Monday, April 17, 2017

March ASC Minutes

****** Attention******* Area service is May 7th. No ASC in April*********     Nominations for service positions need to be brought in May 7th . Included at the bottom of the minutes are sevice resume and qualification requirements.
March 2017 GTOANA
1.       Opened with prayer
2.       Traditions and Concepts read
3.       Treasurer's report
TREASURER’S REPORTGTOASCNA Treasurer’s Report4-10-17Activity recorded 2-18-2016 through 3-13-2017Regular AccountBeginning Balance$210.45Income4-10-17           Group Donations to ASC        $115.00                                                                                    Total                      $325.45Expenses4-10-17            cash to cabell co. library  asc rent       $15.00                         Ending balance                                                    $310.45                                                              Prudent Reserve4-10-17Beginning Balance                                                                                   $100.00No Income and No ExpensesEnding Balance$100.00Public Relations ReserveBeginning Balance$100Expenses4-10-17                 no income or expensesEnding Balance                                                                                          $100.00Activities Reserve         Beginning Balance                                                   $500.00Income4-10-17 no incomeExpenses4-10-17                     check 617 to jeff s for campout supplies           $108.94Total Expenses$108.94Ending Balance$391.06Literature ReserveBeginning Balance$628.284-10-17Total Income from orders      $384.95TOTAL                                                $1013.23Expenses4-10-17               check #614 sal c. for new lit order    $544.48Total Expenses $196.80                                                                                        Ending Balance$468.75 (+ lit. stockpile)As of4-10-17 the total of all 5 accounts is $1370.26Josh B. – ASC Treasurer

4.       February minutes read – Motion to approve Ryan D. seconded by Maggie S.
5.       RCM report
 RCM Report January 2017
Old Business:
Motion 16-10-01 from NANA to not change the registration prices: 3 for, 5 opposed, 2 abstain (Motion failed)

Area Motions/Proposals: 
1) App Foothills: asked that we discuss having a grace period when we make a decision so that the same issue is not revisited for up to 6 months to allow time for us to evaluate how it goes before recommending changing it again.  This proposal was sent to P&A.
2) MANA proposed a way to address both spending cuts and raising money for the region. This was sent to Finance, and to Convention.
3) SCURA submitted a motion to do away with the Beckley billboard to save expenses.  This was sent to PR.

Spring Convention: May 19th, 20th, 21st 2017- The Greater The Base
Fall Convention: November 3rd, 4th, 5th 2017 -H.O. W. is How

Need artwork submissions for the upcoming conventions. 

New Business- 
DJ- New guy Justin Gillianwater would like to be the DJ for convention for the price of 1 Holt Lodge room (2 packages) decided to stick with Tom F because he is consistent and reliable. Sharon is going to confirm Tom for spring 2017. 
Flyers were distributed for the spring convention. 
Sharon request list of committee members who need a room and to be told if they need it paid for. 
Topics for spring 2017
Need 23 in addition to traditions, steps, title, and concepts
The higher the point of freedom
The broader the sides
Our symbol
Universal Program
Simplicity is the key
Doing the right thing for the right reason
The Stigma 
Fully whole and wholly free
PR sharing Session
Trust the Process
Spirituality in action
Secrets keep us sick
Artwork- We voted on a piece of artwork and then decided to take the 3D symbol straight from the book. 
Speakers- Alan L, Pete S, Erin J, Ryan S, Nick L, Alternates-Tony P, Nick H 
Money Motions- Audio-$250, Merch-$7000, Refreshments-$750, Registration-$500, DJ-$350

At the present, we are still under contract with Lamar Advertising for the Beckley Billboard, which will expire 05/28/17.  If anyone in other areas wants to consider the region placing a billboard in your area, please bring your ideas to the April RCM.  

One of the other ideas we have been discussing is to place literature in hospital waiting rooms.  I would like any area that is doing this to get in touch with their RCM to relay information to the regional PR subcommittee. 
 During RSC we received approval for $500 to fund the purchase & shipping of 34 Basic texts to various Hospitals & institutions.  This was a match of books that were donated to the region.  
We also received approval for $700 to fund our attendance at the annual National Association Social Workers of WV conference to be held April 26-28.  The breakdown was $450 for registration and $250 for literature.  

Regional Delegate: 
  Not a lot has happened since the last time we met. We've had a couple of mailings from NAWS. One of the items in there is a request to help with an environmental scan which we have decided to do at our biannual inventory/planning session in March. I would encourage everyone interested in world service to attend.   We had a conference call with our zone in late October and discussed our proposal to limit participation to RD's and alts during our work sessions. There appears to be a general consensus that some guidelines in this area would be helpful.  We will try to vote on something at our next meeting.  Also we are hopefully going to participate in a virtual workgroup meeting with NAWS on the Future of the WSC Project. Since the World Board has decided not form an actual workgroup due to financial restraints, we will be attempting to have interested conference participants take part in a virtual meeting, the first of which just happens to be during our next AZF meeting at 1 pm.  I contacted the hosting region about the possibility of us participating.   Our next AZF meeting is January 28 in South Boston VA, and we will be attending MARLCNA February 10-12.  We are asking for $908 in expenses to attend these events. 

Finance Subcommittee:   

Bank Balance as of 1/10/2017: $20,473.41
* North Central   $158.14
* MANA    $500
* SCURA    $20
* FANA    $150
* AFASCNA   $200
Total Donations: $1,028.14
* North Central   $37.40
* NANAANA   $40
* Metro    $66
* GMANA   $16.50
Total Reimbursements: $159.90
Total Deposits: $1,188.04
Balance after Donations = $21,661.45

Checks to be taken out today:
* MRSCNA Chair Printer Ink Cartridge   $37.09
* Cedar Lakes      $2,796.01
Total Expense: $2,833.10

Already approved Money Motions that have not been taken out yet:
* $250 for Accountant
Total = $250.00

Projected Expenses for Next Quarter:
* Frontier   $375
* PayPal    $15
* BB&T    $12
* OneBox   $239.85
* Secretary   $200
* Lamar    $1,400
* Mailroom   $480
* RD to MARLCNA  $700
* RD to AZF   $200
Total Quarter Expense: $3,621.85
Total of all Expenses: $6,704.95
Balance after Expenses: $14,956.50

Money Motions
* PR Basic Texts and shipping for up to $525
* PR to addend the Social Worker’s Conference and Literature for $700
* Spring Convention 2017 Budget: 
*** Audio     $250
*** Merchandise    $7,000
*** Registration    $500
*** Refreshments    $750
*** DJ      $300 $8,800 total for Convention
* NAWS donation of $2,000.00
* Audio microphone stands $42.90

Total Money Motions: $12,067.90
Balance if Money Motions pass: $2,888.60
Balance after Prudent Reserve: $388.60
Money Motions Results:
* PR Basic Texts $525       PASSED
* Social Worker’s Conference and Literature $700   PASSED
* Spring Convention 2017 Budget $8,800    PASSED
* Audio microphone stands $42.90     PASSED
* NAWS donation $2,000       PASSED

Bank Balance as of 10/1/2016: $15, 098.97
Already approved Money Motions that have not been taken out yet:
* $8,650 remaining for Convention
* $250 for Accountant
Total = $8,900
* MANA   $500
* NANAANA   $80
* GTAL    $40
* Metro    $36
* GMANA   $100
* NCWVASC   $80.42
* GTO    $250
Total Donations: $1,086.42
* NANAANA (schedules) $80
* Metro (schedules)  $66
* NCWVASC (schedules) $33
* GMANA (schedules) $11
Total Reimbursements: $190.00
Total Deposits: $1,276.42
Checks to be taken out today:
* Joe B (PR Expense) $99.70
Total Expense: $99.70
Projected Expenses for Next Quarter:
* Frontier   $375
* PayPal   $15
* BB&T    $12
* OneBox   $239.85
* Secretary   $200
* Lamar   $800
* Mailroom   $400
* Insurance   $3,000
* Accountant  $250
* Convention   $8,650
Total Quarter Expense: $13,941.85
Total of All Expenses: $14,041.55

Money Motions
* $600 additional expense for Convention Merchandise budget
* $200 for PR Literature
Total Money Motions: $800

Beginning Balance = $15,098.97
Balance after Donations = $16,375.39
Total that would be expensed now = $13,941.55
Balance after Expenses = $2,333.84
Balance if Money Motions pass = $1,533.84
Money Motions Results:
* $600 Convention    
* $200 PR     
The Finance Committee is asking for Area’s and Home Group’s to discuss opportunities for our Region to save on expenses.


Dear Fellow Trusted Servants,

  I am writing this letter to address what is a difficult issue for many of us, and that is the raising and spending of money at the regional level. This issue is part of several discussions that came up at our last RSC. The first one was a request by the convention chair that we reimburse for the cost of attending RSC if requested. The second was a request in finance by a member that area discuss ways that our region could save money. Lastly we had two motions regarding the convention committee’s decisions on the registration fees. In addition it should be noted that our region spent a little bit more that it took in over the previous four quarters. While these discussions are all separate, none of them exist in a vacuum. They are all tied together by a common thread—the raising and spending of money. Generally speaking I would like to see us fund anyone who has a responsibility to fulfill on our behalf at the regional level, but I would to take a more comprehensive approach because to approve more spending without addressing the rest would be unwise in my opinion. I would like to suggest a solution that addresses both the raising and spending of money within the convention because that’s where the majority of our money is raised and spent. Savings first. We spend several thousand dollars per year on rooms for trusted servants at our convention. It would be cheaper to reserve rooms in Lakes, Cedars, or Main Lodge or do a Dorm Conversion than to get rooms in Holt ($22/person cheaper). The treasurer can lock up the checkbook in his/her car if necessary. Everyone is free to make other arrangements entirely at their own expense. We could save $400-500 a year this way.
Now for raising money—there are few other events that I am aware of that charge $20 for registration anymore. Most are $30 or $40 or more. Ours has been the same for a very long time. We have not accounted for inflation. It is reasonable to consider raising it to
$30. We could bring in significantly more money (however many people register times ten), and we would still be one of the less expensive conventions around. I realize the suggestions are not going to make everyone happy, but I believe it is time for some big picture consideration. I also believe that we need to consider this proposal as one piece rather than two. I don’t think it is fair to ask for an increase in our registration fee without also offering a reduction in expenses, and doing both also puts us in a much better long term financial position. I am hopeful that we can come together and move forward with our region on firm financial footing. The status quo is not sustainable. 

Yours in service, Cooper

* MOTION#:  17-01-01
* MOTION: Purchase an equal amount of Basic Texts that have been provided by ECCNA (34). Up to $525
* INTENT:  To introduce those to some of the basics of Narcotics Anonymous through literature
* RESULT:  Passed by consensus
* MOTION#:  17-01-02
* MOTION:  To provide funding to the NASWWV Conference. Total amount of $700 for registration and literature
* INTENT:  To further our primary purpose
* RESULT:  Carried by consensus.
* MOTION#:  17-01-03
* MAKER:  Convention
* MOTION:  Spring Convention 2017 Budget: $300 for DJ; $250 for audio; $7,000 for merchandise; $750 for refreshments; $500 for registration. Total amount: $8,800
* INTENT:  To provide a celebration of recovery
* RATIONALE: To have the necessary materials to have a convention
* RESULT:  Carried by consensus.
* MOTION#:  17-01-04
* MAKER:  Audio
* MOTION:  Audio is asking for $42.90 for four new microphone stands
* INTENT:  To record the speakers
* RESULT:   Carried by consensus.
* MOTION#:  17-01-05
* MOTION: To add to Regional Policy Section VII Subcommittees: “Subcommittee chairs are expected to attend all four quarterly meetings of the RSC and the March bi-annual alternating CAR/Inventory meeting”
* INTENT:  To make duties of the subcommittee chairs more clear
* RESULT:    Carried by consensus.
* MOTION#: 17-01-06
* MOTION:  To change Regional Policy Section VIII Treasurer and Financial Policy Letter C Item 10: Fund all RSC Officers and subcommittee chairs for food, lodging, and $0.35 a mile for travel on an as needed basis to fulfill their regional duties
* INTENT: To allow the two subcommittee chairs to request reimbursement, as needed, as a standing expense.
* RESULT: Straw Poll: 7 for, 0 against, 3 abstaining. Motion carried
* MOTION#: 17-01-07
* MOTION: To change policy Section VI: “Trusted Servants” to Section VI: “Regional Officers”; and on Section VI, Letter E, remove the last sentence first paragraph which states the RD and RD Alt are expected to attend all four quarterly meetings, etc. etc.
* RESULT: Carried by consensus
* MOTION#: 17-01-08
* MAKER: Finance 
* MOTION: To submit a $2,000 NAWS donation from our region
* INTENT: To further our primary purpose
* RESULT: Carried by consensus
* UPCOMING RSC DATES: March 4th for the Regional Inventory, and April 8th and 9th. 
 The Regional minutes can be found on the website. We try to relay regional information as simply and effectively as possible. If you see items of business you would like included in the GTO RCM report that were not please let us know. Any suggestions or comments are welcome. Text highlighted in RED distinguish items tabled back to areas and/or home groups for discussion. 

Thanks for letting us serve,
Erica & Erica

6.       Subcommittee reports
Greetings from pr,

Flyer day is April 1st, meeting at 10st entrance to river front park at 1130. We are leaving at 12 and passing out flyers until 2. Attendance for pr has been low for the past few months. Averaging 3 to 4 people. Anyone that l has willingness to come participate in public relations feel free.

Grateful to serve
Ashley f

GTOANA-ASC-Activities Subcommittee Report, March 2017
Greetings ASC
No activities were held in the month of March. The subcommittee is currently planning for our next event, the GTO Annual Campout.
As advised earlier, the event is scheduled for Memorial Day Weekend, Friday, May 26 through Monday, May 29 (Monday is a bonus day … most folks depart Sunday).
The campout will be held at Old Town Campground in Point Pleasant. Robbie C. has made contact with the campground and everything is set for the weekend.
The campground is charging members $14 per night for camping. A pool is available for swimming, and the cost of $5 per day will be handled by the campground. We plan to again rent the activities building for Saturday and Sunday at a cost of $75 per day (we still may only have to pay for one day … the campground owner said she would work with us on that and will also allow us access to it Friday afternoon/evening for us to put items in the refrigerator and to have access to the additional restrooms). The total on the building is yet to be determined.
A tentative plan of activities, etc., which was compiled at the March subcommittee meeting, was posted on the Facebook Tri-State Recovery page (a private page) to solicit input on the activities and for suggestions. There were no comments other than members looking forward to the event. Tommy R. did advise he could provide some firewood for the event. As the date draws closer, we will coordinate with him to get this done.
More about the event and activities were to be discussed at today's (March 19, 2017) subcommittee meeting.

Grateful to be of service
Jeff S.
GTOANA Activities Subcommittee Chair

No H & I Report received

No Literature Report receivedSunday

7.       Homegroups in attendance
Living in the Solution – Y A
Hope Without Dope – Y A
No Pain No Gain – Y A

Another Chance to Live – N I
Another Way – Y A
Together We Can – Y A
She Do Recover - y A

Not High Noon – Y A
Clean Possibilities – Y A
Hope Turns To Faith – Y A
We Do Recover – N I
A New Day – Y A

Progress Not Perfection – Y A
Against All Odds – Y A
Basic Group – Y A

Ground Zero – N I
Hope Through Surrender – N I
God's Will Candlelight – Y A
Peace of Mind Y A

Daily Reprieve – Y A
Choose To Live – Y A
Rainbow of Hope – N I

Serenityville – N I
Trust The Process – Y A
Out of the Darkness – Y A
Making Amends – Y A

**** Y- yes to attendance. N-No to attendance. A-active group. I-inactive group

19 groups present out of 20 active groups and 26 total groups. Quorum established

8.       Group Concerns & Reports -
Concerns regarding minutes not being done in February. Minutes Weren'T done at fault of secretary

Greetings from Peace of Mind group of Narcotics Anonymous. We are meeting on time, the coffee is hot and the lifesaving message of NA is being shared. We are averaging 10-12 people per meeting, support from experienced members would still be very appreciated. At this time we have no donation to area.
Grateful to serve,
Rachel C

The living in the solution home group of narcotics anonymous meets at Jewish temple on 10th st and 10th ave at 1:30pm every Sunday.  The clear message of recovery is being carried to approximately 25 addicts a week. We are donating $20 to area. We have no issues to report at this time.
Heather W.

Group continues to be well attended with an average of about 50 in attendance and a life-saving message of recovery being shared. Coffee is stong (and always emptied) with literature on the table and regularly re-supplied. Clean-time tags are distributed to show NA's message of recovery does work. We're happy to provide a $10.00 donation to GTOASCNA this month.
Grateful to serve,
Jeff S.

Greetings from the hope without dope group of narcotics anonymous.  All is going well the doors are open on time and coffee is hot. We have a full stock of literature on the tables and the message of recovery is being carried. We have about 40-50 in attendance weekly. We have a $15.00 donation to area this month.
Grateful to serve
Maggie S.

greetings asc against all odds is glad to report our literature study meeting is opening and closing on time every week. Coffee is hot and we are carrying the life saving message of NA. We dont have a donation for area at this time. We are grateful to serve.

Isaac J

Greetings from the "No Pain No Gain" group of Narcotics Anonymous. The meeting is being opened on time. Coffee is hot, literature is available, the life-saving message of Narcotics Anonymous is being shared. Currently, we have no contribution to donate to area.

Grateful to serve,
           Jessi H

Greetings from the Peace of Mind homegroup that meets on Thursday nights @ 7pm @ 1502 4th Ave. The doors are always open on time and the message of recovery is being shared. We have literature for sale and pamphlets free for the taking. We have recently added 2 new hg members, which was needed, since it has only been 2 of us for a long time. Average attendance is around 10, so we would love to see some new faces to share their experience, strength and hope.
Grateful to be of service,
Wayne M

9.       Old Business - N/A
10.   New Business
·         Motion brought forth to suspend policy to move the date of the next ASC. This change was necessary due to easter and a full schedule in May. Motion passed. ASC will be May 7th as to combine April and May
·         Motion 1
From activities
Motion: Requesting $500 for campout. Funds not needed at this time and request they be held by GTOASC treasurer to be released as needed.

Intent: To have funds for campout supplies available as needed.

Rationale: To have funds available as needed for campout supplies.

Voted on: 19 for   0 against  0 abstain  MOTION CARRIED

·         Motion 2

H & I
Motion: To use $200 for our H & I education event.

Intent: To have funds for items needed to put on the event. I.E. Taco bar, coffee, or any other provisions needed

Rationale: To put on an H&I education day to help carry a clear message of NA to those in treatment.


·         Motion 3


Motion: $10 for printing reg. Schedules for our panels.

Intent: To supply panels with schedules

Rationale: To provide meeting times and locations to those in treatment.

Voted on:  19 for   0 against  0 abstain      MOTION CARRIED

·         Motion 4


Motion: to begin a $200 reserve for H&I for needed funds.    FRIENDLY AMMENDMENT MADE BY NOT HIGH NOON TO CHANGE TO $50

Intent: To have a reserve in place for printing, literature, and supplies

Rationale: To further carry our message


·         Motion 5:


Motion: $544.48 to order literature

Intent: To replenish literature supply

Rationale: To have sufficient literature available for home groups to purchase at ASC

VOTED ON:  16 for   0 against   1 abstain      MOTION CARRIED

Announcements made

Motion to close

Next ASC will be MAY 7th

Grateful to serve,
Josh A. - GTOASC secretary


Name:        Date:     
Clean Date:       (Years            Months     )
Service Position Sought           
1.) Please list all NA Service Positions you’ve held that you consider relevant to the position to which you are nominated.  
2.) What personal resources do you believe you can bring to this position.

3.) Please Check appropriate box if you have - 
  N.A.  Sponsor 
  N.A. Home Group
  Attend weekly N.A. Meetings
  Working knowledge of the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions of N.A.
  An understanding of the 12 Concepts of N.A. Service
  Knowledge of the N.A. Guide to Local Service
  Accounting & computer skills

4.) What life experiences (i.e., school, work, volunteer, etc.) have you had that you believe will help you serve in the position to which you are nominated?

5.) Please include any other information you consider relevant.  

 Area Service Officer Elections
Please bring nominations to the MAY 7th ASC, nominees must be willing, show up to qualify or fill out a resume if they cannot attend the ASC meeting on MAY 7th. Please do not nominate someone who cannot fulfill the requirements

A. General

1. Elections of ASC officers and subcommittee chairpersons are held at the June ASC each year. Nominations are taken at the May ASC. Elections for the Activities Subcommittee Chair will be held in March with the nominations taking place in February.
2. For vacant positions, nominations and qualifications can be taken at any ASC meeting, with elections following at the next ASC.
3. GSRs make nominations and vote on election of ASC officers.
4. Qualifications by nominees:
a. Nominees should qualify when nominations are taken.
b. Nominees should qualify for offices in person, or by resume if not present.
c. If neither requirement (b) is fulfilled, nominees cannot be elected.
5. Subcommittee chairpersons are appointed by the ASC Chairperson upon recommendation of that subcommittee, subject to majority confirmations of GSRs.

A. ASC Officer Descriptions

1. Chairperson

a. Arranges and agenda for ad presides over the ASC meetings.
b. Responsible for correspondence, and maintaining files and archives.
c. Verifies ASC meeting minutes before copies are made.
d. Responsible for seeing that the P.O. Box is checked at least once each week by him/herself or a designee.
e. Coordinates with the vice-chairperson in maintaining and distributing, to ASC participants, an address and phone number list of ASC participants.
f. Must be capable of conducting a business meeting with a firm, yet understanding, hand.
g. Suggested minimum of two (2) years continuous abstinence from all drugs, and a working knowledge of NA steps and traditions.
h. One (1) year service experience as an ASC participant.

2. Vice-Chairperson

a. In the absence of the chairperson, the vice-chairperson shall perform the duties of the chairperson.
b. Responsible for compiling a list of ASC participants’ names, addresses, and phone numbers for making this available to these participants or others deemed necessary to receive it.
c. Suggested minimum of one (1) year continuous abstinence from all rugs, and a working knowledge of NA steps and traditions.
d. Six (6) months service experience as an ASC participant.

3. Secretary

a. Keeps accurate minutes of each ASC meeting.
b. Types and distributes copies of the minutes no later than ten (10) days following each ASC meeting to the following:  ASC participants and RCM.
c. These copies should be verified before the copies are made.
d. Suggested minimum of one (1) year continuous abstinence from all drugs and a working knowledge of NA steps and traditions.
e. One (1) year service experience as a group or ASC officer.

4. Treasurer

a. Shall oversee and maintain the area bank account (as stated in Section VII., “Finances”).
b. Shall make a written report of itemized contributions and expenditures at every regular ASC meeting, as well as an annual report at the end of the fiscal year.
c. Suggested minimum of two (2) years continuous abstinence from all drugs, and a working knowledge of NA steps and traditions.
d. One (1) year service experience, at any level, as treasurer.

5. Treasurer-Alternate
a. Shall assist the Treasurer in all the affairs of the office for learning and possible succession.
b. Suggested minimum of one (1) year continuous abstinence from all drugs, and a working knowledge of NA steps and traditions.
c. Six (6) months service experience at any level.

6. RCM and RCM-Alternate

A Regional Committee Member (RCM) is to an ASC what a GSR is to a group. As the representative of the area, the RCM speaks to the Regional committee on behalf of the members and the groups of the area service committee. The primary responsibility of an RCM is to work for the good of NA, providing two-way communication between the area and the rest of NA, particularly neighboring ASCs. They represent the group conscience of an ASC at a regional level and provide the area with the agenda for the RSC at least ten (10) days before the RSC meets. An RSM attends all regional service committee meetings and takes part in any decisions which affect the region, speaking as the voice of the ASC’s group conscience. An RCM may serve on one or more of its ASC or RSC committees.

The office of the RCM also parallels that of the GSR in that it is a two (2) year commitment. The first year of service is spent as an RCM-Alternate, becoming familiar with the job, attending all ASC and RSC meetings, and filling in for the RCM if he/she is absent. If for any reason the RCM is unable to complete the full term, the RCM-Alternate assumes the office of RCM for the remainder of the two-year commitment. A special election shall be held to elect a new RCM-Alternate to serve the remainder of the two-year term, followed by the one-year term as RCM. An RCM must be able to work for the common good, placing principles before personalities at all times. Therefore, in addition to the regular qualifications for GSRs, it is recommended that nominees to the post of RCM also have:

a. Suggested minimum of three (3) years continuous abstinence from all drugs, and working knowledge of NA steps and traditions.
b. One (1) year service experience as a GSR.
c. The willingness to give the time and resources necessary for the job.
d. To submit a monthly, written report to the ASC.

7. Subcommittee Chairpersons

a. Are trusted servants of the area and directly responsible to the ASC and its policies.
b. Subcommittee chairpersons are responsible for providing meeting time(s) and location(s) for the ASC minutes.
c. Responsible for submitting subcommittee minutes and reporting to the ASC about the subcommittee’s work.
d. Ensure that other needed officers are selected within the subcommittees.
e. May make motions pertaining to the business of their subcommittee.
f. Are appointed by the ASC Chairperson upon recommendation of that subcommittee, subject to majority confirmation of the GSRs.
g. May succeed themselves, but should not serve more than two (2) consecutive terms.
h. Suggested one (1) year continuous abstinence from all drugs, and a working knowledge of NA steps and traditions.
i. Previous six (6) months service experience as a member of that subcommittee.