Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Living in the Solution closed, December 25th

The living in the solution group will be closed on Sunday December 25th

Monday, December 12, 2016

Meeting changes December 12 2016

Friday 12:30 meeting changed locations to Barnett Center

Friday High on Life changed facility and time. Now at 7pm and located at 1018 6th ave the FPC brick building

Saturday Making Amends changed locations to FPC 1018 6th ave

please see the meetings schedule for all up do date information. If you see any other changes that need made, give a email!!

GTO webservant

November Area Service Committee Minutes

November 2016 GTOANA minutes

1. Opened with prayer
2. Traditions and Concepts read
3. October minutes read by secretary. Motion to approve by Nick P. seconded by Brad P.
4. Homegroups in attendance:
Living in the Solution – N I
Hope Without Dope – Y A
No Pain No Gain – Y A

Attitude Adjustment Y A
Another Chance to Live – N A
Another Way – N I
Together We Can – Y A

Not High Noon – Y A
Clean Possibilities – Y A
Hope Turns To Faith – Y A
Another Look – N I
We Do Recover – N I
A New Day – Y A

Progress Not Perfection – Y A
Against All Odds – Y A
Hope Dealers – N I
Basic Group – Y A

Groynd Zero – Y A
Hope Through Surrender – N I
God's Will Candlelight – Y A
Peace of Mind Y A

Daily Reprieve – N A
Choose To Live – Y A
High On Life – N I

Serenityville – N I
Trust The Process – Y A
Out of the Darkness – Y A
Making Amends – Y A

**** Y- yes to attendance. N-No to attendance. A-active group. I-inactive group

18 groups present out of 21 active groups and 28 total groups. Quorum established

5. RCM report read

RCM Report
The mountaineer region currently has 11 areas that have meetings in WV, OH, MD, and KY. We
have 7 meetings included on the regional website that are not affiliated with any specific area.
The Mountaineer region currently has 7 subcommittees, 6 of which are active. These include PR,
H & I, Convention, Phone line, Finance, and Policy & Administration.
No Old Business
Area Motion:
MOTION#: 16-10- 01
MOTION: To not change registration prices
INTENT: To maintain the atmosphere of hospitality and not to appear greedy
RESULT: Referred to convention subcommittee and tabled to areas.
MOTION#: 16-10- 02
MOTION: That no restriction be placed on purchasing merchandise.
INTENT: To prevent problems in accordance with our sixth tradition so as not to let money,
property, or prestige divert us from our primary purpose.
RESULT: Referred to Convention, motion failed.
Spring Convention: May 19 th , 20 th , 21 st 2017- The Greater The Base
Fall Convention: November 3 rd , 4 th , 5 th 2017 -H.O. W. is How
Need artwork submissions for the upcoming conventions.
Motion #: 16-10- 01
Made by: NANA Area
Motion: To not change registration prices
Intent: To maintain the atmosphere of hospitality and not to appear greedy
Discussed and voted/ straw poll, 12 were in favor of $20.oo flat for registration, 8 opposed
Discussed leaving price for spring convention off flyer until resolved, voted/ straw poll 5 voted
to leave it off, 19 were opposed and 3 abstentions
Tabled back to groups
We currently have 1 public service announcement running. The TV stations have asked for HD
files and that is currently in the works.
We currently have billboards up in Beckley and Morgantown. We are in the process of looking
into placing another one in the Charleston area.
Our web servant has asked that all home groups access the world NA website meeting database
and check to ensure the meeting information is correct.
We had two events, one at the Capital in Charleston, WV (Suicide Awareness Day) and the other at
Camp Dawson (Behavioral Health Conference/ Treating the Military) Kingwood, WV.
We have assisted two areas with How to Guides, to help with direction on H&I workshops.
We are also waiting on the possible direction to ship Basic Text this year to institutions, jails and
Phone line:
Welcome to the phone-line chair Victoria P. from AFASCNA.
Our phone-line workshops since the last time we met included MANA campout and the
AFASCNA campout.
Regional Delegate:
Upcoming July 29 th 2017 zonal forum of which the mountaineer region will be hosting.
We will a do Autonomy Zonal Forum session prior to regional service and then have them sit in
to observe our Consensus Based Decision Making process.
Recovery Literature Projects: We are collecting input to help shape two recovery literature
projects that will be included in the project plans for consideration at WSC 2018. One is a
meditation book and another is an IP on recovery and mental illness/mental health. We have
posted webpages for each project with input questions online to fill out and downloadable forms
you can use for your local workshops. Please spread the word to any interested addict. More
voices means better literature.
Mediation book page: 
Mental illness/mental health IP page:
Service Material Projects: We are also working on a couple of “tool box” projects for service
materials this cycle—one for conventions and events and another for local service tools. We will
be creating a web page for each focus and will eblast a notice to all members on the NAWS
Update list when the pages are posted and we have more information.
Finance Subcommittee:
Bank Balance as of 10/1/2016: $15, 098.97
Already approved Money Motions that have not been taken out yet:
 $8,650 remaining for Convention
 $250 for Accountant
Total = $8,900
 MANA $500
 GTAL $40
 Metro $36
 GMANA $100
 NCWVASC $80.42
 GTO $250
Total Donations: $1,086.42
 NANAANA (schedules) $80
 Metro (schedules) $66
 NCWVASC (schedules) $33
 GMANA (schedules) $11
Total Reimbursements: $190.00
Total Deposits: $1,276.42
Checks to be taken out today:
 (PR Expense) $99.70
Total Expense: $99.70
Projected Expenses for Next Quarter:
 Frontier $375
 PayPal $15
 BB&T $12
 OneBox $239.85
 Secretary $200
 Lamar $800
 Mailroom $400
 Insurance $3,000
 Accountant $250
 Convention $8,650
Total Quarter Expense: $13,941.85
Total of All Expenses: $14,041.55
Money Motions
 $600 additional expense for Convention Merchandise budget
 $200 for PR Literature
Total Money Motions: $800
Beginning Balance = $15,098.97
Balance after Donations = $16,375.39
Total that would be expensed now = $13,941.55
Balance after Expenses = $2,333.84
Balance if Money Motions pass = $1,533.84
Money Motions Results:
 $600 Convention
 $200 PR
The Finance Committee is asking for Area’s and Home Group’s to discuss opportunities for
our Region to save on expenses.
MOTION#: 16-10- 03
MAKER: Convention
MOTION: $600 to cover the additional cost of the special multicolored 30 th Anniversary logo to
be printed on the shirts
INTENT: Self-evident
RESULT: Passed 7 for, 2 against, 1 abstention
MOTION#: 16-10- 04
MOTION: Other NA groups/meetings within the MRSCNA can be included in the meeting
schedule by confirming or updating their information quarterly with the RSC, the web servant, or
the closest ASC.
RESULT: Carried by consensus.
MOTION#: 16-10- 05
MOTION: Add “and printing or having on hand copies of the information packets for new
attendees to the RSC” to the description of secretary duties.
INTENT: Create a point of accountability for providing information packets to the newcomer.
RESULT: Carried by consensus.
MOTION#: 16-10- 06
MOTION: On a trial basis of 3 quarters, January, April, and July, to change the agenda to flow
through 7 pm with appropriate breaks. Dinner would be at 7 pm after all business concludes.
INTENT: To improve the focus on RSC business
RESULT: Carried by consensus.
MOTION#: 16-10- 07
MOTION: $200 for NA literature to restock supply.
INTENT: 5 th Tradition-Further our primary purpose.
RESULT: Carried by consensus.
 UPCOMING RSC DATES: January 14 th and 15 th , March 4 th for the Regional
Inventory, and April 8 th and 9 th .
The Regional minutes can be found on the website. We try to relay regional
information as simply and effectively as possible. If you see items of business you would like
included in the GTO RCM report that were not please let us know. Any suggestions or
comments are welcome.
Thanks for letting us serve,
Erica & Erica

6. Treasurer's report
GTOASCNA Treasurer’s Report
Activity recorded 10-16-2016 through 11-20-2016

Regular Account
Beginning Balance                                               $404.25
11-20-16           Group Donations to ASC        $133.00

                                                                                    Total                      $537.25
11-20-16            check 609 to sal c for lit reimbursement   $308.00
11-20-16            cash to tom f for stockpot                 $40.00
11-20-16                            cash    (ASC rent)         $15.00 
11-20-16            cash to jeff s for pr printing             $20.00
11-20-16            cash to ryan d for website payment         $15.00 
11-20-16                                                                                                 Total Expenses      $398.00                         
11-20-16                          Ending balance                                                     $139.00                                             

                                                              Prudent Reserve
Beginning Balance                                                                                   $100.00
No Income and No Expenses
Ending Balance                                                  $100.00

Public Relations Reserve
Beginning Balance                                               $100

11-20-16                    no expenses

Income                      no income

Ending Balance                                                                                          $100.00

Activities Reserve              
Beginning Balance                                                                       $0.00
11-20-16        (No Income)                                     $0.00
                Total Income                                    $0.00

11-20-16                             $0.00
        Total Expenses                                  $0.00
Ending Balance                                                  $0.00

Literature Reserve
Beginning Balance                                               $28.13
                Total Income                          $253.75

11-20-16                                no expenses
Total Expenses                                                                                         
Ending Balance                                                  $281.88 (+ lit. stockpile)

*** check number 609 for sal c reimbursement came from our regular accout so we can get the fund flow of lit sub back on track.                                                         

As of 11-20-16 the total of all 5 accounts is $620.88
Josh B. – ASC Treasurer

6. Subcommittee Reports

Greetings GTOANA

Our annual Halloween Extravaganza held on October 22nd was a huge success so thank's again to all those that showed to support this annual event.
Thanks again to Robbie C for his assistance in all aspects of facilitating activities in our area from shopping to food preparation. Also thanks to all those that showed up early to decorate, you did an amazing job once again. Thank you Dee Dee B for facilitating an H&I workshop, Dalmas C for facilitating an Area Service workshop and to Sal C for sharing his experience, strength and hope as the events speaker. Gongrats to Britt Q for taking first place in the chili cookoff, Chris G (representing Da Wood) for winning second place and I (Tom F) was robbed once again by winning third place (that's a joke, I complain every year). Thanks also to all those that suited up for the costume contest, again some really great costumes were entered. As your Area Activities Chair my time will soon be up and it'll be someone else's turn to carry the activities torch but this is NEVER a task completed by just one member, we have anawesome area that continues to support this subcommittee or we'd not be able have these functions. We asked for $300 of our budget and are returning $306, what follows are the expences for the Halloween Event.

Sams Club – $62.79
Kroger – $98.91
Meat - $54.31
Speedway (day of) $34.65
Rent - $50.00__________
Total = $300.66

Returning - $326.00

Still no word from and I am willing to let someone else start trying to get closure with the issue.

Grateful to serve
Tom F GTOANA Activities Subcommittee Chair

Greetings from pr,
Things are things. Next flyer day is Nov 29th. We're requesting $20 to print flyers and schedules, and also a refund of $14.99 to Ryan d for the annual website fee. We're coordinating with activities to do a learning day along with in loving service. Loved ones is now being ran through Prestara were going to making contact to see if our services are still needed.
K thanks
Ashley f
H and I
Meeting was called to order at 2pm. The serenity prayer was read.
Panel Reports:
Greetings from Pinecrest. Hni is going well as usual. We arrive on time and go in together. The message of NA is being carried and the clients are always receptive. As always it's a pleasure to serve GTO. Thank you. Trevor G
Greetings, from Pinecrest female meeting of hospitals and institutions. We have been opening and closing on time. Willingness is good. We go in together and leave together. The residents continue to respectfully listen and share. The staff is cool. The life saving message of narcotics anonymous is being shared.
Grateful to be a trusted servant
Christa S. ✌
The H&I panel continues to be well-received by the residents of Trenton House. The one meeting, as explained, started and ended on time.
The panel on November 1 consisted of myself, Josh B and Billy P. sharing. We read readings and the JFT meditation, and then the panel shared our experience, strength and hope with the residents. Following the meeting, we joined the residents on their back patio and talked for several minutes in good fellowship.
On November 15, a Trenton House representative contacted Josh B. and advised they had, regretfully, had two overdoses in the house and would not be able to facilitate a meeting that evening.
The next panel is scheduled on November 29 at 7 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Jeff S.
Panel leader
Ayeee yoooo!! from Pinecrest meeting of hospitals and institutions. We have been opening and closing on time. Willingness is alright. We go in together and leave together. The residents continue to respectfully listen and share. The staff is bad ass.  The life saving message of narcotics anonymous is being shared.
Grateful to be a trusted servant
Peace out
Ara s
The Monday morning 10:30AM Adult Short-term H&I panel at Riverpark is effective and awesome. The message is being carried. We average about 6-8 clients in attendance each week. Some are more attentive than others, some are detoxing still. We focus on JFT topics and read out of the basic text. There is still very much a need for this panel and our service is appreciated at this facility. I fucking love the front line service of H&I.
Thanks for serving together,
Nick C.
Greetings from the St Mary's psych ward panel,
All is well, panel is going in and ending in time. Willingness remains stellar.
Grateful to serve, Josh A
Greetings from River Park Adolescent Long Term H&I Panel. We are going in on time and leaving on time as a group. The life saving message of Narcotics Anonymous is being delivered. The kids are awesome and eager to learn about our way of life! Grateful to serve...
Janice H.
Hello all-
> We went to the detention center on 11-10-16 but didn't get in due to staffing issues. My next time should be 12-8-16. We have been given a phone number so we can call ahead to insure we don't drive over there for nothing.
Hello from Monday morning at Riverpark. Willingness has been good for this panel & the lifesaving message of Narcotics Anonymous is being carried.  We have had observers both weeks so that's cool. The panel was a few minutes late starting last time due to myself. Very grateful to be of service, Sarah W
Old Business:
Boyd County Detention Center:
Have gone 4 times only been in once.  We will contact the facility.
Discussion on how long is the chair commitment. Is it 6 months or a year? It has been a year but policy says 6 months.
The new policy was passed around and read. There is a contradiction in the standing policy regarding the length of chair. This will be revised.
New Business:
We are going to have a workshop at 530 on December 8th at the Barnette Center.
Nick C  Christa will be taking the Pincrest Panel on Thanksgiving
Nominations for panel leader:
Riverpark Adult:
Nick C
Sarah W
Riverpark Adolescent:
Gary M
Tom F
Trenton House:
Billy P
St. Mary's
Kristen A
Heather W
Trevor G
Sarah W
Amber R
Ed H
BOYD County Jail
Nick P
Nick L
8. Homegroup reports

 Together We Can 
The group is going well. We have a new GSR, Brad P.  We have no donation for area at this time.
Grateful to serve,
Brad P.
Choose To Live
Hello all-

Everything is good. We have a motion which we will discuss later.

Nick P

Peace Of Mind
Greetings from Peace of Mind home group of Narcotics Anonymous. The doors are opening on time, the coffee is hot, and the life saving message of Narcotics Anonymous is being shared. Our average attendance is about 10 members...but our female attendance is still very low. We would love some more support, as we only have 2 home group members. We are going through the Basic Text, as we are a literature study meeting, and are currently on step 4. We regret that we do not have a donation for area at this time. 
Grateful to be of service, 
Janice H 

Hope Without Dope
Greetings from the hope without dope group of narcotics anonymous.  All is going well the doors are open on time and coffee is hot. We have a full stock of literature on the tables and the message of recovery is being carried. We have about 30-40 in attendance weekly. We have no donation to area at this time
Grateful to serve
Maggie S.

Basic Group
Greetings from the basic group of narcotics anonymous , our meeting has been starting and stopping on time, we average 20/35 people a week , plenty of hot coffee , literature , is on the table , and the life saving message of NA is being carried . We have a $13 donation for area. Also a 6 year celebration this Wednesday and Jason N will be sharing his experience strength and hope. 

High On Life
The high on life fri. 8pm barnett center is moving and changing time. We are going to 1018 6th ave at 7pm starting on dec.16th 2016
Robbie C.

Ground Zero
No problems
Robbie C.

Out of the Darkness
Meeting attendance 40-70 weekly. Have had some problems with disrespectful and disruptive behavior. But we have changed our format and looking like it is better. Rent paid
Robbie C.

Making Amends
Doors are open coffee is hot. We are averaging 14-22 addicts at our meeting. Literature is on the table and we have a $90 donation to area. We hope to be moved by dec. 12th. The building is located adjacent to the church parking lot.
Grateful to serve, Mark G.

Living in the Solution
greetings from living in the solution. The doors have been open and the message is being carried. Our average attendance is around 24 addicts per meeting. Our move is effective Nov 27th. We are moving to the synogogue @ 949 10th ave. Please note the time change from noon to 1:30pm. We have a $20 donation to area this month.
Grateful to serve, Missi C.

** Note from Secretary.... These are all the reports that I have received. GSRs please hand a written copy, or preferably email a copy or your reports to 

9. Old Business

10. New Business

Motion 1 PR

Motion: $20 for schedules and flyers
Intent: To have schedule day and flyer day
Rationale: To further carry out our primary purpose
Voted on: 14 for 0 against 1 abstain

Motion 2: PR

Motion: Reimbursement for website of $14.99. yearly cost for our website

Intent: keep gtoana website up and running

Rationale: already been paid for need reimbursement


Motion 3: Literature

Motion: Reimbursement of $308 for literature purchased with last order

Intent: Resupply Literature stockpile

Rationale: To have literature available at asc


Motion 4: Choose to Live 

Motion: Policy change to 111. B. 7. to say:
Groups submit written or email reports to area secretary
Are there any groups with concerns or business to discuss 

Intent: To maximize time efficiency and allow asc to perform its allotted duties

Rationale: Reading of reports is redundant and time consuming

Tabled to Homegroups for vote 

Motion 5: Activities 

Motion: We are making a motion to retain our reserve as we have another activity coming up next month. We are also wanting to buy a stock pot for our subcommittee so that we dont need to borrow one every time we need it. $40 for stockpot. $366 total

Intent: Keep what we have (by not giving it away) and we need it

Rationale: We have a standing reserve that has not been replenished due to lack of funds and we want to keep it while we have it. Our goal is to ALWAYS provide an atmosphere of recovery and have a good time showing that we do recover.


Open Forum:

announcements made

Motion to close Rachel N seconded by Brad P

Grateful to serve, Josh A. 
Next ASC 12-18-2016