Thursday, January 12, 2017

December ASC minutes

December 2016 GTOANA minutes

1. Opened with prayer
2. Traditions and Concepts read
3. November minutes read by secretary. Motion to approve by Rachel N. seconded by Brad P.
4. Homegroups in attendance:
Living in the Solution – N I
Hope Without Dope – Y A
No Pain No Gain – Y A

Attitude Adjustment Y A
Another Chance to Live – Y A
Another Way – Y A
Together We Can – Y A

Not High Noon – Y A
Clean Possibilities – Y A
Hope Turns To Faith – Y A
We Do Recover – N I
A New Day – Y A

Progress Not Perfection – Y A
Against All Odds – Y A
Basic Group – Y A

Ground Zero – N A
Hope Through Surrender – Y A
God's Will Candlelight – Y A
Peace of Mind Y A

Daily Reprieve – N I
Choose To Live – Y A
Riding the Rainbow – N I

Serenityville – N I
Trust The Process – Y A
Out of the Darkness – Y A
Making Amends – N A

**** Y- yes to attendance. N-No to attendance. A-active group. I-inactive group

19 groups present out of 21 active groups and 26 total groups. Quorum established

5. RCM report N/A

6. Treasurer's report

GTOASCNA Treasurer’s Report
Activity recorded 12-18-2016 through 1-14-2017

Regular Account
Beginning Balance      $139.00
12-18-16           Group Donations to ASC        $181.90

                                                                                    Total                      $320.90
12-18-16            cash to cabell co. library  asc rent       $15.00
12-18-16            cash to us post office box rent 6 months   $43.00             $
12-18-16            xfer to pr for replenish                   $10.00
12-18-19            xfer to activities for replenish           $200.00                                                                                               Total Expenses      $268.00                       
12-18-16                          Ending balance                                                     $52.90                                           

                                                              Prudent Reserve
Beginning Balance                                                                                   $100.00
No Income and No Expenses
Ending Balance       $100.00

Public Relations Reserve
Beginning Balance      $100

12-18-16                 cash to jeff s. for printing  $10.00
total expenses  $10.00

Income                   Xfer from regular act. For replenish  $10.00

Ending Balance                                                                                          $100.00

Activities Reserve          
Beginning Balance                                                      $0.00
12-18-16  x fer from reg acct for replenish     $200.00
  Total Income     $200.00

12-18-16                      $0.00
 Total Expenses     $0.00
Ending Balance       $200.00

Literature Reserve
Beginning Balance      $281.88
  Total Income from orders        $680.99
TOTAL                                                $962.87

12-18-16               check #610 sal c. for new lit order    $700.00
Total Expenses $700.00                                                                                        
Ending Balance       $262.87 (+ lit. stockpile)


As of 12-18-16 the total of all 5 accounts is $715.77
Josh B. – ASC Treasurer

6. Subcommittee Reports
Activities – No report received

Greetings from pr,

Things are things. Willingness for flyer day was low last month so it was canceled. Next set date is January 13 at noon, we will be meeting out front of the 9st st library. We're requesting $10 to print up to date schedules. We have started planing our part of in loving service. We will be meeting at 530 on January 8th at Bittersweet coffee house if anyone would liked to be involved with that. We have received several soft back basic text donations for the Boyd County jail and have gotten commitments for almost all of what we need. If anyone else would like to contribute ws are placing an order for the rest. We are also in the process of getting information about continuing loved one's.

K thanks 
Ashley f 

H and I – No Report received

Literature – No report received

8. Homegroup reports

Choose to live 
We're good.

Free as fuck
-nick p 

greetings asc against all odds is glad to report our literature study meeting is opening and closing on time every week. Coffee is hot and we are carrying the life saving message of NA. We do not have a donation for area at this time. We are grateful to serve.

Isaac J

The Against all odds hg is voting yes to the motion to email reports because we want to save the secretary time and streamline the process but we did have dissenting votes who felt that the group report readings were important.
Greetings from Another Chance to Live. All is well and we have a $30 donation for area. 

Grateful to Serve, Britt S

Greetings from the no pain no gain group of na. Doors are being open, coffee made, and literature available. Always looking for new homegroup members. We currently have no donations to area. Greatful to serve, kristen s

Greetings from the Peace of Mind homegroup of NA. The doors are opening on time and the coffee is hot. The life saving message of Narcotics Anonymous is shared as we continue to study the basic text. We had to shut down this past Thursdays meeting as we had a family obligation and there are still only 2 homegroup members. It was posted on the site ahead of time and was put on regional as temporary as well. We average 10 people per meeting. We do not have anything to donate to area at this time.
Grateful to serve
Janice H.

Greetings from clean possibilities our meeting attendance is strong we are operating on a rotating format coffees hot rents paid glad to serve jason b

Greetings from th attitude adjustment group of narcotics anonymous.  All is going well. Doors are open on time and the life saving message of narcotics anonymous is being carried. Coffee is hot and literature is on the table. We average 3-7 addicts weekly but still could use support.  We have no donation to area at this time. 
Grateful to serve
Rachel N. 

Greetings from the hope without dope group of narcotics anonymous.  All is going well the doors are open on time and coffee is hot. We have a full stock of literature on the tables and the message of recovery is being carried. We have about 40-50 in attendance weekly. We have no donation to area at this time
Grateful to serve
Maggie S.

December 18th 2016

    Greetings from Not High Noon.
All is well at this time with nothing new to report.

                          Grateful to serve.
                                     Liz K.

The meeting is going well. We have a 1 year and 6 year celebration on January 2nd. It will be a speaker meeting.

Grateful to serve,
Brad P.

50-75 people in attendance weekly. 8 active home group members. Coffee is hot, lit on the table, doors open on time. We had no donation for area this time...

              Very grateful to serve,
                           Gary M

Greetings from a new day,
all's well thanks for your service
A New Day

 written copy, or preferably email a copy or your reports to 

9. Old Business
Choose to Live
Motion: Policy change to 111. B. 7. to say:
Groups submit written or email reports to area secretary
Are there any groups with concerns or business to discuss 

Intent: To maximize time efficiency and allow asc to perform its allotted duties

Rationale: Reading of reports is redundant and time consuming
voted on 16 for against 1 abstain  motion passed

10. New Business

Motion 1 PR

Motion: Requesting $10 for schedules
Intent: Perform our duties
Rationale: Carry out our primary purpose
Voted on: 16 for 0 against 3 abstain

Motion 2: Riding the Rainbow

Motion: Literature for new meeting 

Intent: to carry the message to the addict who still suffers

Rationale: New meeting

Motion 3: Out of the Darkness 

Motion: to have all home groups send monthly reports to secretary via e-mail
Intent: to have reports in digital form to improve efficiency in gathering then distributing reports

Rationale: without a requirement to email reports, the secretary currently has to type in any reports that are hand written. If the email requirement passes, the secretary can simply copy and paste each report into area report for distribution


Motion 4: Literature

Motion: $700 to order literature

Intent: to resupply the stockpile of literature
Rationale: to have literature available at asc

Voted on   17 for  0 against  2 abstain  motion passed

Open Forum:

motion to close

Grateful to serve, Josh A. 
Next ASC 1-15-2016