Tuesday, July 26, 2016

July ASC Minutes

July 17, 2016 GTOASCNA
1.) Opened with Prayer
2.)Traditions and 12 Concepts read
3.)April minutes read by secretary motion to approve – Nick L seconded by Kristen A
Homegroups in Attendance
Living in the Solution –N I GSR
Hope without Dope-Y A GSR- Rachel N
No Pain No Gain-Y A GSR – Brad P
Another Chance to Live-Y A GSR Britt S
Another Way- Y A GSR Nick L
Together We Can- Y A GSR- Kristen A
Not High Noon-Y A Josh A
Clean Possibilities- Y A GSR Jason B
Hope Turns to Faith-Y A GSR Erica B
Another Look-N A
We do Recover-N I
A new Day-Y A GSR-  Josh B
Progress Not Perfection-Y A GSR-  Dave H
Against All Odds-Y A- GSR- Amber F
Do or Die-(also meet Thursday, Friday, and Saturday) N A
Basic Group- Y A Nick C
Hope through Surrender-Y A Chad W
Gods Will Candlelight-Y A Sue C
Daily Reprieve-N I
Choose to Live-Y A GSR- Nick P
High on life-N I
Serentyville- N I
Trust the Process-Y A GSR- Mickey D
Out of the Darkness-Y A Robbie C
Making Amends-N I
** Y-yes to attendance N-no to attendance/A-active group in quorum I-Inactive group in quorum/ name is indicative of reporting GSR for each group
17 groups of 19 active groups and 25 total groups in attendance – Quorum established
4.) Treasurers Report
GTOASCNA Treasurer’s Report
Activity recorded 06-18-2016 through 07-16-2016
Regular Account
Beginning Balance                                                                                          $323.41
6-19-16                 Against All Odds                                                              $20.00
6-19-16                 Living in the Solution                                                     $25.00
6-19-16                 Trust the Process                                                             $20.00
6-19-16                 Together We Can                                                            $25.00
6-19-16                 Hope Through Surrender                                             $20.00
6-19-16                 Clean Possibilities                                                          $25.00
Total Income                                                                     $135.00

6-22-16                 Cabell Co. Library July ASC Rent                                                $15.00
6-19-16                 Nick C. Regional Meeting Sched. Ck 597                                $20.00
7-17-16                 City of Hunt. Fo. H&I July Rent                                  $20.00  
7-17-16                 Int. Xfer to Literature                                                     $303.41                
                                Total Expenses                                                                 $55.00
Ending Balance                                                                                                 $100.00
Public Relations Reserve
Beginning Balance                                                                                          $100.00
6-20-16                 (No Income)
                                Total Income                                                                     $0.00

6-20-16                 (No Expenses)                                                                 
                                Total Expenses                                                                 $0.00
Ending Balance                                                                                                 $100.00
Prudent Reserve
Beginning Balance                                                                                          $100.00
6-20-16                 (No Income)                                                                      $0.00
                                Total Income                                                                     $0.00

                                (No Expenses)                                                                  $0.00
                                Total Expenses                                                                 $0.00
Ending Balance                                                                                                 $100.00
Activities Reserve              
Beginning Balance                                                                                          $0.00
6-20-16                 (No Income)                                                                      $0.00
                                Total Income                                                                     $0.00

6-20-16                 (No Expenses)                                                                  $0.00
                Total Expenses                                                                 $0.00
Ending Balance                                                                                                 $0.00
Policy Reserve
Beginning Balance                                                                                          $50.00
5-15-16                 (No Income)                                                                      $0.00                                    
                                Total Income                                                                     $0.00
                                (No Expenses)                                                                  $0.00
                                Total Expenses                                                                 $0.00
Ending Balance                                                                                                                 $50.00

Literature Reserve
Beginning Balance                                                                                          $24.61
6-20-16                 Int Xfer from Regular Acct.                                          $303.41
                                Total Income                                                                     $303.41
6-20-16                 No Expenses                                                                      $0.00
                                Total Expenses                                                                 $0.00
Ending Balance                                                                                                 $328.02                                                                                                                
As of 07-16-16 the total of all 6 accounts is $678.02
Nick L. – ASC Treasurer
5.) RCM
6.) Subcommittee Reports
Greetings from PR,
All is well. The missing literature rack at the needle exchange was recovered and returned. They have alotted us some of their wall holders to store our ips as they no longer had room for our display. Flyer day went well this past month. The date of our next flyer day will start being announced soon. We voted in a new Secretary Damien B. We also voted to combine the schedule day and communication positions for more efficiency and our next schedule day is set for August 15th. We are requesting $20 to purchase 10 of each of the following ips
Am I an addict?
For the newcomer 
Intro to NA
and also a basic text at the request of our contact Terry Colison at first steps who see a number addicts daily.
Grateful to serve,
Ashley F
H and I
Hospitals and Institutions Minutes July 2016
The meeting was called to order at 6pm.
The traditions and concepts were read.
Group reports were read:
The Monday morning 10:30AM H&I panel at Riverpark is rocking and rolling. Averaging about 8 in attendance each week, they have been very receptive and happy to see us overall. The primary purpose is being carried. Trusted servants, you rock!
Nick C.
 My first panel at Trenton House was on June 14. We were well received by the residents of the house. 
The meeting started and ended on time. The panel consisted of myself, Josh B., and Robbie C. We read 
readings and the JFT meditation, and then each panel member shared with the residents. Following the meeting, we joined the residents on their back patio and talked for several minutes in good fellowship. On June 28, I, Johnathan R., and Nate H. went to the residence, but no one answered the door. Nate contacted Will Lockwood, director of operations for Lifehouse, who informed us that we were 
supposed to have been notified that the residents had traveled that day to assist flood victims in the Clendenin area. Will apologized for us not getting the message. A few days later, I contacted Will via FB Messenger to let him know I'm the panel leader now and he can contact me if the schedule needs adjusted in the future. I also told him I thought it was great that the residents had gone to help the flood victims – it was a good reason we weren't able to conduct the panel that night. Will, at that time, advised me that Kevin Lloyd (phone
Hello from HNI at Riverpark Adolescent Long term! We have started late due to staff, but been allowed to stay late the full hour, and the lifesaving message of Narcotics Anonymous has been carried. The adolescents have been very receptive! However ran into some willingness problems, but was able to go in with a full panel the second time. Thank you for allowing me to serve! Janice E.
Greetings, from Pinecrest meeting of hospitals and institutions. We have been opening and closing on time. Willingness is good. We go in together and leave together. The residents continue to respectfully listen and share. The staff is amazing. The lifesaving message of narcotics anonymous is being shared.
Grateful to be a trusted servant
Christa S. ✊
Greetings from the Riverpark adult short term H&I panel of Narcotics Anonymous. All is well. The meeting starts and ends on time.  We go in and leave as a group. Clear message of recovery is being carried. 
Grateful to serve, Sarah W
The Pinecrest female wing HNI panel is going well. Willingness has been fantastic. We are going in on time and together. The lifesaving message of narcotics anonymous is being carried. I could use some schedules. The women have been excited about recovery and attentive. Grateful to serve. Kristen S.
HNI is going well at Pinecrest. The clients are very receptive the facility is completely in sync with what we have going on. Panel members have been showing up on time and leaving together on time. No problems at this time. Thanks for the opportunity to serve Trevor G.
Greetings from Thursday Pinecrest, 
The meeting is opening and closing on time. The clients are extremely receptive and attentive. A clear message of NA is being carried. There are no problems to report at this time. Thank you, Ara S.
Missing reports from Nick C. Riverpark adult
No report from Elijah C St. Mary's 
As far as the jail goes we are still working to get enough people approved to go in. Applications and background checks are going to take a bit longer before we can have orientation dates. Hoping to have those before next month's panel
DeeDee discussed the importance of good scheduling and leadership skills on the part of the panel leaders.
New business:
St Mary's is having nursing students come into h and i panel. Cassie’s H. raised the question of whether or not that is the best environment for the students. Possible we could educate them on other meetings.
Josh B wants to take on the responsibility of contacting the facility contacts and seeing what we could do for them. We need Riverpark contact and adolescent and adult have different contacts.
Janice E. discussed the need to try to have workshops on days other than weekends. Wednesday the 20th at 6pm will be the next workshop at the weed and seed.
Trevor G. asked about members with significant clean time need one every year. The answer is yes. One is needed every year.
Kristen S. asked about formats with readings for panels. Do we want kits with panels so we have a consistent format? The format does not have to be identical. We also discussed whether hugging and the hug circle are permitted. We also discussed how much profanity is acceptable and that we are there to set the example especially among adolescents. This discussion led to is feel g panel leaders need to have strong leadership 
qualities and remind the panel members beforehand.
Treatment facilities in Ashland do they need help? We will table the discussion until next meeting. There was also discussion about Mildred Batemen.

Grateful to be of service, Jason R.
Activities- positions open Vice Chair and secretary
Literature- need help with literature orders and 2 open positions in subcommittee Vice chair, clean time requirement 9 months and secretary clean time requirement 9 months. See Sal C to inquire
7.)Homegroup Reports
Another Way Group Report July 2016

            Hello Family! Things are going pretty well at the Another Way Group. We have plenty of literature, our rent is paid, the doors are open, and an atmosphere of recovery is being provided. We have our votes for the area officer positions, which we will give in new business. We’d like to take a moment and welcome our new home group member, Jason P and also invite you all to join us on July 25th for a 5 year celebration. Things are going well and we’re happy to be a part of.
In Loving Service,
-The Another Way Group

Greetings from Not High Noon, All is well. Meeting is opening and closing on time. Life saving message NA message is being carried. Coffee is on a whole new level of strongness, However no white key tags have been picked up on it. Our 2nd annual Freedom Function was a success, we had 50 in attendance. Our average attendance is 20 weekly with River Park adolescents attending regualry. We have a double one year celebration coming up on July 26th, Jason L will be speaking. Grateful to serve, Josh A
Greetings from Hope turns to Faith group of Narcotics Anonymous. Meeting opening and closing on time, literature on table, coffee made. Average attendance 25-30 we have no donation at this time. Grateful to serve, Erica B
Greetings from A New Day, Our meeting has been opening and closing on time. And a message of Hope is being carried. We would like to thank Gary M. for sharing his experience, strength and hope this past month to a record attendance of almost 40. Grateful to serve, A New Day
The Basic Group Report, All is well with the basic group. We are progressing through the how it works chapter in the basic text as we are a step study and application meeting. We have NA coffee ready along with growing amounts of literature since we recently started. We welcomed a new homegroup member this week, Sean B. we meet on Wednesdays at 7:30 PM, 10th street and 10th Ave, Stay Basic, Nick C
Hello from the Progress not Perfection, all is well, coffee is made, literature available, the doors open on time. We just had a 2 year celebration, Ali S. we have a $40 donation at this time. No problems to report at this time. In loving service, Dave H
Greetings from Against all Odds Homegroup of NA. Everything is well meeting starting and ending on time. Coffee hot, literature on the table, life saving message is being carried. We are donating 40 to area, attendance has been 20-30 people. Homegroup is struggling for active HG members. Thank you grateful to serve, Amber F
Hello family, Hope through surrender meets on Thursday from 12-1 at 901 jefferson ave. we are currently doing a lit study from the It works How and Why and are on the 3rd tradition. We encourage members to bring their books when they come to the meeting. We have 5 homegroup members with no celebrations this month. We have been averaging 10 members with 2 newcomers. Our rent is current and our meetings our going good. We have a $10 donation this month and thank everyone for their support. Chad W
Choose to live, no issues to report. The church was mostly spared in the flooding that occurred nearby. No donation, Grateful to serve, Nick P
Out of the Darkness and into the light of the rainbow sat 6pm, attendance is up to 20-50 members per week. Coffee made literature on table no problems to discuss at this point, Robbie C
8.) Old Business
Voting for ASC officers was halted, see motion 2, Subcommittee chairs were appointed Per policy and recommendations by those committees by the ASC chair, confirmed by GSR’s
Hand I chair: DeeDee B
Policy: NO Chairperson brought by committee
PR: Ashley F
Literature: Sal C

Motion 1- H and I
Motion: To be reimbursed $20.00 to print Regional Schedules for Hand I Panel Leaders
Intent: To get schedules in the hands of addicts leaving secure facilities
Rationale: We tell addicts to go to meetings when they get out. So they need to know where to go!
VOTE: 15 FOR 0 Against 0 Abstaining MOTION PASSES
Motion 2- Out of dark HG seconded by Nick P(choose to Live)
Motion: To postpone voting of officers for area service til next month
Intent: To ensure all willingness and qualifications have been taken into consideration
Rationale: To follow concept #4
VOTE: 12 For 0 against 5 abstaining MOTION PASSES
Motion 3 –Out of the Darkness HG
Motion: To dismantle policy subcommittee
Intent: Policy SC was formed to condense and clarify the existing Policy Document and has successfully performed that task. They do not have access to our webpage to update any new policy changes.
Rationale: to allow our webservant to perform their duties of updating our policy document
Tabled to Home groups, BRING VOTE IN JULY
Voting in July 9 for 6 against 2 abstain- MOTION PASSES
Motion 4 – A new Day
Motion: To change the wording in our Policy under #7(H), Subcommittee chairpersons, to Read- “currently working NA steps and a working knowledge of NA traditions.” Also  the lines in ASC officer descriptions lines 1.G 2,C 3,D 4,C 5,B and 6,A to read the same way; “currently working NA steps and a working knowledge of NA traditions.”
Intent: To ensure our trusted servants are working NA steps and help ensure that principles found in our steps are being practiced. Also, to maintain a clear message of NA recovery.
Rationale: To follow the suggestions in concept #4 in our 12 Concepts booklet, on page #9. “through continuing to work the 12 steps, our trusted servants have come to know not only their assets, but their defects and limitations. Knowing that, they have agreed to serve our fellowship to the best of their ability, with Gods help”
Tabled to Home Groups, BRING VOTE IN JULY
Voting in July 4 for 10 against 3 abstains- MOTION FAILS
Nominations to BRING a Vote for in July
ASC Chair- Joe M
ASC Vice Chair- Chad w and Ryan d
Secretary- Elijah C ,  Josh A and James C
Treasurer- Josh B
Treasurer alt- Sal C
RCM- John M
RCM alt-Erica B
9.) New Business
Voting for ASC positions
Chair- Joe M- 14 for ELECTED
Vice Chair-Chad W 3 for/ Ryan D 12 for, Ryan D -ELECTED
Secretary- Elijah C 5 for,/ Josh A 8 for,/ James C 2 for, Josh A ELECTED
Treasurer- Josh B 16 for ELECTED
Treasurer Alt- Sal C 14 for- ELECTED
RCM- Erica P nominated by GSR, 16 for ELECTED
RCM alt- Erica B 16 for ELECTED
Motion #1 PR
Motion: Requesting $20.00 of PR reserve to purchase 10 of each of the following IP’s and a basic text for first steps: Am I an Addict, For the Newcomer, Intro to NA
Intent: TO further carry the message of NA
Vote: 14 For 3 against 0 abstain MOTION PASSES
Motion # 2 Choose to live seconded by Hope without Dope
Motion: To provide daily Reprieve Homegroup with a basic text and 25 IP’s
Intent: To help a struggling group
Rationale: Per literature policy section VII line B, 4% of profit to help struggling homegroups
Vote: 14 for 1 against 2 abstaining MOTION PASSES
Motion #3 Nick P Choose to live seconded by Nick L
Motion: To send $100.00 to region
Vote: 9 for 3 against 4 abstaining MOTION PASSES
Open forum:
Discussion of removing the reading of the homegroup reports to give area service more time for business
Grateful to serve you GTO       Ryan D                                                      Next ASC 8-21-16