Monday, October 10, 2016

Sept GTOANA ASC Minutes

September 2016 GTOANA minutes

  1. Opened with prayer
  2. Traditions and Concepts read
  3. July minutes read by secretary. Motion to approve by Britt S. seconded by Josh B.
  4. Homegroups in attendance:
Living in the Solution – N I
Hope Without Dope – Y A
No Pain No Gain – Y A

Attitude Adjustment Y A
Another Chance to Live – Y A
Another Way – Y A
Together We Can – N I

Not High Noon – Y A
Clean Possibilities – Y A
Hope Turns To Faith – Y A
Another Look – N I
We Do Recover – N I
A New Day – Y A

Progress Not Perfection – Y A
Against All Odds – Y A
Hope Dealers – Y A
Basic Group – Y A

Hope Through Surrender – N A
God's Will Candlelight – Y A
Peace of Mind Y A

Daily Reprieve – N I
Choose To Live – Y A
High On Life – N I

Serenityville – N I
Trust The Process – Y A
Out of the Darkness – Y A
Making Amends – Y A

New groups:
Ground Zero- Marcum Terrace Family Resource Center - Thursdays @ Noon 
The Do or Die group changed the name of group to Hope Dealers
**** Y- yes to attendance. N-No to attendance. A-active group. I-inactive group

20 groups present out of 20 active groups and 27 total groups. Quorum established

  1. RCM report read
  2. Treasurer's report
GTOASCNA Treasurer’s Report
Activity recorded 08-21-2016 through 09-19-2016
Regular Account
Beginning Balance $95.02
9-19-16 Group Donations to ASC $40.00
9-19-16 Group Lit. Orders (directly to Regular act.) $289.92
Total $329.92
Literature orders income:
9-19-16 Ch#602 City of Huntington for H and I $20.00
9-19-16 xfer to lit. sub. For check #603 $14.84
9-19-16 Ch#607 MRSCNA Donation $250.00
9-19-16 cash (ASC rent) $15.00
Total Expenses $299.84
9-19-16 Ending balance $125.10
Prudent Reserve
Beginning Balance $100.00
No Income and No Expenses
Ending Balance $100.00
Public Relations Reserve
Beginning Balance $100.00
9-19-16 Check #605 for Liz K. Supplies $4.27
9-19-16 Check #606 Jeff S. for printing items $30.00
Total Expenses $34.27
Ending Balance $65.73
Activities Reserve
Beginning Balance $300.00
9-19-16 (No Income) $0.00
Total Income $0.00
9-19-16 Check #604 for Tom F. (Halloween) $300.00
Total Expenses $300.00
Ending Balance $0.00
Literature Reserve
Beginning Balance $492.97
9-19-16 Int Xfer from Regular Acct. $14.84
Total Income $14.84

9-19-16 Check #603 for Sal C. (reimbursment) $14.84
Total Expenses $14.84
Ending Balance $478.13
As of 09-19-16 the total of all 5 accounts is $768.96
Josh B. – ASC Treasurer

  1. Subcommittee Reports
I will send the activities report as a separate e-mail upon receiving it

Greeting from PR,
Everything is well. Willingness for flyer day was fantastic. The next date will be announced soon. Schedule day is set to take place tomorrow (September 19th). There will be a pr booth set up at the community in unity event. If you have any interest in participating contact Robbie C. We're also requesting 34.27 for money already spent on supplies for flyer and schedule day.
Grateful to serve,
Ashley F

H and I

Hospitals and Institutions Subcommittee
September 9, 2016
Meeting was called to order at 6:05pm
Opened with Prayer
Traditions and concepts were read.
Attendance: Jason R. Josh B. Kristen S. Janice H.
Group reports read:
Greetings from the Pinecrest 28 day women’s HNI panel. Willingness has been great! We are going in and out
as a group together and on time. A clear message of NA is being carried. The clients are very attentive. I do
need schedules. Grateful to serve, Kristen S.
Greetings, from Pinecrest female meeting of hospitals and institutions. We have been opening and closing on
time. Willingness is good. We go in together and leave together. The residents continue to respectfully listen
and share. The staff is cool. The life saving message of narcotics anonymous is being shared.
Grateful to be a trusted servant 
Christa S. 
Greetings from the St Mary's psych ward panel,
All is well. Meeting is beginning and ending on time and as per usual, willingness is amazing. No problems to
report at this time. Grateful to be of service, Josh A
Good day,
The Monday morning 10:30AM Adult Short-term H&I panel at Riverpark is rocking and rolling. The message is
being carried and willingness is adequate though this is a difficult time slot. We average about 6-8 clients in
attendance each week. Some are more attentive than others. I have seen some at open meetings afterward! I
was not in attendance at this month's subcommittee nor did I have a report prepared on time as I was
anticipating the subcommittee meeting before ASC as previously voted. I understand for now we are back to
the original time slot. Thanks for allowing me to serve the fellowship that saves my life.
Nick C.
The H&I panel continues to be well-received by the residents of Trenton House. All the meetings started and
ended on time.
The panel on August 23 consisted of myself, Gary M and Josh A. sharing. We read readings and the JFT
meditation, and then the panel shared our experience, strength and hope with the residents. Following the
meeting, we joined the residents on their back patio and talked for several minutes in good fellowship.
The panel on September 6 consisted of Josh B., Billy P. and Gary M. sharing. Josh B led the panel as I was
under the weather. Readings were read by the house members and the panel members shared their
experience, strength and hope. Following the meeting, the panel joined the residents on their back patio and
talked for several minutes in good fellowship. The next panel is scheduled on September 20 at 7 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Jeff S.
Panel leader
Hello, from Pinecrest male meeting of hospitals and institutions. We have been opening and closing on time.
Willingness is good. We go in together and leave together. The residents continue to respectfully listen and
share. The staff is amazing. The life saving message of narcotics anonymous is being shared.
Grateful to serve 
Ara S.
Greetings from pinecrest. Hni is going well. We arrive on time and open on time and close on time. The
message is being carried and the clients are usually pretty receptive. As always it's a pleasure to serve. Trevor
Old business:
There was no old business to discuss.
New business
Attendance was very sparse and we engaged in a discussion on how to have subcommittee meetings better
Closed with Prayer


The literature supply Subcommittee met Sunday September 18th at 2pm at the Cabell county library.   Literature inventory was completed there was $1555.50 in literature prior to filling of orders.  1-10 year medallions are kept in stock, medallions over 10 years need to be special ordered. 
Be sure to have order forms completed in full including contact person, group name and totals.  Can email orders to the website up to the Saturday before ASC.
One motion was submitted to ASC.
         grateful to serve
             Maggie S

  1. Homegroup reports
God's Will Candlelight
Greetings from the gods will candlelight meeting of Narcotics Anonymous. Everything is running great. The doors are open on time and literature is available. The word of Narcotics Anonymous is being shared. The vote for h&i to change locations was brought back and we voted yes for the change. We have no donation at this time for area.
Thank you for letting me serve, Tate C.

Against All Odds
Against All Odds is glad to report taht our meeting attendance continues to grow. We have a wide range of clean time both male and female. We are averaging 35 addicts weekly at our literature study meeting which meets in Pullman Square. Sorry, no donation.
Grateful to serve, Against All Odds

A New Day
Greetings from A New Day, Everything is going swimmingly. No donation this month. Grateful to Serve, A New Day

Making Amends
Hello all, Making Amends has doors open, coffee made, & NA lit. on the table. We want to thank everyone who came and helped us celebrate a one yr miracle and a 2 yr miracle. Our meeting place is changing, more information will be provided. We are averaging 10-18 addicts We have no donation at this time. Grateful to serve, Mark G. GSR

Out of the Darkness
Weekly attendance is growing weekly. 35-60 members. Rent paid, literature on table. No problems to report. As a home group we are setting up a literature table for a community rally. We are providing literature and rack for this and addicts. Anyone is welcome to get involved. In Loving Service, Robbie C.

Basic Group
GTO Area of Narcotics Anonymous
Greetings from the Basic Group. Things are going normally. The doors are opening on time each
Wednesday and the NA message is being carried. Then focus of the Basic Group is primarily Step
study and application. Our average attendance is about 30 people. Our rent is paid in advance
and all is well. We have no donation to area at this time.
Warm regards,
Basic Group

Peace of Mind
Greetings from Peace of Mind group of Narcotics Anonymous.
We are meeting on time and having a pretty steady support now of about 10-15 each week. And the life saving message of NA is being shared. We are still trying to get enough funds to buy literature. Regretfully, we do not have anything for area at this time.
Grateful to serve,
Janice H
Not High Noon
Greetings from NHN,
Things are good. 25 addicts in attendance on average and growing every week. Literature is on the table and coffee is hot. Not much to report.
Grateful to serve
Liz k

Another Chance to Live
Greetings from Another Chance to Live. All is well. Doors are open on time and literature is available. Average meeting attendance is around 30 addicts weekly. Unfortunately we have no donation to area at this time, as our treasury walked away. Facility key has been secured and we continue on, carrying out our primary purpose. We had two additions to our home group this month, Welcome to John S and Jessie D. Grateful to serve, Britt S GSR

Choose to Live

We have a $10 donation. 

Grateful to serve. 

-nick p
Hope Without Dope
Greetings from the home without dope group of narcotics anonymous.  All is going well the doors are open on time and coffee is hot. We have a full stock
of literature on the tables and the message of recovery is being carried. We have about 30-40 in attendance weekly.  We voted for the change in H&I Subcommittee meeting time and place.
We have a 30 dollar donation to area this month.
           Grateful to serve
              Maggie S.

Attitude Adjustment
Greetings from the attitude adjustment group of narcotics anonymous.  All has started very well. We average 3 to 5 addicts in attendance. Happy to announce that we have literature on the tables and the coffee is outstanding. A rocking narcotics anonymous message of hope is being carried. Thank you to the gto area for showing support of our new home group. 
Truly grateful to serve.
Rachel n

** Note from Secretary.... These are all the reports that I have received. GSRs please hand a written copy, or preferably email a copy or your reports to

  1. Old Business

Motion to change H&I location- tabled to home groups because of policy change
voted on- 16 for 0 against 1 abstain- Motion passed

  1. New Business

Motion 1 Literature

Motion: reimburse Sal C. for Literature order forms $14.84
Intent: Pay Sal back
Rationale: To have order forms available at ASC
Voted on: 14 for 0 against 1 abstain

Motion 2: PR

Motion: Requesting $30 for schedules, cards, and flyers and $4.27 for tape

Intent: Further carry the message

Rationale: Our primary purpose


Motion 3: Attitude Adjustment

Motion: Asking for a donation of a Basic Text, Step-Wroking Guide, and an It Works: How and Why. ($32 cost)
Intent: To have literature available

Rationale: To further carry out our primary purpose


Motion 4: Activities

Motion: $300 for Halloween event
Intent: It's that time, we are in need
Rationale: Halloween is upon us again and we need funds to operate


Open Forum:

Janice H asked about literature subcommitee stockpile for donations. Asked about help with Literature for Lit study meeting. She was informed that Lit subcommittee policy is to help struggling or new home groups with a starter pack. Motion form was given to her to take to her home group and bring back in October

Grateful to serve, Josh A.
Next ASC 10-16-2016

Friday, October 7, 2016

New Thursday Noon Meeting: Ground Zero, opens this week the 13th

Marcum Terrace, FRC building
900 Marcum Terrace, Huntington, WV 25705
60 Minutes

First meeting, this coming week the 13th at noon