Monday, November 21, 2016

Meeting changes in November/December

Meeting changes:

Attitude Adjustment Wednesday 7:00AM meeting is closed, ONLY Wednesday is closing, Monday is still open and doing well. effective immediately.

Living in the Solution: New time and Location starting November 27th
1:30 PM Living in the Solution Group 
B'nai Sholom Jewish Congregation
949 10th Ave, Huntington, WV
60 Minutes

High on Life meeting is changing times and locations:
**EFFECTIVE December 16th**
FPC(Brick Building)
1018 6th AVE, Huntington WV
60 Minutes
Start time -- 7:00 PM

Monday, November 14, 2016

Sunday Living in the solution meeting time and location change

Effective change beginning on the 27th of November

New Location and Time change:

1:30PM Living in the Solution Group 
B'nai Sholom Jewish Congregation
949 10th Ave, Huntington, WV
60 Minutes

Meeting starts at 1:30 and ends at 2:30

Grateful webservant :)

October Minutes

October 2016 GTOANA minutes

1. Opened with prayer
2. Traditions and Concepts read
3. September minutes read by secretary. Motion to approve by Andrew V. seconded by Josh B.
4. Homegroups in attendance:
Living in the Solution – N I
Hope Without Dope – Y A
No Pain No Gain – Y A

Attitude Adjustment Y A
Another Chance to Live – Y A
Another Way – N A
Together We Can – Y A

Not High Noon – Y A
Clean Possibilities – Y A
Hope Turns To Faith – Y A
Another Look – N I
We Do Recover – N I
A New Day – Y A

Progress Not Perfection – Y A
Against All Odds – Y A
Hope Dealers – Y A
Basic Group – Y A

Groynd Zero – Y A
Hope Through Surrender – N I
God's Will Candlelight – Y A
Peace of Mind Y A

Daily Reprieve – Y A
Choose To Live – Y A
High On Life – N I

Serenityville – N I
Trust The Process – Y A
Out of the Darkness – Y A
Making Amends – Y A

**** Y- yes to attendance. N-No to attendance. A-active group. I-inactive group

18 groups present out of 21 active groups and 28 total groups. Quorum established

5. RCM report read
6. Treasurer's report

GTOASCNA Treasurer’s Report
Activity recorded 09-19-2016 through 10-16-2016
Regular Account
Beginning Balance $125.10
10-16-16 Group Donations to ASC $141.00
10-16-16 Group Lit. Orders (directly to Regular act.) $263.25
Total $404.25
10-16-16 cash to erica b for rsc alt duties $65.00
10-16-16 xfer to pr. sub. For replenish $34.27
10-16-16 cash (ASC rent) $15.00
Total Expenses $114.27
10-16-16 Ending balance $415.08
Prudent Reserve
Beginning Balance $100.00
No Income and No Expenses
Ending Balance $100.00
Public Relations Reserve
Beginning Balance $65.73
10-16-16 no expenses
Income xfer from regular account $34.27
Ending Balance $100.00
Activities Reserve
Beginning Balance $0.00
10-16-16 (No Income) $0.00
Total Income $0.00
10-16-16 $0.00
Total Expenses $0.00
Ending Balance $0.00
Literature Reserve
Beginning Balance $478.13
Total Income $0.00
10-16-16 Check #608 for Sal C. (New Order for Replenish) $450.00
Total Expenses $450.00
Ending Balance $28.13 (+ lit. stockpile)
Internal Transfer from PR to Literature of $57.30
As of 10-16-16 the total of all 5 accounts is $643.21
Josh B. – ASC Treasurer
6. Subcommittee Reports
I will send the activities report as a separate e-mail upon receiving it

Greeting from PR,
Everything is well. Flyer day is this coming Tuesday the 18th. Schedule day is going to be the 25 of October. We are request 57.30 for ips to restock the pr box.
Grateful to serve,
Ashley F
H and I

Hospitals and Institutions Subcommittee September

Opened with Prayer

Concepts and Traditions were read

Attendance: Christa S. Kristen S. Josh B. Andrew V. Nick P. nick C. NIck L. Sarah W. Trevor G. Isaiah

Janice H. John H. Josh A. Sue V. Heather B.

No old business

Group reports

Hello from Monday morning at Riverpark! We have been going in on time in a panel of 3-4 members.  We carry

a clear message of Narcotics Anonymous.  We begin and end on time, come and leave as a group, and the

clients at the facility have been very receptive. Willingness has been good for Monday mornings. 

Very grateful to be of service,

Sarah W

The Monday morning 10:30AM Adult Short-term H&I panel at Riverpark is effective and awesome. The

message is being carried and willingness is sufficient. We average about 6-8 clients in attendance each week.

Some are more attentive than others, some are detoxing still. We focus on JFT topics and read out of the basic

text. There is a need for this panel and our service is appreciated at this facility.

Thanks for allowing me to serve alongside you,

Nick C.

Greetings from the Pinecrest women's facility. Meetings have been going in on time and

together. The lifesaving message of NA has been shared. The women’s are extremely attentive

and open-minded to the panel. Willingness has been fabulous. I could use some schedules.

Grateful to serve, Kristen s

Greetings from River Park Adolescent Long Term! We are entering and leaving as a group on time. The clear

lifesaving message of narcotics anonymous is shared and the kids are super receptive! Thank you for letting

me serve,

Janice H

Greetings from the St. Mary's psych ward panel 

All is well. We have been there in time consistently, however, we have been about 5 minutes late starting due

to the facility wrapping up visitation. We have still been ending on time. Willingness remains stellar, to the point

where I have to schedule people weeks ahead of time. A clear consistent Narcotics Anonymous message is

being carried. I would like to request a few IPs, as the ones I had have been taken by facility residents.

Grateful to be of service, Josh A.

10-16- 16

Greetings, from Pinecrest female meeting of hospitals and institutions. We have been opening and closing on

time. Willingness is alright.  We go in together and leave together. The residents continue to respectfully listen

and share. The staff is chill. The lifesaving message of narcotics anonymous is being shared.


Christa S. 

Riverpark Adolescent Long Term Unit H&I Report

Things are going well with the adolescent long term unit at Riverpark. I’d like to thank the H& II subcommittee

for asking me to serve as panel leader on such a short notice. Our last panel went well. We had an abundance

of members willing to come and share their experience .Several of the attendees expressed how grateful they

were that our panel comes in. A special thank you to the panel members that came in to participate on short

notice. We’ll keep you posted on any updates!

In Loving Service,-Nick L.

New Business

We discussed Boyd county Detention Center meeting, Nick P. Nick L, Christa S. Sarah W. have willingness to

attend the next PREA training.

Nick L. is the new panel leader for the Wednesday Riverpark adolescent HNI meeting

We will be having the nest HNI workshop at the Halloween extravaganza

Kristen S. will be unable to take her panel in on thanksgiving, Christa S agreed to fill in for her

The subcommittee discussed revision of the current HNI policy

Discussed new panel leaders to be nominated next month, Panels change in December

Motion to adjourn

Closed with prayer

Grateful to serve Dee Dee B.

8. Homegroup reports

 The Together We Can Group is going well. We have a homegroup member celebrating 365 on November 14th. We have a $20 donation for area at this time.
Grateful to serve,
Seth P.
Greetings from the Basic Group. Things are going well. Our meeting is opening and closing on

time and our primary purpose is being fulfilled. We have a $20.00 donation for area this month.

On October 9 th , we are having a 6-year celebration for Wes R. We haven’t decided on a speaker

or if we will even have one yet. We have welcomed a new home group member, Sam S. Our

average attendance is around 25-30 addicts in attendance. Nothing more to report.

Grateful to serve, Elijah C
October 2016 Choose to Live Report

We're sending an addict, without the means to go, to the fall convention.  Submit names by Friday 10/21 at 7pm to enter your name in the drawing. 

Grateful to serve- 

Nick P
Greetings from the Peace of Mind homegroup of NA. We are averaging about 10-15 ppl each week, but women tends to be low, I think bc of the Pinecrest H&I panel, which is great. We have gotten some literature now to offer for sale. We have a one year celebration coming up Nov.10th. We dont have anything for area at this time. Grateful to serve,
Janice H.

Greetings from NHN,
Things are good. 25 addicts in attendance on average and growing every week. Literature is on the table and coffee is hot. Speaker meeting October 18th Chad w. Is sharing his experience, strength and hope.
Grateful to serve
Liz k

Greetings from the attitude adjustment group of narcotics anonymous. All is going well doors are open on time literature is stocked and on the table coffee is available and hot if you show up. We average 3-5 addicts biweekly. We do ask for willingness and attendance to show and support our early morning meeting. 
Grateful to serve 
Rachel N

Greetings from the no pain no gain hg of na. The doors are being open, coffee is hott, literature is available and the life saving message of na is being carried. Meeting attendance has been huge. Thank you to the members who have step work experience for visiting and sharing. Our recent format change to become a "how it works and why" has been a success. We currently have no donation to area. Greatful to serve, kristen s

Greetings Asc
Against all odds is glad to report that our litereature study is opening the doors on time and the message of hope is being carried. We have a 20$ donation today for area service. Grateful to Serve
Isaac J

Sat: 10:00am meetin at FHPC
Making Amends

Doors open. We are averaging 14-18 addicts. Coffee made. Litereature on the table. We have no donation due to providing NA lit at our meeting. We had two people show up at homegroup that got a schedule at the Marcum Terrace event
grateful to serve
Mark G

Greetings ASC
Hope through Surrender is glad to report that our literature study meeting is opening its doors on time and the message of hope is being carried. We meet thursdays at noon and we ask that you bring step working guides as it is the topic of discussion. We have a $51 donation at this time
Grateful to serve
Hope Through Surrender

Greetings from Living in the Solution
An average of 30 addicts per meeting have been attending. We want to welcome our newest homegroup member Stephanie F. On november 13th we will be celebrating a 6 year miracle. Please come help us celebrate. The life saving message is being carried. We have a $15 donation at this time. We are still searching for a new meeting facility. Any leads on a facility would be greatly appreciated
Grateful to serve
Christa S

Ground Zero
Thurs Noon
16 people in attendance, excellent meeting

Out of the Dark & Into the Lightof the Rainbow
Meeting attendance up to 70ish weekly. No problems to speak of
Robbie C

Greetings from A New Day
Thank you for your service, the meeting is going well
Josh B

** Note from Secretary.... These are all the reports that I have received. GSRs please hand a written copy, or preferably email a copy or your reports to 

9. Old Business

10. New Business

Motion 1 PR

Motion: Requesting $57.30 to restock PR box
Intent: To have a supply of literature to keep various places stocked
Rationale: To further carry out our primary purpose
Voted on: 16 for 0 against 0 abstain

Motion 2: Literature

Motion: $450 for purchase of literature and a receipt book

Intent: resupply literature stockpile

Rationale: To have literature available at asc


Motion 3: Literature

Motion: For the ASC treasurer to bring approx. $50 in small bills and change to area service for the purpose of making change for literature orders.

Intent: Manage funds responsibly

Rationale: 11th concept 


Motion 4: Daily Reprieve 

Motion: We need key tags, at least 3 of each, basic text and literature

Intent: To help spread the message. We are struggling

Rationale: Utilize Literature stockpile


Open Forum:

Hope Through Surrender- starting SWG study bring SWG
Mark G- Asked about rides to Ripley
Nick L- H&I at River Park needs willingness
Robbie C-12 year celebration Oct 22nd at halloween function
Nick P-C2L sending addict to Ripley
Joe M- Commending groups for unity
Rachel N- Attitude Adjustment experience needed
motion to close

Grateful to serve, Josh A. 
Next ASC 11-20-2016