Monday, April 10, 2017

Service Resume

Here is a copy of the service resume: this will be attached as a pdf to the ASC minutes. Also if you need a copy, contact Ryan D for a paper copy


Name:                                                                                                Date:                                                  
Clean Date:                                                                           (Years                   Months                )
Service Position Sought                                                                                                    
1.)  Please list all NA Service Positions you’ve held that you consider relevant to the position to which you are nominated.  
2.)  What personal resources do you believe you can bring to this position.

3.)        Please Check appropriate box if you have -
                    N.A.  Sponsor          
                    N.A. Home Group
                    Attend weekly N.A. Meetings
                    Working knowledge of the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions of N.A.
                    An understanding of the 12 Concepts of N.A. Service
                    Knowledge of the N.A. Guide to Local Service
                    Accounting & computer skills

4.)        What life experiences (i.e., school, work, volunteer, etc.) have you had that you believe will help you serve in the position to which you are nominated?

5.)        Please include any other information you consider relevant.