Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Higher point of Freedom Hiking/Speaker/Food Activity May 14

Clean Possibilities Home group presents


When: Saturday, May 14th

Where: Beech Fork State Park, Shelter 3,-82.3443035,17z

5601 Long Branch Rd, Barboursville, WV 25504

Hike begins at 11:30AM - Hike is 3 miles, there will also be a 15-30 minute guided meditation on hike.

Food at 3PM - HG providing hot dogs, drinks, chips.
Donations of side dishes and desserts welcome.

Mystery Speaker at 4:30 PM

Site also has fishing, basketball and other fun family activities!!

Monday, April 4, 2016

March ASC Minutes

GTOASCNA March 20th, 2016
1.) Opened with Prayer
2.)Traditions and 12 Concepts read
3.)January minutes read by secretary motion to approve – Jimmy H second by John M
Homegroups in Attendance
Living in the Solution –Y A GSR- Brian C
Hope without Dope-Y A GSR- Maggie S
No Pain No Gain-N A
Another Chance to Live- N I
Another Way- Y A GSR Nick L
Together We Can- Y A GSR- Kristen A
Honest Recovery (also meets Fridays)-N A
Not High Noon-Y A Josh A
Clean Possibilities- Y A GSR Sarah W
Hope Turns to Faith-Y A GSR Jimmy H
Another Look-N A
We do Recover-N I
A new Day-Y A GSR-  Josh B
Progress Not Perfection-Y A GSR- Nick C
Against All Odds-Y A- GSR- Elijah C
Do or Die-(also meet Thursday, Friday, and Saturday) N A
Hope through Surrender-Y A Chad W
Gods Will Candlelight-Y A GSR- Tate C
Daily Reprieve-N I
Choose to Live-Y A GSR- Ryan D
High on life-N A
Serentyville- N I
Trust the Process-Y A GSR- Joe M
Out of the Darkness-N A
Making Amends-Y A Mark G
** Y-yes to attendance N-no to attendance/A-active group in quorum I-Inactive group in quorum/ name is indicative of reporting GSR for each group
15 groups of 21 active groups and 25 total groups in attendance – Quorum established
GTOASCNA Treasurer’s Report
Activity recorded 02-21-2016 through 03-20-2016
Regular Account
Beginning Balance                                                                                          $0.00
2-21-16                 Living in the Solution                                                     $40.00
2-21-16                 No Pain, No Gain                                                             $10.00
2-21-16                 Clean Possibilities                                                          $25.00
2-21-16                 Progress Not Perfection                                               $55.00
2-21-16                 Against All Odds                                                              $15.00
2-21-16                 God’s Will Candlelight                                                  $40.00
2-21-16                 A New Day                                                                          $26.00
2-21-16                 Hope Turns To Faith                                                       $49.00
2-21-16                 Together We Can                                                            $37.00
2-21-16                 Hope Without Dope Ck. 1077                                     $90.84
2-21-16                 Clean Possibilities                                                          $24.50
2-21-16                 Choose To Live                                                                 $41.29
2-21-16                 A New Way                                                                        $3.00
2-21-16                 No Pain, No Gain                                                             $20.10
2-21-16                 Return from PR Ck. 1078                                               $12.50
2-21-16                 Trust the Process                                                             $47.50
2-27-16                 Return from In Loving Service                                    $593.00
                                Total Income                                                                     $1129.73             
2-21-16                 Tom F. In Loving Service Ck. #579                             $300.00
2-21-16                 Sal C. Lit. Reimbursement Ck. #580                         $271.00
2-21-16                 Sal C. Lit. Order Ck. #581                                               $193.31
2-21-16                 VOID Ck. 582                                                                      $0.00
2-21-16                 Cab. Co. Lib. Mar. ASC Rent                                         $15.00
2-22-16                 Cab. Co. Lib. CAR Wrkshp. Mar Rent                       $10.00
3-1-16                   Int. Xfer to Prudent Reserve                                       $97.09
3-1-16                   Int. Xfer to Activities                                                      $203.33
3-15-16                 City Of Hunt. Fo. Act. Mar. Rent                                $20.00
3-15-16                 City of Hunt. Fo. H&I Mar. Rent                                                $20.00
                                Total Expenses                                                                 $1129.73
Ending Balance                                                                                                 $0.00
Public Relations Reserve
Beginning Balance                                                                                          $100.00
2-21-16                 (No Income)                                                                      $0.00
                                Total Income                                                                     $0.00
2-21-16                 Elijah C. PR Schedules Ck. #577 (Void)                   $0.00
                                Total Expenses                                                                 $0.00
Ending Balance                                                                                                 $100.00
Prudent Reserve
Beginning Balance                                                                                          $2.91
2-24-16                 Int. Xfer from Reg. Acct.                                               $97.09
                                Total Income                                                                     $97.09
2-21-16                 (No Expenses)                                                                  $0.00
                                Total Expenses                                                                 $0.00
Ending Balance                                                                                                 $100.00
Activities Reserve              
Beginning Balance                                                                                          $500.00
2-21-16                 Tom F. In Loving Service                                               $300.00
                                Total Expenses                                                                 $300.00
3-1-16                   Int. Xfer from Regular Acct.                                         $203.33
                Total Income                                                                     $203.33
Ending Balance                                                                                                 $403.33
Policy Reserve
Beginning Balance                                                                                          $50.00
3-1-16                   No Expenses                                     
                                Total Expenses                                                                 $0.00
3-1-16                   (No Income)                                                                      $0.00
                                Total Income                                                                     $0.00
Ending Balance                                                                                                                 $50.00
As of 03-20-16 the total of all 5 accounts is $678.33
Nick L. – ASC Treasurer
5.) RCM Report- meeting next month in april
6.) Subcommittee Reports
H & I     3-11-16
Reports read by panel  leaders
Old business discussed
NEW business, Jo Ann Moore is the western regional jail contact, a meeting needs to be set up with her to get the ball rolling for the Jail H an I meetings. Cassie C has been collecting the volunteer forms.
Kristen S has been voted in as interim Vice Chair of the H and I subcommittee
Motion created to take to Region to request Regional Schedules
                TO: mountaineer Region             
                From: GTO H and I subcommittee
Motion: In need of 200 Regional schedules for our H and I panels. Requesting them to be provided to our area from region.
Intent: To get regional schedules for H and I facilities provided by region
Greetings GTOASCNA

Our last function, "In Loving Service" was held on February 27th at The Barnett Center and was a huge success. We'd like to thank everyone that attended the workshops, Nick C for facilitating H&I, Wes R from NANA for facilitating The 12 Concepts and Sarah C from Metro for speaking. Also thank's to all that donated auction items as we could not have done this without your support, we asked for $300 of our $500 budget and provided receipts for that amount (within fifty cents or so). We returned to Nick L our treasurer a total of $593 that day which was the combined amount amount taken in from both the 50/50 raffle (thanks Brittany O) and auction. Thanks to Terri M for loaning us her Sams Club card to purchase items for the event and we will be making a motion for funds ($45) to purchase a card for the GTO Area. Our next event will be the GTO area's annual camp out, our goal is to once again have it at East Lynn Lakes Loop 4, getting reservations for those spots is contingent upon us (GTO) having funds in place and making the reservations on-line, another motion will be made requesting those funds. I had contacted Old Town Campground in Point Pleasant with the intention of having it there again and they said NO, that our area was too big and they could not/would not be able to accommodate us. Last but most certainly not least thank you Robbie C for going above and beyond the call of duty as Activities Chair over the last year,  "Our Gratitude speaks when WE care and when WE share with others the NA WAY".

Grateful to be of service
GTOANA Activities Chair - Tom F

Policy Subcommittee Minutes      March 20, 2016
In Attendance:  Nick L., Jimmy H., Brian C.
Opened with Prayer, 12 Traditions read,  12 Concepts read
Old Business
1)      Proof read/corrected version of ASC Policy provided to the secretary.
2)      Discussion of changing the subcommittee schedule to meet on a bimonthly basis
New Business
1)      Discussion of the ASC considering a similar motion, prior to the 90 day period required by the current ASC Policy, before the motion should be resubmitted.
2)      Discussion of the need for the secretarial position to be filled by the May 2016 subcommittee meeting due to the current secretary, Brian C, being unable to complete the term as discussed before allowing him to accept the position.
3)      Provide the revised copy of the ASC Policy to the PR subcommittee for revision on the GTO Website.
4)      Need to obtain the specifics of the Literature Supply Subcommittee Reserve account so that those changes can be implemented into the ASC Policy Document.
Closed with Prayer
Literature supply subcommittee minutes
3/20/2016 1pm public library 

Elijah C.
Nick L.
Maggie S.
Sal C.

Opened with a prayer

Literature ordered but not in, will take orders as usual today and deliver When it arrives.  Should be here by Friday.

Discussed the upcoming vote on the reserve. If not approved will dissolve the committee.
Discussed individual members ordering literature on their  own.
If reserve is approved then will try to have literature available at hope without dope home group two weeks after area.
Will brainstorm starting a traditions/concepts meeting starting in May during subcommittee meeting time.

27 orange
32 green
5 grey
3 how and why (2 paperback, 1 hardback)
3 living clean
50 self acceptance 19
7 for those in treatment
10 # 21
8 #15
47 another look
52 the newcomer
2 money matters
40# 14
47 #5
39 just for today
10 #20
10 #10
25 by young for young
35 #9
48 the group
72 #29
Medallions 1each 4-10

Total amount on hand: $323.55

Closed with prayer

Grateful to serve
Maggie S.

7.) Homegroup Reports

Greeting from the Living in the Solution Home Group,
We would like to apologize to those who wished to attend today's meeting. The meeting had to be cancelled because our contact never arrived to allow us access to the facility. Apart from today's events the recovery meetings have been taking place as scheduled. We have coffee available, literature for sale, at cost, and pamphlets free for the taking. We do not have a donation for the ASC because we must pay our quarterly rent payment and place a literature order.
Thank you for allowing us to be of service to this fellowship,
Living in the Solution Home Group

Hello Family! Things are going well at the Another Way home group. Our meeting continues to remain intimate, our literature stocked, and a clear message of recovery is being carried. All of our needs are still being met, although we’ve made plans to get some updated meeting schedules: we’ve allocated money into our reserves, we will be paying rent for two months, and we will be making an order to restock our key tags. Whatever money is left over in our reserves will be sent as a donation to NAWS. We’ve made our votes for the motions in the CAR and the motion from the literature subcommittee that we will give in new business. Grateful to be part of something greater than us! In Loving Service,  -Another Way Group
The Monday night Together We Can group is doing well. We are averaging 50 in attendance. We would like to welcome new Homegroup member and GSR Kristin A. We have a homegroup member celebrating 2 years clean on April 18th. We have a $25 donation to area at this time. Grateful to Serve, Kristin A.
Greetings from Not High Noon, All is well, meetings is opening and closing on time. Coffee is always stout & literature is on the table. An average of 15 addicts has been, attending & the life saving message of hope & promise of freedom is being carried.  We have no donation to area at this time. Grateful to serve, Josh A
Greetings from Clean Possibilities! We continue to keep the doors open and carry the message to around 40 addicts weekly. Attendance has grown; we have had 5 new members join our homegroup. As of April 5th we are moving to Pea Ridge United Methodist Church 5747 E Pea Ridge. We are happy to bring a donation of $25.00 to area. Grateful to serve, Sarah W and Britt C.
Hello from Hope turns to faith group of Narcotics Anonymous. We meet every Tuesday at 7pm our average attendance is around 100. We have many newcomers from treatment centers in attendance. We would like to invite and encourage members involved in narcotics anonymous to attend and aid in carrying the message of Narcotics Anonymous to these newcomers! We have no donation at this time. Grateful for the opportunity to serve. Jimmy H
Greetings from a New Day Group of Narcotics Anonymous. The meeting is opening and closing on time with a fairly small member in attendance. We could use some support if anyone is able to attend. Other them that everything has been going fine. Addicts meet and going fine, addicts meet an share their recovery. So the Heart beat of NA is in steady rhythm. Grateful to be a part of A New Day, Josh B
Greetings from Against all Odds, The last month has went well. We have an approximate average attendance of 15-25 addicts attending. The doors are being opened on time and the message is being carried. WE have developed a well rounded selection of NA literature to make available in those who want it. Our current homegroup members are Amber F and Elijah C.  We have no donation to provide at this time. Otherwise all is in goo order. Grateful  To Serve, Against all Odds
Happy springtime, friends! The Progress Not Perfection group cruising. We average about 80 people each week. We are carrying the message and hugging folks at the door. We have Todd D. from Portsmouth speaking next Wednesday 03/30/2016 for a two year celebration! We have no donation at this time.  Pleasure to serve alongside you, Nick C
Hope through Surrender, We meet on Thursdays from 12-1pm at 901 Jefferson Ave we are currently doing a literature study reading from It works How and Why. So we encourage people to bring their books. We have 2 active home group members. The rent is current and we are making a $20 donation to area service. We can still use support from the area when possible our meeting attendance has been average 5 people this month so come join us. Thank you for allowing me to Chad W
Greetings from the Gods will candlelight meeting of Narcotics Anonymous. The doors are open on time the literature is out, the coffee is hot. We have an average of 40 in attendance, We have no donations for area at this time. Thank you for letting me serve Tate C
Hello area service attendees. Our meetings have been going well, we are averaging 30-40 addicts in attendance, our group is making a literature purchase this month. We have implemented a 5 minute timer for sharing and more format changes to come pending group conscious. We have no donation to area and we have a home group member celebrating 3 years on April 1st and will have a out of town speaker. Grateful to serve  Choose to live GSR
Trust the process, The meeting continuous to average 30 addicts in attendance. Our format has changed to a literature study related to the days JFT. We’re liking it; hope you are. We voted on the CAR motions. We voted on the Lit supply motion. We discussed an amendment to the motion to set a dollar amount for the reserve. We decided to see how the vote goes and trust the process. We have what we need the rents paid. We have no donation at this time. Grateful to serve T the P
Hello Everyone: Sat Morning meeting ( making amends) at 10:00 AM at First Huntington Presbyterian Church 1015 5th Ave Huntington Wv. Doors are open coffee is being made and NA literature is provided. A  message  of recovery is being given. Our group is growing we have had an average of 18 people showing up and now have 7 home group members. We will be celebrating a member with 4 years of recovery at our meetng on 3-26-16 so come and share our celebration breakfast with our group. Scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits, and gravy along with oj, milk and chocolate milk at 9:30. We are very thankful to our meeting place for its continued support of our meeting. We do not have a donation for area at this time. But are glad to be able to return to area a JFT and Basic text that were given to our group. We have been able to give our 3 basic texts and 2 just for today books along with 2 step working guides to addicts that could not afford to purchase our books. We are glad to do this as long as we can afford to do so. Also we would like to direct everyone that we enter in the back of the church and plenty of parking is available and we have handicapped entrance. In loving service mark G
8.) Old Business
Subcommittee Motions
Motion #1- PR
Motion: Asking for $25 from PR reserve for purchasing schedules and literature

Intent: To purchase schedules and IP’s to provision Needle exchange display

Rationale: some items are available from our PR box inventory. We do believe that 2 particular IPs, not in abundance should be displayed. Relapse and Recovery and staying clean on the outside. We feel this is pertinent to reaching our and making ourselves available. We also need new schedules there.

Vote: 14 for 2 against 2 abstaining MOTION PASSED

Motion #2- PR

Motion: requesting $10 form area for printing announcement forms

Intent: To print a stack of forms to submit announcements to area web servant

Rationale: To make it practical to have announcements posted on website

Vote: 1 for 8 against 7 abstaining MOTION FAILED

Motion #3- Activities

Motion: we are at this time requesting $300 of our budget for In Loving Service. This is for food and pay for facility

Intent: Learning Day for service and fellowship. Carry the message

Vote: 18 for Motion Passed

Motion #4_ Literature
Motion: Establish a reserve account for the literature subcommittee, where money from the literature sales goes directly into the reserve account

Intent: Maintain an adequate supply of literature for the GTO area.

Rationale: As literature is sold funds are available to resupply the stockpile as efficiently as possible

TABLED TO HOMEGROUPS< Discuss and bring votes back to march ASC>
Motion #5 Literature

Motion: Reimbursement for order #0111643 placed on 01-11-16 in the amount of $271.88

Intent: To be reimbursed for an order placed to fill the PR subcommittee supply and also to fill literature supply in the interim.

Rationale: Pr needed ips and literature supply was low due to lack of funds.

Vote: 16 For 0 against 0 abstain MOTION PASSED

Motion #6 Literature

Motion: request money form area to restock literature supply

Intent: Reorder literature to restock supply

Rationale: to be able to have literature available for home groups- fufill the intent of the literature supply committee

Homegroup Motions
Motion #7- Another WAY

Motion: The Another Way group is making a motion for the GTO area to have a CAR workshop before the APRIL RSC. Keep it simple and only pay rent for the meeting location

Intent: For the GTO area to be prepared for the regional CAR workshop before the APRIL RSC

Rationale: This is a great opportunity for our area to be involved and to also potentially have our input heard concerning the changes that will affect the whole of NA and truly help to fufill our primary purpose

VOTE: 13 for 1 against 5 abstaining MOTION PASSED

9.) New Business
Subcommittee Motions

Motion #1- PR

Motion: Requesting $20.00 for flyer day provisions

Intent:  To purchase flyers and fasteners for flyer day

Rationale: we believe a flyer day provides addicts an opportunity to be of service and make ourselves available to those seeking recovery

Motion #2- Activities

Motion: Seeking $45.00 for a sams club card to be used by the GTO area for materials for upcoming events

Intent: Need Money- need to buy items at below retail cost

Rationale: we are poor and money is tight
VOTE: 9 for 3 against 3 abstain MOTION Passed

Motion #3- Activities

Motion: $500 activities budget

Intent: to reserve sites for june campout

Rationale: To facilitate our summer campout
VOTE: 10 for 0against 3 abstain MOTION PASSED

10.) Open Forum
GTO 2016 CAR/CAT Workshop Minutes
·         Opened with Serenity Prayer
·         Motion 1: which came from the World Board, concerning the approval of “A Guiding Principles: The Spirit of Our Traditions” as a fellowship approved recovery literature
·         Motion 2: To approve the following changes to the World Board External Guidelines contained in A Guide to the World Services in NA (Made by the World Board)
o    To change the size of the Board from up to 18 members to up to 15 members
o    To remove the obligation for staggered terms if more than 8 members are elected at one time (Concerns the role over rate. Members of the World Board aren’t all leaving at the same time)
o    To change the limitation from two consecutive terms or two terms in a lifetime (All of these motions might be voted on individually, but it might also be voted on as one collective motion. It was suggested that each group vote as if the motion(s) were one collective motion and 3 separate motions
·         Motion 3: That the NA World Board develop a project plan which includes a budget and timeline to create an informational pamphlet specifically about mental illness and recovery for the consideration at the 2018 World Service Conference (Made by the Eastern New York Region)
o    This motion, if approved, would make it the top priority for the next couple years potentially placing everything else on hold until this project is complete. The motion can be amended, however
o    Good deal of controversy comes with this motion
·         Motion 4: That all future approved World Board Minutes be posted to for download (Made by the Show Me Region)
o    There was no rationale presented for this motion. It would potentially be ruled “Out of order” because it doesn’t follow policy
o    The World Board was opposed to this because of legal reasons. If the World Board does present the minutes online, then it could be used as a legally binding document that could potentially have serious legal ramifications
·         Motion 5: That all financial reporting for the World Convention of Narcotics Anonymous be provided in a detailed line item format and not in a summary as is currently available. This report will be posted on and be downloadable (Made by the Show Me Region)
o    There was no rationale presented for this motion neither
o    This came in response to the $384,000 loss with World Convention in Rio (Visa problems, hidden costs and problems with the Brazilian government. That being said, the World Board recognizes there are a lot of issues with the World Convention)
·         Motion 6: That all face to face World Board meetings be open to any NA member on a space available basis; unless the topic(s) being discussed are required by law to be confidential (Made by the San Diego Imperial Region)
o    World Board felt that if anyone shows up it can easily be taken out of context and would be passed along as rumors on social media
·         Motion 7: That if there continues to be a WSC Participants Discussion Board on that it be made accessible to non WSC participants; only for viewing, not posting (Made San Diego Imperial Region)
o    It was discussed that some point in time, we should start trusting our trusted servants
o    There are a lot of members that have access to the discussion board now, but only 10 members post on the board. This was largely because of a member that copied and pasted a discussion from years prior and posted it on Facebook, with no anonymity
o    The World Board talked about unseated regions that could be able to see what’s being talked about since they don’t send any representative
·         Motion 8: To direct NAWS to produce a low-cost paperback English version of the Basic Text which contains only the first ten chapters called “Our Program” (Made by the OK Region)
o    Most of NAWS is funded through literature sales (91%)
o    This would bring a 1.4 million dollar loss to NAWS
o    The sale of our literature helps our service efforts and to helps translate our literature into languages that do not have a readable version of the Basic Text
o    There was a point made that it appears this region is saying “This motion is for the U.S. We’re not concerned with the rest of the world.”
o    A member said that there has never been a time when someone shows up to a meeting asking for a Basic Text, doesn’t leave without one
·         Motion 9: To direct the World Board to post a PDF version of all approved English and translated Basic Text on for free download (Made by the Western Russia Region)
o    Made a point as part of their rationale that by making the Basic Text free, more members would donate to the 7th tradition basic
o    The World Board said this would bring about issues with our FIPT and would potentially put it in danger
·         Motion 10: To hold every other WSC outside of the U.S. and to begin this rotation with WSC 2020 to be held in Moscow, Russia (Made by the Western Russia Region)
o    Large service events benefit the regions, or that part of the world, that they take place in
o    Another point was made in reference to the convention in Rio and the significant loss of funds the Board experienced
·         Motion 11: To allow a delegate from any Zonal Forum who requests it to be seated at the WSC as a non-voting participant. The expense of attendance will be the responsibility of the Zonal Forum and not the WSC
o    Suggested it would be a one time trial in 2018
o    The World Board said that the term “Zonal Forum” is not widely known throughout the fellowship. So there isn’t a shared understanding as to what the Zone is
o    A question was asked to the World Board as to how this would benefit NA. No one had any good reason or answer as to how it would. And if we open this up to Zones, why wouldn’t we open this up to unseated regions
o    Not every zone could afford to send a representative
o    Seems to be out of step with a previous motion that was made concerning the restructuring of the Board
·         Motion 12: That Narcotics Anonymous World Services add the following “What is NA Service” card as part of the Group Readings offered by the World Service Office (Made by the Western Russia Region)
o    See tally sheet for the wording of the reading
o    The region asked if this reading would undergo the fellowship approval process
o    If the motion is approved, it would be approved as it is written. If the motion is widely liked but not the wording, an amendment can be made to it. Keeping with our 4th tradition, any group can use this in their meeting format if they so choose
·         Motion 13: Each World Board member votes only in Elections and may make motions in all sessions. The World Board has one collective vote (made by the Chairperson of the World Board) in new business sessions
o    This motion was made by 3 regions who had very similar motions made and were asked to work together on this
·         Motion 14: That the World Board or members of the World Board no longer make motions or proposals for the decision at the WSC. The World Board may still forward ideas or work that regional delegates may present as a motion or proposal to the WSC for a decision (Made by the Mid Atlantic Region)
o    This region says that the way the World Board operates is against our 12th concept and that it is viewed as a governing body
o    The World Board says this motion is highly unfounded and carries out what the fellowship asks it to do
o    A member mentioned that this motion was made out of pure spite and resentment
·         There is a large section of the CAR Report that discusses the future of our fellowship and how we can better restructure it. Our regional delegates asked for any ideas that members our groups may have so that our delegates can go to the World Service Conference and be better prepared
·         There’s a 10 item objective list that the Conference asked each area and home group to prioritize because NAWS has $200,000 to spend toward these objectives
·         Some of the objectives already have a project plan listed in the CAT
·         Objective 1: Recovery Literature
o    Creating or revising new or old recovery literature
·         Objective 2: Developing Tools
o    To develop concise, accessible, relevant, and adaptable tool that address basic concepts and that inspire users in their service efforts
o    Want to take ideas from areas that have been successful in their service efforts
·         Objective 3: Collaboration in Service
o    Raise awareness of the value, impact, and spiritual necessity of collaboration, demonstrating the relevance of the NA Vision for Service to each body within the service system
·         Objective 4: Future of the WSC
o    Continue to work to make the WSC a more effective resource to help achieve the Vision for NA Service
·         Objective 5: World Board Development
o    Enhance Board effectiveness, building on the strategies initiated in the 2014-2016 cycle
·         Objective 6: Fellowship Development and Public Relations
o    Increase understanding that effective fellowship development efforts depend upon public relations work, emphasizing the need for collaboration among service bodies
·         Objective 7: Targeting Fellowship Development Resources
o    Continue to target the use of NAWS resources for fellowship development on a global scale by identifying and acting upon opportunities
o    China is having problems with NA because they see addiction being punishable by death
o    Vietnam reached out to NAWS for help
o    Africa is now our biggest growing NA population
·         Objective 8: Social Media as a PR Tool
o    Raise awareness and understanding of Narcotics Anonymous among the general public and potential members through the use of social media
·         Objective 9: Fellowship Communication
o    Use multi-media tools including videos to enrich NAWS communication about Fellowship development efforts around the world, inspiring a broader understanding of our world-wide fellowship
·         Objective 10: Financial Contributions
o    Communicate and recognize the positive impact contributions have had and will have fulfilling the NA Vision for Service
·         See the financial report in the CAT to get an idea for the World’s budget for the next two years (Sorry, but I’m not an accountant)
o    Areas will need to vote on whether to approve the budget or not
·         Big chunk of the CAT has to do with who to seat in terms of regions
o    In 2008, a moratorium was passed on who to seat based on a splitting region
o    This is touched on in the Guide to World Services, but it needs to be refined
o    The moratorium has been lifted so the World is in need of help on how better to seat regions
·         8 regions applied to be seated
o    Each regions applications is presented in the CAT
o    Who to seat, needs to be voted on by the groups
o    Grande Sal Paolo is one region that has applied to be seated. They have been a region since 2007. A lot their income comes from the 7th tradition
o    The HOW Region also applied to be seated. They have been a region since 2009. They also have a large income from their 7th tradition
o    Rio de Genaro region has also applied for seating (These 3 regions have been recommended to be seated by the World Board)
o    The next regions were not recommended for seating by the World Board, but groups and areas can vote for them regardless:
o    The Bluegrass Appalachia Region is asking to be seated and they split from the Kentuckiana Region. The World Board says they failed to work well with the Kentuckiana Region. The Bluegrass Appalachia Region says this is a lie because they sent a detailed email describing their efforts to work with Kentuckiana and Kentuckiana made no attempt to follow through. Their application is in the CAT
o    Brazil Central is a region that has applied for seating. They haven’t been a region for 3 years, which is the required amount of time to be seated after splitting
o    Brazil Nordeste is another region applying for seating. They are also just shy of the 3 year requirement
o    Rio Grande de Sol is another region that is applying to be seated

o    Turkey is another region applying for seating                                                Next ASC is 4-17-16