Sunday, November 12, 2017

October 2017 ASC minutes

1.       Opened with prayer

2.       Traditions – Nick L & Concepts – Jason I

3.       Minutes Read

4.       Treasurers report – Chad W Provided

5.       RCM Report – Erica B Provided

6.       Subcommittee reports – All Provided
PR – Josh A
HNI – Nick L
Activities – Jeff S
Lit Supply – Absent

7.       Quorum Established

8.       Old business
She Do Recover Motion from Sept. Chad W acquired info on 2 signature checks. Our bank doesn’t provide this service but can order those and it would cost $190.00. Discussed reforming the check writing procedure. Asking Homegroups for suggestions. Considering Chase bank 2 signature checks.

Motion 5 from September majority abstain goes back to homegroups. Motion 5 from Sept provided at end of the minutes.

9.       New business
Motion 1) Activities $125 & $150 Carried
Motion 2) HNI needed $15 for schedules Carried
Motion 4) Another way Policy SC seconded by Ryan D – Back to Homegroups
Motion 5) Another way P.O. Box seconded by John C - Back to Homegroups

10.   Open forum
Flyer day collaboration with Homegroups.

11.   Motion to Close

Sub Committee Reports
Activities Subcommittee Report

Not present

HNI struggling for willingness. Taking nominations for panel leaders. Considering closing some panels due to lack of support.
Greetings from pr, 
All is well with us. We are still waiting on literature that's on back order for replenishment of the pr box. Once this happens we will be able to restock the needle exchange. We will be present at the Halloween function with the pr display, and some literature that we have. Flyer day happened. Willingness is at a tremendous low. We really need members to show up and participate. We discussed having gsrs speak with their fellow home group members about home groups distributing flyers in the area of their respective meetings. In the meantime, the next flyer day was scheduled for Nov 18th. We have an opening for the vice chair position. Clean time requirement for this position is 1 year. Please contact Josh A, or come to subcommittee in November if yoh have willingness.

Grateful to be of service, 
Josh A

1.  2 Checks $125 & $150
Funding for Halloween event
Provide budget to enable event.
2. $15
Buy schedules
Provide schedules @ HNI
3. $20
Support Flyer Day
4. Form Policy Sub Comm
Another Way HG
Reform our policy subcommittee.
To relieve burden on web servant to update policy.
Tabled to HG’s
5. PO Box
Another Way HG
Purchase PO Box for GTO
To have a mailbox to receive incoming mail for GTO
Tabled to HG’s

West Huntington Postal Service
1000 Virginia ST W
Huntington WV 25704

SIZE 1 = 3” x 5.5”
            $22.00 per 3 months
            $48.00 per 6 months
            $76.00 per 12 months
(1 Free month per 12-month period totaling 13 months)

No small boxes available at downtown location.

Asking for Homegroups for input on size and payment frequency

Motion #5- Trust the Process, seconded by Progress not Perfection GSR SEPTEMBER 2017
Motion- To redefine the way “Ad Hoc” appears in GTO’s policy and procedure under section VI.B.2 Ad Hoc From:
“In creating an ad hoc committee, the ASC should clearly specify what the committee’s purpose will be, what authority and resources it will be given, and how long it should take to complete the job. Then the area chair may appoint the entire ad hoc committee or just a chairperson who will put the as hoc committee together later. The point of accountability should be clearly defined when selecting trusted servants to fulfill the ad hoc.”

“To create an ad hoc committee the ASC, which is made up by area officers, GSR’s, and GSR alternates, should clearly specify what the committee’s purpose will be, what authority and resources it will be given, and how long it should take to complete the job. If the ad hoc is for regular area business an area officer shall chair said ad hoc. If it is an ad hoc concerning a subcommittee the chair or vice chair of said subcommittee shall chair said ad hoc. This creates a single point of accountability. If an emergency ad hoc needs to be created the chair shall notify the GSR’s and/or GSR alternates to create and ad hoc body

Intent – To follow the spiritual principles outlined in the 1st tradition: “Our common welfare should come first; personal recovery depends on NA unity.”, the 2nd tradition: “For our group purpose there is but one ultimate authority- a loving God as He may express himself in our group conscious. Our leaders are but trusted servants; they do not govern.” And the 9th tradition: “NA, as such, ought never be organized, but we may create service boards or committees directly responsible to those they serve.” The 2nd concept:” The final responsibility and authority for NA services rests with the NA groups.” The 3rd concept: ”The NA groups delegate to the service structure the authority necessary to fulfill the responsibilities assigned to it.” 5th concept:” For each responsibility assigned the service structure; a single point of accountability should be clearly defined.” 7th concept: “ All members of a service body bear substantial responsibility for that body’s decisions and should be allowed to fully participate in its decision making processes.” 8th concept: “Our service structure depends on the integrity and effectiveness of our communications.” 9th Concept: “All elements of our service structure have the responsibility to carefully consider all viewpoints in their decision making processes.” And the 12th concept: “In keeping with the spiritual nature of Narcotics Anonymous, our structure should always be one of service, never of government.”

Rationale: Transparency, accountability, communication, unity, and to give the home group which ASC serves, a voice in every matter.

TABLED for one month per policy