Wednesday, June 1, 2016


GTOASCNA May 15th, 2016
1.) Opened with Prayer
2.)Traditions and 12 Concepts read
3.)April minutes read by secretary motion to approve – Kristen A second by John M
Homegroups in Attendance
Living in the Solution –N A GSR
Hope without Dope-Y A GSR- Sal C
No Pain No Gain-Y A GSR – Ashley S
Another Chance to Live- N A
Another Way- Y A GSR Nick L
Together We Can- Y A GSR- Kristen A
Honest Recovery (also meets Fridays)-N I
Not High Noon-Y A Ashley F
Clean Possibilities- Y A GSR Britt S
Hope Turns to Faith-Y A GSR Erica B
Another Look-Y A John M
We do Recover-N I
A new Day-Y A GSR-  Josh B
Progress Not Perfection-Y A GSR- Nick C
Against All Odds-Y A- GSR- Andrew V
Do or Die-(also meet Thursday, Friday, and Saturday) N I
Hope through Surrender-Y A Chad W
Gods Will Candlelight-N I
Daily Reprieve-N I
Choose to Live-Y A GSR- Ryan D
High on life-N I
Serentyville- N I
Trust the Process-Y A GSR- Joe M
Out of the Darkness-Y A Gary
Making Amends-Y A Mark G
** Y-yes to attendance N-no to attendance/A-active group in quorum I-Inactive group in quorum/ name is indicative of reporting GSR for each group
16 groups of 18 active groups and 25 total groups in attendance – Quorum established
GTOASCNA Treasurer’s Report
Activity recorded 04-16-2016 through 05-14-2016
Regular Account
Beginning Balance                                                                                          $207.66
4-17-16                 Another Look                                                                    $6.75
4-17-16                 Hope Through Surrender                                             $20.00
4-17-16                 Hope Turns to Faith                                                        $20.00
4-17-16                 Against All Odds                                                              $20.00
4-17-16                 Trust the Process                                                             $20.00
4-17-16                 Hope Without Dope                                                      $30.00
4-17-16                 Choose to Live                                                                  $10.00  
Total Income                                                                     $126.75

4-18-16                 Int. Xfer to PR Reserve                                                  $15.00  
4-22-16                 Cab. Co. Lib. May ASC Rent (Cash)                           $15.00
4-22-16                 Cab. Co. Lib. June Area Inventory (Cash)               $15.00
5-11-16                 Ck. 592 City of Hunt. Fo. Act. May Rent                  $20.00
5-11-16                 Ck. 593 City of Hunt. Fo. H&I May Rent                 $20.00                  
                                Total Expenses                                                                 $85.00
Ending Balance                                                                                                 $249.41
Public Relations Reserve
Beginning Balance                                                                                          $100.00
4-17-16                 Int. Xfer from Reg. Acct.                                               $15.00
                                Total Income                                                                     $15.00

4-17-16                 Ck. 591 Elijah C. PR Schedules                                    $15.00
                                Total Expenses                                                                 $15.00
Ending Balance                                                                                                 $100.00

Prudent Reserve
Beginning Balance                                                                                          $100.00
5-14-16                 (No Income)                                                                      $0.00
                                Total Income                                                                     $0.00

                                (No Expenses)                                                                  $0.00
                                Total Expenses                                                                 $0.00
Ending Balance                                                                                                 $100.00

Activities Reserve              
Beginning Balance                                                                                          $0.00
                                (No Income)                                                                      $0.00
                                Total Income                                                                     $0.00
5-14-16                 (No Expenses)                                                                  $0.00
                Total Expenses                                                                 $0.00
Ending Balance                                                                                                 $0.00
Policy Reserve
Beginning Balance                                                                                          $50.00
5-14-16                 (No Income)                                                                      $0.00                                    
                                Total Income                                                                     $0.00
                                (No Expenses)                                                                  $0.00
                                Total Expenses                                                                 $0.00
Ending Balance                                                                                                                 $50.00

Literature Reserve
Beginning Balance                                                                                          $217.99
4-17-16                 Living In The Solution                                                    $85.00
4-17-16                 Clean Possibilities                                                          $19.50
4-17-16                 Another Look                                                                    $58.30
4-17-16                 Choose to Live                                                                  $4.00
4-17-16                 Out of the Dark…                                                             $18.50
4-17-16                 A New Day                                                                          $14.30
                                Total Income                                                                     $199.60
                                (No Expenses)                                                                  $0.00
                                Total Expenses                                                                 $0.00
Ending Balance                                                                                                 $417.59                                                                                                                
As of 05-15-16 the total of all 6 accounts is $917.00
Nick L. – ASC Treasurer
5.) RCM Report
6.) Subcommittee Reports
H and I
May 15, 2016
Greetings from PR. Our endeavors this month were incomplete due to complications with individual members of the subcommittee, primarily health procedures. We did not have schedule day in the month past as planned. We have rescheduled for next month on Monday, June 6th. We have scheduled our next flyer day to be on Saturday June 11th. We do not require funds for either as we have a surplus of flyers and supplies, and we received the money for schedules last month. Schedules were purchased at Minute Man Press. We have 125 updated schedules and spent $14 of the $15 appropriated. The next loved ones group is scheduled on Tuesday May 31st. We haven’t received word or update on our PSA inquiry, so we will be reaching out again to follow up with Kindred communications and iHeart radio. We will be revising and updating our contacts list and info this month. We took nominations for PR service positions this month. The PR service committee endorses and nominates Ashley F, our current Vice Chair, for PR Chairperson. She has attended PR faithfully and has become ready to responsibly accept this position. She has the full support of the PR service body. Ashley F motioned to create service position Loved Ones Coordinator. We voted in Elijah C to fill that position.
Grateful to serve, Elijah C.
Due to the way may falls on calendar we haven’t met this month. So we really don’t have anything to report. Campout is progressing fine. We haven’t had any prepaid for sites at this time. Thanks Vice Chair Robbie C—DESPERATELY NEED AUCTION ITEMS!
7.)Home Group Reports
Another Way Group Report May 2016
Hello Family! Greetings from the Another Way Home Group. Things are going well with our group and we do not have any pressing issues that need to be addressed at this time. Our meetings continue to remain intimate, we have plenty of literature available, and the doors are always open. We are paid up through May on our rent to the facility and we also made a decision to spend $30-$35 on key tags at the upcoming convention. We voted on the motions sent back to the home groups: our group voted unanimously in favor of the motion from the Literature Subcommittee to give them $368.98, and we also voted unanimously in favor of the motion from the Policy Subcommittee. We will cast our vote in New Business.
                We looked over the survey that was sent out with the minutes for the Area Inventory and our group plans to meet the Monday before the inventory takes place. However, we didn’t feel the survey was the best tool for the groups to conduct an Area Inventory. The survey is a valuable tool for the groups to use in their business affairs, but the Area Inventory is for the home groups to inventory the ASC—as well as any of its subcommittees—and what it is doing well and what can be worked on. Again, we appreciate the effort that was put in to providing this information, and we are not saying this to offend anyone. We’d like to announce that this Monday, 5/16/16, we will be having a home group member celebrate 6 years clean. There will be an out of town speaker, Keith R. from Salyersville, KY and we’ve allocated $25 from our home group reserve for celebration expenses. Please come and join us!
                In Loving Service, -The Another Way Group

Hello from Clean Possibilities Home Group. Recovery is alive and well in our little corner of the area. The doors are open on time, and we’ve been carrying the message to an average of 58 addicts a week over the last month. We have 21 home group members, currently, with 90% of those attending weekly. We have gained 11 new home group members since area last met. Our (hopefully) annual event, A Higher Point of Freedom did take place on 5/14/2016, and we had a total of 21 addicts attend the event, with 18 taking part in the hike and meditation, despite the inclement weather. Our regular Tuesday meetings are now operating on a rotating format and beginning on 5/17/2016 we have extended our meeting time to 75 minutes, running from 7:00-8:15pm, in order to accommodate the growing meeting. We have a triple celebration occurring on May 24, and Sarah W will be sharing her experience, strength and hope.
After much discussion and deliberation, our Home Group has again decided to abstain from voting on the tabled motion to provide the Literature Supply Subcommittee with the requested funding. This decision in no way represents our attitude towards the committee or its purpose. This decision was made due to the (at the time we met) lack of a treasurer’s report and firm understanding of where the area financial situations stands. We could not, in good faith, make a decision regarding this amount of money without this understanding.
We vote in favor of the motion regarding changing the wording of policy about how motions are presented in order to improve clarity. Finally, we have a donation of $25 to give to area at this time.
Grateful to Serve,   Britt S. GRS-Alternate
Hello from Hope Turns to Faith group of NA. Meeting opening on time, coffee made, literature on table, and message of recovery being carried. Average attendance is 50, Rent paid. No donation at this time. Erica B
Greeting from A New Day group of NA, our meeting has been opening and closing on time. And the message of Hope has been shared. We had a successful business meeting this month and have brought nominations for service positions today. Grateful to be a part of, A New Day
Happy May, friends! Thanks for your service! The Progress Not Perfection Group is rocking and rolling. We have settled back in at Highlawn #WootWoot. We are averaging 90-100 people at our open meeting each week. We are reading from various pieces of NA literature, all of which are available for the taking or purchase. Doors are opening on time, coffee is diesel fuel, and the message is definitely being carried. We have no donation to area as we are gearing up for our Ripley re-up on keytags and books. As always, it's a pleasure to be a part of the exploding Greater Than Ourselves Area of Narcotics Anonymous.

In Loving Service,
Nick C.

Hope through surrender – Hello family, we meet on Thursday from 12-1pm at 901 Jefferson AVE. we have been avg 8 people a meeting with 3 newcomers. We have 3 active home group members. Our meetings are going good. We are currently studying out of the H and W and are on the 11th step. We encourage members to bring their books with them to the meeting. We had a $4 donation and could always use support. Thank you, Chad W
Hello from the Choose to live group of Narcotics Anonymous, we have selected at random an addict to send to convention. Our meeting is going well, good relationship with our facility, our rent is paid, literature is available, a strong NA message is being carried, the 5 minute timer has allotted more addicts an opportunity to share, and eliminated meeting hostage takeovers. We have an homegroup member celebrating on June 10th. We have nominees for area positions. Love Choose to Live
Greetings from Out of the Dark and into the light of the Rainbow meeting… we meet every Saturday at 7:00PM at the Barnett Center. Doors are open on time, coffee hot and literature is available. Meeting attendance has increased from 15-25 to 30-40 people. We have 7 new homegroup members. WE have no donation for area at this time.  Grateful to serve, Gary M
Makings Amends 10:00 AM Saturday morning meeting, 1015 6th ave 1st Presbyterian church, Hello everyone, Doors open, coffee made, literature available on table. We are averaging 23 addicts at each meeting. WE have a $30.00 donation for area. In loving service Mark G
Trust the Process, Our group is hosting approx. 15 addicts per week. Our needs are met. Our new format appears to be satisfactory to those attending. We have a $30.00 donation to area. We have an addict celebrating 9 years on June 11th. We voted no on the policy change motion. We voted Yes on Lit supply committee motion. We nominated Joe M- ASC Chair Erica P- Vice Chair Josh B-Treasurer, Chad W- Treasurer 2. Thank you for allowing us to serve, T the P
8.) Old Business
Motion #1- PR
Motion: Requesting $15.00 for schedules to do a schedule day and provisioning the needle exchange display, contingent on the funds being available after treasurers audit.
Intent: To purchase schedules
Rationale: Provide up to date schedules to disperse to individuals that will hand them out to addicts and ultimately make NA available to the still sick and suffering addict
VOTE: 13 for 0 against 4 abstain MOTION PASSED
Motion #2- Literature
Motion: $368.98 from literature reserve to order literature, contingent on the funds being available after treasurers audit.
Intent: Resupply stockpile
Rationale: To continue to have literature available
VOTE MAY ASC- 13for 1 against 2 abstaing MOTION PASSES
Motion #3- Policy
Motion: Strike Line 8, D, III and replace with:
Once a motion is voted on that motion, or a motion similar in nature, cannot be reintroduced for a period of (3) ASC meetings
Intent: clarify policy
Rationale: The existing line in policy is open to consideration. Also to keep the ASC Policy in line with the guidelines of Roberts Rules of Order
Motion #4- Trust the Process
Motion: Establish a date for the area inventory
Intent: See “motion fulfill ASC policy
Rationale: We’ve been remiss in dong this duty for several years. We need a better idea of our
VOTE: 14 for 0 against 2 abstain MOTION PASSED** JUNE 5th 1-5pm at Cabell County Library 3rd floor. 12th is back up date
Motion #5- Hope through surrender
Motion: To form a AdHoc Committee to create a proposed budget for our Area. The committee should consist of the current chair, vice chair, treasurer, chair of each subcommittee and any other member of the area who wants to help
Intent: To make sure and budget the GTO area service money in a responsible manner
Rationale: To go along with the 11th concept which states NA funds are to be used to further our primary purpose and must be managed responsibly
VOTE: 12 For 0 against 4 abstain MOTION PASSED
Budget AD hoc Report
The adhoc committee concerning the budget proposal did meet today to get the ball rolling. It is suggested from the guide to local services that we have a budget as well as the fund flow chart. We are planning to have a budget proposal ready to present to the area within 6 months. The intent for the budget is to agree with the 11th concept which states NA funds are to be used to further our primary purpose and must be managed responsibly. We will be meeting again on June 13th after the Another Look home group meeting in Ceredo. Our agenda is to start crunching numbers with the current treasurer and alt treasurer to come up with a reserve then to meet with the individual subcommittees to come up with a budget for each sub committee. Anyone is welcome to join no clean time required. Chad W was voted in as chair appointed by current ASC chair. Thank you for allowing me to serve
9.) New Business
Motion #1- RCM
Motion: To be reimbursed for Gas to and from Ripley for RSC meeting $20.00
Rationale: Spent $20.00 in gas to Ripley
VOTE: 13 for 1 against 2 abstaining MOTION PASSES
Motion #2 was brought forth, discussed concerning moving ASC locations and times. The motion was pulled by GSR and not returned to ASC SECRETARY, please bring motion in its intended form to next ASC
The following is the nominations brought forth from HOME GROUP REPRESENTATIVES –
Chair- Joe M, Ryan D and Erica P
Vice Chair- Erica P, Chad W and Ryan D
Secretary- Josh A, Elijah C and James C
Treasurer- Josh B and Sal C
Treasurer ALT- Chad W and Sal C
RCM-Erica P and John M
RCM Alt- Erica P
H and I- DeeDee and Robbie C                 
Policy- Nick L                    
PR- Ashley F                      
Literature- Sal C
GSR from Another Look brought forth the following from the policy document from section V. Officer Elections A. General under line  4
4. Qualifications by nominees:
 a. Nominees should qualify when nominations are taken.
 b. Nominees should qualify for offices in person, or by resume if not present.
c. If neither requirement (b) is fulfilled, nominees cannot be elected.
This was implemented and those nominees who did not turn in a service resume or were not in attendance were removed. At this point there were many open positions and members who were in attendance, hurriedly filled their names into all open positions, as to have a member in each open position.
The nominations now are as follows
Chair- Joe M                     
Vice Chair- Chad W                        
Secretary- Elijah C and Josh A                   
Treasurer- Josh B                            
Treasurer Alt- Sal C
RCM- John M                    
RCM Alt                              
H and I-  Nick C                
Policy    Nick L   
PR - Ashley F     
Lit-         Sal C
10.) Announcements
Area Inventory is June 5th starting at 1pm at the Cabell County Library. Homegroups please fill out the attached inventory document

Budget Ad hoc committee will meet next on June 13th at 8:20pm at the Another Way group in Ceredo

Grateful to Serve, ASC Secretary                                              NEXT ASC is June 19th at 3:00 PM