Monday, September 11, 2017

August 2017 GTOANA Minutes

1.       Opened with prayer

2.       Traditions & concepts read

3.       Minutes Read

4.       Josh B addressed ASC regarding financial issue

5.       Treasurers report – Chad W Provided

6.       RCM Report – Erica B Provided

7.       Subcommittee reports – All Provided
PR – Josh A
HNI – Josh B
Activities – Jeff S
Lit Supply – Britt Q

8.       Quorum Established by Ryan D

9.       Old business
Motion to change 11th tradition 6 for 11 against 3 abstain motion fails

10.   New business
Motion made to by Robbie C to pay all debts immediately. Seconded by Alexis S

11.   Open forum
Discussion on HG having freedom of expression during meeting.
PR reaching out to regional PR to consider getting NA lit sent to Lakin Women’s Prison

12.   Motion to Close

Sub Committee Reports
Activities Subcommittee Report

Not Available


Not Available

Meeting was called to order at 2pm.

Traditions and concepts were read.

Panel reports:
       H&I panel that meets 7:30pm every other Thursday at Pinecrest ladies’ facility is going well. Guidelines and literature are read. Clients in facility are happy to attend and seem attentive. They are willing to share topics for meeting and to reach out after. There is a lot of willingness for panel members. And a clear message of Narcotics Anonymous is being shared. We have pamphlets available but I need meeting schedules and am requesting assistance. 
Grateful to be of service,
 Hayley B.

Greetings from the river park panel,
All is well with the panel. We have been going on on time, but still starting about 5 min late. We have been ending on time. A clear message of narcotics anonymous is being carried. Willingness remains stellar. No issues to report at this time. 
Grateful to be of service,
Josh A

The St. Mary's H&I panel that meets every other Tuesday at 7 p.m. is doing extremely well. Panels are always filled ahead of time, and have even been able to find back-ups, with very short notice, when people have backed out. We go in together, deliver a clear message of Narcotics Anonymous, answer questions afterward, and leave together. There is generally lot of participation, and an interest in the NA program is expressed by several people who attend. I am very grateful for the opportunity to be of service.
Sierra C
Greetings from 28 day ladies Pinecrest panel. We are meeting every other Thursday at 730, we go in together and leave together. There is many clients who are very receptive to the message of narcotics anonymous. They reach out afterwards and always bring up topics.. Grateful to serve 
Heather W.
Been having a little issue with clients not being on time to meeting knocking on door at 8p to get in. Just a little unmanageable last meeting was a little better. Dealing with problem and not much else to report other than it is happening and message is being shared.
Robbie C.

Willingness for Pinecrest is awesome. The staff and residents are very helpful in getting it started on time.
Andrew V.

Old Business:
We need to get applications and people approved for H&I at Western Regional Jail.

Men’s panel at Pinecrest -reach out to administration.
Possible H&I presentation to administration. Working in cooperation with PR subcommittee.

New Business:
Christa S. to take over St. Marys Panel every other Tuesday.
John G. will taking river park panel completely
Asking Area for $20 to print schedules.
Josh B. will continue to hold his service position as H&I Chair.
Greetings from pr, 

All is well with pr. We discussed the Oxford house issue. The matter has seemed to fizzle out, so we voted ad a subcommittee to take no action. We elected a new schedule day coordinator/communicator. Chris S. will be stepping into that position. We discussed the dire need to get the ball rolling on communications and a schedule day. We are currently tracking down a contact list. In the case this list can't be located, we will put in the footwork to make a new one. Pr box needs inventoried and restock, will be done before next asc. Deebo K. brought us contact info for a doctor at valley health who handles drug replacement therapy. This information will be turned over to the communicator and we will proceed as necessary. 

Grateful to be of service, 
Josh A

Another Way
Hello Friends! The Another Way Group is still alive and helping to carry a clear message of recovery. Attendance has remained the same. We average, roughly, five to seven members per meeting. Last week was refreshing because we had several new members and several members coming back from doing some R&D. Something is working. Our rent is paid through August and we will take care of September’s rent this week and our literature stock is plentiful. Ass an attempt to cut down on expenses and do more for the environment, our home group made a decision to stop using Styrofoam cups and start using coffee mugs. Also, on September 18 there will be a home group member celebrating six years clean. It will be a regular meeting, but we’d like to invite everyone to come help us celebrate. We discussed the motions sent back to the groups and are prepared to vote during the proper time. We’re grateful that to be able to help our area grow.
In Loving Service,
-Another Way Group

Together We Can
Greetings from Together We Can HG,
Meeting is going well, coffee is served. We have stocked literature and key tags. Average meeting attendance is about 60. And a clear message of recovery being shared. As a home group, we have voted No on the issue of the 11th Tradition. We have no donation for area now.

                       Grateful to be of service,

                           Brandi M.

Hope Turns To Faith
Greetings from hope turns to faith, the meeting is going well. Our attendance has grown in the past month with an average of 65. Coffee is hot and literature is available. We open and close on time. The lifesaving message of NA is being shared.
                        Grateful to serve
                             Ryan Elkins.

Against All Odds
greetings asc against all odds is glad to report our literature study meeting is opening and closing on time every week. Coffee is hot and we are carrying the life saving message of NA. Other than lack of home group members everything is going great. We have a 20$ donation for area at this time. We are grateful to serve.
Isaac J

Living In The Solution
Greetings from living in the solution homegroup. We meet every Sunday at 130 pm at the Jewish temple church. A clear message of narcotics anonymous is being carried to approximately 20 to 25 addicts every week.   We have no issues to report now and do not have an area donation.  
Living in the solution 

Daily Reprieve
Meeting has been open on time.
Literature & supplies have been made readily available.
Average attendance has been wonderful!

Glad to be of service!
Daily Reprieve

Not High Noon
Greetings from not high noon,
All is well. Meeting is opening and closing on time and continues to thrive with an average attendance of 35 addicts. We have a home group member celebrating 3 years on August 29th. Kristen S will be sharing her experience, strength, and hope. Come see who is celebrating and get a cup of the strongest coffee in the area. 

Grateful to be of service, 
Josh A

No Pain No Gain
Greetings from the "No Pain No Gain" group of Narcotics Anonymous. The meeting is being opened on time. Coffee is hot, literature is available, the life-saving message of Narcotics Anonymous is being shared. We have an addict celebrating a three year miracle on August 27th. There will be a speaker and cake. The celebration was originally scheduled for August 20th but we had to reschedule due to the church using the larger meeting room. Currently, we have no contribution to donate to area.

Grateful to serve, 
          Jessi H

Basic Group
Greetings from the Basic Group. Our average attendance is approximately 50 ppl. We have a $60 donation to area this month. We have a 10-year celebration this month as well. The doors are opened on time faithfully and a clear NA message is being carried every Wednesday night at the Basic Group.
Choose to Live
Greetings from the choose to live homegroup of narcotics anonymous.  All is well. Doors are open on time coffee is hot and literature is on the table. We average 30 + addicts’ weekly and have a 3 year celebration coming up. 
Grateful to serve
Rachel n

Hope without Dope
Hi from Hope w/o Dope Group,
            Coffee being made and the message is being carried. Average attendance is  20-25 members. We have 3 celebrations this month. No donation at this time.
Grateful to serve, Erica B

She Do Recover
Greetings from She Do Recover!
The meeting is happening & the message is being carried. The new location is working out well. We are presenting a motion related to managing NA funds responsibly.  We are unable to donate at this time due to paying rent & purchasing literature. Just a reminder-  This Meeting is No Addict turned away. 

In loving service, 
Missi C

1.      Lit Sub Com
Request $168 to purchase Lit
To purchase Literature
Provide Literature to area.
2.      She Do Recover HG
Policy Addition requiring 2 signatures to write checks
To foster transparency & accountability for GTOANA bank account usage.
To better adhere to 6th tradition
Tabled to Homegroups.
(See Below for original motion as written.)


Members or groups can answer each question with a number from one to five, using the scale below:
1                                  2                                  3                                  4                                  5
Not at all                   Needs Improvement                       Adequate                        Outstanding                           Excellent

When the numbers are totaled, the area can see what most needs improvement (1) and what is going quite well already (5).

1.      How well has the area served local groups this year?

_________      How well does the area communicate with local groups?

_________      How well does the area respond to the needs of local groups?

_________      How well is the area managing its donations and area treasury?

_________      How effectively does the area demonstrate responsibility and accountability?

_________      How fully does the area train and support members who serve on the area  
                        service committee?

_________      How well does the area service committee foster an atmosphere of courtesy and
                        mutual respect?

_________      How completely does the area provide opportunities for communication about
                        committee concerns to the local members and groups?

_________      How well is a sense of unity fostered within the area service body?

_________      How positively is a sense of unity shown within local groups?

_________      What is the area’s experience with trusted servants?

_________      How well has the area fostered the willingness of the local fellowship to volunteer
                        for service positions?

_________      How well does the area practice continuity and rotation?

_________      How well does the area function in maintaining a full complement of trusted
                        servants, with no open commitments?

_________      How fully does the area create an environment where the conscience of the body
                        guides the decisions and direction of the area?

2.      How well has the area done this year in making NA’s message more widely known in the larger community?

_________      How well is the area communicating with those in the community who interact
                        with addicts?

________      How completely does the area respond to the needs of the larger community?

_________      How well is the area using human and financial resources to carry NA’s message
                        of recovery in an efficient and effective way?

_________      How fully trained and supported are the trusted servants who interact with
                        members of the community?

_________      How well has the area built cooperative relationships with those in the larger

_________      How easily can those in the larger community reach an NA member who is in a
                        position to respond to their questions or requests?

3.      How well has the area cooperated and collaborated with the region and NA World Services this year?

_________      How effectively does the area communicate with the region and with NA World

_________      How well does the area respond to requests from the region and from NA World

_________      How fully does the area share its needs and concerns with the region and NA                                    World Services? How reliably does the area forward funds to the region and/or                                 NA World Services?

_________      How effectively does the area use resources (such as written materials or                              experience from other trusted servants) that are available through the region                                and/or NA World Services?

_________      How fully has the area formed a cooperative relationship with the region and NA                             World Services?

_________      How well is the area creating a sense of unity with the region and NA World                                     Services?

Is there any particular area of service and/or area function that you perceive is outstanding? Please identify: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Is there any particular area of service and/or area function that you perceive would need improvement? Please identify: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Ad Hock committee meeting met at 6:27pm on 08/11/2017 at Enslow Presbyterian Church.
  1. Ryan D
  2. Elijah C
  3. Chad W
  4. Josh A
  5. Josh B
Opened with Prayer.
Discussion began with the issue of the Treasury account being compromised and not as it should be.
Chad spoke on July minutes. According to accounting the area account should be $811.69.
$35.83 is the account balance
$500 owed to Sal C for Lit Supply
$25 owed to Britt S for bounced check
Total Area account should be 1300.81
Josh B has agreed that he has used 1300.81 for his own personal money and owes this to GTOANA
Josh B has provided $400.81 to Chad W. A receipt was given to josh by chad. He now owes GTOANA $900.00
Josh B has agreed to pay $225.00 per week.
First payment to be set for 08/19/2017
Second payment set for 08/26/2017
Third payment set for 09/02/2017
Final payment set for 09/09/2017
If not paid in full by 09/09/2017 lender shall be entitled to demand full balance acquisition immediately.
All legal actions necessary will be taken if debt is not collected in full at this time.
In witness to their acceptance and agreement to all the terms of this debt agreement the lender and borrower affix their signatures below.