We have an average attendance of 10-15 addicts which is mainly newcomers and the life saving message of NA is being carried. We do struggle with having experienced members share their experience, strength and hope. We do not have a donation for area at this time  Grateful to serve, Bruce A

Hello Family! We are happy to report that things are going fairly well with the Another Way Group. It appears that our attendance has picked up some over the past few weeks, but our meeting continues to remain small and intimate. We’re well stocked with literature and now have an updated meeting format (We’ve just cleaned up the wording and it doesn’t have a bunch of pen marks on it).
    As of January 11, 2016, our home group had a balance of $45.86 in our central account. We had decide to get more coffee, cups, and trash bags to meet our home group’s needs. We moved $25 into our Convention Reserve and that left us with $5, which we decide to donate to the area. Concerning the motion about establishing a reserve for the Literature Subcommittee, our group voted against this motion. We’re grateful to be involved.In Loving Service,  -The Another Way Group

 The Monday night together we can group is going well. The doors are open and literature is on the table. We are averaging around 50 addicts weekly.  We have no donation for area at this time.
Grateful to serve,  Tanner W

Greetings from not high noon,
Everything is good. Coffee is hot and message is being carried. An average of 15 to 20 addicts a week in attendance. We will be having our next speaker meeting on February 2nd. Our very own April p will be sharing her experience strength and hope.
We would also like to welcome our 2 new hg members crystal g & Richard s. No donation to area this month.Grateful to serve
Ashley F

 Greetings from Clean Possibilities! We continue to keep the doors open and carry the message to around 15 addicts weekly, on average. Coffee is hot and literature is on the table. We have begun offering this meeting in Candlelight, and are considering a change in format. We will keep Area apprised of any official changes so that they can be reflected in the meeting schedule. No official changes at this time. We continue to search for a new location in Barboursville, in order to carry the message to addicts in our area East of Huntington. We wish to humbly thank the Hope Without Dope home group for their generous donation of IPs and key-tag chips. Our budget remains meager, and we do not have a donation to area at this time, as we are saving to anticipate rent changes in a new location, and to buy literature, and a new coffee pot.  In loving service,  Sarah W.

 Greetings from the Hope turns to Faith group of Narcotics Anonymous. The doors open at 6pm and the meeting starts promptly at 7. Attendance is between 90-100 addicts seeking recovery. The coffee is strong and flowing as is the message of recovery. We have a $20.00 donation to area. Grateful to serve, Jimmy H

 Greetings from a New day, All is well, last speaker was awesome. We have no donation, things are pretty, some discussion of format change to include other possible formats. Such as writing, ask it basket and once a month loose discussion.  Loving services, Jason C

 Happy New Year subcommittee members! All is smooth at Progress Not Perfection. We recently completed our reading of Living Clean after three years. We now are reading selections from the Step Working Guides. Our attendance is averaging about 70 people. NA style coffee and literature is available for the taking. We are carrying the message weekly. We have a $100 donation to help support the In Loving Service event. Grateful to serve, Nick C.

 Greetings ASC from the against all odds home group of Narcotics Anonymous! We are glad to report that our meetings attendance is up and we regularly have 20-25 addicts. Coffee is hot, literature on the table and the message is being carried. Grateful to serve, Andrew V 410 donation celebrations on January 27 and Feb 10

 Greetings from the Gods Will Candle light meeting of Narcotics Anonymous. The doors are open on time, the literature is out and the coffee is awesome. The message of NA is being shared. Average attendance is about 40, and we have no donation to area at this time. Thanks for letting me serve, Tate C

 Trust the Process We have settled into an avg attendance of 30 in our new location. We are happy to foster an atmosphere of recovery where addicts openly share their experience, strength and hope. We are now using a literature study format generally following the daily JFTs. Our needs are met and we have a $14 donation. Grateful to serve, T the P

 Hello Everyone: Sat Morning 10:00 AM meeting of NA (making amends) finds its doors open meeting growing with NA literature on table. Unfortunately we had a large order that had just come in burnt in our house fire. I am hoping that the insurance will replace it. Coffee and supplies on table. We are in need of area schedules. We have a small donation to area as all the money we had saved also burnt, we found out the hard way insurance will not cover that. $7.00 donation

 8.) Old Business
**Tom F was appointed by ASC chair as RCM, nominations were brought back** All home group conscious meetings, returned with Tom F as there nomination. Voting was not needed as there are no other nominations. Tom F has been voted for unanimously as GTO’s RCM

 Subcommittee Motions

 Motion #1- PR
Motion: Requesting $10.00 from PR reserve for flyer day supplies. Flyers, tape, tacks
Intent: We intend on purchasing 100 flyers for the price of $5.00. We also need $5.00 for fastening items.
Rationale: To carry the message and make ourselves available to the community via flyer day.
Vote: 17 for 0 against 0 abstaining MOTION PASSED

 Motion #2- PR
Motion: requesting $84.18 from PR reserve to replenish the PR inventory Box.
Intent: To replenish the PR box supplies
Rationale: to make sure we have a variety of info available for distribution at various PR actions
Vote: 15 for 0 against 2 abstaining MOTION PASSED

 Motion #3- Literature
Motion: Establish a regular budget for literature in accordance with the literature subcommittee policy. Minimum balance of $501.00 in funds or literature. Not to exceed $1000.00, in funds or literature. When funds exceed $1000.00, additional proceeds will be donated or moved to the ASC Main account.
Intent: As funds from the recent literature order are collected by the ASC treasurer, they would go back into the budget. And as such could be available for the subcommittee to order necessary literature to replenish stockpile.
Rationale: As literature is sold it will need to be replenished. As established, 10% is added to purchases to cover the cost of shipping as well as to increase our stockpile and help struggling home groups and or new groups.
Vote: 4 for 5 against 4 abstaining MOTION FAILED

 9.) New Business

 Subcommittee Motions
  Motion #1- PR
Motion: Requesting IP’s to fill remaining slots of needle exchange display form area literature 10x recovery and relapse and various other IP’s
Intent: to carry the message to still sick and suffering addicts
Rationale: to keep display stocked
Vote: 13 for 0 against 0 abstaining MOTION PASSED

 Homegroup Motions
 Motion #1 – Hope turns to Faith
Motion: Supply Making Amends Group with literature and keytags
Intent: help struggling homegroup
Vote: 13 for 0 against 0 abstaining MOTION PASSED
Discussion of Regional donation- None

10.) Open Forum


Closed with Prayer                        Next ASC is feb 21st at 3 pm