Sunday, June 11, 2017

MAY Area Service Minutes

May 7th  2017 GTOASCNA
Opened with Prayer
12 traditions and 12 concepts read
April minutes read by secretary
GTOASCNA Treasurer’s Report
Activity recorded 3-13-2017 through 5-7-2017

Regular Account
Beginning Balance                                                                                           $310.45
5-7-17           Group Donations to ASC        87.00

                                                                                    Total                      $397.45
5-7-17            cash to cabell co. library  asc rent and copies       $17.25
5-7-17            xfer to pr for printing                               $10.00
                         Ending balance                                                    $370.20

                                                              Prudent Reserve
Beginning Balance                                                                                   $100.00
No Income and No Expenses
Ending Balance                                                                                                  $100.00

Public Relations Reserve
Beginning Balance                                                                                           $100
5-7-17                 $10.00 for printing schedules
5-7-17                 $10.00 xfer from reg acct for replenish
Ending Balance                                                                                          $100.00

Activities Reserve                    
Beginning Balance                                                                                           384.95
5-7-17   no income
5-7-17                        $384.95 to jeff s for campout supplies         
Total Expenses                                                                  $384.95
Ending Balance                                                                                                  $0
Literature Reserve
Beginning Balance                                           468.75                5-7-17                                                                     
Total Income from orders                                  $474.00
TOTAL                                                $942.75
5-7-17               check to sal c. for new lit order    $400.00
Total Expenses $400.00                                                                                       
Ending Balance                                                                                                  $542.75 (+ lit. stockpile)
Subcommittee Reports
GTOANA-ASC-Activities Subcommittee Report, April 2017

Greetings ASC
The subcommittee held a special meeting on April 21 to finalize plans for the GTO Annual Campout.
We have secured firewood through the campground and we are beginning to gather the supplies that GTO will provide that weekend, ie., coffee, water, etc.
A fun, recovery-filled weekend is planned, and we have created and distributed flyers to inform members about the details of the activities. We ask that members begin announcing the campout and pointing members to the flyers for these details.
Finally, we have received wristbands (printed with “No Matter What Club”) in various colors. We are selling these with proceeds to help with GTO's cost of putting on the campout. They are available now for $2.00 each.
More about the event and activities were to be discussed at today's (May 7, 2017) subcommittee meeting.

Grateful to be of service
Jeff S.
GTOANA Activities Subcommittee Chair
New Homegroup joining area
10:00 Am Sunday
Barnett Center
15224 10th Ave, Huntington WV
90 mimutes

Quorum established 17 of 23 active groups present
Homegroup reports

Greetings from living in the solution homegroup of narcotics anonymous. We meet at the jewish temple on sundays at 130. The life saving message is being carried to approximately 25 addicts weekly. We have chosen to sponsor an addict to go to ripley this spring. No issues to report at this time. 
Living in the solution

Kristen a celebration on 5/25 chris w 5/1 new homegroup member brandi mcquaid and lauren o. No donation to area at this time. Homegroup is doing well, gald to be of service
Greetings from Clean Possibilities. We open and close on time, and are continuing our rotating format.  We have 1 new homegroup member.  This homegroup will be sponsoring an addict to attend spring convention and will draw that name this week. Things are going well and the lifesaving message of Narcotics Anonymous is being carried. 

Grateful to be of service, 
Sarah W

Homegroup Report, April 2017
A New Day, Tuesdays, 11:59 p.m., Barnett Center
Meeting attendance is averaging about 20 people. Several active homegroup members. Coffee is strong. All is well.
Grateful to serve,
Josh B.

Report from Choose to live, we are sponsoring a addict to convention and restocking our literature, rent is paid through may, a clear message is being shared weekly from 8-9:30. We have a couple celebrations in June, June 16th 4 year and June 30th a 2 year. Come help us celebrate. No donation to area at this time. Grateful to serve, Ryan D
Out of the Dark and Into the Light of the Rainbow, Saturdays, 7 p.m., Barnett Center
Group continues to be well attended with an average of about 50 in attendance and a life-saving message of recovery being shared. Coffee is stong with literature on the table and regularly re-supplied. This month we have provided five (5) Basic Texts free of charge to newcomers who cannot afford to purchase new ones on their own but are are seeking knowledge about how Narcotics Anonymous can help them find a new way to live. Clean-time tags are distributed to show NA's message of recovery does work.
Grateful to serve,
Jeff S.
Old Business
Motion for $200 for H and I – Motion Failed
Motion for and H and I reserve for $50 – Motion Carried
New Business
Motion 1 – from PR –
Motion: $10 for schedules
Intent: Print schedules for distribution
VOTE: 17 for 0 Againt 0 abstaining – Motion Carried
Motion 2 – from Lit supply –
Motion: Request $400 from literature supply reserve to order more literature
Intent: Have literature for area per
Rationale: To have literature, you know for area
VOTE: 16 for 0 against 0 abstaining – Motion Carried
Motion 3 – from We found a Home group
Motion: Get a Homegroup starter Packet
Intent: Help us carry the message of NA
Rationale: We need help
VOTE: 12 for 0 Against 1 Abstain – Motion Carried
Motion 4 – from Another Chance to Live , seconded by Not High Noon
Motion: Change Policy language in Section III, F, 1 to read
“An area inventory will be scheduled at the June ASC meeting”
Intent: To allow trusted servants time to acclimate to new positions and schedule the area inventory
Rationale: In years gone by, June has been a bad month for this to occur
Tabled to Homegroups, bring vote to next asc

Nominations for trusted servants:
Chair: Ryan D
Vice Chair: Josh A
Sectretary: Elijah C
RCM: Erica B
RCM alt: Ashley F
Treasurer: Chad W
Treasurer alt: Sal C
All were present to qualify, except for Sal C, please bring your homegroups vote to June ASC

Next Area Service is scheduled for:

-- JUNE 18th 2017 at 3pm at cabell county library --