Sunday, December 17, 2017

Christmas Eve Marathon Meeting

Christmas Eve Marathon Meeting
First Presbyterian Church
FPC(Brick Building)1018 6th AVE, Huntington WV 

Starting at 12:00PM and closing 9:00PM

Meetings every 2 hours starting at 12:00PM

please bring drinks, snacks and most importantly yourself!!!

Merry Christmas!!

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Sunday, December 10, 2017

November GTOASCNA Minutes

GTOASCNA Minutes November 2017

1.     Opened with Serenity Prayer
2.     Twelve Traditions read
3.     Twelve Concepts read
4.     October ASC minutes read
·        Trust the Process GSR objected to the minutes being accepted
·        A motion will be drafted to amend the minutes
5.     17 of 26 Home Groups were present—Quorum was established
6.     Group Reports
Another Way November 2017 Group Report

     Greetings from the Another Way Group. Things are still going fairly well for us. Our meeting continues to remain intimate and our meeting attendance is increasing. New members continue to show up at our door, and for that we are grateful. We’ve paid rent all the way through December and will use some of the home group funds to purchase a couple more Basic Texts. What we have left will go to our “Convention Reserve” so that we can send someone to the spring convention who isn’t able to pay their own way.
Our home group discussed getting a second key made for the facility, just in case one of us is not able to make it to open the doors. With the temperature dropping and risk of snowfall in the future, we believed this would be a valid concern to discuss with the meeting facility. They seem reluctant, but assured us someone would unlock the doors to the facility if our key holder could not make it. We have had a candlelight meeting the first Monday of each month (sometimes), but discussed if we wanted to keep that going. More will be revealed on this at a later time.
     We have our votes for the motions that were sent back to the groups and will deliver them when the time comes. Our group had a long discussion about the proposal our ASC Treasurer mentioned concerning the two signatures for our checks. We don’t believe that it would be a good use of our area’s funds to spend almost $200 just so that we can have this type of failsafe. We wanted to suggest having monthly, or quarterly, treasury reviews. We believe this would be a really effective way to make sure all of our money is being well taken care of. Another suggestion we had, was to have the Treasurer bring copies of our bank statements and require the ASC to review these statements each month.
     We are grateful to be a part of the process.
In Loving Service,

-Another Way Group

Trust the Process
The Trust the Process group of NA is alive and doing well. The doors are open coffee is made and lit is set out on the table for the addict seeking recovery. We have no needs from area at this time.
Grateful to serve
Hope Through Surrender
Hope Through Surrender meets at 901 Jefferson Ave on Thursday from 12pm to 1pm. Our meetings are going really good. We are about 22 people a meeting. We are currently holding a literature study of the Basic Text which seems to be working very well. We have 8 active home group members. Our rent is paid and we gave a $58.28 donation to Area. We have a home group member celebrating one year December 14th with a speaker. Thank you for allowing us to serve.
-Chad W.

7.     Treasurer’s Report
·        The Treasurer’s Report will be attached to the minutes in a PDF file. The report had some issues merging on the Minutes document.
8.     RCM Report
·        No RCM Report was given.
9.     H&I
Meeting was called to order at 2pm.
Traditions and Concepts were read.
Panel Leader Reports:
Thursday Pinecrest Panel (Female)
 The ladies short term H&I panel at pinecrest on Thursday is going well. We have willingness for panel members each week and the ladies in the facility are very attentive and receptive to the message of NA being shared. I am in need of pamphlets and schedules. Thanks.                                                              Very grateful to be of service,
Hayley B.
Thursday Pinecrest Panel (Female)
Greetings from the Pinecrest female panel. Everything is going well. We meet every other Thursday at 7:30pm. We arrive on time and leave on time. A clear message of narcotics anonymous is being carried. All of the women are usually very receptive and always stay for a few minutes afterwards to ask questions or just to talk.                                                                                                                Grateful to serve.                                                                                                       
Heather W.
St. Mary’s Panel

The Tuesday evening H&I panel that meets at St. Mary's is doing very well. Plenty of willingness. A clear message of Narcotics Anonymous is delivered, followed by expressed interest in the fellowship by participants. I'm grateful to be of service.
Sierra C

River Park Long Term
Greetings from the Wednesday night, river park adolescent panel. Everything is going great. Starting on time, give or take 5-10 minutes. Willingness has been steady and a clear NA message is being shared.
Grateful to serve,
Liz k.

River Park Long Term
Greetings from the river park long term adolescent panel. All is well. Meeting is going in on time and ending on time. I had to have deebo k take the panel in on Nov 15th. No problems to report. Still very much a need for this panel. Willingness is rock solid
Grateful to be of service, Josh A.
Thursday Pinecrest Panel (Male)
Hello hoomans,
Things have gone well with the Thursday panel at Pinecrest. There hasn’t been much of any difficulty getting people to go in and share a message. From what the residents have told us, they are only going to one meeting a week, if that. They seem to enjoy having us come in and talking with them. There have been several people come to meetings in our area after getting out of that secure environment, so that’s been a positive.
The residents have asked us for literature. Basic Texts, IP’s, anything we can bring in for them to read. I’m going to ask the subcommittee to see what we can do about getting literature in there to them. Our Regional H&I chair, normally, can send Basic Texts to any facility that needs them, so long as they meet the shipping requirements. Some facilities, like jails and prisons, require literature to be shipped directly from the manufacturer. If the subcommittee sees fit, I would like to see if we can get some money to purchase some IP’s to take to the residents. Not just in Pinecrest, but to all our panels. The panel was taken in on Thanksgiving and the residents were happy to see us. I’m incredibly grateful to the members that went in.
In Loving Service,
-Nick L.
Old Business:
We are having some difficulty with willingness.  Recently there were no panel leaders attending subcommittee. Nominations for panel leaders are coming up. If you are interested must be present at subcommittee.   Also, it has been discussed that some panels may have to close if there is no willingness for panel leaders. Some panels leaders have switched temporarily until nominations next month. The following are now the panel leaders for those panels.
John G.- Nick C.
Jason R.-Nick C.
Gary M.-Christa S.
Robbie C.- Chad F.
Andrew V.-Nick L.
New Business:
Western Regional panel is not going in. Cassie C. is being contacted about where to go from here as far as getting panel members approved. Willingness in panel members is still low. Anyone interested in becoming a panel leader must be present in December subcommittee/ASC for nomination elections in December. The following are nominations that were present at November subcommittee.
Riverpark: Mondays @ 10:30
1.     Kesha B.
2.     Chris G.
St. Marys: Tuesdays @ 7:00 pm
1.     Isaac J.
2.     Terri P.
Riverpark Adolescents: Wednesdays @ 7:00pm
1.     Amber F.
2.     April P.
3.     Deebo K.
Pinecrest: Thursdays @ 7:30pm
1.     Nick L.
2.     Deebo K.
3.     Amber F.

10.            Public Relations
Greetings from PR, 
Things are coming together in pr. Flyer day was held on Nov 18th. Willingness was terrible. We had 4 people show up. We are going to bring up, during open forum at asc, the idea of having home groups carry out flyer day on a home group level. We need to see which home groups discussed this and have the others to please take this back and let us know. We, as a subcommittee, would live for this idea to be carried out. We filled open service positions this month. April P was voted in as vice chair and Ryan E was voted in as schedule day coordinator/communicator. We are still at a stand still on replenishment of literature at facilities because of literature on back order. Hopefully we will get it today. More will be revealed. 
Grateful to be of service, 
Josh A

11.            Literature
Greetings from the literature supply subcommittee. We did not meet in October 2017 due to schedule conflict. Literature was for sale outside of ASC and those receipts and funds have been turned into the treasurer. We have 2 emotions to present to ASC for vote today. The first motion is to nominate Terri P as the new literature supplies sub- committee chair. Britt Q., the current subcommittee chair, is moving and leaving a GTO area. The subcommittee has nominated Terri P to take on those duties. Sarah W., Current subcommittee vice chair will be unable to take on these duties at this time For personal reasons. The second motion is for monetary support in the amount of ($$$) for the purpose of purchasing literature for sale at ASC.  Since last ASC, the literature supply sub committee has Greetings from PR, sold literature in the amount of ($$$).
Thank you for allowing me to serve. I will miss the GTO ASC greatly.
 -Britt Q.

12.            Activities

GTOANA-ASC-Activities Subcommittee Report, October 2017

Greetings ASC!
Old business
In our October meeting of the Activities Subcommittee, we reviewed our most recent event, the annual Halloween Extravaganza and discussed how it could be improved in the future. We also reviewed the final budget information, included herewith, and provide the following report to the GTOASC:
Report from Halloween Extravaganza
This annual event was a tremendous success. By hearing suggestions from others, as well as the hard work of the members of the Activities Subcommittee, the number of people attending the event as well as the activities we planned were all well received.
Our Chili Cookoff had four entries with winners chosen for first, second, and third place. Ribbons were awarded to them. Judges were Corey W and Chase T. For the costume contest, with several people entering, winners were also chosen for first, second, and third place. They were also awarded ribbons. Judges were Corey W., Brad P., and Justin C.
Homegroups helped with items such as sour cream, crackers, ice, bowls, drinks, etc., for the event. This is greatly appreciated and all needed items were donated, helping keep GTO Area expenses down.
As suggested, we had several ways in which we were able to help pay for the costs to put on the event, allowing us to return all up-front funds and other expenses to the GTO Area treasury, and deposit additional funds to further our efforts to help addicts who are still sick and suffering.
Here is the detailed budget for the annual GTO Halloween Extravaganza for 2017:

Wristband sales $12.00
7th Tradition (meeting basket and table bucket) $43.00
50/50 raffle drawing (total $219 – prize $110) $109.00
Auction $433.00

EXPENSES (all receipts attached to this report)
INITIAL OUTLAY (checks written)
Trinity Church (rent) $125.00
Tom Freeman (ACME Sound – DJ services) $150.00
Fruth Pharmacy (prize ribbons) $11.97
Dollar Tree (decorations) $7.49

Money given to GTO treasury for deposit (after cash reimbursements) $687.54
Funds, after all event expenses accounted for, added to Area treasury for future service     $412.54
New Business
In new business, the subcommittee discussed the upcoming New Year's Eve event. Subcommittee members are researching various possible venues and their costs for hosting the event. Members will report to the subcommittee members before the next area so we can book the venue as soon as possible. We will also contact Tom F. to check availability for professional DJ services at the event. If available, we will go ahead and book him.
The subcommittee decided we will only provide drinks for the event, including water and soft drinks. We will ask homegroups and members to bring finger foods, desserts, and any other food they wish to bring.
We also decided to not have another auction quite so close to the recent one, rather we will try the door charge (with no addict turned away). We will ask for $2 per person which will pay for entry and for a chance at a door prize. If the person cannot pay the $2 they will still be admitted to the event. We will also have a 50/50 raffle.
The tentative schedule for the event is as follows:
Facility open for preparation 7 p.m.
Doors open 8 p.m.
H&I workshop 8:15 – 9:15 p.m.
New Years Gratitude and Resolution Meeting
                  w/ 7th Tradition basket 9:30 – 10:30 p.m.
10:45 p.m. Dance begins
11:55 p.m. countdown to New Year
12:30 a.m. Dance over
1 a.m., out of facility
Plans for the New Year's Eve party will be finalized and funds requested at the December ASC meeting.
The final item of new business is for the subcommittee to request funds to purchase two new wheeled coolers for use at our various activities. We will seek two, equaling the size of the cooler we have been using (it's cracked now and leaks so must be replaced). We believe the two coolers will be easier to maneuver at events as well as to transport. The pricing we will request is for a quick bit of research on Amazon where we found Coleman 75-quart Xtreme 5-day wheeled coolers for $69.61, with free shipping. We will explore other locations locally to see if they have the same or similar item for this price or lower. We will then request a check for exactly that amount to the vendor.
As always, an honor to serve.
In loving service,
Jeff S.,   
Chair, GTOANA Activities Subcommittee

13.            OLD BUSINESS
·        Motion #5 from the Trust the Process group from back in September, which concerned itself with changing the details in our ASC policy concerning ad-hoc’s
11 for; 5 against; 1 abstention—Motion passes
·        Motion #4 from the Another Way group from October, which concerned itself with re-establishing a Policy Subcommittee.
--Trust the Process asked about making an amendment that the subcommittee meet quarterly.
--A majority of GSR’s abstained so the motion was tabled back to the home groups
--The maker of the motion withdrew the motion
·        Motion #5 from the Another Way Group from October, which concerned itself with the Area purchasing a PO Box in West Huntington for one year
Motion passed by consensus

14.            **********************NEW BUSINESS***********************
Motion #1 from: Literature Supply

Motion: Request $769.63 to purchase literature from NA world services

Intent: To purchase literature to provide to area

Rationale: You know literature
For 16         Against       0        Abstaining 1                  MOTION CARRIED

Motion #2 from: Activities

Motion: For funds from the activities subcommittee be made available for the purchase of 2 coolers to replace a single cooler that has become damaged and is leaking. We have decided 2 coolers would be easier to transport and maneuver at activities. The size of the 2 coolers (75qt) equals the size of the one we have been using. Additionally the damaged one was donated by Nick P and did not belong to GTO. A quick online survey found on Amazon, a Coleman 75-qt xtreme 5 day wheeled cooler for $69.61 w/free shipping.

Intent: To have 2 coolers available for activities to replace single damaged one

Rationale: Coolers used for activities. 2 coolers will provide ability for easier transport, plus ability to have separate types of drinks, for example, water in one, soft drinks in another.
For: 12        Against: 4   Abstaining: 2        MOTION CARRIED

Motion #3 from: Activities

Motion: That any subcommittee that brings in funds, after reconciling budget; making reimbursements, paying bills due, etc. All funds immediately be given to the GTO Treasurer for deposit to GTO account without delay,    creating policy under VII. E. 3. D

Intent: To have funds put in safe keeping as quickly as possible

Rationale: The longer funds aren’t in the bank, the more opportunity there is for something to happen to the funds

Motion #4 from: Literature Supply

Motion: To nominate and approve Terri p as the new Chair of the Literature Supply subcommittee

Intent: Continuity of committee service

Rationale: Current Chair Britt Q is moving to the LACNA Area of NA and will no longer be available at the GTO Area Service, new chair is required
For 17         Against 0    Abstaining 0                  Motion Carries

Motion#5 from: Trust the Process

Motion: To amend the minutes for October
Amendments are:           -Sept Literature Supply not available
                             -Motion 4 and 5 no vote counts
                             -No homegroup reports
                             -list of GSR for Quorum        
                             -Motion #4 seconded by Ryan E

Intent: for minutes to reflect current ASC business
For 15 Against 0 Abstaining 1 Motion Carries

Motion#6 from: Trust the Process; seconded by Ryan E

Motion: The completed area minutes are posted on only after being read and approved by the area conscious

Intent: To provide accurate information on a site that is open to the public to access

Rationale: To provide accurate, undisputed information

Motion #7 from: She do Recover; seconded by Another way Nick L

Motion: To amend the previously submitted motion of 2 signature checks to instead consist of a quarterly audit to be conducted by ASC officers and can be attended by any member of GTO

Intent: To manage funds responsibly

Rationale: To prevent further loss and misuse of NA funds

Motion#8  from: Choose to live; seconded by Not High Noon
Motion: to send Region $100.00
For 11     Against 0        Abstaining 3    Motion Carries

Sunday, November 12, 2017

October 2017 treasurers report

October 2017 ASC minutes

1.       Opened with prayer

2.       Traditions – Nick L & Concepts – Jason I

3.       Minutes Read

4.       Treasurers report – Chad W Provided

5.       RCM Report – Erica B Provided

6.       Subcommittee reports – All Provided
PR – Josh A
HNI – Nick L
Activities – Jeff S
Lit Supply – Absent

7.       Quorum Established

8.       Old business
She Do Recover Motion from Sept. Chad W acquired info on 2 signature checks. Our bank doesn’t provide this service but can order those and it would cost $190.00. Discussed reforming the check writing procedure. Asking Homegroups for suggestions. Considering Chase bank 2 signature checks.

Motion 5 from September majority abstain goes back to homegroups. Motion 5 from Sept provided at end of the minutes.

9.       New business
Motion 1) Activities $125 & $150 Carried
Motion 2) HNI needed $15 for schedules Carried
Motion 4) Another way Policy SC seconded by Ryan D – Back to Homegroups
Motion 5) Another way P.O. Box seconded by John C - Back to Homegroups

10.   Open forum
Flyer day collaboration with Homegroups.

11.   Motion to Close

Sub Committee Reports
Activities Subcommittee Report

Not present

HNI struggling for willingness. Taking nominations for panel leaders. Considering closing some panels due to lack of support.
Greetings from pr, 
All is well with us. We are still waiting on literature that's on back order for replenishment of the pr box. Once this happens we will be able to restock the needle exchange. We will be present at the Halloween function with the pr display, and some literature that we have. Flyer day happened. Willingness is at a tremendous low. We really need members to show up and participate. We discussed having gsrs speak with their fellow home group members about home groups distributing flyers in the area of their respective meetings. In the meantime, the next flyer day was scheduled for Nov 18th. We have an opening for the vice chair position. Clean time requirement for this position is 1 year. Please contact Josh A, or come to subcommittee in November if yoh have willingness.

Grateful to be of service, 
Josh A

1.  2 Checks $125 & $150
Funding for Halloween event
Provide budget to enable event.
2. $15
Buy schedules
Provide schedules @ HNI
3. $20
Support Flyer Day
4. Form Policy Sub Comm
Another Way HG
Reform our policy subcommittee.
To relieve burden on web servant to update policy.
Tabled to HG’s
5. PO Box
Another Way HG
Purchase PO Box for GTO
To have a mailbox to receive incoming mail for GTO
Tabled to HG’s

West Huntington Postal Service
1000 Virginia ST W
Huntington WV 25704

SIZE 1 = 3” x 5.5”
            $22.00 per 3 months
            $48.00 per 6 months
            $76.00 per 12 months
(1 Free month per 12-month period totaling 13 months)

No small boxes available at downtown location.

Asking for Homegroups for input on size and payment frequency

Motion #5- Trust the Process, seconded by Progress not Perfection GSR SEPTEMBER 2017
Motion- To redefine the way “Ad Hoc” appears in GTO’s policy and procedure under section VI.B.2 Ad Hoc From:
“In creating an ad hoc committee, the ASC should clearly specify what the committee’s purpose will be, what authority and resources it will be given, and how long it should take to complete the job. Then the area chair may appoint the entire ad hoc committee or just a chairperson who will put the as hoc committee together later. The point of accountability should be clearly defined when selecting trusted servants to fulfill the ad hoc.”

“To create an ad hoc committee the ASC, which is made up by area officers, GSR’s, and GSR alternates, should clearly specify what the committee’s purpose will be, what authority and resources it will be given, and how long it should take to complete the job. If the ad hoc is for regular area business an area officer shall chair said ad hoc. If it is an ad hoc concerning a subcommittee the chair or vice chair of said subcommittee shall chair said ad hoc. This creates a single point of accountability. If an emergency ad hoc needs to be created the chair shall notify the GSR’s and/or GSR alternates to create and ad hoc body

Intent – To follow the spiritual principles outlined in the 1st tradition: “Our common welfare should come first; personal recovery depends on NA unity.”, the 2nd tradition: “For our group purpose there is but one ultimate authority- a loving God as He may express himself in our group conscious. Our leaders are but trusted servants; they do not govern.” And the 9th tradition: “NA, as such, ought never be organized, but we may create service boards or committees directly responsible to those they serve.” The 2nd concept:” The final responsibility and authority for NA services rests with the NA groups.” The 3rd concept: ”The NA groups delegate to the service structure the authority necessary to fulfill the responsibilities assigned to it.” 5th concept:” For each responsibility assigned the service structure; a single point of accountability should be clearly defined.” 7th concept: “ All members of a service body bear substantial responsibility for that body’s decisions and should be allowed to fully participate in its decision making processes.” 8th concept: “Our service structure depends on the integrity and effectiveness of our communications.” 9th Concept: “All elements of our service structure have the responsibility to carefully consider all viewpoints in their decision making processes.” And the 12th concept: “In keeping with the spiritual nature of Narcotics Anonymous, our structure should always be one of service, never of government.”

Rationale: Transparency, accountability, communication, unity, and to give the home group which ASC serves, a voice in every matter.

TABLED for one month per policy