Sunday, August 13, 2017

GTOANA July 2017 ASC Minutes

1.      Opened with prayer

2.       Traditions & concepts read

3.       Minutes Read Josh A made Motion to approve

4.       Treasurers report – Chad W. Provided

5.       RCM Report – Erica B Not Provided

6.       Subcommittee reports – All Provided
PR – Josh A
HNI – Josh B
Activities – Jeff S
Lit Supply – Britt Q

7.       Quorum Established by Ryan D.

8.       Old business.
Area Inventory and Budget committee.
She Do Recover – suggests 2nd or 4th Saturday of September.
4th Saturday is the 23rd of September. After 2:30pm tentatively. Considering Fairfield East.
Maggie S voted in for RCM alt

9.       New business.
Sub Com -  motions.
Lit Com                                                         Passed
Activity Com                                               Passed
PR                                                                   Passed
Daily Reprieve Group                             Passed
Another Way / sent to region/ friendly amendment made to table to homegroups.

10.   Open forum.
Treasurer reminded that we need donations from groups.
Most Barnett meetings moving to Fairfield East.
Daily Reprieve moving to Trinity.
Local schedule will be updated today.
Discussed 11th Tradition in greater detail and tabled Motion 5 to homegroups for discussion.
PR spoke on the issue of a PR presentation to local recovery house using GTO in name.
Treasurer gave ending Bal.
Announcement to have Homegroups make donations as we are in the negative.

11.   Motion to Close

Sub Committee Reports
Activities Subcommittee Report
Greetings ASC
As reported at the last Area meeting, the various GTO subcommittees are joining in unity to put on a “Newcomer Picnic” It has been scheduled for Sunday, August 13, from noon to 6 p.m., at Fairfield East Community Center, 2711 8th Ave., (corner of 28th Street). The Activities subcommittee is organizing the event, has secured the location, and is organizing a pot luck competition for appetizers, entrees, and desserts; the H&I Subcommittee to put on an H&I workshop; The PR Subcommittee will coordinate speakers to briefly explain how various parts of how NA works and answer questions. The subcommittee has decided to include the following topics: Homegroups, Service/Area, Sponsorship, Support Group, and Working Steps. The Literature subcommittee is providing a “newcomer packet” with free literature to introduce newcomers to the program. We will also have an independent NA meeting that afternoon as a speaker meeting with Chris M. of Corbin, Ky, the speaker. The costs we anticipate for Activities is a total of $120 for which we submitted a motion in request at today's Area and was approved. This includes a donation of $20 for rental of Fairfield East, $55 for drinks, paper plates, utensils, etc., and $45 for prizes for the pot-luck competition. The prizes will be gift certificates good for the purchase of any items sold by the literature subcommittee. First place is $20, Second $15, and Third $10. A flyer with details about the activity has been created for homegroups to have available at their meetings. The flyer is posted on both the GTO website and the region website.

Grateful to be of service Jeff S. GTOANA Activities Subcommittee Chair

The Literature Supply Committee continues to meet each month at 1pm and Literature is for sale until close of area's meeting. Our trusted servant positions have rotated and all continues to move smoothly. We have obtained the literature we are providing for the Newcomer PicNic and are in the process of creating packets. Today we did approximately $380 in sales. We will be requesting $500 to order Literature to replenish sold inventory. 

Grateful to Serve, Britt Q.

Greetings from h and I, there's not too much to report this month... our panel leaders are committed to carrying the message and our willingness to go in with them has been picking up.
Our Thursday Boyd county jail panel has of late been less practical on the jails end and during subcommittee, we decided to dissolve that panel and step forward to get a panel going into western regional as soon as we can. This seems to be the only major changes in our h and I lineup and we will report more on it as we find out.

We're always grateful to serve,
H and I subcommittee.

Greetings from pr,
All us well with pr. The meeting that was taking place at the harmony house that was being advertised as an na/aa meeting had been resolved. That meeting is now registered with aa and the flyer has been changed. We have a need to take inventory of the pr box and go to the needle exchange. I have to get with Ashley F. and obtain the box in do so. We are bringing a motion for $20 to print schedules to supply the literature subcommittee so they can be the newcomer packet provided at the picnic on August 13th. We brought forth suggestions and willingness for speakers for the workshops for the picnic. They are as follows: Nick L-service/area. Josh B- Homegroup. Josh A- Support group. Deebo K- sponsorship. Lastly, we discussed the recent issue of the Oxford house gto, and the implied affiliation. Group conscious decided to offer a pr presentation at their chapter meeting. Chair (Josh A), vice chair (John G), and web servant II (Ryan D) will facilitate the presentation. We will get together and offer. More will be revealed. 
Grateful to be of service, 
Josh A. 
PR chair


Beginning Balance           +$477.20

Total to all accounts        + $1081.94

Prudent Reserve              +$100

PR Reserve                         $100 Allowance                 Beg. Bal. $100    No activity
No Expenses                      Ending in $100

Activities Reserve           $500 Allowance                 Beg. Bal.  $0.00  +$100 Campout               
No Expenses                      Ending in $100

Lit Supply                            $1000 Allowance              Beg. Bal. $542.75 +$342.00
Expenses -$580.00           Ending in $304.74

H&I                                        $50 Allowance                   Beg. Bal. $50       No activity
No Expenses                      Ending in $50.00

June Beg. Bal.                    $370.20
Group Donations             +$122.00
Expenses                             -$15.00 Rent Library
Ending Balance                  +$477.20

Another Way
Hello Friends,
Greetings from The Another Way Group. For the most part, things are still going well with our group. Our meeting atmosphere remains intimate and the only problem we’ve had recently has been some disruptive behavior from a few members. That particular issue seems to have taken care of itself, but more will be revealed. At our recent business meeting, we decided to eliminate the break in our meeting. We don’t know if this will be a permanent fixture, or just something new to try for a while. We’ll keep you updated. We’re still mulling over the idea of incorporating a step writing session into our group format, but we’re not decided on anything yet. Our rent has been paid through July, but our forgetful treasurer forgot to pay rent for August after our business meeting. We’ll discipline him appropriately later.
We have a conscious on the motions from our Region and our Area. We wanted to address the motion concerning scheduling a date for the Area Inventory. Our home group believes the motion concerning the inventory date should be/have been decided at the Area level and not tabled to home groups. We also have a motion that we will discuss during “New Business.” The Another Way Group does not have a donation for ASC this month.
In Loving Service,
-The Another Way Group

Hope Turns To Faith
Greetings from hope turns to faith, the meeting is going well. Our attendance has grown in the past month with an average of 65. Coffee is hot and literature is available. We open and close on time. The lifesaving message of NA is being shared.
                        Grateful to serve
                             Ryan Elkins.

Trust The Process
The Trust The Process group of Narcotics Anonymous that meets Saturday's from 7-8:30 pm at 901 Jefferson Ave is doing well. The doors are open at 6, chairs set up, lit set out and coffee made and a clear NA message is being carried. Average attendance is 20 addicts. We have an addict celebrating a one year of clean time on 8-12-17 Eric L from Boon Co. will be sharing his E.S.H. We have no needs from area at this time. 
Grateful to serve,
Chris G

Against All Odds
greetings asc against all odds is glad to report our literature study meeting is opening and closing on time every week. Coffee is hot and we are carrying the life saving message of NA. We do not have a donation for area at this time. We are grateful to serve. 
Isaac J

Living In The Solution
Greetings from living in the solution meeting of narcotics anonymous. A clear message is being carried to approximately 25 addicts each week. We have no issues to report. We do not have a donation at this time. 
Grateful to serve
Living in the solution  

Out Of The Darkness
Greetings from out of the darkness. Meetings have been starting and ending on time. Coffee is consistently tasty. There is an average of 40 people in attendance each week. We have a 1 yr celebration july 29th with Christa S speaking. Our meetings will tentatively be moving to highlawn july 22. 
Grateful to serve...out of the darkness

Basic Group
Greetings from the Basic Group of NA. We have been meeting on time each week. Our attendance is growing weekly. Estimated average attendance is 30-50 addicts each week. Our format has changed and is now a rotating format. We invite everyone to join us each Wednesday and see what’s on our agenda Just For Today!!!

Grateful to be of service, Basic Group

#1 Lit Supply Request $500
To purchase literature and supplies.
To make literature available at area and the Newcomers Picnic
17 - 0 - 1
#2 Activities Sub Com.
$120 for Newcomer Picnic
To cover costs (rent, supplies, refreshments) of Newcomer Picnic
To provide an event which will carry NA message and invite and edu. Newcomers
19 - 0 - 1
#3 Public Relations
$20 for schedules
Carry out NA’s primary purpose.
Carry out NA’s primary purpose.
#4 Daily Reprieve HG
2 Stepworking Guides
To make lit available to members.
HG is struggling to replenish due to moving.
Not Recorded
#5 Another Way HG
Change wording 11th Trad.
[see details below]
To make 11th tradition more relevant to current times.
11th tradition is out of date as media outlets have altered.
Tabled to HG’s

MOTION #5 Details: The Another Way Group would like to change the wording of NA’s 11th tradition to read : “Our public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion. We need always maintain personal anonymity at the level of public media.”  We would like this motion to go back to home groups to be decided on if the motion can be sent to regional service.
Intent: To make our 11th tradition more relevant to current times.

Rationale: The 11th tradition was written years ago and doesn’t address certain facets of public media. We believe this will bridge some gaps that the 11th tradition doesn’t cover.