Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Together We Can 3 year celebration May 30th

Group: Together we Can is having a homegroup member celebrate 3 years on May 30th, Jami W from the grassroots area will be speaking!

ADHOC committees for GTO

The budget ad hoc committee is meeting for the first time on May 15th at 1pm at the Cabell co library before the next ASC

The area inventory ad hoc will meet on June 5th from 1-5 at the Cabell co library

April ASC minutes

GTOASCNA April 17th, 2016
1.) Opened with Prayer
2.)Traditions and 12 Concepts read
3.)January minutes read by secretary motion to approve – Ashley F second by John M
Homegroups in Attendance
Living in the Solution –Y A GSR- Brian C
Hope without Dope-Y A GSR- Rachel N
No Pain No Gain-Y A GSR - Ashley
Another Chance to Live- Y A Anthony
Another Way- Y A GSR Nick L
Together We Can- Y A GSR- Kristen A
Honest Recovery (also meets Fridays)-N I
Not High Noon-Y A Ashley F
Clean Possibilities- Y A GSR Sarah W
Hope Turns to Faith-Y A GSR Arra S
Another Look-Y A John M
We do Recover-N I
A new Day-Y A GSR-  Josh A
Progress Not Perfection-Y A GSR- Erica P
Against All Odds-Y A- GSR- Elijah C
Do or Die-(also meet Thursday, Friday, and Saturday) N I
Hope through Surrender-Y A Chad W
Gods Will Candlelight-N A
Daily Reprieve-N I
Choose to Live-Y A GSR- Ryan D
High on life-N A
Serentyville- N I
Trust the Process-Y A GSR- Joe M
Out of the Darkness-Y A Gary
Making Amends-Y A Mark G
** Y-yes to attendance N-no to attendance/A-active group in quorum I-Inactive group in quorum/ name is indicative of reporting GSR for each group
18 groups of 20 active groups and 25 total groups in attendance – Quorum established
4.) Treasurers Report
GTOASCNA Treasurer’s Report
Activity recorded 03-20-2016 through 04-16-2016

Regular Account
Beginning Balance                                                                                          $236.45
3-20-16                 Hope Through Surrender                                             $20.00
3-20-16                 Together We Can                                                            $25.00
3-20-16                 Clean Possibilities                                                          $25.00
Total Income                                                                     $70.00  
3-20-16                 Cabell Co. Lib. April ASC Rent (Cash)                      $15.00
3-20-16                 Ck. 586 Tom F. Sam’s Card Purchase                        $45.00
4-13-16                 Ck. 588 City of Hunt. Fo. Act. Apr. Rent                  $20.00
4-13-16                 Ck. 589 City of Hunt. Fo. H&I Apr. Rent                  $20.00
4-13-16                 Ck. 590 City of Hunt. Fo. H&I Wkshp                       $20.00
                                Total Expenses                                                                 $120.00
Ending Balance                                                                                                 $186.45

Public Relations Reserve
Beginning Balance                                                                                          $100.00
4-16-16                 (No Income)                                                                      $0.00
                                Total Income                                                                     $0.00

3-20-16                 Ck. 585 Elijah C. PR Schedules                                    $20.00
                                Total Expenses                                                                 $20.00
Ending Balance                                                                                                 $80.00

Prudent Reserve
Beginning Balance                                                                                          $100.00
4-16-16                 (No Income)                                                                      $0.00
                                Total Income                                                                     $0.00

                                (No Expenses)                                                                  $0.00
                                Total Expenses                                                                 $0.00
Ending Balance                                                                                                 $100.00
Activities Reserve              
Beginning Balance                                                                                          $500.00
                                (No Income)                                                                      $0.00
                                Total Income                                                                     $0.00

3-20-16                 Ck. 587 Tom F. Act. Camp out                                     $500.00
                Total Expenses                                                                 $500.00
Ending Balance                                                                                                 $0.00

Policy Reserve
Beginning Balance                                                                                          $50.00
4-16-16                 (No Income)                                                                      $0.00                                    
                                Total Income                                                                     $0.00
                                (No Expenses)                                                                  $0.00
                                Total Expenses                                                                 $0.00
Ending Balance                                                                                                                 $50.00

Literature Reserve
Beginning Balance                                                                                          $0.00
3-20-16                 Excess Payment of Lit. from Feb.                              $0.54                    
3-20-16                 High On Life Lit. Purchase                                            $22.50
3-20-16                 God’s Will Lit. Purchase                                                               $9.75
3-20-16                 Out of the Dark… Lit. Purchase                                  $58.50
3-20-16                 Trust the Process Lit. Purchase                                  $49.95
3-20-16                 Against All Odds Lit. Purchase                                   $9.75
3-20-16                 Choose to Live Lit. Purchase                                       $67.00
                                Total Income                                                                     $217.99
                                (No Expenses)                                                                  $0.00
                                Total Expenses                                                                 $0.00
Ending Balance                                                                                                 $217.99                                                                                                                
As of 04-17-16 the total of all 6 accounts is $634.44
Nick L. – ASC Treasurer

5.)RCM Report
6.) Subcommittee Reports
Opened with prayer.
Read the 12 Traditions and 12 Concepts.
Panel Leaders Reports Read:
River Park Short Term: We have only been in once since last subcommittee.  On March 30th they had no patients for us so we did not meet.  There has been a struggle to get people to go in recently so I greatly appreciate those who do go. 
Grateful to serve 
Terri M 
Pinecrest: Greetings From women's HNI panel sorry i am unable to attend subcommittee due to new work schedule but the meeting is being started and ending on time the willingness is great the life saving message is being carried. Thank you so much Grateful to serve
Amber F.
Meeting is starting and ending on time. Willingness to go has been good but people keeping the commitment is down. A clear message of NA is being carried and no issues to report at this time. Grateful to serve Jenni H
The meeting is going great. We are carrying the message and taking meeting schedules each visit. I want thank the GTO members for the willingness to serve. They seem very receptive to our message and very grateful for us to be there.
Again I want to apologize for my absence from the committee due to work.
Grateful to serve.
Dalmas C.
St Marys: Greetings hni people 
My hni at st Mary's is going great. Message is being carried and willingness has been fine. I'm out of schedules to that would be cool. Grateful to serve. Nate H. 
St marys hosp meeting goin well. No problums to report. Good clear message being shared. Thanks to everyone that has helped you know who you are. Your trusted servant, Robbie C.
Recovery Pointe: Dear Subcommittee,
I'm grateful to the fellowship for its support of this panel. Without them, it truly wouldn't continue. I haven't been available to bring the panel in recently, in fact I've missed every other week. It may be in the best interest of the subcommittee to find a member who is more available. I'll continue to serve the subcommittee/fellowship to the best of my ability if a replacement isn't found. 
Thanks to Chad and Steven for spear heading the panel in my absence last night. I wish I could have been there, but my work schedule made it impossible to make it. 
Discussed old business
New Business: 
·         Discussed ways to get members to stick to their commitment and make sure they are going to show up
·         Discussed getting the list made of the contact info of the members that are able and willing to take meetings in
·         Discussed how schedules for h and  panels are going to be coming back from region this month
·         Voted to have a new panel go into St. Marys once the contact gathers more info o a time and day that will work for the facility
·         There will be a workshop on april 29th at 6pm

PR Sub Committee Report
Greetings from PR,
                Over the preceding month we have completed all tasks planned and intended. We made contact with the St Mary’s contact concerning their interest in having a new hni panel to be held on site at St Mary’s hospital. Our contact Vicki attended the hni subcommittee with me and communicated their rationale and intent to that committee. I explained some of our boundaries and our contact understands them and will respect them. Tanner W and I made contact with Kindred Communications and iHeart radio in regards to airing a PSA for us. We provided them with the announcements provided by world service. Further follow up will be necessary to have these PSA’s aired. We carried out a flyer day and it went well with no issues or concerns. We have a surplus of flyers for the next flyer day, which has not been planned yet. We have planned a schedule day for May 9th. We will be making contact via telephone with the contacts to make them aware we will be stopping by. On that Monday, I and Tanner W will be meeting those contacts in person. We generally contact them by phone and refer them to our website, however it is beneficial to the relationship that we have a face to face with them at least quarterly. We are requesting $15.00 from our reserve for the provisioning of schedules for this purpose, as well as restocking the needle exchange with schedules. Because of the growing interest in addiction and treatment within the community, and potential situations and the part we might play in them, the PR subcommittee will be meeting together next Sunday at 12:30pm to go over the 12 Concepts using the booklet and questions therein for its educational value in hopes we will be more prepared for what may come and ultimately more valuable to our area and the addict who still suffers. During flyer day we made contact with the board of Parks and Recreation and now have a contact there. They are considering our flyer for posting in the parks in their announcement kiosks. The Town Hall Forum on Heroin and Prescription Painkillers on April 4th went well. Wes R brought up the regional PR display and Ryan D and myself attended. Things went well. We passed out literature and talked with a few folks about what NA is and how they can find us. Nothing further to report.
Grateful to serve, Elijah C
April 17, 2016
Greetings ASC

Our last activities subcommittee met on Friday, April, 15th at the Barnett Center with 5 in attendance. We discussed our upcoming event (Campout), the sites that were reserved and confirmed our speaker for that Saturday, June 25th (Mike S) from the Grassroots Area of NA in Kentucky. We are thankful to the Tuesday, Not High Noon Group of NA (That resides inside The GTO Area) for facilitating a fundraiser that donated $145.00 to the Activities Subcommittee to purchase supplies for the event. Some of you may remember that last year WE, The Activities Subcommittee asked for and was given an additional $200 for supplies which we did not need (because of the last minute pre-registration fees that we collected) and it (that check) was returned un-cashed.  We are requesting desserts and side dishes for the activity and we will be serving two meals, breakfast and lunch on Saturday the 25th. Pre-registration is $20 now and $25 the week of the event however NO ADDICT WILL BE TURNED AWAY. I also purchased a Sams Club Card as we agreed upon last month, receipt will be given to our treasurer.

Grateful to serve
Tom F – GTOANA Activities Chair

Policy Subcommittee Minutes: April 2016
·         Attendance: John M., Brian C., Nick L., Josh B.
·         Opened with Serenity Prayer; 12 Traditions read; 12 Concepts read
Old Business
·         Discussed the need for a new Secretary considering our current Secretary must step down
·         Discussion of the ASC considering a similar motion, prior to the 90 day period required by the current ASC Policy, before the motion should be resubmitted
·         Provide the revised copy of the ASC Policy to the PR Subcommittee for revision on the GTO website
·         Need to obtain the specifics of the Literature Supply Subcommittee Reserve account so that those changes can be implemented into the ASC Policy document
New Business
·         It was determined that the chair and vice-chair will assume the secretary duties until the position can be filled
·         Motion made to change policy to say a motion that has been voted down, and any motion that is similar in nature, cannot be reintroduced for a period of 90 days
·         Received information concerning the Literature Supply Reserve and that information will be added to the current GTO Policy document
·         Closed with Prayer

Literature Subcommittee meeting
Sunday, April 17, 2016
Sal C. Maggie S. Racheal N.

Opened with prayerPerformed inventory

InventoryIp6: 9Ip 15: 8Ip23: 10Ip8: 15Ip5: 37Ip19: 43Ip9: 30Ip14:40Ip1: 40By young for young:25Ip29:63Ip24:2Ip22:40Ip2:41Those in treatment: 7
Key tagsWhite:70  Blue:33  Yellow:47  Red:52  Glow:20
Green:46  Orange:44  Grey:27  Black:20
Basic text: 1 5
How and why:1/1 5
Jft:2 1
Living clean:1Step working :5
Total literature on hand:
*Voted to move meeting from 1pm to 2pm*Discussed starting traditions/concepts workshop beginning
in June. Will provide details next area.
*vice-chair needed if anyone has willingness talk with Sal C.
Clean time requirement is 1 year.
Closed with prayer
Grateful to serve,
Maggie S.

6.) Homegroup Reports
Greetings from Hope without Dope group of Narcotics Anonymous. All is going well, meeting opens on time, coffee is hot and literature is on the table. Clean solid message is being carried. We average 30-40 addicts in attendance weekly. We have a donation to area, region and world. Grateful to serve, Rachel N
Greetings from No pain No gain. We meet Sunday at 7pm Campus Christian Center. The doors are opening on time. Welcoming the newcomer. The coffee is stout and hot. Literature is always available and books for sale. There is no donation to area at this time. Grateful to Serve. No Pain No Gain
Greetings from Another chance to live. We meet every Monday at 12pm at missis dei church at Pullman. We have had an average of 18-20 addicts showing up on a weekly basis. We are an open meeting type and as of now we are struggling to get experienced home group members, as of now we have 2 newcomers and a struggling addict, we don’t know anything about the duties of a homegroup member besides showing up early to set up and close.
The Monday night Together We Can group is doing well. The doors are open on time and the message is being carried. We have a home group member celebrating 2 years clean on Monday April 18th. It will be a speaker meeting. We have no donation for area at this time. Grateful to Serve,  Kristin A

Greetings from not high noon,
Everything is well. Coffee & message being carried are strong. We have been averaging about 15 - 20 addicts per week. With a record breaking turn out for our "Cook out for the camp out". Our next speaker meeting will be on the 17th of may and Tasha W will be sharing her experience, strength, and hope. We have no donation to area at this time.
Hope turns to Faith, Greetings, We meet @ 7pm Baptist Temple on Tues eve. Meeting opens and closes on time, coffee is hot… literature is plentiful, NA message being carried attendance is 60-80, rent is paid, donation of $20 to area. Grateful to serve, Ara S
Another Way Group Report April 2016
Hello Family!
All is well and good at the Another Way group. Our literature remains plentiful, the doors are open, our rent is paid up through May, and we are in good standings with the facility. Our meetings still remain intimate and we’ve recently made a decision to purchase key tags and medallions for some upcoming celebrations. We’ve also purchased a convention package and have selected a member to send to the spring convention. Although it was not widely announced, we’d like to thank all of those who showed up to help us celebrate a 33 year miracle on April 4th. Our next celebration will be a 6 year miracle on May 16th with an out of town speaker from Salyersville, KY. We invite everyone to join us.           
                Our home group had a discussion concerning a recent fundraising event with the purpose to help fund our areas campout. Our intentions are not to upset anyone or cause issues, but we felt it was important to raise awareness on the issue because it goes against our area policy and 11th Concept. In section seven, under letter E, number 3 our area policy says that “All group donations are to be made directly to the ASC treasurer.” Our understanding was that the money raised was directly donated to the Activities Subcommittee. This leads into our 11th Concept, which states that NA groups not earmark contributions for any particular subcommittee. Again, we mention this in a loving, not harmful, way. Thank you for allowing to be a part of.
In Loving Service, -Another Way Group
Greetings from Clean Possibilities! We have moved to our new location at Pea Ridge United Methodist. Our doors are open on time, literature is on the table, coffee, and tea are available to addicts. We’ve been carrying the message to an average of 45 addicts/ week. Our HG continues to grow. We have about 11 active members right now. We will be hosting an event on sat. may 14th. There will be a hike with guided meditation, food and a speaker. We have fliers available for each HG to take. We have no donation for area at this time (because…..) Grateful to serve !
 Greetings from a New Day, All is well, meeting is opening on time with literature on table, coffee in the pot and a clear message of hope being carried. Average attendance is 8 addicts. We will be having our next speaker meeting April 19th, christa S will be sharing her experience strength and hope. We have no donation at this time. Grateful to serve, Josh A
Against all Odds report, Our meeting has been opening and closing on time, with no issues. Our current homegroup members are Amber F and Elijah C. Our average attendance is 25 addicts. We are donating $20 to area. Nothing further to report. Grateful to serve, Elijah C
Progress not Perfection, We are pleased to announce our homegroup is returning to our original location, Highlawn Presby Church at 2814 Collis Ave. Please use the side entrance off 28 and ½ street. This change is effective immediately. Our format will remain a literature study meeting. Supplies are stocked. We average about 80 ppl per week. In loving service, Erica P

Hope Through Surrender, we meet at 901 Jefferson Ave on Thursday from 12-1pm. It’s a literature study which we are currently reading out of the How and Why which we encourage members to bring their books with them to the meeting. We have seen a big increase in our  meeting attendance since last area and would like to thank those who have supported our home group. Our average attendance has been 11 with a average of 3 new comers. We have a $20 donation this month. We currently have 2 active home group members. Our home group has a motion to present to area concerning our current budget. Thank you for allowing me to serve. Chad W
Choose to Live: We are doing well, meeting is groovy and the 5 minute timer has been successful in allowing more people to share. Our rent is paid up, literature and key tags are stocked. We are sponsoring a addict to convention, the only requirement is a desire to go and not able to pay for it otherwise. If you want to go to convention, please see any homegroup member and express your desire to go. We will draw a name out of the hat 2 weeks prior to the convention. We also have a homegroup member celebrating 1 year coming up on May 6th. Love Choose to live group
Trust the Process, It appears that those who are going to find us have. Our attendance averages 25. We have a new format and are now a candlelight meeting. Our needs are met. We have a 20 donation. Thanks for letting us serve, T the P
Greeting from out of the dark and into the light of the rainbow meeting… We meet at 7pm. At the barrnett center. It’s a closed meeting for addicts only. 20-25 addicts attending 7pm Saturdays at Barnett. Coffees hot, literature is on table and rents paid. We don’t have a donation at this time. Grateful to Serve, Gary M
Hello everyone form the 10:00 AM Making Amends located at 1st Presbytarian Church 1015 5th Ave, Huntington, Door is open on time, entry is located in back of church plenty of parking available. Coffee is made, NA literature is on the table. Pamphlets are for free and books are sold at cost. If you cant afford the books please find a home group member and arrangements will be made. We are averaging 22 to 28 addicts seeking recovery. Our home group is glad our area is finding ways to reach out to other addicts and show them that recovery is fun with the camp outs and all the other things that are being provided. We are also thankful to the Area for its extensive H and I commitments and the committee that keeps this running for us and all the hard work that the other committees do. At this time we do not have an area donation as we are still rebuilding our groups funds that were taken due do the fire.
8.) Old Business
Subcommittee Motions

Motion #1- PR

Motion: Requesting $20.00 for flyer day provisions

Intent:  To purchase flyers and fasteners for flyer day

Rationale: we believe a flyer day provides addicts an opportunity to be of service and make ourselves available to those seeking recovery

Motion #2- Activities

Motion: Seeking $45.00 for a sams club card to be used by the GTO area for materials for upcoming events

Intent: Need Money- need to buy items at below retail cost

Rationale: we are poor and money is tight
VOTE: 9 for 3 against 3 abstain MOTION Passed

Motion #3- Activities

Motion: $500 activities budget

Intent: to reserve sites for june campout

Rationale: To facilitate our summer campout
VOTE: 10 for 0against 3 abstain MOTION PASSED

9.) New Business
Motion #1- PR
Motion: Requesting $15.00 for schedules to do a schedule day and provisioning the needle exchange display, contingent on the funds being available after treasurers audit.
Intent: To purchase schedules
Rationale: Provide up to date schedules to disperse to individuals that will hand them out to addicts and ultimately make NA available to the still sick and suffering addict
VOTE: 13 for 0 against 4 abstain MOTION PASSED
Motion #2- Literature
Motion: $368.98 from literature reserve to order literature, contingent on the funds being available after treasurers audit.
Intent: Resupply stockpile
Rationale: To continue to have literature available
Motion #3- Policy
Motion: Strike Line 8, D, III and replace with:
Once a motion is voted on that motion, or a motion similar in nature, cannot be reintroduced for a period of (3) ASC meetings
Intent: clarify policy
Rationale: The existing line in policy is open to consideration. Also to keep the ASC Policy in line with the guidelines of Roberts Rules of Order
Motion #4- Trust the Process
Motion: Establish a date for the area inventory
Intent: See “motion fulfill ASC policy
Rationale: We’ve been remiss in dong this duty for several years. We need a better idea of our
VOTE: 14 for 0 against 2 abstain MOTION PASSED** JUNE 5th 1-5pm at Cabell County Library 3rd floor. 12th is back up date
Motion #5- Hope through surrender
Motion: To form a AdHoc Committee to create a proposed budget for our Area. The committee should consist of the current chair, vice chair, treasurer, chair of each subcommittee and any other member of the area who wants to help
Intent: To make sure and budget the GTO area service money in a responsible manner
Rationale: To go along with the 11th concept which states NA funds are to be used to further our primary purpose and must be managed responsibly
VOTE: 12 For 0 against 4 abstain MOTION PASSED
11.) Open Forum
Discussed meeting time for adhoc committee in motion 5 regarding budget.
Closed with prayer                                                          Next ASC is May 15th 2016 at 3pm